Academy Report W37

Dutch Lions U9B Orange –  Southwest Soccer Club

Saturday September 15, 1:30 pm

Halftime score: 3-1

Final score 6-1


Player of the game: Trace


The bad aftertaste of the game 2 weeks ago must have motivated the U9 Boys Orange in their game this weekend. They played a home game at Sackett-Wright Park against Southwest Soccer Club. The Dutch Lions were able to dominate the whole game and won with 6-1.


The game started with the Dutch Lions trying get in scoring position using lots of passes. This worked well for the Lions and resulted in some minor opportunities. After a handball in the Box the Dutch Lions got the perfect opportunity to open the score. To underline the mindset of some of the players the PK ended up being a pass to a teammate instead of a shot on goal. A couple of minutes after the PK, the Dutch Lions were able to score the first goal of the game. Seth scored the 1v1 with the goalkeeper after a great pass from midfield. After this goal Southwest was able to score after one of their few breakaways. The Dutch Lions used the outside midfielders a lot to cross the ball in front of the goal. One of the crosses from Alex was scored by Ayden. The last goal in the first half was scored by Luke after passing all the players of the other team on a great Rush.


The second half the Dutch Lions started really well and scored some quick goals. Trace was able to score 2 goals, one with his left and one with his right foot. Besides these goals Trace was also very involved in the passing game and had a bunch of really good crosses. He was chosen as Player of the Game for this reason. The last goal of the game was scored by Ayden.


Coach Tommy was very happy after the game: “Of course I am happy about the game. Not because we won, but because we played a good game. We progressed during the game and the players were trying to do the things we talked about before the game and at halftime. It is important we keep working hard to improve more, because this should only be the beginning. The boys have a lot of talent, with the right attitude and work ethic they can develop in amazing players!”


NWC Alliance White U9 Boys – Dutch Lions U9 Boys

Saturday September 15, 1:30 pm

Halftime score: 1-1

Final score: 2-1

Player of the game: Brandon G


Our 4th game was a game against a good opponent, they had a few good individual players who we’re more physical than our players.


However it we’re the Lions who started better by playing more as a team. In the 4th minute it was Gavin Roop who was able to control a good pass from midfield en scored a beautiful goal. After our goal the Lions had to focus more on defense since the Alliance boys pressured the ball very well. It was thanks to goalkeeper Zachary and our defenders Owen, Jackson en Braxton that the Alliance did not score. Our midfielders Brandon, Carl worked very hard and we’re able to feed our strikers Gavin R and Gavin M. In the 18th minute we had no answer on a hard shot on goal which led to a 1-1 halftime score.

During the half time coach David was very well pleased with the game the Lions we’re showing today.


The second half started a little bit less for the Lions, the strong and physical player #12 from the Alliance scored on a big kick from outside the box within 2 minutes. After that the Lions we’re pushing and working hard to score the equalizer creating opportunities for Brandon and Gavin R. Brandon, who is the smallest kid on the field, showed the Lions the way by winning a lot of duels on the midfield and feeding the other players with good passes. But we we’re unlucky today so we lost this game with 2-1.


The next 2 weeks we will continue our practices on our technical skills as well our passing, next weekend we have no game scheduled. Good game this week, a little bit unlucky on our finishing but our defense is getting better every week. Good teamwork.

Game: FC Tippecanoe – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U-9 Girls
Score: 6-1 (3-1 half time)
Player of the day: Hannah (Beacause of her very good defending work)

Today the U-9 Girls of coach W. played their second game of the season against FC Tippecanoe. At 9.00 AM the referee blew on his wistle to start the game. After 4 minutes the U-9 girls looked up to a 2-0. A minute later Leila picked the ball up at midfield and after a very good dribble and some good moves she scored a good goal. Just before half time Tippecanoe scored the 3-1.
In half time coach W. said to the players that they are playing really good but they have to make more passes to each other and make more moves.
In the second half the U-9 girls tried to play the ball to each other and they di dit with very good positioning game. Because the U-9 girls tried to play the ball to each other, Tippecanoe intercepted the ball three times and they make three goals.

