Futsal Schedule for Next 2 Weeks

The Payne Recreation Center will not be available the next two Friday evenings (Feb. 11 & 18) so we will be making adjustments to the Saturday schedule to try and get additional training sessions for as many teams as possible.

Here is the Payne Rec Schedule for the next two weeks:

U9 Boys – Thursday @ 5-6pm and Saturday @ 1-2pm

U10 Girls – Thursday @ 6-7pm and Saturday @ 1-2pm

U12 Girls – Saturday @ 2:40-3:40pm

U12 Boys – Thursday @ 7-8pm and Saturday @ 1:50-2:50pm

U13 Boys – Monday @ 6-7pm and Saturday 4:20-5:20pm

U14 Girls – Saturday @ 3:30-4:30pm

U15 Boys Blue – Thursday @ 8-9pm and Saturday @ 5:10-6:10pm

U15 Boys Orange – Monday @ 7-8pm and Thursday @ 8-9 pm

U16 Girls – Saturday @ 6-7pm

U17 Girls – Monday @ 5-6pm and Saturday @ 7-8pm

U17 Boys – Monday and Saturday @ 8-9pm

We will have a final futsal tournament on Saturday, Feb. 25th to close out the futsal portion of our winter training.  More to follow on this fun day!

If you have any questions, please contact Ric Campbell at 937-902-9414.


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