Academy Report W36


Gunners FC blue 03 – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U-9 Girls



September 8, 2012



11-3 Loss  (5-1 half time)



Sidney Tieber


Player of the day

Camlyn Takahashi (Goalkeeper)



Camlyn has made 6 great saves by diving and jumping in front of the ball in the first half. In the second half Camlyn did a perfect job too. She stopped a few good balls and she stopped a penalty kick. Also the coach of the Gunner FC and the referee told coach Wichert that Camlyn was a really good goalie.


Game report

After 5 weeks of hard work during practice with coach Tommy and for the last 2 weeks with coach Wichert, the U-9 Girls had their first game against Gunners FC.


On the way to Ward-Hoke coach Wichert received a call from Leila’s dad and he told coach W. that Leila had the flu and she probably won’t make it to the game. That was a big dissapointment for the team because now we have to miss a good player and we didn’t have any substitutes. But it is what it is and can’t do anything about it and the coach has a lot of faith in the other players.


Before the game starts coach Wichert told the girls that they have to use their skills we trained during practice, that they have to put all their effort in the game and that the girls must have fun!


1st half:

Sidney won the toss so Dayton Dutch Lions FC had the kick off. After 5 minutes the Gunners FC already made 2 great goals witch the U-9 girls could’t do anything about it. After these two goals Leila arrived at the game and she told coach W. that she wants to play. After these words coach W. put here in the field. Leila received the ball right away, make a good dribble next to the side line, makes a good cross and a defender of Gunners FC kicked the ball in her own goal. After this goal the U-9 girls started to play better soccer and tried to make moves and tried to play the ball from the one to the other. After a few combinations and good moves Gunners FC took the bal land scored in the counter, three times.


Half time:

Coach W. told the girls they did a good job because they really want to play soccer and they were not afraid to make mistakes.

2nd half:

The girls started very good in the 2nd half and within 3 minutes Leila scored by a great solo the 5-2. After this goal the U-9 girls tried to put a lot of preasure on Gunners FC and as earlier this game they made a counter twice and they scored the 6-2 and the 7-2. Also after these goals against the U-9 girls tried to play good soccer. Riley recieved the ball on the left side, turned away from her opponent makes a good pass to Sidney who’s dribbled with the ball to the goal and were hit by a a defender from Gunners Fc. Penalty kick! Coach W. said to Sidney that she has to take the PK because she is the captain. Sidney was very relaxed and make a good shot in the corner of the goal. 7-3 was the score. After this goal Gunners FC enlarged the score up to 11-3.


End of the game:

Coach W. told the girls that they could be proud of themselves and he was happy that he saw that all the girls makes a few good moves and makes good passing to each other.

Springfield Thunder Navy U9B  – Dutch Lions U9B blue

Saturday September 8, 3:00 pm

Halftime score: 1-1

Final score 4-1


Player of the game: Gavin Roop


After 2 weeks of practicing after the first time the players and the coach met for the first time, the players, parents and the coach we’re looking if the boys had made improvements since the first game.

And the answer is simple: yes!

This game against the Springfield Thunder was much better, even leading into a 1-0 lead after 12 minutes in the first half.

Because of excellent keeper work by Zachary the Lions we’re able to keep the hopes up in the first 10 minutes. After that the Lions got rid of the nerves and played a good game.

Better ball handling and better passing made the parents and the coach watching with a big smile on their faces.

It was Gavin Roop who scored the first goal of the season after a good run from the midfield. After the 1-0 lead the game could have gone either way. The Lions had another good opportunity to score, and so did the Springfield Thunder.

But like I said, goalkeeper Zachary played an excellent game.

The equalizer scored in the 22nd minute of the first half was a hard shot in the top of the goal, even Zachary could not make that save. But with a 1-1 at half time we felled good about our game.

The second half was very thrilling with great plays of both teams. But it was Springfield who took the lead after scoring their second goal.

After that goal the Lions we’re working harder to try to score another goal, the defense was better organized and the attackers we’re feed by a good playing midfielder Gavin Roop.

