Academy Report week 18

Game: DaytonDutch Lions FC Boys U8 – CUSA Courage 03 Gold


Game date/time:05/05/2012/10:40 AM


Score: 9:2


Player of the day: Alexander Ocampo


Game report:


Keep the winning streak and go on playing good soccer; these two things were on boys’ minds before the Saturday’s clash. Both of them were followed by the players very well. In addition to our good play, referee happened to be a pretty quality one and therefore match had a pace that was not interrupted with the unnecessary calls. This aspect helped us and boys really enjoyed it. All team has been continually working on developing its style and we might finally get the recognition on next Sunday. If we win the game we win the whole competition. Despite having this chance we are still more focused on improving. At this age winning is completely insignificant, we need to teach the guys how to apply in praxis the things they learn at practice.


Game:DaytonDutch Lions FC Boys U8 – Cusa Courage 03 Blue Bradley


Game date/time:05/06/2012/4:20 PM


Score: 6:2


Player of the day: Jason Spangler


Game report:


On a Sunday afternoon our boys encountered another Cusa team (03 Blue Bradley) after meeting Cusa 03 Gold on Saturday. The weather was quite warm which didn’t help either team. The game began slowly with some effort from both teams to threaten the goals with the long-distance shots. Our players were getting into the game more slowly than usual. Despite warm weather after a while boys managed to create some chances which most of them were made individually rather than collectively. It also got better by the time when we were able to score the goal after well-built combination starting with Jackson who passed a ball from right to left to Aaron who with one touch passed a ball up front to Ayden who finished the action cold blooded. Our opponent presented themselves pretty positively and also contributed to a nice game that we saw today. Although we won we still have a long way to go in front of us. Ball control, positioning, defending, those are the aspects of the game we have to work on the most.


Game:DaytonDutch Lions FC Girls U9 –GrandLakeUnited


Game date/time:05/04/2012/7:00 PM


Score: 8:3


Player of the day: Caroline Wentworth


Game report:


Game attended by Mickael McNamara who is a member of the first team didn’t begin well for us. Girls got down 1:3 which absolutely didn’t respond with the picture of the match. As the time went on girls managed to utilize their well-combined actions and equalised the score for 3:3. After that comeback we started dominating in all attributes of the game. Girls were obviously enjoying themselves on the pitch and were performing quite well, showing plenty of good combinations which led to scoring a goal. Despite getting tired and winning, girls kept following the philosophy of constructive soccer that we are used to produce. This fact made the game thrilling for a lot of spectators that attended. Decent performance and deserved win, that is the final résumé of the match.



Game: DDL FC U11 Girls vs. Enon Lady Knights


Date: May 6, 2012, 2:40 pm


Result: Tie 4-4


Player of the Game: Grace Takahashi


Game Summary:


This was a game of ups and downs for the Lions. On a ridiculously hot day, the Lions certainly were at a disadvantage having only one substitute as compared to the other team’s five. The ladies made a great effort to simplify the game, using their passing to move up the field and conserving their energy by playing excellent team defense. Making it difficult on themselves by starting out down 2-0, the Lions clawed their way back, taking the lead twice before eventually giving up a goal mere seconds before the final whistle blew. Coach Eric was “extremely proud of the way that the girls persevered despite the heat. They could have given up after being down at the start, but they fought their way back and did a great job to take the lead. Unfortunately we gave up a goal in the closing seconds for the second week in a row, but the girls are making great progress.”

Defensively this was one of the best games that the Lions have played thus far. Anchored by goalie Grace Takahashi, who played her best game at a much needed time, the Lions’ defense were able to thwart most all of the opponent’s attacks. The Lions’ showed their lack of height when two goals were given up off of corner kicks, but were undeterred and did well to prevent almost all the head-on attacks. They did an excellent job winning 50/50 balls all over the field, and did well to press the other team and clog up the passing lanes. At times the ladies found themselves a little spread out across the field, but they were able to communicate well and find their shape again.

The Lions played a strong offensive game to produce four goals throughout the course of the game. The ladies were able to score in a myriad of different ways, including a long shot, off of a cross, and from a breakaway. Emily Hinkle had the goal of the game, finding some space at the top of the box and firing a shot far post over the keeper’s outstretched hands. The ladies did an excellent job of passing, letting the ball do the work for most of game. “Despite not getting the win we fought so hard for, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the girls were able to move the ball around and score. We played very well, and we’ve been getting better results with each and every game.”


