Academy Game Reports W34

Dutch Lions U9 Boys Orange – BSA Celtics 03 Blue
Saturday August 25, 12.00 PM
Halftime Score: 3-0
Final Score: 3-1
Player of the Game: Alex, #2

The U9 Boys started their 2012 Fall season with a home game against the top team of BSA Celtic in this age group. After losing to this team exactly 1 year ago with a blow-out, the Dutch Lions were able to showcase their development of the last 12 months. The Dutch Lions played very solid and won the game with 3-1, after a 3-0 halftime score. Player of the game was Alex, who worked really hard and as a midfielder. He was very involved in defending our goal and setting up attacks after stealing the ball from Celtic’s players.


U9 Boys Orange warming up for their first game of the season


The game started pretty even with teams trying to create some opportunities to score. The Celtics got the first shot on goal, but it went just wide. After this shot the Dutch Lions stepped it up and took more control over the game. In the 10th minute Luke was able to take a Penalty Kick after a handball in the box by a Celtic’s player. With a controlled shot in the corner he scored the first goal of the season for the Lions. A couple of minutes later Luke was also able to score the 2-0 after good teamwork with Seth. In this phase of the game the Dutch Lions had total control over the game. 5 minutes before halftime great teamwork, that involved passing between Luke, Alex, Ayden and Seth, led to the 3-0 scored by Seth.


At halftime Luke, who had some small injury problems, switched goalkeeper spots with Mik, who didn’t have to do too much in the first half as goalkeeper. The second half the Lions switched all the positions around which resulted in Eben playing forward. Celtic’s pushed more and more forward, but this never resulted in any scoring opportunities. In the counter attacks the Dutch Lions were able to pass the ball to Eben in his feet, who always looked for a quick drop to one of the supporting midfielders. Alex was playing a very good game stealing a lot of balls of the Celtic’s players, denying them to take any shots on Luke. The Lions got a couple of very good opportunities to score more goals, but the Celtic’s goalkeeper did a great job saving shots from mostly Seth and Mik. A couple of minutes before the end of the game the Celtic’s were able to score the 3-1, but they never got any closer.


Coach Tommy: “You cannot image how happy I am with today’s game. Not because of the score, but because of the way the boys played. We got crushed a year ago and worked so hard every practice. Being able to compete and, in my opinion get a totally deserved win, is so rewarding. But this is just the first step. I think if the boys can keep up the good work in both practices and games, the future for the this team could look really good.”


Dutch Lions FC U9 Boys Blue – CUSA Courage
Sunday August 26, 13:00PM
Halftime score: 0-5
Final score: 0-8
Player of the game: the whole team


the first game of the season for the U9 boys blue of the Lions was actually the first game we’re de players and their Coach, David, met. After introducing the players to the coach they started with warm up drills preparing for their game.


As soon as the referee started the game it was clearly that the CUSA team was playing together for quit some time now as they controlled the game from the beginning. The Lions worked hard to keep the CUSA boys from scoring but today they we’re the better team, leading with a 5-0 at half time, The second half of the game the Lions gained more posession of the ball and created some oppertunities to score a goal, but they we’re unlucky today.


The team played better and better during the game only allowing 3 more goals to bring the final score to 8-0. Starting monday the 27th of august the team and coach will start practising to improved their level  of skills. With the attitude and effort these boys showed their coach at their first game, coach David has no doubt that they will improve their skills.



Dayton Dutch Lions FC Girls U10 – NWCAllianceU10 White
August 25th 2012, 10.30AM
Halftime score: 0-4
Score: 1-5
Player of the day: Alicia Coover
Alicia started in offense, but quickly found her way in the back.
Especially in the second half she played strong and helped the team tie that half with some important interceptions.


With first game jibbers the Dayton Dutch Lions FC U10 Girls travelled to Springboro on Saturday to play the NWC Alliance U10 White.


After a nervous start, the girls were able to keep the NWC Alliance from scoring in the first couple minutes of the game, thanks to goalkeeper Shannon. With playing the first game of the season, the girls were still getting used to playing in the formation and with each other. Unfortunately for the Lions, that did not stop NWC Alliance powering through the first half, scoring 4 goals.


