Academy Report Week 19

Game: BSA Celtic 00 Red – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U11 (Koen)

Gamedate/time: May 9th, 2012 7:00pm

Score: 0-3(0-1) win



The team’s 5th game was played in cool, rainy and windy weather, this did not affect the boys mentality or motivation.  Once again the U11-Koen team out shot and defensively dominated the opponents to bring home the 3 points.


In the first half the Lions dominated the possession and made good dribbling runs down the sidelines with good passes to the middle.  This led to 16 shots on goal with 1 of those going to the back of the net.  Our defense led by Adam George kept the shots down to a minimum with only 4 shots on goal.  Aaron Brown and Mike Smith made life hard on the opponents wingers while goalie Jonathan Cosenza kept the ball out of the net.  The goal scored was due to a great pass from Mike Smith to Philo Antoun who dribbled to the left side of the box and slotted one to the far post for a goal.  One weakness we showed was being caught offsides 3 times.


The second half we didn’t slow down as we had in previous games.  This intensity led to 11 shots on goal with 2 of those scoring points.  The opponents also didn’t slow down.  They had 9 shots on goal but our defense kept those from going in for points, as usual Goalie Joshua Schutte made several excellent saves. The 2nd goal was scored after a cross by Aaron Joyner was handed by the opponent in the box.  Adam George converted the penalty kick into the left corner for the score.  Our 3rd goal was scored after a great pass from Jonothan Cosenza to Philo Antoun.  Once the ball was settled at Philo’s feet he slotted to the left corner to seal the game.


Game:                        Real Bellbrook – Dutch Lions FC U11 (back to back)

Gamedate/time:         May 12th 2012, 12:20am / May 13th 2012, 6.00pm

Score:                         0-4 win 11-0 win


This weekend we played two times against Real Bellbrook. The first game was a tough game Real Bellbrook played hard and it was difficult to get through their defense. After the first 20 minutes we scored a goal out of a scrimmage in the box. After this goal their defense broke down and we could score another two goals. The second half was similar to the first one. The last 25 minutes we played only on their half and got some good chances but only scored one.

The second game we started better than the first game. We scored 4 goal in a time period of 5 minutes. After that we kept playing our game and got more chances but Real Bellbrook’s goalie had some great saves. The second half we kept playing our game. We kept possession and tried to play our wingers. We had some good crosses with some nice finishes. At the end the score was 11-0. I think we played one of our best games of the season. I hope we can continue to play like we did this weekend.


Man of the weekend:

 Terry Oliss



May 13th

U12 Boys played an away game against Springfield Thunder ’99 White.  End result 5-2 win, HT 2-0.

The Boys were very motivated and started really good with a lot of pressure on Springfield which gave us possession of the ball and after just 3 minutes it was already 1-0. Springfield was trying to play the ball deep every time, but our defense were controlling their territory, so we got possession of the ball easily  and we could try to build up from behind.  Sometimes easier than other times .But again the boys understood pretty well that keeping the ball in possession will result in much more chances than just kicking the ball forward. Before halftime we scored once more, but had opportunities for 3 or 4 more.

In the 2nd half the team didn’t  start as good as the 1st , a little loss of concentration and Springfield scored a goal. We recovered pretty fast, but didn’t use the available space as often as was possible.

But overall again a very good team effort and a well deserved win.

1-0 Dominic, 2-0  Jett , 2-0, 3-1 Sean, 4-1 Dominic, 5-2 Kevin.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 – BSA Celtic 98 2-0 (1-0)

Metro FC – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 1-2 (1-1)


Two games for our U13 Boys team this week. On Sunday we had to face the Celtics and on Monday we had to make up the due lightning cancelled game against Metro FC at Delco Park.
On Sunday we played at the Miami Valley School. On a big turf field our boys showed the exact style we wanted to play. From first to last minute we decided what happened and we had great passing and movement of the ball.
From defense to midfield and midfield to forward we combined ourselves around the Celtics. Celtic had a few break aways, but either our defenders were in the right position or Trent was unbeatable. The way the game developed we were waiting for a goal. The field got even faster due to the continuing rainfall and Nicholas had a good eye for positioning himself. At one of these moment he was the fastest reaction player after a pass from Jake. After a good acceleration and a great cut he scored easily and gave us the deserved lead.

