New fields at youth complex taking shape

Ahead on schedule to have fields ready by August 1


The work by Jess Construction is well on the way and due to the good weather the work is actually ahead of the original planning. With the irrigation put in and the fields being arched and made flat the good playing surface become more and more visible.



President Mike Mossel commented on the progress: “sofar Jess Construction has done a great job and you can see they are very precise and professional in their work. It is so exciting to see what the fields will look like and work on additional plans to have fencing around the fields and bleechers for parents. We are also looking at an office at the fields with a deck. We will have more on these plans shortly.”


The Dutch Lions FC youth academy will use the new fields starting the Fall season. With the type of grass and playing surface it will be one of he best in Ohio. In case you are interested in playing for the Dutch Lions FC Youth Academy teams you can sign up for tryouts online. Tryouts will start May 29 for kids between 5 and 18 years old..

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