Academy Report W38

Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC – CUSA Courage 03 Red

Date: Saturday, September 22
Score: 2-3
Players of the day:
Leila (Two great goals, good moves and good passing)
Camlyn ( Because of the great saves she made)


Last Saturday the U-9 Girls played an exciting game against CUSA Courage. Both halfs the game went from box to box and after the game the girls were exhausted. In the beginning both teams were very strong. In the 13th minute Leila scored a very good goal from a free kick. After that goal the U-9 girls played very good and by passing the ball to each other and the girls made very good moves. Because the girls tried to play the ball to each other and play with a lot of risk (Coach W. said the girls have to play the ball to each other) CUSA made three interceptions and made three goals. After the last kick off, Leila made a dribble passed all of the five players from CUSA and scored a very good goal. After that goal goal the game went up and down and Camlyn kept us in the game trough some fantastic saves. Unfortunately the referee blew on his whistle for the last time and the game was over.


The girls did everything to win this game! They can be proud on themselves because they played very good, passed the ball to each other and the coach saw some great moves. If we play the next game this good and we put the same energy in the game as we did in the last game we can win!

Northern Warren County U9 Boys – Dutch Lions FC U9 Boys Orange
Date: Saturday 9/22/2012, 10.30 AM
Score halftime: 3-0
Final score:  6-1
Player of the game: Seth


The U9 Boys Orange of the Dayton Dutch Lions played their 4th game of the season against the number 1 in the standing so far. The Lions played at the same level as the opponent most of the game, but individual mistakes on the Lions side made the difference in the score.


The game started with teams trying to possess the ball and look for passes to get up the field. The game was even in the first 10 minutes. Both teams had some small opportunities but not a whole lot happened in from of the net. The was because both teams did a very good job on the defensive part of the game. Halfway the half a long kick by NWC was misjudged by the Lions defense and bounced over their head. The opponent was eager to take advantage of this mistake and scored the first goal of the game. After this goal the Dutch Lions dropped their intensity a little bit, most likely because of the disappointment of being scored on. In this 5 minute phase the goalkeeper made 2 mistakes, making the halftime score 3-0 in favor of Northern Warren County.


The second half the Dutch Lions started with new energy and player of the game Seth was able to stand out. With good dribbles down the line, using his skills to beat the opponent and crosses in front of the goal Seth was a constant threat to the opponents defense. On one of his crosses after a great dribble Trace was able to score the Dutch Lions goal: 3-1. After this goal another set of defensive mistakes lead to 3 goals for NWC.


After the game coach Tommy was visible disappointed. “Losing to a good team, which the opponent clearly is, is not something that upsets me. The way we lost does though. All the goals they scored were after individual mistakes on our side. I know the boys are just 8 years old, but making these mistakes multiple times per game is hard. I am very happy that we can play on this level and that the majority of the game both teams were very equal. But that also makes the disappointment bigger that we lost with this difference just because of mistakes that we shouldn’t make anymore.”


Game: Waynesville Attack U10 White – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Girls U10
Game date/time: September 23rd 2012, 5.30PM
Score: 2-8 (0-3)
Player of the day: Gracee


Gracee had been looking forward playing against her old team all week. After an off day last week, she came back and got her first clean sheet the season.


On Sunday afternoon the Dayton Dutch Lions FC Girls U10 played their second home game of the season against at Waynesville Attack White.


With Gracee in goal the first half, the lady Lions started the game strong. After only a couple of minutes Lindsey scored the first goal of the game, 0-1. Later that second half the Lions got a penalty, which was confidently converted by Alicia, making it 0-2. The first half ended 0-3, with Lindsey scoring another goal after a sloppy play by Waynesville’s defence. Not conceding a goal, Gracee managed to get her first clean sheet of the season.


“Even though we were up, I thought we could play better”, coach Frank stated. “In practice we worked on possession and passing the ball around, but we did not quit do that. So, during half time we agreed that we needed to pass the ball around.”


The second half the lady Lions started off strong. With U9 guest player Leila and Lindsey storming through the Waynesville defence, they were able to score five more goals, making it a total of eight for the Dutch Lions. Leila scoring three and Lindsey scoring another two for a total of four in the game. However, Waynesville Attack did not give up, kept working hard and saw their effort being paid off with two goals. Making the final score, 2-8.


