Academy Report

Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U8 – Skyhawks 03

Game date/time:04/30/2012/7:00 PM

Score: 8:6


Player of the day: Luke


The quite exciting and entertaining game from the beginning till the end. Up and down, chances on both sides. Some of them were well-constructed, some of them were just created by dribbling through whole pitch. Our opponent chose to kick the ball up the field most of the time. We tried to play the other way around as it is traditional for us. Keeping the ball on our feet, attempting to find each other with a pass which can lead to a goal scoring opportunity, that’s what I want the boys to do. Sometimes players want to play too much and we leave the gaps in our defence. The Boys deserve big compliment for their attitude to the game when they were one goal down. They didn’t surrender and reacted well to the situation, turning over the result from 5:6 to 8:6.



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Girls U9 – Butler United 02

Game date/time:04/29/2012/1:00 PM

Score: 5:5


Player of the day: Sydney T


Our sixth game this season was not as good as I expected. I thought we moved little bit further ahead regarding the positioning but I was wrong and therefore we have to work on this aspect of the game much more. Sometimes the girls didn’t keep their positions and that’s how we got scored on us. On the other hand we saw a lot of positive things again. Girls got better at controlling a ball and also at passing. During the game they were able to complete 4 passes in a row, making a space and finding each other with an accurate pass. Two of them even led to scoring a goal which made me delighted. The end of the game was really nail biting. Girls were exhausted and not able to defend as they should have. Luckily we managed not to concede a goal also thanking to Sydney T who did great job as a goalkeeper in the second half.


Game: FC Tippecanoe Crew 98/99 -DaytonDutch Lions FC Boys U13

Gamedate/time: Wednesday May 2nd at 7.00pm

Score: 2 – 2 (2 – 0)


Player of the day: ?

Today already our fourth game of the season. After a late tie against Celtic and 2 deserved wins over Allianceand ISC Storm we had a pretty good start of the season.
Besides being undefeated we also played better then our opponent and we really start to play the way we want to play.

Also today we played different then the opponent. Our style, short passing, keeping ball possession etc all based on technique while Tippecanoe decided to play a more direct style.
Even though we started the game of good with a couple of changes from corner kicks and good opportunity from Dylan it was the home team to score first. One of the long balls fell behind defense and weren’t able to catch up 1-0. We kept passing but it went to slow and the Crew beat us to the ball. At half time we were down 2-0 and even though we passed better then the home team we didn’t deserve to be in the lead.

In the second half everything changed. We beat them to every ball, they had 0 (!!) shots on goal the second half and it was a 1-way stream. It took us 12 minutes to get back in the game, but we could have done it a lot faster. Brendan finished his third change after a good pass by Kean who moved in a lot from defense to midfield.

After this goal we kept pressing and creating changes, but Brendan, Skyler, Nicholas (crossbar) and Dylan weren’t able to tie the game.
In a high speed and some great passing we kept fighting for at least a tie. The other coach began to waist time by subbing his furthest player every throw in and that gave us a little extra time.
In that extra time Nicholas received a pass from Kean and again he hits the crossbar, but this time the ball ends up behind the line: 2-2!

Once again a last second comeback and a more then deserved tie. We stay undefeated and in the top half of the ranking.

Coach Patrick was satisfied with the second half and the comeback: “So far it really shows that we play a different style of soccer then our opponents. The boys picked it up real fast and also their mentality is great. They never give up and for the second time this season we were able to score a last second goal and prevent a loss.
If we can start every game like we play when we are a goal down then I believe we can beat every team, but if we play like our first half today every team can beat us.
With four more games to go we have to show that we can play soccer when we have the ball, but that we can also keep the other team from playing kickball by giving a lot of pressure. I’m already looking forward to our next game!”.



Game: Butler United – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U14

Game date/time: April 28th 2011, 9.00AM

Score: 0-1 (1-2)


Player of the day: Nick


On the day of the home opener for the Men’s professional team the U14 boys gave a good example for our pro players, they won their game against Butler United with 1-2. The Dutch Lions were the better team, showcased to have better passing and receiving skills, during the whole game. On a field that was very hard to play on, the Dutch Lions tried to play the “Dutch Style”, which resulted in dominating the game. Butler United had some quick and dangerous counter attacks, but the Dutch Lions goalkeepers and defense did a great job eliminating these attacks. For the Dutch Lions Alex was able to score the 0-1 after an assist from Harrison in the first half. In the second half JT doubled the goal difference between the teams after an assist from Nolan. In the very last second Butler United was able to score after a hectic situation in from of the goal after a Butter United corner kick. Player of the game was Nick, who really picked up the pace of the game after missing the winter season due to conflicts.


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC U15 Girls – Hammer FC Elite GU15

Game date/time: April 29th 2011, 5.45PM

Score: 6-1 (3-0)


Player of the day: Katie M


The Lady Lions played a decent game against Hammer FC Elite GU15. Without playing great the Dutch Lions dominated the game and able to score 6 goals. Using a lot of short passes and the width of the field, the Dutch Lions were able to find an open player almost all the time.


In the first half it took the Dutch Lions too long to take the lead. The Lions dominated the game, but the shots were not on target and the midfielders were looking too much for the final pass. Using the right wing the Dutch Lions were able to get the first goal on the scoreboard. After a cross from Lauren a one touch finish from Ellie meant the first goal of the game. In the first half Myriam scored her first goal ( ever or of the season?). A shot from midfield was too much for the goalkeeper, so Myriam doubled the goal difference between the team. Katie M was able to score the last goal of the first half with a shot from midfield.


In the second half the Dutch Lions started really slow. Hammer FC Elite GU15 was able to get back in the game, but that was mostly because the Dutch Lions played like the game was over. After making numerous mistakes Hammer FC Elite GU15 was able to score the 3-1. This kind a woke up the Dutch Lions, who started to play a little harder. Without playing great this lead to 3 more goal, 2 goals from Katie M and 1 goal scored by Libbey. With 3 goal Katie M was the player of the game.

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