Zachary who played the second half and Braxton had some good shots on goal but we’re unlucky in their finishes. Brandon, Carl, Owen and Jackson we’re able to keep Springfield away from our goal.

But if Springfield was able to get a little closer to our goal, it was second half goalie Gavin Mathews who made great saves.

The last 5 minutes of the game the “the pipe was empty”. It is a saying which we use in Holland when we mean “they we’re tired and gave it all”.

So Springfield was able to score 3 more goals to give us a 4-1 loss in our second game.





Waynesville Attack – Dutch Lions U9B Blue

Sunday September 9, 5:30 pm

Halftime score: 0-0

Final score: 3-1


Player of the game: Zachary Schrodi


This weekend the U9 Boys Blue team of the Dayton Dutch Lions had back to back games, on Saturday we’ve played a good game against Springfield.

Sunday the Waynesville Attack was our next opponent. Could the Lions continue their improvement of the last 2 weeks….?

And the answer is yes they can!

They start to play better and better each game, the organization is improving and everybody is working hard for the team.

Waynesville played very well today creating good opportunities, but our player of the game, Zachary, played a very good game as a goalie today.

On Saturday he proved tot the coach that he has excellent goalkeeper skills for an eight year old, always in the right position and when he has the ball he has the ability to give the ball to his team mates so we can keep the ball in our possession.

After 15 minutes into the first half the Lions we’re able to get out of the pressure the Waynesville Attack was giving us, creating some good opportunities for ourself.

But a good shot from Gavin Roop was saved by the goalkeeper.

In the second half the Lions we’re giving it all trying to take the lead in the game, Zachary kept us in the game with a good save after a big kick from a Waynesville player.

Even the coach of the other team got a little bit frustrated after seeing such good goalkeeper skills, he gave Zachary a big compliment after the game.

But even Zachary could not stop the shot on goal in the 15th minute, giving the Waynesville attack a 1-0 lead.

The game was coming to an end and you could see the players getting tired, Waynesville was the luckiest when they scored a second goal.

But right after the kick off it was Gavin who gave all the Lions players and parents some hope, after a good run his shot went straight in the upper corner bringing the game to 2-1.

So the final 2 minutes the Lions tried to score a second goal, they had to give away some space in the back, and the Waynesville Attackers took that change and scored the 3-1 final score in the last minute of the game.


Dutch Lions, you guys played 2 games this weekend. After seeing our first game I was a little bit worried, I must say. But after seeing you practice during the week and see you play these games.

The near future is looking good boys, you are able to improve your own level of play and the level of each other.

Keep working hard and our first win is coming closer and closer.



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Girls U10 – Club X Cosmos 02


Game date/time: September 8th 2012, 9.00AM


Score: 0-4 (0-1)



Player of the day: Shannon Osborn

Shannon played goalie the second half. Making a couple of great saves, she was really looking confident in goal.


Game report:

On Saturday morning the Dayton Dutch Lions FC U10 Girls played U10 Club X Cosmos 02 at Eakle Soccer Complex in Xenia.

With captains Alicia and Shannon, the team started the game strong. Even though the Cosmos girls pushed hard to score a goal in the first half, the Lions defence with Gracee in goal held up nicely. After a couple of good saves, Club X did manage to score a goal. With the lady Lions rallying at the end of the first half, they got closer to Cosmos’ goal, but did not get a goal in. Half time score, 0-1.


“I was very happy with the way we played the first half”, coach Frank said. “I think we’ve picked up nicely from where we ended last game. And if you look at Anni and Jasmin for example, you can really see the progress”.


The second half started with Shannon in goal for the Lions. After only a couple of seconds into that second half Gracee found herself in the box with a great opportunity to score. But lady luck was not on her side. The rest of the game Shannon was able to make a couple of great saves. With more pressure up front and Alicia and Caroline pushing for a goal, the Lions’ defence opened up. Resulting in three more goals for Cosmos. Final score, 0-4.