“We were a lot stronger then our opponent today”, coach Frank said. “I am happy with the way we played. The second half we tried to pass the ball around more and we really played from our positions. And overall we played a lot better than last week. I am glad Leila was able to get chances and score goals. And I am very happy that Gracee was able to get a clean sheet. From the start we have been working on defence and it is paying off. Now that we are also working on attack and in particular possession, I think the girls did great and really deserved this win.”

Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 Red – FC Springs U12 Game date/time: September 22nd 2012, 1.30PM
Score: 1-2 (1-0)
Player of the day: Xander


Xander played an excellent game. He looked very alive coming off his line when he had to and making a couple of good saves. On top of that he was able to keep a clean sheet through the first half and most part of the second.


The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Red travelled to Yellow Springs on Saturday to face FC Springs. The first of back to back games was lost with 1-2.


The Dutch Lions started off a bit slow, giving FC Springs the opportunity to play on their half and putting the Lions’ defence under pressure. Even though the Springs were able to make a couple of shots and break through a couple of times, it were Xander and Brody who were able to stop them. Up front the Lions were getting stronger throughout the first half. With passes down the sides they were able to get closer to the FC Springs’ goal. So close, they hit the cross bar after Gage shot from close range. In the rebound, Nic was not able to convert it to a goal. Later that half, Nic was able to move up and get the ball in. Making the half time score, 1-0.


The second half the Lions kept on playing strong. Looking to build up from the back and through the side, the boys were able to play very good soccer. However, it did not pay off. Later in the game the strength of FC Springs took over and with play with the wind, they were able to beat the Lions’ defence twice. Making it 1-2. The last couple of minutes the Lions pushed for the equalizer, but they did not get lucky.


“We played a good game, you can really see the possession games we do in practice are paying off”, coach Frank said. “We tried to build up from the back and look for passes down the line. We got in front of goal a couple of times, but were not smart enough in the box. If we will play as strong and finish the chances we are able to create, I am sure we will have a good shot in winning tomorrow’s game.”


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 Red – Oakwood United U12 Gold
Game date/time: September 23rd 2012, 2.30PM
Score: 2-2 (2-1)
Player of the day: Stephen

Stephen played very strong on and off the ball. He scored both goals. The first after some outstanding team play and the second was a great volley from the corner kick.


Game report:

On Sunday the Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 Red played their fourth game of the season and the second of the back to back games this weekend, at Old River Park in Oakwood. The Lions took on Oakwood United Gold, who beat them just a week ago with 4-2.


With a chance to redeem themselves the Dutch Lions started the game strong. Putting Oakwood United under pressure and keeping them away from their own goal. However, with a shot from the side Oakwood’s shot seemed harmless, but it picked up a bounce on the ragged grass and went in over goalie Xander’s head, 0-1.

After that goal the Lions did what they do best, not give up and fight back even harder. They started passing the ball around a bit more and a couple of good attacks through the right hand side of the field, eventually resulted in two goal.

The equalizer was scored by Stephen on a good assist from Gage, who was able to pass the ball through Oakwood’s defence and right in front of Stephen who took the shot at scored. Minutes later it was once again Gage with the assist, when he took a corner kick and once again Stephen on the receiving end, scoring the 2-1 with a stunning volley.


The second half Oakwood put more pressure on the Dutch Lions defence. They were not able to keep up their passing game, which made the game wide open.

Gage’s free kick was saved nicely by Oakwood’s goalie, who played a strong game. Oakwood scored the equalizer halfway down the second half, making it 2-2. The Lions got close to their third goal when Drew hit the post, but it stayed out. With both teams looking for the win, it remained 2-2 earning both teams one point.


“I think the second part of the first half we were looking strong”, coach Frank said. “It is a shame we could not keep passing the ball like we did last game. Too often we were just kicking the ball away. However, I think we deserved at least a draw. And considering these guys beat us last week, we are already making good progress.”


Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Orange – Gunners FC B00 Blue
Sunday September 23, 04.00 PM
Halftime Score: 0-3
Final Score: 1-8
Player of the Game:……


Last Sunday the Dayton Dutch Lions U12 Boys Orange played their 4th game in the MVYSA Premier Division for the 2012 Fall Season.


