Weekly Report Academy 01/25

Boys U11 league game

Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U11 – Eagles Boys U11

Game date/time: Jan 21th 2012, 7.50PM

Score: 0-6

Player of the day: Griffin Shockley


Game report

The Boys U11 Orange team faced another difficult opponent. First half goalie Griffin Shockley had some really nice saves although this was the first time he was in the goal.


Despite some good efforts the Lions never come to good scoring opportunities and some shots from distance were not accurate enough. Defensively the team made some communication errors which gave the Eagles a few easy goals. Overall the team lacked aggressiveness in the duels and played without much intensity and passion this week. Although the games are difficult, normally the team has enough motivation to work hard to improve. With some good training sessions coming week the team looks forward to the next match at Wall 2 Wall.



Game: CU Fulham – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11 Boys Koen

Game date/time: January 21st 2012, 08.40PM

Score: 5-5

Player(s) of the day: The whole team


Game report

The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11B – Blue team once again traveled to Wal2Wall and this time to face a tough and crafty CU Fulham team. The hard fought battle resulted in the Lions coming home with 1 point.


The game started with the opponent scoring two very quick goals due to some shy passing and some defensive miscalculations by the Lions. After this start the Lions dug their claws in and began to use their superior ball control to keep the ball on the ground and also passed with intensity. The defense also adjusted to the long boot of the opponents goalie.


The opponent was clever at keeping their forwards close to our goal and providing good targets for their goalie. But after the 2 goals of CU Fulham, the Lions came back in the game.

From that moment the Lions put a lot of pressure at the half of CU Fulham, which resulted in some good opportunities for the Lions. It was the great combination played that was found on the midfield, how we finally scored our 1st goal. Not that much later we scored again 2-2. After the 2-2, it was every time CU Fulham who took the lead, but the Lions never gave up and matched them goal for goal.


Goals were provided by Samuel Reid (2 goals), Philopateer Antoun (2 goals), Matthew Oreskovich (1 goal). Assists were provided by Matthew Oreskovich, Aaron Joyner, Stephen Kitze and Michael Smith.


An exciting moment happened when, in the last minute, with the advantage of a corner kick, the ball ping-ponged inside the box for what seemed like hours finally landed at the feet of Philo who at once slammed it in for a score bringing us to the 5-5 tie.


Because everybody in our team had his own share in the game, I would like to make the whole team: PLAYERS of the day!



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U13 – DDL FC Boys U14

Game date/time: Jan 22th 2012, 9.00AM

Score: 0-5

Player of the day: Nicholas Reaman


Game report

With some players not fit or injured the U13 team faced the physically stronger and older DDL U14 team so the U13’s knew it was going to be a difficult game.


The U14’s took control of the game from the beginning, having the physical stronger and older players. They came to more and better scoring opportunities and finished strong.


Although de U13 team tried hard it was difficult to come to chances and the few times the team came up close to goal of the U14’s there was a lack of strength to finish in a proper way. Towards the end of the game, when spaces opened up more and more, the U13’s lost the ball a few times in midfield and the U14’s scored through a quick transition.


So, to conclude: the U13’s tried hard but never came to very good chances. We congratulate the U14’s with their win and look forward to play them again.



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U14 – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U13

Game date/time: January 22nd 2012, 9.00AM

Score: 5-0

Player of the day: Bradley and Caleb


Game report

Today we played against another Dutch Lions team. This makes it an awkward game, but the U14 Boys showed their intentions right from the start. The U14 Boys dominated the game, as could be expected. A long time the U14 couldn’t made the separation, but never got in any trouble. In the end their hard work paid off when they were able to break the U13’s defense and score some extra goals. The game ended in a well-deserved 5-0 win for the U14 Boys.


Because the U14 Boys missed some defenders they had to play with some players in defense who never played there before. Caleb played left defense instead of left forward and did that really well. He was looking for his tasks and positioning in the beginning of the game, but when the game got on he showed great progress. Coach Tommy: “We needed somebody to play left defense and I thought this position would be possible for Caleb. When I chose to put him there I couldn’t expect him to do so well. I’m really proud of the way he played that position and his work ethic”.


Right from the start the U14 team took the initiative and tried to create some scoring opportunities. The U13 team defended well, but the U14 kept trying. This resulted in some minor opportunities for Nolan and Harrison. One of these opportunities for Nolan resulted in the first goal, when he scored a 1v1 with the goalkeeper. After this goal the game stayed 1-0 for quite some time, but the momentum never changed. It was Bradley who created the final separation. Playing left forward he cut back to the inside, made the shot and scored.


In the rest of the game the U14 boys kept dominating and were able to score 3 more goals. Bradley, JT and Nolan scored the goals. Bradley was voted player of the game with Caleb after his 2 goals and assist. Coach Tommy about Bradley: “I am very happy with the change I noticed in Bradley’s attitude and performance. He started being in the bottom of the team, but he is really working his way up. Today he showed to be very valuable for our team. I am happy for him, because he deserved a game like this after all his hard work the last months.”



Game: DDLFC U11 Girls vs. WC GU11 Silver (Messer)

Date: January 21, 4:30 pm

Score: 1-3 loss

Player of the Game: Micayla Feltner

Game report


The girls played tough throughout the whole game, but that was unfortunately not enough to overcome the strong attack of the opposing team. Demonstrating several promising combination plays and a good sense of field awareness, the Lions put together several threatening attacks, including a shot off the crossbar from well outside the box. Defensively the Lions remained composed despite several 50/50 tackles not going their way.


