Weekly Report Academy 01/18

DAYTON, OH — The Dutch Lions FC Academy teams play the Wall2Wall competition. You can read all results from last week below.



Game: CUP – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11 Boys Koen

Game date/time: January 14th 2012, 12.00PM

Score: 2-5

Player of the day: Jonathan Cosenza


Game report

Today the second indoor game for the Dayton Dutch Lions U11 Boys ended with a 2-6 victory. Instead of last game they started strong with a lot of energy, which resulted in 3 goals in the first 15 minutes. Samuel Reid and Philopateer Antoun where the most valuable players of today by scoring both two goals.

The Dayton Dutch Lions scored today easily their goals, even when it was sometimes hard to keep in ball possession. Samual Reid scored his first goal of the game after a smart throw in of Aaron Brown. Philopateer Antoun scored the second goal by dribbling the ball from midfield all the way up to the opponents goal and take a nice shot. It was again Samuel Reid who scored by a free kick. Stephen Kitze and Michael Smith had also their share, and were both good for one goal. Philopateer Antoun finished the game by his second goal.


The team did a great job by pressuring the opponent the whole game and didn’t give them that many opportunities in front of our goal. At the moment the opponent became dangerous, our defence and our consistent goalie Jonathan Cosenza was there to stop them by scoring goals.


Success is piece of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable” (John Wooden)



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U11 – STAR Firehawks Boys U11

Game date/time: Jan 14th 2012, 11.50AM

Score: 4-10

Player of the day: Gaven Obrecht


Game report

The U11 Boys did their best to make it a good match at their second game at Wall 2 Wall but it seems that they have been scheduled in a very difficult league with excellent opponents.


The Lions showed a bit of lack in defensive aggresiveness which gave the Star Firehawks a quick lead. Altough the U11’s got to far more scoring opportunities than the first match at Wall 2 Wall the Lions were not able to really make it an equal match.


Some parts of the play showed that the Lions progressed from their first play and they scored a few well deserved goals by Gaven Obrecht (2), Griffin Shockley and Ben Aidt. In the end it was goalkeeper Aidan Petrello with some great saves who kept the Star from scoring any more goals. If the Lions keep progressing this way there still a few very exciting games to come.



Game: Super Eagles – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12

Game day/time: January 14th, 07:00PM

Score: 3-3

Player of the day: Logan Pennington


Game report

Both teams started the game of strong, with trying to keep the ball in the team. The work ethic was huge from both sides and both teams tried to make it each other hard by playing a lot of pressure!


In the opening phase we played our own game and built up from the back almost every time. We created lots of chances but every time the goalie got us in the way. While we were pressing they took the ball on the counter using their speed and athleticism. We dealt real good with this. On one of their attacks Logan black the ball with a perfect slide tackle, which is against the indoor rules and resulted in a indirect free kick in our box. Ones the free kick was taken we got a PK against because of pushing, 0-1.


Quick after the first goal the opponent scored their second goal and were leading 0-2. Instead of putting their heads down, our boys started working harder and took over the game. Logan Pennington played a really big role in our defense and was there every time to stop their attack and get us back in possession. the hard work payed off and we got the scores back equal, 2-2. In the last 10 minutes the opponent got another PK, which was another perfect tackle from Logan P., but Liam stopped the PK with a nice dive and hold onto the ball!


With just 3 minutes left both teams were trying to force and get the game winning goal. After a nice attack we got that goal, BUT with just a few seconds on the clock one of the opponents player took a shot. Even that we didn’t get the win, which we deserved, I am proud of the boys and very happy to see how quick they are learning. It was wonderful to see them working hard together and even harder when they got behind.


They fought themselves back in the game by playing some nice soccer. I think everybody who watched and played this game really really enjoyed it! It was a very exciting game!

We could all witness the most important thing of the game of youth soccer: FUN!


Zachary Baer, when subbed out: “I am really having fun right now, coach!”