“It was a bad game from our side today, especially the first half where we were unable to connect passes and didn´t create anything. The other team played good and ended up with a deserved 3 goal lead at half time. We started of the second half a lot better and scored a good goal with an amazing shot from Richard outside the box, that gave us some confidence and we created some more chances with John hitting the crossbar and Gaven and Griffin forcing the Gunner’s GK to some good saves. But then with the 1-4 and the 1-5 the team gave up and that led to a big loss… I just hope we can take this game as a learning experience and the kids understand that if they don´t bring their “A game” to the games at this level it will be hard to play the good level of soccer we want to play.” Was Coach Sid’s analysis after the game.

Game: DDL FC U13 Girls vs. Brookville Lady Devils
Date: September 22, 2012, 12:00 pm
Result: Tied 2-2
Player of the Game: Gabby

This was a well-deserved tie and a hard-fought game. After being down 1-0 and 2-1, the Lions clawed their way back each time to even the score and salvage a result. With standing water and mud holes to play around, both teams had a difficult time navigating inside the penalty boxes. The girls started the game firing on all cylinders, creating several opportunities that either went just wide of the goal or had the ball finding its way into the opposing goalkeeper’s hands. Down 1-0 at halftime, the girls came out strong in the second half, eager to reclaim the momentum. The first goal came from Emily Hinkle, off of a cross by Gabby Boyer and a dummy from Cheyenne Smith. After finding themselves down again a short time later, the Lions managed to equalize off of a 30 yard blast by Gabby Boyer on a free kick from straight in front of the goal. Coach Eric said that “although it was frustrating to see us not capitalize on some of the opportunities we created for ourselves, I was proud to see the girls pull out a tie after being down on two different occasions throughout the game.”


This was a tough game offensively for the Lions. Playing against a bigger team that was very physical and fond of long ball, the girls found it hard to build up as well as they normally do. They were still able to combine quite frequently; however, it usually came at the price of having to clear it out of the back first. The Lions were on the attack for much of the first half, keeping pressure on the ball wherever it was on the field defensively, and pressing forward quickly whenever they gained control of the ball. Coach Eric thought that “this was not our finest game offensively, but we did what we had to in order to not lose this game. I’m glad we were able to score and tie, we deserved that much.”


This was a very strong defensive game from the Lions. The back four and keeper were able to pull together and stymie the opposition at nearly every turn. The one thing lacking defensively for the Lions this week was in the numbers, the opposition was able to take advantage of counterattacks and slow transition of the midfield to use the superior numbers to catch the defense off guard.  Beyond those few issues, the girls were up to the challenge, matching the physicality of the opponent and rising to the occasion. “I was glad to see us use our bodies as well as we did; we typically aren’t a very physical team. The fact that we were able to rise to the level of the opponent instead of being intimidated by it shows our adaptability. Hopefully we can use this to our advantage in the future, without an outside stimulus from the other team. I’m happy for the girls to get a result from this game, they deserved to get at least a point.”

Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys – TSC Red U14 Boys
Date/time: September 23rd 2012, 2.15PM
Score: 1-4 (0-2)
Player of the day: Daniel for strong defending and his progress over the last few months


The U14 Boys played one of their better games of the season in ball possession, but defensively we had trouble with the physical strength of the opponent and were unlucky in the goals against us.


We weren’t with the complete team for this game. With Kean, Dylan, Jacob and Tracey being out we had a smaller group than normally. Also Noah walked on not feeling a 100% after playing a tournament the day before. Noah was also very unfortunate to get hit hard from close range on his head.


Despite missing a lot of players we played a good passing game. When we had the ball we passed it around nicely and we created a few good changes. After the best attack via Ryan, Austin, Alex and Jack, Brendan was just late to finish from close range. Also when Jack received a thru ball from Nicolas we weren’t able to finish.

On the other side of the field TSC hit the post in the 1st minute, but didn’t get any closer than shots from long range. Once again there was a totally different style of playing between the 2 teams and we had difficulty to defend the physical way of playing from TSC. Just before half time it looks like we’re getting a little more tired and 2 quick goals put us down 2-0.


In the second half the game continues as it was going. We’re trying to create changes with nice passing, but if the ball get intercepted the ball is on our half in no time. A shot from 30 yards and a cross from the side line both drop into the upper90 and the game is over. After a good cross from Jack and good pressure from Spencer Alex is able to score a well-deserved goal.