In the second half we were even stronger. Jake was inspired today by playing on his home field (his school) and scored a great goal. Skyler gave a perfect thru ball and Jake passed the goalkeeper with a perfect body move. After this it was easy to finish on the open net.
With good soccer and lot’s off passing and movement of the ball we got a deserved win: 2-0


The day after we had to play again. This time at Delco Park against Metro FC. This game got cancelled after 20 minutes and a 1-0 lead for us due to lightning the week before. It looked like Metro FC had a couple of new players compared to the week before and we didn’t start as energized either. This gave a more even game in the first half. We did take the early lead, but we weren’t able to put away another goal.
A great corner from Dylan and an awesome header from Spencer got tied up just before half.

At half time coach Patrick gave a couple of pointers and the players translated these from first to last minute in the second half. With lot of pressure, pretty good passing and combination we forced Metro further back then before. It looked like Barcelona-Chelsea, but this time Barcelona won. Not that we were as good as the Spanish team, but we forced Metro to play this far back. Open space was hard to find and if we did the goalkeeper always had an answer. Until 7 minutes before the end. Jack gave a nice pass to Brendan who gave us the second goal and with this back to back wins.

Coach Patrick was enthusiastic about what he saw in both games:
“Especially on Sunday we played a great game. The turf field is a big plus for our style of playing. It’s just a little easier for us to pass and control the ball on turf then on grass. And that’s exactly the way we want to play.
On Monday we played a difficult first half, but in the second the boys showed a big heart and passion to win.
I keep telling the players that I want to see good soccer with good passing, moving without ball and defenders moving into midfield etc. but they want to win. It’s good to see that our way of playing and winning games can be combined”.


Player of the day:

Game vs Celtic Jack Smalley (ps kan je kijken of Jack of Jake heb geschreven in het verslag :$….)

Game vs Metro FC Dylan Myers


May 13th

The U15 had an away game against Grand Lake United. End result 2-1 loss, HT 0-1.

The Boys were defeated just 2 weeks ago by Grand Lake with 5-0, but now they were controlling the game for 80% of the time. Created triangles in the midfield, which resulted in nice passes and chances. Unfortunately the field was in bad shape, so sometimes the ball just bounced in another direction. We scored just before half time 1-0 by Mohamed, after a nice pass from Seth.

The 2nd half started the same, we had ball possession, created some chances but couldn’t score anymore goals, and from a counter attack, (looked like off-side) Grand Lake scored in the 83rd the equalizer. We were off guard a bit from that moment and had to conceive another goal in the last minute. So in the end we had no points, but played one of our best games so far. We dominated the game, created chances but forgot to score the 2nd goal.

Luckily we have another game this Thursday, and if we are able to play with the same attitude and reach the same level, we might get a better end result.


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U16 – Skyhawks


Gamedate/time: May 13 at 2.40pm


Score: 0-0 (0-0)



Player of the day: Tommy Schroyer




The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U16 Boys played their fifth spring season game against a Skyhawks formation that got 4 wins out of 5 games. So the Lions knew it would be another though game.

The U16 boys team got us used to high intensity games with some good soccer combinations having as only problem the small numbers on their roster, so today again a guest player was called, JT from the U14 boys team cam and gave the team a good help in this game. Unluckily and with only 3 minutes in to the game, central defender Kevin had to go out injured leaving the Lions only with one sub on the side. Despite that, the lions fought the whole game and with some really good combinations, especially the first half, and some good saves from Tommy they got the deserved tie and the first point of the season.

Coach Sid “the boys are getting better from game to game, especially on the turf field, we were the better team playing the game and the other team had the better chances but I think the tie is a good reflection of what we saw on the field today. Tommy had some good saves, made some good choices in the build up and was coaching all the time so he deserves to be player of the day.”



Game: CJ United Lady Storm –DaytonDutch Lions FC Girls U9

Game date/time:05/13/2012/7:00 PM

Score: 5:2

Player of the day: Ella Dudley


Girls played the last game of the season against CJ United Lady Storm team that turned out to be very strong as we could see during the match. Our team just didn’t have its day so that the loss was absolutely deserved. We were able to compete in the first half when we scored one goal and showed some good skills but the second half was pretty much directed by the opponent team. Except for scoring the second goal we didn’t manage to combine and create goal scoring opportunities, and therefore the opponent team led the game to the win. Despite losing the last match, girls put a lot of effort into the whole season and final third place is great recognition for us. Whole team made a big progress, let’s keep it up. We are on the right track!