Overall: The U-9 girls really played very good and a lot better than their first game. Be proud of your self!

Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC U-9 Girls – SC Alliance
Score: 9-0 (6-0 half time)

Player of the day: Riley (Because of her goals, passes and moves)

Today the U-9 girls played their second game in one weekend and the third game of the season. Because of the good passing to each other, the good moves the girls made and the good finishing the girls won with 9-0. Coach W. and assistant coach Jetta were very proud of the girls. Of the nine goals the girls scored five dribble goals with really good moves and four goals the girls scored from a pass or a cross. The girls are able to play like this because they work very hard on their technique and passing skills during practice. Be proud of your self girls! We can’t wait to the next game!

CUSA Courage U10 Boys – Dutch Lions U10 Boys
Saturday September 15, 4:30 pm
Halftime score: 0-3
Final score: 0-7
Player of the game: the whole team

The second game of the fall season was a game we’re some players of the Lions had to play against their old soccer team and coach of CUSA.
At our Friday practice coach David noticed that the players we’re hungry, the work out was excellent and some players stood up during the scrimmage.
It led to name Evan Brown as our captain of the day, his first duty was to push the team to a higher level and to push them to work hard.
With 11 players we split the team in half, it makes it more easier for the players since they played on the same position for the whole game so they we’re able to grow into the match.
The Lions had a dream start, CUSA kicked off but he Lions stole the ball after a good team pressure. Luke W received the ball and took a good shot on goal for the 1-0 lead.
After the first 5 minutes the supporters saw a hungry Lions team who wanted to finish the game as soon as possible. Shots on goal from Luke W, Collin, Matthew, Andrew and Nicolas we’re a little bit of target but we showed improvement since our first game.
In the 15th minute it was Collin who took another change with a big shot on goal from the right side of the field, his shot was perfect and finished in the top corner by the far post.
He must have thought: “I think I can do that again”. And 2 minutes later he took another shot from the middle for the 3-0 lead at half time.
Coach David was very pleased with what he saw the first half of the game, another quick goal would put CUSA in a position that the Lions we’re unbeatable today.
In the 3rd minute it was Collin again with a similar like the first one for the 4-0 lead. After that goal the Lions did not take it easy and we’re looking for more goals.
The 10th minute it was Luke W with his 2nd goal of today, his shot wasn’t that good but the goalkeeper was a bit unlucky with the save and he saw the ball rolling in the net.
With subbing 5 players at the time we we’re able to keep the game on a high level and with fresh legs the speed of the game was very high.
A minute after the 5-0 it was Matthew who scored a beautiful volley on a pass from Luke M. Luke stole the ball on midfield and passes the ball to a running Matthew, the ball bounced once and then Matthew shot the ball with a strong left foot high in the net.
A beautiful way of playing together, the coach was also very pleased with the fact that Matthew turned around after his goal and thanked Luke for the pass.
The final goal of today was from Luke W, his 7-0 was a good way of showing technical skills. Skills they learn at practice and take them home to practice in the backyard.

Good game today boys, the defense of Evan, Andrew, Robbie and Dimi played very well. Goalkeeper Drew had some good saves to keep his goal clean. Midfielders John, Luke M, Nicolas and Matthew kept the field very small when CUSA had the ball and we’re feeding the forward players Luke W and Collin. A good team effort today. Now we have to go to the next level, we will continue on our individual technical skills and our passing. But we will also learn how to keep the ball in our possession and not just kick the ball away when we are under pressure.


Game: Grand Lake United U10 – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Girls U10


Game date/time: September 16th 2012, 2.30PM


Score: 6-2 (1-2)



Player of the day: Lindsey

Lindsey played a very good game in midfield and attack. Scoring two goals and moving forward from midfield, she was the biggest threat for the Grand Lake United defence.


Game report:

On Sunday afternoon the Dayton Dutch Lions FC Girls U10 played their first home game of the season at Sackett Wright Park.


