Weekly Academy Report

Game:                     Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U8 – BSA Celtic 03 Red

Game date/Time:   04/07/2012 / 9:00AM

Score:                      10-0 win

Player of the day:    Ayden


In the second game of the season our U8 boys encountered BSA Celtic Boys. DDL managed to score an early goal. Score stayed the same for a long time until guys proved to score another one that determined the rest of the match. Although we were pretty successful with finishing our goal scoring opportunities, we kept combining, trying to pass to each other as much as we could. Combination and cooperation are the most important aspects of the game and if we keep improving them our players will be pretty much ahead of their opponents in the near future.



Game:                     Dutch Lions FC U11 – Butler United Boys 99

Gamedate/time:    April 7th 2012, 10:40am

Score:                      7-0 win

Player of the game:                Richard


Within 15 seconds we scored 1-0. Richard shot the ball in the far corner after he had beaten his defender. This was a great start! We pressed Butler the whole first half and made another 4 goals. The second half Butler started well but we scored the 6-0. Richard shot went in the upper ninety. We had a few nice attacks but the goalie did a great job. At the end we could score our seventh. Griffin was alert when a defender made a mistake.


Game:                     Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11 – Boys Metro FC 01White U11

Game date/time:   April 4th, 2012 6:45pm

Score:                      4-1(4-1)


Before a good orange crowd the UllB-Koen team played their first Spring season game at home.  Since moving up a division and being newcomers to the 11-2 level the DDL “first impression” chance was on the line.  The game resulted in the Dayton Dutch Lions taking the 3 points.


The Lions played most of the game strong with quick passing and creative combinations, which provided many of the 21 shots on goal. This compares to our possession and great defence only allowing a total of 8 shots on goal by the opponents.

The 4 goals were scored by Philopateer Antoun (2), Samuel Reid and Mike Smith.  Philo’s first goal was a corner that slipped by the goalie.  His second goal was a rocket that was too hot for the opposing goalie to handle. Samuel’s goal was scored after a breakaway that Sam deftly lured the goalie off center and then slotted it to the far post.  Mike’s goal was a pk that was awarded after he was tripped from behind in the box. The defence kept the ball mostly in the opponents side of the field, although, in one instance an opponent quick free kick was made and just as everyone thought that they were going to score, Aaron Brown headed it away, saving the goal. Goalie Jonathan Cosenza did a great job keeping the other 6 shots on goal from counting.


The U11B-Koen team would like to thank all the supporters who were at the game and invite them all out to their next match.



Game:                     BSA Celtic – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U14

Game date/time:   April 7th 2011, 6.00PM

Score:                      5-1 (1-1)

Player of the day:    JT


After making their first appearance in the MVYSA Premier Division last week the U14 boys played the same opponent this week. Last week the U14 boys won, but this week BSA Celtic was the winner of the game. The Dutch Lions played a decent game in possession, but made to many mistakes while defending to have a chance on winning the game. After a 1-1 halftime score the second half the Dutch Lions were able to do their defensive tasks which resulted in a 5-1 loss.


In the first half the Dutch Lions were the team with the most possession. They were able to pass the ball around, find open players and build up from the back. When they lost the ball the Lions pressured right away, never giving BSA a change to have possession for more than a couple of passes. In the 10th minute BSA Celtic scored the 1-0 after 2 very bad passes in the back while building up. Instead of begin upset the Dutch Lions showed more effort and controlled the game. This lead to the 1-1 halfway the first half. Player of the game JT scored with a bullet from 18 yards. Coach Tommy: “JT scored a great goal, but was also very active on the right wing. He received a lot of good passes and BSA had to double team him all game.”