Games:            DDL FC U11 Girls     vs  Miami West Shockerz

vs  Boro Blast 01


Dates:  May 13, 2012 vs Miami West Shockerz

May 14, 2012 vs Boro Blast 01


Results:  W 6-1 vs Miami West Shockerz

L 3-1 vs Boro Blast 01


Player of the Game:    Emily Hinkle vs Miami West Shockerz

Elana Bock vs Boro Blast 01


Game Summaries:

Having two games back to back on Sunday and Monday proved to take its toll on the girls, both physically and mentally. During Sunday’s game the Lions played one of their best games all year, passing the ball very well while still maintaining a strong defensive presence. Monday’s game was an equally strong effort, but the fatigue showed through just a little with regards to movement for each other and movement off the ball. Coach Eric thought that “we could have won both games, but we lacked the energy needed on Monday to play the way that we really wanted to play. We had our opportunities, but everything that went in on Sunday hit the post or went right to the goalie on Monday.”

Defensively the Lions had an outstanding weekend. They limited opportunities, they cut off passing lanes, they closed down quickly and didn’t allow the opposing team to turn, and moved pretty well as a unit. What few mistakes were made were often able to be cleaned up or stopped by the goalie, and in general the Lions’ back line did well to keep the ball away from their goal. During Sunday’s game the back line and midfield did an excellent job, and turned away almost all attacks from the Shockerz. They continued to do so for most of Monday’s game, but towards the end as the back-to-back fatigue started to set in, a few more chances were given up. The Blast made the most of their opportunities, and unfortunately got the better of them. Coach Eric reminded the girls that “we still created more opportunities than they did, and if we finished a few more we could be looking at a very different result. I’m proud of the hustle and effort that everyone gave defensively; I know it’s not easy playing two games in two days.”

The difference between Sunday’s and Monday’s games offensively can be boiled down to one word: finishing. Sunday the girls were able to get open, find their shot, and hit it, as compared to Monday, when the girls had trouble keeping the ball out of the goalie’s hands. Both games the girls were very successful at moving the ball around and springing a midfielder or striker free to go one on one with the keeper. They were able to keep the ball moving and did an excellent job of trying to find the open player. As previously stated, the difference between the two games all came down to where the girls placed the ball on their shots. Coach Eric encouraged the girls, reminding them that “we created so many more opportunities than the opposing team. As we continue to practice and grow, our shots will improve and we will find out how to put the ball in the back of the net more effectively. The fact that we create this many chances now is very much a positive as we go forward.”



Game: DDL FC Girls U12 vs Gunners FC G99 White


Date: May 13, 2012


Result: L 4-2


Player of the Game: Lyrit Ertsgaard


Game Summary:


This was an exciting game to watch, despite the result not ending up in favor of the Lions. The girls played an excellent overall game, playing tough defense and generating some explosive offense. The weather was the final factor in the game, and unfortunately it got the better of the Lions. Too many chances were missed because of a wet ball sliding just out of reach, or bouncing off the ground in a way the girls did not predict. Coach Eric told them to “keep your heads up, this was a great effort today. We had plenty of opportunities to score and change the flow of the game, and unfortunately when we did it was too little, too late. If we can continue playing the style of soccer we are currently playing but finish some of our chances earlier in the game, we will do very well.”

Offensively the Lions’ struggled a bit this game. They did an excellent job of creating open chances for themselves, but not finding the back of the net noticeably took its toll. With each missed opportunity came the accompanying frustration of not being able to score. Nonetheless the girls kept plugging away, continuing to create chances with through balls and good passing. Another factor leading to frustration was that the Gunners played an offsides trap, and were quite successful with it, catching the girls offsides on several occasions. “We stuck to our game plan of building up. I was pleased to see that we kept trying to play the right way despite the obvious frustration. The girls were rewarded with two goals, unfortunately we needed those goals to come earlier in the game to put some pressure on the opposition.”

This was one of the tougher defensive match-ups for the Lions. Playing a big and fast team, the undersized Lions did well to play disciplined defense and force the ball wide. The other team did well to work around this and created several opportunities off of nice crosses. Eventually, the pressure was too great and the Lions conceded a couple of goals. Not giving up, the ladies did well to fight back, applying pressure all over the field and forcing many turnovers. Coach Eric thought that “this was one of our better defensive games. Now we need to work on how to defend more as a team and less individually.”