“I think the goalies played really well today. As a matter of fact, everyone played stronger than two weeks ago. Three girls went down with injuries, but all got back up and finished the game. Caroline even played the entire match. Overall, I am very pleased with the individual and team progression.”


Games: DDL FC U12 Girls vs. Springfield Thunder 00 White

DDL FC U12 Girls vs. Greene County Cosmos 00


Dates: Saturday, September 8, 2012, 3:00 pm

Sunday, September 9, 2012, 2:30 pm


Results: L 3-1

L 3-2


Players of the Game: Grace Takahashi

Veronica Stephens



This was a tough opening weekend for the U12 Lions. Facing two games in two days, the girls fought valiantly but ultimately fell on each occasion. Disorganized for the first game, the girls found their stride during the second game but it was a case of too little, too late. Against the Springfield Thunder the girls spent most of the time on the defensive, creating only a few opportunities. The offensive play improved against the Cosmos, creating many opportunities, unfortunately the Lions could only convert two. Coach Eric thought that “we played hard both days and did well to improve from the first game to the second. Now that the beginning of the season jitters are gone, I’m looking forward to what these girls can do with a little work.”

Offense was a bit of a problem throughout the two games. Although the girls were able to form attacks and gain the upper hand, it often came out of individual effort as compared to a team build up. The first goal against the Greene County Cosmos showed what the girls are capable of if they focus and stick to the game plan. Started by a solid tackle on defense, the ball was moved through the middle to the outside, then a hard cross was put in to the back post where it was finished by Veronica Stephens. Coach Eric was thrilled by the goal, saying that “it shows us what we can do. We started in the back, got numbers forward, and were able to get on the end of a cross. If we can continue to pass and find each others’ feet like that, we’ll find that we have plenty more goals to score.”

Defensively, the Lions were anchored in goal by Grace Takahashi each game. Making several fantastic saves each game always seemed to give the girls some confidence and be a spark for the rest of the team. However, the first game was a defensive struggle, rarely getting the ball out of their own half. This caused some fatigue in the girls, and it was only a matter of time before something broke through. However, the girls didn’t give up and kept fighting. Coach Eric said “our attitude each game was exemplary, even if we didn’t achieve the desired result. We kept pushing and kept trying to score, we never game up. If we can hold on to that attitude we’ll be a tough team to beat.” The main issue defensively each game was communication. Many 50/50 balls were lost due to two Lions approaching the ball but neither calling for it. Communication errors aside, the Lions did well to always apply pressure to the ball and constantly challenge the other team to fight all the way through. Coach Eric’s final thoughts were that “the girls did well to stick with it. We improved so much from the first game to the second game. We identified the areas that need the most attention. I’m eager to move on and see how we progress throughout the season.”


Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Orange – Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Blue
Sunday September 9, 14.30 PM
Halftime Score: 3-1
Final Score: 4-1
Player of the Game: Richard

After a good start of the season with a 3-3 tie, in an away game, the Orange Lions had to face another Dutch Lions youth academy team, the Dutch Lions Blue team.
The expectations of the game where high as both teams play at the highest MVYSA premier division, a proof of that was the big crowd that was on the sideline cheering for the 11 year old soccer players.
The Orange team started off under enormous pressure and the Blue Lions scored a quick goal.
From that moment on, the Orange team took total control of the game, creating a lot of chances and playing a real strong defensive game with Kevin, Sam and Terry playing really concentrated and not making any mistakes. Also adapted GK Kyler played a strong game, especially coming of his line at the correct time a couple of times.
With Aiden and Gaven playing strong in transition and having some good passes to the players in offense big chances where created for Richard, John and Griffin.
With the combination of strong and smart defending together with fast and good combination in offense the Orange Lions where able to reach half time with a 3-1 lead.
During the second half the Blue team tried to put some more pressure on the Orange team but the Orange defense kept playing a strong game and some more good chances where created for Gavin, Aiden, Richard and James. One lonely goal from Richard in the second half brought the end result on the board, 4-1 for Dutch Lions Orange.
At the end of the game coach Sid said “I am really proud of my team today, from the first minute they showed everyone that they wanted to win the game, combining strong defending with smart attacking and a great game mentality, all important factors for success in soccer. The mentality and work rate of these kids in games and practices is impressive and that combined with the talent that this group has can bring great successes. Important now is that we stay with both feet on the ground and keep working hard every day because there still things we can improve, especially when we have ball possession.” Richard was nominated player of the day, “Richard played a really good game, not only scoring 2 goals but also helping the team a lot in defense and making some really smart runs as a striker taking really good advantage of his speed and good shot.”