With a slight change to the tactical plan, coach Frank sent out the girls for the second half. In which the Lions redeemed themselves for the nervous start of the first.


Looking for passes down the line and helping each other out by coaching, the team was getting more and more used to each other.


Which resulted in scoring a goal, with Caroline and Lindsey pressuring the NWC Alliance defence in the right corner, taking possession and Lindsey scoring the first goal of the season.


“It was a great goal”, coach Frank said. “Whenever we lose the ball, we try to get it back as fast we can. And the girls did just that. When Lindsey took that shot from the right hand side of the box, I knew it was going to fly in. And it did.”


With NWC Alliance scoring one more, after second half goalie Gracee stopped a couple of good chances, the game ended 1-5. Making the Lions tie the second half (1-1).


“I am very happy with the way the team progressed during the game. And when I saw AnnMarie passing the ball and telling Jasmin to turn or asking Megan for a 1-2, I was very pleased to see the girls are using the things we work on during practice.


So, I am definitely looking forward to what the next game is going to bring.”



SC Alliance Comets – Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Orange
Saturday August 25, 15.00 PM
Halftime Score: 1-3
Final Score: 3-3
Player of the Game: Silas


After a very strong Spring season in the 3rd Division, the Dayton Dutch Lions U12 Boys Orange moved up 3 divisions, now playing in the Premier Division, the highest level for MVYSA U12 Boys.


After the try outs, 2 new players joined the team, defender Kyler and goalkeeper Silas. There also was a new coach appointed to this team, Coach Sid. After 3 weeks of pre season, the young Lions played their first Fall season league game against a good opponent in Sidney, Ohio. Before the game coach Sid said “I think this group has a lot of talent and I am curious to see how they will bring to the game the things we talked about in practice. The team worked hard the last 3 weeks and I am confident of a good game today.”


Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Orange before the game starts

The beginning of the game wasn´t as Coach Sid hopped it would be, the Lions had a lot of wrong passes and seemed a little nervous. After 5 minutes the Lions where already 1-0 down.
But after this goal the Dutch Lions took control over the game and totally dominated the rest of the first half, with goals from Griffin, Richard and James they took the 1-3 lead and could have scored some more, with a couple of good changes for James, Richard and Griffin.
Defense looked solid with Kevin and Kyler, playing a very strong game and the few shots that the opponent had goalkeeper Silas looked very secure and confident.


During the second half things changed a little, the Lions were being pushed back by a pressuring opponent and were unable to play the possession game they showed us during the first half. Not creating any big changes Silas stepped up and made some great saves, keeping the lead for the Lions.


With 10 minutes to go the opponent scored the 2-3 with the Lions defense being unable to get the ball out of the box. With defense constantly under pressure the Lions were struggling and getting tired, and unlucky for them that resulted in the third goal for the opponent, tying the game 3-3 with 2 minutes to go. The Lions kept on fighting and had a huge change to win the game in the last minute but they were unable to finish with success.


This highly entertaining game ended in a 3-3 draw. At the end of the game coach Sid said “Of course it is hard to lose this game, after the way we played in the first half and with the 2 goal lead I was confident of a win here today but I am proud of my team and after today I know we have a team that is going to be able to play as we want to play, with a lot of ball possession and creating a lot of chances, just like our first half today. I think starting the season with a tie in this strong league is a good start and we proved today that we belong at this level. A special remark to the two new players on the team, Kyler for his work ethic and strong defending and Silas who played a terrific game and we are all happy to have him on our team. Because of Silas’s strong performance I would like to make him player of the day.”

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Girls vs. Oakwood United 00 Navy
August 26, 2012
Final Score: W 3-0
Players of the Game: Emily Hinkle and Cheyenne Smith



This was an excellent first game of the season for the Lions. Making the change from 8 v 8 to eleven-a-side has been a difficult transition, but the girls persevered through the heat and gave it their best shot. Despite showing inexperience with regards to positioning, the Lions did a good job of covering for one another and making the necessary movements to ensure that they had passing lanes and open options when teammates received the ball. Fatigue definitely played a factor, due to the larger field, getting used to more running, as well as the heat. However the girls used the opportunity to showcase their passing abilities and moved the ball around well. Coach Eric applauded the girls, saying that “this was as good a first game as we could have hoped for. We found passes, we covered for each other, and adapted to the extra players on the field well.”



