Game Reports – 1/19 to 1/24

All teams were in action this past week and DDL FC competed very well.  Here is the quick roundup:

U17 Boys won 2-0 (Recap Game Report 02- U17 Boys )

U15 Boys Orange lost 1-0 (Recap Game Report 02 – U15 Boys )

U12 Boys lost 5-1 and U13 Boys won 5-0 (Recaps Game Report 01 – U12 and U13 Boys )

U16 Girls tied 4-4, U15 Boys Blue lost 10-1, U14 Girls, won 4-1 and the U12 Girls won 5-3 (Recaps Kingdom Game 1 Reports )

Overall, 4 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses with almost all of our teams playing against teams that are older, bigger, faster and more physical.  We will continue to push towards our potential.


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