The Lions started off a bit slow, which led to a couple of chances to the fast Grand Lake United girls. First half goalie Shannon was able to make a couple of good saves, but was not able to stop the opponent from scoring in the first half. When the ball got stuck between the defence and goal, Grand Lake were the quickest to react and score the 1-0.

Even though the game was pretty tied the first half, the lady Lions were able to start passing the ball around and move forward. Lindsey was able to score the equalizer. By moving to the inside from the left side of the field, she had the ball at her right foot and left the goalie take the ball out of the net after a solid shot in the bottom right corner. Before half time it was once again Lindsey who was able to double the Lions’ score, making it 1-2 at the break.


“It was the first time we were ahead at half time”, coach Frank stated. “We told each other to keep working hard and see if we could take the victory”.


The second half the girls worked hard. But the Grand Lake United girls looked strong and used their speed which led to scoring four goals. With creating less chances than the first half, the Dutch Lions were not able to get back up. Final score, 5-2.


“I think the second half we were less organized and we were not able to get forward like we did the first half. The girls worked hard, but today that was not enough. We will have to pass the ball around better and create chances”, coach Frank said. “I am happy with the way the girls managed to keep the centre of the field closed, as we discussed before the game. We are playing better every week and getting closer to victory. If we work hard during practice, I am sure it will pay off sooner or later.”

Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Orange – SC Alliance Comets
Saturday September 15, 10.30 AM
Halftime Score: 2-2
Final Score: 3-5
Player of the Game: Aiden

Last Saturday the Dayton Dutch Lions U12 Boys Orange played their 3 game in the MVYSA Premier Division for the 2012 Fall Season. After a win and a tie in the previous games expectations were high for this game. Unfortunately the Lions lost a game they seemed to have under control after a fast 2-0 lead.
The U12 orange lions didn’t start of to strong and played a sloppy first 5 minutes but were able to pick their game back up. A  good run from Gavin gave him a huge opportunity but the shot went over. Following this opportunity the Lions played a very strong 10 minutes scoring one goal with Aiden finishing successfully after great combination soccer involving all the players and John giving the assist. The same John would a couple of minute’s later score the 2-0 for the Lions, giving them a comfortable lead.

After this goal and with coach Sid making some substitutions the Lions dropped their exhibition level and the opponent was able to create some big chances and even scoring 2 goals, bringing half time result to a 2-2 tie.
Coach Sid “I didn’t recognize my team after we got the lead, instead of keeping working hard and having fun playing the possession game as we showed last week, players started to go for individual effort and a lot of defensive mistakes were made, work rate dropped and at this level that is going to cost a team goals…”
For the second half the Lions tried to play the possession game and the work rate was a lot higher, creating some good chances with Richard, Gavin, Griffin and Ben not being able to score. On the other side two good brake aways from the opponent put the 2-3 and the 2-4 on the board. With 15 minutes to go and 2 goals down the Lions played with 2 strikers on top (Richard and Ben) and this resulted in a couple of huge chances and 1 goal. Richard scored a good goal and a couple minutes later the same Richard was 1v1 with the GK and got slide tackled from behind by a opponent’s defender, taking away a huge opportunity for the Lions to draw the game. This resulted in a red card for the opponent’s central defender and a free kick for the Lions. With 5 minutes to go and one man up the Lions took some risk looking for the 4th goal but where unlucky and the opponent ended up scoring instead, bringing the final result of 3-5 on the scoreboard.
Coach Sid “Today was a strange game… We had the 2-0 lead and gave it away before half time… Hope the players learn from that. During the second half we tried but the opponent was more aggressive and faster than us a lot of the times, we were still able to create some big chances and the win could have gone both ways. At the end the game got ugly with red and yellow cards shown. I think we lost three points today that we didn’t need to lose.” “Two players stood out today, in my opinion, Aiden and John played a strong game. Both scoring and John having one assist. It was a close call but I make Aiden player of the day as he always tried to play simple, coach his teammates and never gave up the fight. He is developing himself strongly and the team will miss him next week.”
The next game for the U12 Boys Orange will be on September 23th at Sackett Wright Park, kick off will be at 4pm.

Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 blue –  Springfield Thunder 00 Navy
Game date/time: 9/15/2012/12:00pm
Score: 0-3(0-0) lost


With 2 games in a row, facing the number 1 and number 3, we knew it would be a hard weekend! We started our first game of this weekend against Springfield Thunder 00 Navy.


In the first half both teams were equal matched. The Lions had some good opportunities and were able to make a couple dribbling runs down the sidelines with good passes to the middle.  This led to a couple of shots on goal, but didn’t resulted in a goal.


Our defense Adam George, Caden Vance and Bobby Goodman had a busy afternoon but did a great job with keeping Springfield away of scoring a goal (Half time: 0-0) Springfield Thunder became stronger and stronger in the second half and we didn’t create opportunities up front.

Especially their cross balls were very dangerous and late in the second half they scored their first goal against us. After the 1-0 we couldn’t change the game anymore, we try to put more pressure on them, but that wasn’t enough. They scored shortley after the 1-0 the 2-0 and just before full time they end up with another goal 3-0.


Comparing with the last game, we made already some progress in positioning and passing. Keep up the good work and never give up!


Player of the day:

Caden Vance

Did an excellent job with playing 1 vs 1, won almost all his duals and was even able to build up from the back under pressure.


Game: Gunners FC Blue – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12

Gamedate/time: 9/16/2012/1:00pm

Score: 2-1(1-1) lost


The team’s 3rd game of the season and 2nd game of the weekend, was another hard battle.


The Lions started really agressive and put the pressure on the bal. We did a better job with passing the ball to each other and finding the midfielders to start an attack. Unfortunately it was the Gunners that took the lead by scoring 1-0 after we lost the ball.


A great compliment to the team, that after the 1-0 worked really hard to get back in the game.Because of winning our own duals and staying in position we could controll the game again. Just before half time we scored the deserved 1-1. It was Matthew Oreskovich that scored a goal after a couple shots that were blocked by the defence of the Gunners.


The game could go either way in the 2nd half. Chances by the Gunners and the Lions that were both looking for the winning goal. The Gunners scored finally their 2nd goal from a corner kick 2-1. In the last 15 minutes of the game we were close to the equalizer, by shots of Samuel Reid  that started after good work of Philopateer Antoun and a great opportunity for Michael Smith.


The U12  team would like to thank all those that encouraged them on and special thanks to Stephen Kitze and Aaron Brown that could help us out today.


Player of the day:


Matthew Oreskovich, played a crucial rol today. Worked very hard, coached his team mates, stayed really good in position and scored a nice goal!


Game: Oakwood United U12 Gold – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 Red


Game date/time: September 15th 2012, 9.00AM


Score:4-2 (2-2)



Player of the day: TJ

TJ has had a great season so far. Using his skills to go around the defenders, he once again was able to beat his opponents and beat players that are not only bigger, but also one or two years older.


Game report:

On Saturday morning the Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 Red played their first home game of the season at Sackett Wright Park.

The Dutch Lions started off slow, giving Oakwood United a chance to move up and test goalie Xander, who kept his cool. A little later Oakwood was able to score the first game of the goal, 1-0. The Lions were able to crawl back up and taking charge in the game. Playing more on the opponent’s half, it was Gage who scored from half way down the half, 1-1.


“It was a great goal. We had a throw in and I told Gage the goalie was always off his line. Seconds later, the ball was in the net”, coach Frank smiled.


Minutes later Brody was lucky after kicking a ball that came back from a corner kick, ending up over the goalie and making it 2-1. The first half ended 2-2, with Oakwood United scoring the equalizer before half time.


“I was a little disappointed that it was still a draw half way down the game. We should have been up and was confident we would be able to win the game. That is, if we would be able to work hard and get the level back to last week’s.”


The second half was one to quickly forget. Oakwood United was able to keep playing strong and getting forward. The Lions were not able to put in the same effort. That second half Oakwood took the lead and finally won the game, 4-2.


“We were not passing well. Kicking the ball away too much, we were not able to get forward and create chances”, coach Frank stated. “Next week we will have to go back to the way we played the first game. We will have to work hard in practice and then I am sure we will do a lot better next week. Because I know the guys can work hard and play as one unit.”