Coach Patrick “I think this one of our better games if we look at our game in ball possession. I also think we are one of the smallest teams in the league and that makes it hard for us on defence. I hope that the players keep seeing that even though we lost we are improving over the last few games. Next week we get the chance to compete with another  strong team and that will only make us better in the long run”

Northern Ohio Elite U14G – Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls
Date: Saturday 9/22/2012, 4.00 PM
Score halftime: 0-0
Final score:  0-0
Player of the game:  Gabby


The Dutch Lions U14 Girls played their third game of the season against Northern Ohio Elite on Saturday. After losing the first 2 games with 0-1 the games was the first point for the Lady Lions in their division. The game ended the way the it started: 0-0.


The game started with both teams trying to find the right pace. Both teams played some strong defense and were not able to create scoring opportunities in the first part of the game. The Dutch Lions tried to control the ball, but had a hard time keeping possession due to the pressure of the opponent. The skills of the Lady Lions were not a sharp as they should have been and the Dutch Lions ended up chasing the ball most of the time. The opponent wasn’t able to get close to the Dutch Lions goal, but it looked only a matter of time. After Ellie left the field with an injury Gabby played her first minutes of the season. After a horrible virus infection she has worked really hard to come back to the team and everybody is delighted she is back. Being able to play a couple of minutes today, the effort she put in to get there, made Gabby the player of the game for the Dutch Lions.


In the second half the Dutch Lions got pushed back a little more. They were not able to keep the ball up the field and played in their defensive zone most of the time. Halfway the second half Maleah had to leave the field with a injury and the Dutch Lions had to move some things around on defense. The girls adapted really well to the change. Because of this the opponent didn’t have a lot of scoring opportunities. Offensively the Dutch Lions were able to create some break aways, but to this didn’t lead to big scoring opportunities. The game ended the way it started about 85 minutes earlier: 0-0.


After the game coach Tommy had mixed feelings: “I am very happy that the girls showed they learned from the minor mistakes we made last weekend. We didn’t give up scoring opportunities, which is a big accomplishment. We saw last week that 1 mistake can lose the game. we didn’t make that mistake this game. On the other side it is very clear that we have a lot of work offensively. I saw that the girls tried to do the things I showed them in the video analysis this week, but everything is way too flat. We need to step it up on offense big time.”

Kings Hammer Academy U14 Girls – Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls
Date: Sunday 9/23/2012, 12.30 PM
Score halftime: 1-0
Final score:  2-0
Player of the game: Julia


On Sunday the U14 Girls of the Dutch Lions played their 4th game of the season against the Kings Hammer Academy U14 Girls. The opponent won all their game previous to the game against the Dutch Lions, so the Lions knew to expect a hard game. During the game the difference in the standings weren’t visible and the Dutch Lions played their strongest game so far. Despite all the hard work the Lions lost the game, which was totally unnecessary.


The Dutch Lions started without Maleah, who got a concussion after Saturdays game. The good news that Ellie was able to play. The Lions tried to keep possession of the ball and were a little less flat than on Saturday. The game was very even, with the lions having more possession. Halfway the first half the referee made a call when the ball was in the box of the Dutch Lions. Nobody knew what the call was and the Kings Hammer Academy players dropped back to their position to defend the free kick, but the referee saw something nobody else did. The referee gave a penalty kick to the opponent and all the hard work of the Dutch Lions seemed undone. After the penalty the Dutch Lions lost their focus for a couple of minutes, but they were able to pick it up and ended the first half with some good possession.


In the second half the Dutch Lions played more on the half of the opponent. They were going forward and tried to create some scoring opportunities. While the Dutch Lions tried to keep possession, they had to be very careful when they lost the ball. The long balls of the other team over the defense were a threat, but the Dutch Lions defense handled these well. Player of the game Julie progressed a lot during the game, stepping back to create an advantage over the forward in the footrace. On one long ball the Dutch Lions didn’t defend in the right way and the opponent was able to score the 2-0.


After the game Coach Tommy was a feeling a lot better than after the game on Saturday. “I think we played our best game so far. Despite the loss we have been attacking way more than we have to so far. We were able to get closer to the goal, and with some more convincing finishing we should have been able to get a better result. I think that defensively we did a pretty good job today. We just have to keep working hard and realize this is a new team and new playing style. As time will progress the results will get better”.

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