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC U15 Girls – Warren County

Game date/time: May 13th 2012, 4.00PM

Score: 1-1 (0-1)

Player of the day: Rachel G


On mother’s day the Dutch Lions U15 girls played their 6th league game against Warren County. After winning 3 games and losing 2 in the league prior to this game the Lady Lions could take a good step towards a high position in the standings. The Dutch Lions started the game in a dramatic way, with a goal for Warren County in the second minute. After controlling the game and a lot of hard work the Dutch Lions were able to score the equalizer in the second half. The Dutch Lions were not able to score in the remaining 5 minutes after their goal, which made the game end in a 1-1 tie.


The Dutch Lions made a critical mistake in the back, giving the ball to the forward of Warren County. She was able to go 1 on 1 with our goalkeeper and score the first goal of the game. After getting scored on the Dutch Lions dominated the first half, without being able to create a lot of opportunities. Keeping possession seemed to be the goal instead of trying to score a goal. Right before halftime the Dutch Lions took another hit, when Rachel had to leave the field after getting injured. Rachel went right to the hospital because the injured looked very serious. Later that day we were all happy to hear she didn’t break her ankle. A very bad sprain, which is at least just as painful was the diagnosis of the doctors.


In the second half the Dutch Lions controlled the game again, but it took a long time for the first opportunities to score. Myriam was able to get Libbey in a 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper with an amazing pass, but libbey’s shot went just wide. It was Lauren M who was able to score the equalizer after good pressure on the defense. The goal was too late for the Lions to force another goal. The game ended in a 1-1 and even though the Lions just scored a couple minutes before the end of the game, it felt like the Lions lost 2 points instead on winning 1 at the end.


Game: Metro FC Corragio Blue – Dayton Dutch Lions FC


Gamedate/time: May 8th at 7pm


Score: 0-2 (0-2)



Player of the day: Kaytlin Barton



Game report:


The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U17 Girls played their forth spring season game away at the Metro FC. The lady Lions where determined to get a win after their loss in the last game. And that is exactly what they did, playing a really strong first half and a decent second half the Dayton Dutch Lions U17 Girls got their second win of the season beating Metro FC 2-0 with two good goals from offensive midfielder Kaytlin Barton.

After the game coach Sid said “the team played a really strong first half, having a lot of ball possession, good combinations, scoring two good goals and not giving anything away in the back. We were not able to play the same level in the second half but we were able to keep the clean sheet today and I am happy with effort and level of play of the girls today”.

As player of the day coach Sid nominated Kaytlin, not only for her two goals but also for the work rate at midfield and the smart runs and passes she made throughout the game. “Kaytlin has developed herself a lot the last couple of weeks, she is a strong, technical player with a good shot and reads the game really well, continuing like this she can develop herself to a really good soccer player, I am glad I have her on this team.”


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC – Springfield Thunder 94 Gold


Gamedate/time: May 12th at 3.40pm


Score: 0-4 (0-0)



Player of the day: Taylor Jervis



Game report:


The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U17 Girls played their fifth spring season game home against Springfield Thunder.

Playing on the home turf field, it would be an ideal game to play the “dutch style” of soccer with lots of combinations, passes and building up from the back.

Exactly what the Lady Lions did during all first half. The opponent hardly ever touched the ball with the Lions trying to keep the ball and looking for smart passes.

At half time it was still 0-0 but some good shots from Kaytlin, Taylor and Kelly gave everyone the confidence that the Lions would take the 3 points today.

Second half started of the same way as the first one ended with the Lions dominating the game, but then, probably the worst 15 minutes of the season began, for the Lady Lions… 1 mistake in the build up and 2 fast breakaways from the opponent put a 3-0 lead on the board and destroyed any aspirations that the Lyons had for a win. That combined with the physical breakdown of some players ended in a 4-0 loss, despite the really strong first half they played.

At the end of the game coach Sid stated “hard to say what happened here today, especially at half time I was convinced we were going to beat this team and then we had a terrible quarter of an hour… it shouldn´t happen but it did, hope the girls can learn from what happened today and it´s the proof that you can also win games when you are the underdog or playing a bad game… They had one good player that ended up scoring all 4 goals… She must have had the game of her life!.”

As player of the day the coach nominated Taylor, “Taylor played a really strong game, keeping balance in midfield, always trying to switch fields and having some good shots at goal.”

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