Game:                        Butler United Boys 99 – Dutch Lions FC U11

Gamedate/time:         May 5th 2012, 10:30am

Score:                         0-1 win


Game report:


We started very well and pressed Butler almost the whole first half. We got a lot of chances but we were not sharp enough. At the end of the first half Ben scored the earned 0-1. It was a goal out of nothing but Ben was able to put his foot on the ball and it was a goal.

The second half we started were we ended. We still got a lot of possession and even better chances than the first half but it wouldn’t go in. Butler United tried to counter attack and got a few chances. After the last whistle everybody was happy but we knew we had to win this game easily. Our goal for the next games is to finish our chances. So the opponent can’t come back in the game.


Man of the match:

Kevin Donnely


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U14 – TSC 97 All Blacks


Gamedate/time: May 6 at 1.00pm


Score: 0-3 (0-1)



Player of the day: Tyler




The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys played a really important game last Sunday as they could make an important step to the first place in the league. Unfortunately the Lions ended up losing by three goals and not playing the game they hoped for. Before the game coach Sid, that replaced coach Tommy for this game, said “I hope the team doesn´t feel the pressure of having to win and that they play a concentrated and good game, the other team is a good team and it is not going to be a easy game today”, it seems that Sid’s worries came out as the young Lions did not play a good first half, reaching half time 1-0 behind and the team has to thank goalkeeper Tyler for not being behind by a bigger difference. 3 really good saves kept the Lions in the game, but the passing game and the effort put in the game were not good enough in the first 35 minutes. That was also the message from the coach for the second half “improve in the pass and the first touch, show more aggression and will to win than the opponent does are the things that have to change if we still want to win this”. Unluckily Tony, Alex, Nolan and Sam got injured pretty quick in the second half and the opponent scored the 2-0 out of a counter attack while the Lions where looking for the equalizer. With a quick 3-0 from the opponent the game was over and there was nothing more the young Lions could do, ending up losing a decisive game 3-0, a game where they never where better then the opponent end weren´t able to play the possession game, as this team has played in previous games.

A game that was supposed to be a important step in the young careers of the players ended up in a big disappointment, coach Sid stated at the end of the game “yes I am disappointed, we shouldn´t have lost this game. I hope the boys learn from this, they underestimated their opponent and ended up with a disadvantage that we weren´t able to turn around anymore after the 2-0. Although we played a bad game the boys have to put their heads up because we have a young and talented group of players here who can achieve good things in the near future.”

For player of the day, the coach nominated goalkeeper Tyler as he had some really good saves that kept the Lions U14 in the game.

The Lions will face the same opponent in their next spring season game, a great opportunity to show everyone they can do a lot better then today.


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC U15G – State Cup Weekend

Scores: 8-2 Loss, 3-0 Loss, 1-1


The Dayton Dutch Lions U15 Girls competed in the State Cup this weekend and on Tuesday. After winning a preliminary game the girls made it to the round robin and faced some quality teams. Playing against MRL teams is a complete new experience for our team and that showed in the first game. Totally impressed by the level of the other we played far below our own  level. Major mistakes helped FOSC Red Swarm to score on us a lot and very quick in the game. In the second half the Dutch Lions were able to play a little better, but still far below the level they usually are able to reach. The game ended in a 8-2 loss and was a true wake up call.


The second game the Dutch Lions played against Hammer FC Elite. This team also play somes divisions higher than the Dutch Lions do, but the Lady Lions were able to compete with the opponent. The game was a very rough one from the side of Hammer, with lots of fouls. This prevented the Dutch Lions from being able to play soccer. Every time the Lions were able to make some passes somebody got ran over, which resulted in a lot of free kicks, but that didn’t help the Lions. Hammer was able to score 3 goals, but the difference on the field wasn;t that big.

On Tuesday the Lions played against another MRL team, CUP Crew Juniors Gold. One of the better teams in the state according to the results in the previous years. The Dutch Lions played a very organized game and really stepped up. The defended in a great way, supporting each other all the time, marking tight and aggresive but without commiting fouls. CUP had more possession and tried to pass the ball around the Dutch Lions, but the Dutch Lions defended as a team and were very hard to beat. After a shot from distance meant the 1-0 for CUP the Dutch Lions were able to tie the game. Good pressure on the build up of CUP resulted in Rachel being able to win the ball and score after a 1v1 with the goalkeeper. In the second half the Dutch Lions were able to keep more possession than they were in the first half. They tried to get to some scoring opportunities by using short passes and the wings. The game ended in a 1-1 tie, what should give the lions a lot of convidence in the next couple of games.

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