In the second half the Dutch Lions played decent in possession, but were not able to pressure when they lost the ball. This lead to 2 goals pretty fast in the second half. The Dutch Lions kept trying to use short passes and skills to create scoring opportunities, but were not able to pull the trigger. Coach Tommy agrees: “Scoring is a very important skill, which we did not do well enough today. We need to take more shots when we are closer to the goal”. Due to some mistakes in the defense BSA was able to score 2 more goals at the end of the game, making it a 5-1 loss for the Dutch Lions. Despite the score the Dutch Lions controlled the game, and build up from the back a lot. The Lions did not defend well enough against the long passes strategy of BSA Celtic to get a better result.


Game:                     Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U16 – Z Rangers

Game date/time:   April 7 at 12.20pm

Score:                      0-3 (0-1)

Player of the day:    Brody


The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U16 Boys played their first spring season game against the Z Rangers. The players where very anxious to start their spring season after 5 months of hard work.


Due to the fact that the team is missing Sam because of injury, coach Sid called up two guest players, midfielder Austin from the U14Boys and forward Mohammed from the U15Boys.


Despite all the effort and passion the team put in the game combined with some moments of pure control and ball possession, the U16 Lions ended up losing this game against a team that used the long pass strategy during the whole game, taking maximal advantage of their fast running midfielders.


Coach Sid said “we have our strategies to play against teams that use this kind of play so it doesn’t worry me, I’m sure the boys will understand better and better how to play against the long pass strategy that a lot of the teams we face will use”.


The Lions had some difficulties in the first 20 minutes but with a solid performance of goalkeeper Tommy they kept the zero. From that moment on and because of some changes made by the coach, the Lions started to have control over the game creating two really big scoring chances but unfortunately they didn´t score. In one of the breakaways from the opponent they scored the first goal of the game with a lucky shot from outside the box.


At half time the Lions where losing but showed some good soccer combinations so they started the second half with confidence and showed that in the first minutes. The opponent ended up scoring two more goals, one from a penalty and one from another breakaway and ended up being the deserved winners of this game. At the end coach Sid said “I think the boys played a decent game and it also gives us a good impression on what we have to get better on, so with the upcoming video analysis of this game we can detect the mistakes we made and hopefully correct them for the upcoming game next Wednesday. I also saw a lot of positive things so I feel confident that this group will continue getting better.”


For player of the week Sid nominated Brody Ritter because “he is a true example of the game we want to play, he always looks for an option on the ground, wanting to keep possession of the ball and playing the game the way we all love.”



Game:                     CWSC United RED GU15 – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U15 Girls

Game date/time:   April 7th 2011, 10.45PM

Score:                      4-2 (3-1)

Player of the day:    Rachel


The U15 girls lost in their 3rd game in the Buckeye League against CWSC United RED GU15. After being 3-1 down at halftime the final score of the game was 4-2. The Dutch Lions possessed the ball well in the game, but mistakes in the defense gave away the game.


The Dutch Lions controlled the game in the first 15 minutes with some good passes on midfield and the wings. The wings were used to create some minor opportunities to score, but the Lady Lions were not able to finish. In the 15th minute the Dutch Lions scored the 0-1, when Rachel scored a free kick. The Dutch Lions controlled the game until they let a mistake by the referee throw them of their game. Like everybody a referee makes mistakes, but the U15 Girls changed their whole attitude after the goal scored due to this mistake. Before the 1-1 the Dutch Lions dominated, after the equalizer the Lions looked to have forgotten everything they were supposed to do. Very big mistakes in the defensive zone lead to 2 more goals within a couple of minutes. The halftime score was 3-1.


Right from the start in the second half the Lions tried to get back in the game. Myriam made a very nice through pass to Rachel, who scored her second goal of the game. With 2 goals and a couple of very nice dribbles down the side line Rachel was the player of the game. After the Dutch Lions scored the quick goal the ball speed was too low to pass the ball around the CWSC players. 15 minutes before the end of the game another defensive mistake resulted in the 4-2.


Coach Tommy was very clear after the game: “When we had possession of the ball we had the right idea’s, but the execution today was just too slow. We were not getting open quick enough and our passes + first touches were not good enough. We have showed that we can play better than this, let’s work hard this week in practice and get a good result in Columbus at the tournament next week”.



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