U15 Girls finalist in Columbus Blast Cup

The Dayton Dutch Lions U15 girls competed in the Columbus Blast Cup last weekend on the Northern Columbus Athletic Association complex. After winning 2 games and 1 tie in the bracket the girls played the final against Club Ohio Green. The hard circumstances (field and wind) were too much for the Dutch Lions, who lost the final with 3-1.


In the first game, at 7.30AM, the Dutch Lions played against Cleveland United from Ohio North. The game was pretty even with some opportunities for both teams. Halfway the first half Lauren M was able to score the 1-0 after good pressure on the goalkeeper from Libbey. The Dutch Lions lost some of the combination game in the second half, we worked really hard on defense. Due to this good effort they were able to finish the game with the 1-0 lead.

In the second game the Dutch Lions played against Pittsburgh FC from Pennsylvania West. This team won their first game with 1-0, which meant that a win would almost sure mean that the Dutch Lions would play the final on Wednesday. Pittsburgh FC choice to use long balls trying to create scoring opportunities. The wet weather was in the advantage of their tactic, which lead to a 0-1 halftime score for Pittsburgh. In the second half the Dutch Lions stepped up their game and were able to score a very quick 1-1. The Lady Lions were able to create more opportunities during the rest of the game, but were not able to score. The game ended in a draw and the Sunday morning game would decide who would play the final.


The Dutch Lions U15 girls and Pittsburgh FC had the exact same points and goal differential. The Dutch Lions played a good game against Club Ohio Black on Sunday morning. With goals from Rachel, Ellie and Libbey the Dutch Lions won the game with 3-0. Because Pittsburgh FC was not able to beat Cleveland United (1-1) the Dutch Lions qualified for the final on Sunday afternoon, against Club Ohio Green.


In the final the Dutch Lions played a strong first part of the game. This resulted in the 1-0 lead after a PK scored by Rachel. After the goal the Dutch Lions were a little unlucky in the choices when building up. This lead to losing the ball with both the 1-1 (first half) and 1-2 (second half). The weather and field conditions made it hard for the Dutch Lions to keep control. Because the touches and passes were not good enough on the field, the Dutch Lions were never able to get back in the game. The Lady Lions lost the ball too quick and were not able to find an open teammate up the field. After a free kick from almost halfway, carried by the wind, fall over goalkeeper Sarah the game was decided. The Dutch Lions kept trying during the rest of the game, but were not able to turn it around.


After winning the Early Bird Tournament the U15 girls were not able to also win the Columbus Blast Cup. But reaching the final was a good achievement. Next weekend the girls will be playing the Louisville Cup in Kentucky. Hopefully the team will be able to showcase their skills again, with good soccer and good results.

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