Practice the week before was focused mostly on personal ball skills and defensive technique, and in that regard the Lions showed great improvement compared to the previous game. They went into tackles in a strong manner, often getting the better of their opponent. Their downfall came in transition defense. The other team was frequently attacking with greater numbers than the Lions had back, leading to several open shots on goal.


Offensively, the Lions pressed forward and used their flanks well. On several occasions they used one or two quick passes to get the ball to the forward or up the line to an outside midfielder, providing a dangerous attacking option. An attack down the right side led to the only Lions’ goal, coming off of a strike by Veronica Stephens. Several other attacks were well executed, but the ladies could not quite find that final touch to finish it off. Coach Eric was very pleased with the effort that the girls put in, showing improvement since our last game; “We played well but unfortunately couldn’t tie everything together to get the result we hoped for.”



Game: DDLFC U12 Girls vs. Inferno

Date: January 21, 5:20 pm

Result: W 5-0

Player of the Game: Destiny Bohannon


Game report

The Lions did nearly everything right in this game, looking strong on both the offensive and defensive ends of the fields. Coach Eric said after the game, “the only thing I have to complain about after the way they played today is the lack of communication. Any time that’s the bad news I’m happy. The girls put together a very good game from start to finish. I was impressed with the composure they showed and the dedication to possessing the ball.”


Offensively the Lions pushed forward hard from the first whistle, creating several opportunities off of passes originating on one side of the field and ending on the other. They formed several attacks with the ball starting outside, finding a pass into the middle, and then distributing the ball back to the outside either to the striker or other outside midfielder. Several goals were created by this inside-out play, with the girls moving well as a unit to keep numbers up, supporting the ball.


On the defensive end the Lions stayed disciplined, keeping their marks well and holding the other team to very few shots on goal. What few shots they did give up were mostly from distance, giving the goalie ample time to react and make a save. They demonstrated a good awareness of their position on the field, often finding a way to pass it out of the back and maintain possession. Coach Eric’s final thoughts: “overall the girls played a very complete game, they really put their skills on display today.”



Game: Lady warrior 93 elite – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U15 Girls

Game date/time: January 22nd 2012, 10.00AM

Score: 8-0

Player of the day: Sarah Brown


Game report

Before the game started we knew we could expect a hard game. Playing against a team that is U18 and plays in the Buckeye League Elite division would be a great challenge. The 3 years and 2 divisions difference advantage for the Lady Warriors was easy to notice on the field. With that difference in the back of your head the Dutch Lions didn’t do that bad at all. They hung in there for more than 30 minutes, but had to allow too many goals at the end of the game. The game ended in a 8-0 loss for the Lions, but with a lot of learning moments.


The whole game the Dutch Lions worked really hard, but were defending almost all the time. Every time the Dutch Lions tried to build up from the back, the opponent pressured right away. The girls had to get used to that a lot in the beginning. This resulted in a lot of turnovers really close to our own goal. The Dutch Lions didn’t always make the right decisions while building up, which resulted on a lot of work for goalkeeper Sarah. On the saving shot and 1v1 Sarah did a very good job, strange as it sounds with a 8-0 loss. Coach Tommy agreed with the choice of Sarah as player of the game: “Sarah save us quit some times. I think she did very well in that part of being a goalkeeper. When her throws and kicks improve she can become a really amazing goalkeeper. She showed us that today.”


The intention of the Dutch Lions was very good, but they didn’t anticipate well enough to the skills and physical power of the opponent. Coach Tommy: “I was very happy with the way we tried to play, but we should never lose the ball so close to our goal again. Our passes weren’t strong enough, so after every pass we were under full pressure. Before we get the ball we need to look up more, so we know our option before we get the ball. The other team showed us exactly how to do that.”



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Girls U17 – Lady Warriors (Loges)

Game date/time: January 23th 2012, 11.00AM

Score: 0-8

Player of the day: Ellie Randall


Game report

Last Sunday the Dayton Dutch Lions FC U17 Girls team played their second game in the wall2wall league. Player of the day from last game and one of the captains from the team, Courtney Miner couldn’t make it to the game and the team missed her skills and experience in the back. Although the girls went deep and worked really hard they ended up losing 8-0.


At the end of the game coach Sid said “we had 2 weeks between the last game and this one and unfortunately because of the bad weather conditions and the other activities the girls have, we only had 2 training sessions and not everyone was able to make it so it’s hard to prepare a team for a game with so little training sessions, but I know everyone is committed to the sport and to the team so we will definitely do better next game”. When we asked coach Sid about the game he said “the girls worked really hard and I saw some improvement position wise, especially in our midfield and I´m glad about that.


Despite the result we always tried to play soccer and keep possession of the ball but with the injury of Emma Hofmann, who had to come of and Kelly Williams who played till the end with a hurt knee and having no subs available the team got really tired and the girls had to go deep till the end of the game. So we conceded a lot of the goals in the last phase of the game.”


The goalkeeper Ellie Randall, who was nominated player of the game, made some really good saves, always keeping calm in every situation and trying to build up from the back, about her, coach Sid said “Yes Ellie had a great game, despite the 8 goals the team conceded she had some tremendous saves. I’m really happy with her dedication and effort as a goalie.”

Next week the U17 Girls team will play at 3pm in the wall2wall league.

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