Super 20 Men lose against last years champion

Game:   Dutch Lions FC Super 20s vs Columbus Crew Super 20s


Gamedate/time: June 19th 1 PM


Score: 1-7  (0 – 3 )



Player of the day: Emilio







The Dutch Lions  super 20s played against Columbus Crew, The champions of last year. To play against the Champions has to motivate you as a player.

The first half the Dutch Lions tried to built up from the back. They tried to search for an open teammate. The Lions got a few changes to score in the first half.  By unlucky defending the Lions got two goals behind.  The Crew Decided the game in the first half by scoring there 3th goal.


In half time the Lions decided to have respect for the Champions but to go for it


In the second half the Lions  started with full pressure and tried to play a good possession game. The Lions kept searching  for an opening. Finally the pressure paid off. The Crew made a mistake in their own penalty box by tripping a lion.  Emilio demanded the ball and shoot it undeniable in the goal , 1 vs 3 !!  After that goal the Crew showed the audience and the Lions why they are the Champions. The Crew leveled up the game for 25 minutes and scored 4 times.



Coach John said;

” The boys played in several fases of the game well. But to win this game you need to focus 93 minutes long! You have to work with each other and for each other.  We had to many moments in the game that we let our team down.

We need everybody boys!”


“ On the other side I am happy we played against the crew, so our guys saw that we are growing as an individual and as a team. But to make the next step we need to give everything on practice and game”.


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