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U13 – CUP Crew Gold U13

Gamedate/time: Jan 15th 2012, 12.00PM

Score: 0-5


Game report

This week the Lions Boys U13 team had another difficult game at Wall 2 Wall facing the no.2 of the Buckeye Premier League Cup Crew.


Although in the end it seemed like an easy victory for Cup Crew the game was equalized for a long time. Cup Crew scored after 7 and 15 minutes but the Lions showed a great mentality and kept fighting till the end. Just falling short 5 minutes before the end and giving away three easy goals to Cup Crew in that time frame the Lions can look back at a good performance for 90% of the play and be satisfied with the progress they made compared with last week’s game.


The U13 team looks forward to next week when they face the Lions U14 Boys team at Wall 2 Wall.



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U14 – CUSE BU13 Galaxy

Game date/time: January 15th 2012, 1.00PM

Score: 1-2

Player of the day: Adam Lachey



After a very though loss last week the U14 Boys of the Dutch Lions played another very good team. This time the Dutch Lions performed a lot better than last week, but they could not reward that progress. CUSE BU13 Galaxy was the dominating team and won with 2-1. Despite the loss the Dutch Lions played a lot better than last week, especially on defense. The boys worked really hard and fought all game long.


Right from the start the CUSE BU13 Galaxy showed their intentions with quick attacks using their skills. The Dutch Lions battled really hard to get and keep the ball, but the pressure of the other team was tremendous. When the Dutch Lions received the ball they were trying to do the right things with it, but sometimes didn’t have enough time to make the pass. Coach Tommy: “The other teams was very quick and pressured us a lot. We are not used to this kind of games. In our fall league everything went down 3 speed levels lower. We have to get used to this speed, because all good teams we want to compete with will play with this high intensity and speed.”

On defense the Dutch Lions did a good job, but got scored on in a silly way twice. The first was misjudged by the goalkeeper who thought the ball went wide after a shot from the end line. The second goal the forward outplayed 5 Dutch Lions players, who all dove in to get the ball. Besides those 2 breakdown moments, the Dutch Lions defended a lot better. Player of the Game Adam organized the defense and played a good game himself.

In the last minute Alex was able to score after an assist from Nolan. But running back to the middle for the kick-off to see if we would try to score one more goal to get a draw, the game clocked went to zero and the ref ended the game. A good effort with a lot of progress, but a loss against a better team was the result for the Dutch Lions U14 Boys.



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC U17 Boys – Metro FC Coraggio

Date and time: January 15th 2012, 10.00AM

Score: 1-3

Player of the day: Joseph Ambrose

Game report


Game report

Today the Dutch Lions FC U17 boys had to play Metro FC. After last weeks unnecessary loss everybody was eager to show a little more today.
Maybe that was the reason why we started off nervous and sloppy passes. We couldn’t get into our passing game the first few minutes and the game was going back and forward.


At the moment that we start to pass better we also get our first chances. Sam makes a good run and creates an opening for a shot, but it’s an easy save for the goalkeeper, but when Zach gets Cody in scoring position we take the lead: 1-0!

Just like last week we take the lead, get our changes, but can’t hold on to the lead. Within 8 minutes we’re down 1-2. The scores stays like this for a long time. The last 15 minutes we really show we don’t want to lose this game. 
Joe hits the post with a great shot from long distance, Jonathan hits the goalkeeper from close by twice and also Cody can’t finish after a great run.

Just when everybody thinks we’re going to tie the game Metro FC gets a break away. Seth can save the shot, but can’t answer to the rebound. 1-3.
Player of the day: Joe showed a lot of passion, did a lot of defensive work and also offensively he tried to help out. He was wearing the captain band today and tried to show his leadership.


Coach Patrick: “We started of sloppy, but as soon as started to pass we got our changes. Once again the will to win was great and also we make steps in our playing style. It’s a great learning experience for the boys since we’re still getting to know each other, the system and our style of play.