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 Red – Grand Lake United U12

Game date/time: September 9th 2012, 5.30PM

Score: 3-2 (0-1)



Player of the day: T-E-A-M

Sunday’s performance was a team effort. Every single player played well and worked hard for the team. Therefore the team is player of the day.


Game report:

The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Red travelled all the way up to Botkins on Sunday to play Grand Lake United for their season opener. After five weeks of practice, it was finally time to see what this team was able to do.


The first half started off well, with everyone very aware of the position they were playing. Looking for passes and closing down the opponent, the Lions were looking strong. However, Grand Lake United was dangerous on the counter attack. Which led to some stressful moments in the back and finally two penalty kicks for the home team. Of which they scored one, leading to the half time score of 0-1.


“I think we played well the first half. We were not very lucky at times, like when Gage hit the cross bar. But we managed to play the way we wanted to and we felt like we were still able to turn the game around”, coach Frank stated.


The second half the U12 Boys Red started strong as they were looking for the equalizer. Nic was able to score the team’s first goal of the season, making it 1-1. After that, the game was wide open. Both teams were looking to get ahead and it was Grand Lake United who took the lead halfway through the second half. Which only made the Lions work even harder to get back up.

Stephen’s shot from the left hand side was too difficult for the Grand Lake goalie and defenders, making it 2-2. And there was more left to come. Again it was Stephen, who was able to score his second and the Lions’ third goal of the day, 3-2. In the final minutes of the game the team was able to hold that lead, earning their first 3 points.


“Everyone was very excited after the game and so was I”, coach Frank smiled. “I think the guys really played as a team. I am looking forward to the next games and see if we can learn from our mistakes and develop both individually and as a team.”


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys – HFC BU14 Blue


Date/time: September 8th  2012, 10.45AM


Score: 0 – 4 (0 – 2)


Player of the day: Evan Gramke


Game report:


The U14 Boys stepped this Fall season up from the MVYSA Div.1 to the Buckeye League Premier 2. A big step, but 2 weeks ago the boys showed we can play at this level by beating the Columbus Crew Jrs. 4-2.

Today we weren’t able to get our second consecutive win. HFC Blue was stronger the whole game and got a deserved 4-0 win.

Although HFC started strong and had most of the ball the first big change was ours. A corner kick from Austin drops right in front of Spencer, but the goalkeeper is lucky to be at the right and stops the ball on the line.

After another break away with Jack and Brendan and at moments a decent passing game we do have to get back further on our own half to hold off HFC.
With lots of energy and work ethic we keep ourselves in the game. Just before half time we unfortunately give up 2 goals, but still it doesn’t feel like a mission impossible.

In the second we create a couple of changes from corner kicks and our best offensively play of the day. Great passing on midfield result in a pass to Alex who finds Jack. In 1 touch he passes the ball to Nicolas. Nicolas has the change to shoot in once, but waits just too long to give us the reward for a great play.

Even though we got scored on 4 times defence was playing a good game. Evan led the team like a thru captain and played great in center defence together with Kean.

Coach Patrick: “At the end the score is 4-0 and that mostly came because of a few individual good players on the other team. Our style of play can give us a huge advantage, but we have to learn to do it faster and more precise. Too often we lose the ball without pressure or because we don’t know our option yet.
But there is no shame in losing to this team and I saw a much better team than during the tournament last week and some great passing plays. If we keep training and developing like this we will have a great experience in the Buckeye league”.

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