Super 20s Tie First Game 1-1

LEESBURG, VA — Yesterday the Dayton Dutch Lions FC Super 20’s played their first match ever against the Alliance Academy. The Lions headed back to Dayton with one point out of a 1-1 draw.

After only three weeks of preparation, the team was challenged during this first match. The Super 20’s played very well during the first 60 minutes, and they managed to keep a leading ball possession.

Orange created six huge chances but was only able to finish one. Donovan Carolus put pressure on the defence, recovered the ball and the cross was for our striker Marc Hanson, who was able to find the back of the net for a 1-0 lead.

The last 30 minutes of the game the level was much lower, and one mistake in our defence created u major chance for the Alliance Acadamy to equalize, and they did, making the score 1-1.

Head Coach Cor van Hoeven was disappointed about the result; “The first 60 minutes we controlled the game and played very well. Now we must learn to finish and control the game the entire 90 minutes without letting the level drop.”

Photography Tom Bryant

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