Academy Report Week 20

Game: BSA Celtic 03 Red –Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U8

Game date/time:05/23/2012/5:50 PM

Score: 1:8

Player of the day: Jason Spangler


The last game of the season was on the road, concretely at Ankeney Complex against the local team BSA Celtic Red. Despite knowing that we have already become the champions, I wanted the guys to perform the best they could. We began slowly but after a while we managed to raise the level and started dominating. Except for one opponent’s chance that ended up as a goal we didn’t let them play. Our boys were able to complete 5-6 passes continually and finish the action with the goal which is admirable at this age. The whole season went well I do regret that it came to its end already. Boys were better and better as the games followed. Every player of the team deserves a huge recognition for the way he improved through the season! Let’s maintain the quality and take it to a higher level!



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U16 – Rebels Red 95

Game date/time: May 18th at 7.00pm

Score: 0-1 (0-1)

Player of the day: the Team!


The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U16 Boys played their sixth spring season game against the Rebels Red formation. Having played against all the stronger teams, the Lions knew that with the three games that are left they could get their first win of the season and were determined to do so today. Despite a good game and a very strong second half they ended up losing 1-0 with a very easy PK given to the Rebels.

Because of the injury of Sam and the absence of Nick Trevethan, the team needed 2 guest players, so Harrison and Caleb from the U14 Boys came and helped out.

The Lions started off a little sloppy but Zack, with some good saves, kept the Lions in the game. Facing a team that also tried to play the possession game it was a very even first half, with some chances at both sides. For the Lions Hun and Harrison had some good shots but the Gk of the Rebels made 2 good saves. With the ref giving a PK to the rebels from a supposed foul of Jake in the box the Lions reached half time 1-0 behind.

With coach Sid changing some things around in the formation and putting the team pressuring forward, the Lions started up really strong and kept it up during the whole second half with a hand full of 100% chances, with the Hun, Harrison, Nick Johnson, Ross and Tommy not being able to find the net.

Coach Sid at the end of the game “I feel we shouldn´t have lost today, but we did… Just hope the boys understand they played a good game and I am sure if we keep up the level of play we showed today, especially in the second half, the win will be for us soon. This group of boys deserves it for all the work rate they have put in every game.” “It is hard to elect a player of the game today… The whole team worked hard this game, keep it up guys!!”

The U16 Boys will play their next game at Veterans Memorial Park, Sunday May 20th at 5.30pm, against the Raiders.


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC U15 Girls – Skyhawks

Game date/time: May 20th at 9.00 am

Score: 1-1 (1-1)

Player of the day: Ellie


Early Sunday morning the Dutch Lions played against Skyhawks. The Dutch Lions started the game a little slow, but were able to control most of the first half. On a break away the Dutch Lions defense didn’t work together as they should, which resulted in the 0-1 score in favor of the Skyhawks. The Dutch Lions pushed a little harder after getting scored on and were able to score the 1-1. After good work from Ellie it was Libbey who was able to score the goal.

In the second half the Dutch Lions completely dominated, were able to create 4 big opportunities to score, but were not able to find the back of the net. Ellie played a very good game as left forward and won a lot of balls. The Dutch Lions were a little unlucky, but showed they are capable of forcing a team back on their own half the second half. The girls tried everything they could, but today it was not meant to be.


Game: CU Lakota Gunners – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U15 Girls

Game date/time: May 23th at 6.45 pm

Score: 3-2 (1-1)

Player of the day: Lauren M


The Dutch Lions U15 Girls played a really bad first half. There was no intensity and the Dutch Lions passed the ball more to the other team than to their own team mates. Despite the level of play the Dutch Lions were able to get the Lead when Lauren M, the only player who played a good first half, was able to score after a good individual play. Defending without any sense of urgency lead to the equalizer. Giving the opponent an open shot on 10 yards of the goal is not the way to defend. They halftime score was 1-1, but the Dutch Lions played really bad.

In the second half the Dutch Lions showed more intensity and they were trying to pass the ball. It was Lauren again who scored after a good cross of Madeline S. Lauren was very active and always dangerous going forward. She was the player of the game, but could not prevent the Lions from losing the game. 2 identical, very big mistakes in the back gave away 2 goals.



Game: Grand Lake United – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U17 Girls

Game date/time: May 16th at 7pm

Score: 3-0 (3-0)

Player of the day: Alex Fester


The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U17 Girls played their sixth spring season game away against the champion Grand Lake United.

Playing at the home field of Grand Lake United, that became champion the game before and looking for the 8-0-0 record, the Lady Lions knew they were facing the strongest team of the league.

During the first 20 minutes that difference was noticeable, with Grand Lake having some good chances and with the Lions giving to goals away, from defensive mistakes. After that the Lions picked their game back up and played equally to their strong opponent. Before half time Grand Lake ended up scoring the 3-0 and the Lions had a huge chance of scoring the 3-1 with Alex going one on one with the GK but taking a little bit to long to take the shot.

During the second half there was no difference between both teams and the end result was the same as at half time. “I am proud of the girls, especially for what they showed during the second half, playing equally against the undefeated champion of the League, with half of our team still being U15. Think it was proven today that there is a lot of talent in this group and the players have made a huge development during the last few months.” Were coach Sid’s words after the game.

As player of the day Alex Fester was nominated, “Alex played a good game, always being a option for the bal, finding some good passes and having some good chances, just unlucky she didn´t finish that huge chance she had, but that is part of the game.”

The Lady Lions U17 will have another league game tomorrow at Eagle City Soccer Complex at 7pm.



Game: Springfield Thunder 94 White – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U17 Girls

Game date/time: May 17th at 7pm

Score: 1-0 (1-1)

Player of the day: Kelly Williams


The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U17 Girls played their seventh spring season game away against Springfield Thunder 94 White.

Unfortunately Hana had to miss the game as she got injured in the game the day before.

After their strong appearance yesterday the team was determinate to get a win today.

Trying to play their possession game on a grass field in very poor conditions the Lions had some difficulties during the first half and playing against a very physical opponent didn´t make it any easier. Despite that they kept trying and had some good shots through Taylor and Kaytlin.

With a lucky shot from the opponent the Lions got to half time 1-0 behind.

A huge change in mentality and being fitter then their opponent the Lady Lions totally dominated the second half and created chance after chance after chance… With Kelly scoring the equalizer after some really nice combinations in the centre of the field and with Kate, Alex, Audrey, Destiny, Spencer, Taylor and Kaytlin firing at goal, looking for the win, but unlucky with their shots, the game ended in a 1-1 tie.

A game that “despite the tie feels like a loss because we were so much better” coach Sid said at the end of the game. “Once again the girls made me proud, not everything went flawless during the season, but they have been a great group to work with and all of them improved a lot” were Sid’s words.

As player of the day coach Sid nominated Kelly, “Kelly played two strong games yesterday and today as an offensive mid, getting a lot of touches on the ball and showing her good technical skills in that position. I am happy with her attitude during the season and am happy with the goal she scored today”.

The Lady Lions U17 have one game left in this league against Club X Xpress that was postponed because of the rain and still hasn´t been rescheduled, winning that game will make the U17 Lady Lions 3rd in the League.



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