Game:  DDL FC U13 Girls vs Mad River Mustangs

Date:  Saturday, September 15, 2012, 12:00 pm

Result:  W 3-0

Player of the Game:  Julia Schultz


This was a much deserved win for the Dutch Lions. They came out fast, starting the kick off and completing eight or nine passes before attempting a shot on goal. For much of the game the girls were able to possess the ball and find the open space. The outside midfielders were able to run the wings and find space to get open before giving the ball back inside quite frequently. The Lions created many opportunities for themselves, and unfortunately were only able to convert three of them. With at least 60% of the opportunities created by way of passing as compared to individual play, this bodes well for the ladies as their season continues. Coach Eric was pleased with their performance, saying that “I’m disappointed that we couldn’t find the final touch on many of our great offensive possessions, but to win the way we did and to generate the chances we did was fun to watch. It was frustrating at times but the result is what counts, and we achieved our goal.”

Defensively the Lions had a very solid game. With the midfield tracking back well to help out the defensive line, there were only a scant few shots on goal from the other team. The Lions were generally able to pressure the ball and force an errant pass, allowing the center backs to clean it up and find an outlet. The defensive communication was better this game, which led to better spacing overall. There was nearly always an outlet opportunity if one of the defensive backs won the ball, whether it was a center midfielder or one of the outside wingers checking back to the ball. The few scary moments for the Lions came mostly when the girls did not get their body behind the ball and it bounced past their leg to the opposing team. Fortunately, there was almost always a covering defender to clean it up and make sure that nothing came of it.

This was a great game offensively for the Lions, creating chances in a myriad of ways. There were goal-scoring opportunities created through individual effort, through crosses from the wing, from early crosses, through passes up the heart of the defense, and efficient passing to get in front of the goal. Julia Schultz did an excellent job of making runs off the ball and getting open, nearly putting one in the back of the net off of an early cross during the second half. She also protected the ball well, finding passes on offense, and pursuing the ball relentlessly on defense. The Lions did an excellent job of trying to possess the ball this game. The major area in need of improvement was noticeably communication, with the girls often not realizing they had a man on or not letting a teammate know that they are open. However, they were able to play through this struggle, and were able to find the goal on three separate occasions. Coach Eric said that “the girls did a fantastic job of trying to pick their head up and find the open pass this game. Although the result was the same as our previous game, I believe that they played a much more complete game than last time.”


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys – TUMFC Yellow

Date/time: September 16th  2012, 2.15PM

Score: 2-6 (1-0)

Player of the day: –


After leading 1-0 at half time the U14 Boys completely collapsed in the second half. The lead at the break could have easily been double, but in the second part only one team was still playing: 2-6.


The first 10 minutes is completely for Thunder United. They dominated the game with lot of pressure and passing. Our defense is organized so we don’t give up any real changes. A few shots from distance are easily saved by Trent.


We start to pick up the speed and we’re able to get more pressure on the defence of TUMFC. We also start to create changes.


Jack gets 2 one on one with the goalkeeper, but there is enough pressure from the defender to keep him from scoring. Alex hits the post and Nicholas can’t find the net from close range. Not much later Alex scores after a good pass from Brandon.


In the second half our defence is not as organized as it was and within 3 minutes we are down 1-2. After this we put our heads down and between the 51st and 57th minute we get scored on 4 (!!) times. Nicholas scores a nice goal after 2 nice fakes, but it’s not enough to bring us back in the game.


“It was a very disappointing game” says coach Patrick. “We’ve lost before, but never with a half like this. In the first half we could have been up 2-0 or 3-0 because we created enough changes. The second half we just had a complete off day.
Hopefully we learn from it, because getting scored on 4 times in 6 minutes is unbelievable. Knowing this team I don’t think it will happen again!”


Dutch Lions U14G – On Goal Academy

Saturday September 15, 9:00 am

Halftime score: 0-1

Final score 0-1


Player of the game: Jennifer


The Dayton Dutch Lions U14 Girls played their first game of the season. For all the players this was a new experience, because none of them ever played in the Buckeye League before. The Dutch Lions played a good game, worked really hard but ended up on the wrong side of the score after the last whistle of the game. They lost 0-1.