Emily Hinkle and Cheyenne Smith led the scoring, each recording a goal and an assist. Their assists were a testament to the Lions’ effort to pass. There was very little individual effort to create chances; most of them came out of solid teamwork and ball movement. In the attacking half, the girls had to get used to doing a bit more running to provide options for each other in transition and in support. However, the girls adjusted well and got used to finding the open pass and keep the ball moving until support came from the back. Several opportunities were created by getting the ball to the forward, dropping it to a midfielder, and then finding a winger for a cross or shot.



Defensively the Lions had to adjust a little bit more. Having extra players on the field meant extra bodies to mark and more runs to account for. The back line rose to the challenge though, effectively shutting down almost all opportunities and only allowing a scant few shots. Almost all the opportunities arose from a counter-attack caused by gaps in the midfield that left players open and able to dribble. The defense held strong and was often able to pass out of pressure.  Coach Eric thought that “this was an excellent test of our abilities, and our skills showed little attrition from the summer months. As we continue to grow as a team and get used to 11 v 11, I look forward to seeing the progress these girls can make.”


Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys
Thunder United Classic Tournament
Saturday August 25 and Sunday August 26th

DDL – TUMFC 98B White                          1-3 (1-1)
Metro FC BU14 White – DDL                    5-1 (4-0)
DDL – Legend Select – Berezov               3-1 (1-1)
DDL – CU Lakota Thunder                        2-3 (0-2)

Player of the tournament:
Alex, scoring 6 of teams 7 goals


We couldn’t start the tournament any better than we did. After 4 minutes we scored our first goal and were in the lead against a strong team. Alex finished after a short pass from Noah.

Player of the Tournament, Alex

After our opening goal the opponent got stronger and the pace of the game went up. But even though the other team had the ball more often. We got the better changes. Unfortunately we weren’t able to bring the lead and we lost 1-3.


In the second game the difference was too big. We didn’t come out strong and after 35 seconds we were already down 1-0. Until have we weren’t able to play our passing game and we stayed under most of the time and we needed the break at half time to organize ourselves again.
After being down 4-0 at half we lost 5-1 after a great goal by Alex, but the second half gave hope for better games on Sunday.
On early Sunday morning we played our 3rd and last game of the group stage. If we lost we were out of the tournament, but if we won or tied we were 3rd in our group and we would get an extra game and an extra experience at this high level tournament.


Maybe it was the time of the game, but both teams started slower than normal. Within 10 minutes we scored a great after great passing from defence to offense which was finished by Alex after a great thru ball from Austin. Not much later the game was levelled. In the second half we played much better.


We started to move more without ball, we were better in our passing and we knocked the ball around very well. This passing gave as a lot of changes. Within 6 minutes of the second half we scored 2 great goals. First, again, Alex scores after an assist of Jack and not much later we had our best goal of the tournament. Trent intercepts a cross and throws the ball fast to Tracey. With a strong pass to striker Alex we get out of pressure. Dylan shows for the drop and Jack is already making the run. A great thru ball puts Jack in front of the keeper and he calmly finishes and gives us a comfortable lead: 3-1


During the last game we look tired in the beginning, but as the game progresses we get stronger and stronger.
After being down 3-0 just after half time, we start our comeback. Alex scores another 2 goals and brings us close to a remarkable comeback. Jack is getting the closest to equalizer, but 1 minute before the end the crossbar is in the way.

Coach Patrick: “We played against good quality teams and we tried to play our game. We had moments that we could have done better and hopefully we learn from those, but we also had some great parts in the games that we showed we are capable to play at this level.
We started only 3 weeks ago and it’s still preseason for me. This tournament has been a great experience for the players to see what’s required on a higher level. The speed of the games goes up and we have to make sure we’re ready for that.
I hope everybody noticed that almost all our changes and goals came from building up and great passing. That’s the game we want to play”

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