I’m very confident that we will play better every week and get the result the boys deserve very soon! Hopefully the weather is better this week and we get our practice in with a great turn out again. The boys show a lot of commitment and dedication.”



Game: DDLFC U11 Girls vs. Impact GFC Yellow

Game date/time: January 14, 7:50am

Score: L 0-3

Player of the Day: Keyda Feltner


Game report

The girls came out ready to play despite the early morning start time. They pushed forward well from the start, but unfortunately they could not break through the final line.


Despite playing a faster team, the girls showed good resilience and kept fighting the entire game. Even though we were on the defensive for most of the game, the girls made some outstanding tackles and showed promise in trying to build out of the back. The highlight of the defensive effort was Keyda Feltner saving a penalty kick!


A disappointing result for sure, but the girls had a fun time and showed a great attitude about everything regardless of the circumstances. Coach Eric thought that “even though it was not the result we were hoping for, I was very proud of the maturity that the girls demonstrated in defeat, and the effort and enthusiasm they showed despite the ball not bouncing their way today.”



Game DDLFC U12 Girls vs. W2W House Team Materni

Game date/time: January 14, 8:40am

Score: W 4-2

Player of the Day: Hannah Edwards


Game report

The girls played fantastic soccer during this game. The possessed the ball very well and had a strong transition game from defense to offense.


Starting the scoring with a one-time volley from a corner, the girls had a good attitude about them from the start. They demonstrated a propensity for trying to possess the ball and used their combination play to create some very fluid attacks.


Coach Eric was “was very impressed with their effort to try the things we had practiced in a game. The girls played very well and integrated some of the U11 guest players seamlessly into the game. I really enjoyed watching the style of soccer they played today.”



Game: TUMFC Rockets GU17 – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U15 Girls

Game date/time: January 16th 2012, 11.00AM

Score: 0-3

Player of the day: Katie Mack


Game report

After the first week of practice as a team the U15 girls showed good progress compared to last week. The things that were covered in practice were applied in the game, which resulted in a 0-3 win against TUMFC Rockets GU17.


Coach Tommy about the win: “Taking the things we do in practice to the game might be one of the hardest things there is in soccer. I was very happy to see how the girls picked up the markers of our practices and were able to use both the technical skills and tactical game knowledge in this game.”


The game started with the Dutch Lions being in control. The opponent looked like the physically stronger team, but with good passes the Dutch Lions eliminated that quality of the other team. The girls spread the field and tried to switch it a lot. In the first 5 minutes the Dutch Lions received some small reward with of 3 corner kicks.


The pressure was clear and the Dutch Lions were able to keep playing on the half of the Rockets. After 10 minutes a Corner from Katie M was not cleared by the defense and Christina was able to score the 0-1. The first goal of the U15 Girls!


The Dutch Lions stayed the dominating team and the game was mostly on the half of TUMFC Rockets GU17. When there was a break away our goalkeeper Sarah did a great job. She was coaching the defense so well, she hardly had to make any saves. Halfway the game the Dutch Lions scored the 0-2. Another assist by Katie M, a corner kick, was scored by Madeline S.


After this goal the Dutch Lions lost some of the intensity and the Rockets came better in the game. In this phase the Lions applied the defensive principles that were covered in practice in a good way. Ashley did a very good job as right outside defense and even though the Lions were under some pressure, the defense hardly gave away any opportunities for the other team to score a goal. When they did once Sarah made an amazing safe to ensure her first clean sheet of the season.


12 minutes before the end of the game Katie M followed a shot from midfield. Because the goalkeeper of the Rockets was not able to hold on to the ball, Katie was able to score the 0-3 and ensure the win for the Lions. With 2 assists and 1 goal Katie M was the player of the day.


Coach Tommy about Katie M: “You’re right when you point out her assists and her goal, but I’m more happy with the way she plays. She always tries to get open has very good ball control. But not only Katie M played a good game, I think everybody stepped up and we as a team did a good job today.”

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