The game started in the worst possible way for the Lady Lions. Within the first minute, after a mistake in the defensive zone, the opponent was able to score a very lucky goal. The ball passed by a Dutch Lions player  got blocked end ended up in the Dutch Lions goal of this deflection. After this moment the Dutch Lions girls stepped it up and played a very good game. Coach Tommy: “Getting scored on like this, this early in the game always leaves a mark for the rest of the game. I am very proud of the way the girls handled the situation. They didn’t panic and stuck with our game plan.” The first half the Dutch Lions had more possession, but had a hard time creating scoring opportunities. The players in the back and midfield were able to pass the ball around and use skills to keep possession. Player of the Game Jennifer did a great job in keeping the field wide, being an option and controlling the ball. Some of the parents referred to Jennifer’s performance in the first half as “clinic”.


The second half the Dutch Lions played hard and were more able to connect the passes from the defenders to the midfielders. The opponent only had 1 shot on the Dutch Lions goal in the second half, which was because of very good positioning and defending of the whole team. Unfortunately for the Dutch Lions, they were also not able to create a lot of shots themselves. Closer to the end of the game the opponent seemed a little tired and was late a couple of time. The Dutch Lions tried to take advantage of the space that they created, but were not able to score the equalizer.


Coach Tommy: “I think we played a pretty good game. Of course the result is not what we hoped for, but we played the way we want to. It has been a huge change for all of them to play this way. The things we worked on in practices have been implemented by the players in a great way. We progressed during the game. I think, if we can step it up a little in practice we will be able to become a very good and complete soccer team. Tomorrow we already play our next game, so hopefully we will be able to play the same style and get a better result.”


Dutch Lions U14G – United 1996 FC (Louisville, Kentucky)

Sunday September 16, 4:00 am

Halftime score: 0-1

Final score 0-1

Player of the game: Nathalie


The u14 Girls played their second game of the double header weekend in Anderson, Cincinnati. The High School as a turf field, which was a new experience for most of the girls. The Lady Lions played a sloppy and low energy first half, but came back strong in the second. Due to a goal scored in this low energy first half against the Dutch Lions they lost their second game in this league with the same score as the first one: 0-1


The Dutch Lions started in a really low pace in the first half. The midfielders and forwards didn’t move enough to get open, especially when the defender were in possession of the bal. In one of these occasions the defender was looking for somebody to pass teh ball to, but nobody was supporting her. She lost the ball and we got a (after the game we can say, game losing ) goal scored on us. It is easy to blame the person whole losses the ball, but is the other 9 (!) players are not doing anything, they are just as much to blame. The Dutch Lions were not able to create scoring opportunities in the first half. The main reason was because they only anticipated on plays and never took control of the game.


The second half the Lady Lions showed a different side of them. They worked a lot harder than in the first half. This harder work resulted in the first real scoring opportunities. Marissa had a shot that went just wide and Nathalie was a constant threat to the other teams defense. With one of the rushed on the side she cutted to the inside and went 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper. The shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. The Dutch Lions had a couple of corner kicks in the second half and they were very dangerous. The opponent wasn’t able to create any scoring opportunities in the second half. The Dutch Lions weren’t able to score and didn’t get the equalizer they deserved.


After the game coach Tommy wasn’t sure how to feel after the 2 games this weekend.”It is great that after both games we received compliments from the referees and coaches of the other teams about our style of play. I know this transformation in style of play will take time and definitely not all the girls are used to playing this way. We proved this weekend we are able to play at this level. Defensively we are a strong team, if we’re able to progress in the attacking part we will be more than in our place in this league. At the same time that doesn’t have to make you work any less hard than we are able to. The first half today was with such a low energy it is almost surprising the score was only 0-1. The second half we did a lot better, but at the end this game is about scoring goals. We didn’t do that today, so I guess all together we didn’t deserve to tie or win today.
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