Academy Report W39


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U-9 Girls – FC Bellbrook Eagles

Sunday September 30, 2012

Score: 2-2 (0-1)

Player of the day: The whole team


Last Sunday the U-9 Girls of the DDL FC played the battle of Bellbrook against FC Belbrook Eagles. This was an exciting for the player, coach and the parents. The game went up and down and both teams were equally.

In the 22nd min. DDL FC made a good combination and made a shot on goal. The gk stopped it, kicked it out and within a few seconds they scored. The score stayed 0-1 till half time. In the second half Leila scored a good goal in the 15th min but two minutes after that FCB scored the 1-2. In the very last minute of the game Leila scored the 2-2.

Coach W. saw a lot of good moves, passes to each other and he saw that the girls played with a lot of passion. The team is growing and every week they get better!


Dutch Lions U9 boys Blue – Warriors Black

Sunday September 30, 5:30 pm

Half time score: 0-8

Full time score: 0-11


Player of the game: Gavin M


The U9 boys we’re challenged by the Warriors on Sunday afternoon, working hard and showing sportsmanship on the field. The Warriors is a tough team to beat but the Lions showed their skills today. The first half we had difficulty to keep the ball in our possession being put under a lot of pressure by the physical Warriors team. The boys tried hard but at the end of the first half we we’re down 8-0. The second half was much better for the Lions, they did not give up on each other showing great team play and great individual skills. The Warriors we’re more challenged by the Lions who we’re creating their own opportunities to score a goal. With the great support from the parents and the support to each other the Lions we’re able to keep the Warriors from scoring another goal for the first 15 minutes. They worked hard but we’re unlucky today. The last minutes of the game the Warriors scored 3 more goals bringing the game to an end.


Game: Butler United 02 U9 – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Girls U10

Game date/time: September 29th 2012, 12.00PM

Score: 7-4 (2-2)

Player of the day: AnnMarie

Anni played an excellent game. She played the entire first half in defence and managed to keep the strong and quick Butler United girls from going forward. The second half was much of the same and when she played up front the last five minutes, it only took her a couple of seconds to score her first goal of the season.


Game report:

On Saturday the Dayton Dutch Lions FC Girls U10 played their fifth game of the season at home at Sackett Wright Park.


With Leila again guest playing for the Lions, the team started knowing Butler United had won every game so far. Working hard and playing well, both teams managed to make it a tied game the first half.

Shannon started in goal the first half, playing well making a couple of good saves. However, she was not able to prevent Butler from scoring the 1-0. Not much later, Leila was there with the equalizer. With the ball going up and down the field, it was Lindsey who was able to score her eight goal in five games. This time Butler United managed to tie the game, making it 2-2 at half time.


“I was very happy with the way we played the first half”, coach Frank said. “Everyone played well, worked hard and got involved. We created chances up front and help up strong in the back. And Shannon made a couple of terrific saves.”


The second half kicked off with Gracee in goal. With a couple of injuries during that half, the Lions were unable to keep the focus and play like they did the first half. Scoring a couple of goals, the Butler United girls took the game in hand. They ended up scoring five in the second half. However, the Lady Lions were able get back up and fight back. Leila scored her second of the game and her fifth in her two guest plays this Fall season. AnnMarie scored her first of the season. After a shot got deflected off one of the Butler girls, Anni was there with a clean strike beating the goalie and scoring the Lions’ fourth of the game. Making the final score 7-4.


“The first half of the second half was not good enough. But I liked how we got back and kept working hard”, coach Frank stated. “Leila got hurt twice, but got back up and scored a great goal the second half. I was also very impressed with Anni. But to be perfectly honest, all girls played well today. I think this was our best game so far.”


Game: Metro FC 02 White – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Girls U10

Game date/time: September 30th 2012, 4.00PM

Score: 5-8 (2-5)

Player of the day: Jasmine

Jasmine played a very strong game. Working hard in offense she made a couple of good passes and scored two great goals in the first half.


Game report:

On Sunday afternoon the Dayton Dutch Lions FC Girls U10 played against a game against Metro FC 02 White at home at Sackett Wright Park. With the game initially cancelled, the girls got a call from coach Frank in the morning asking to show up and play another game, after Saturday’s game against Butler United.


The first half the lady Lions looked very strong. With W-League pro player Cat Chase as one of the spectators, the Lions were very much in control. Lindsey was once again important scoring two goals. But she was not the only one finding the net. Jasmine, who played her best game so far, was able to beat Metro’s goalie twice in the first half. To top it off, AnnMarie scored her second goal in two days. Making it a very strong weekend for her. With Metro scoring two goals the first half, the score was 2-5 at half time.


“We played very well the first half. For the most part we were dominating, resulting in five goals”, coach Frank smiled. “In the warm-up I could tell Jasmine was feeling strong. And she was able to show it in the game. I think she is improving every week and today it paid off.”


The second half was much of the same. Even though Metro got a little stronger, ending up in scoring three goals, the Dutch Lions kept on scoring. It was Lindsey who completed her second hat-trick of the season, making it a total of 11 goals in 6 games. Caroline scored her first goal of the season with a solid shot from the PK-spot. Finally, Alicia was able to double her amount of goals for the Fall season, after a good chase ending in the back of the net. Making the final score 5-8.


“I think the whole team played really well today. The goalies were solid, as was our defence. But I think we won because the team worked together and with five girls scoring, that really paid off today.”


TSC U10 boys – Dutch Lions U10 boys

Sunday September 30, 2:30 pm

Half time score: 2-1

Full time score: 5-2

Player of the game: Drew


Today a real challenge for the Lions, playing against a team who is still undefeated in the competition. And after seeing the game today I can understand why. But the lions gave the TSC boys some competition for the first time this year according to the coach and the parents.

The first half we started really strong scoring a goal ,deflected of a TSC player, by Collin in the second minute of the game. After that goal the Lions we’re hungry for more creating some good opportunities, but the goalkeeper of TSC made some great saves. In the seventh minute of the game the TSC boys scored a good goal creating their own space after a break away making the score 1-1. The next fifteen minutes was very exciting to watch with a Lions team that had to bring it all against a very sharp and quick playing TSC. The TSC boys had good skills, but when you play against a better team you as a team have to step up and play better then you have played before. Some players had some difficulties with the pace of the game and they we’re forced to play more on defense then on offense. In the twentieth minute the TSC score a second goal bringing the half time score to 2-1 on their advance.

During half time coach Dave was pleased with the skills we showed on the field, but not with the fact that some players we’re walking instead of running. Playing against a team like TSC could be a privilege that we have to use to become a better player as an individual and as a team. You’ll always have to work hard and it gives you an opportunity to go to a higher level.


The second half started again very strong for the Lions, a shot from the side of the field by Collin was caught by the wind and went straight into the top corner. Could this be the breaking point for TSC? Unfortunately not, they played a very solid second half to become the better team today. They allowed us to build up starting at the goalkeeper, only to put full pressure on our defenders who are not used to so much pressure. It gave TSC three more goals to bring the game to a 5-2 victory for TSC.


After the game the Lions sat down with the coach to review a bit about the second half, youth soccer is about learning and progressing after you make a mistake. What happened the second half is not to blame on an individual player but is something that happened because of the team not knowing what to do. During practice we will continuing our technical skills and during our scrimmages we will use the time we have to explain what to do when  a team is putting full pressure on us.In the end this was a game we’re we have become a better individual player, and to become a better team.


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 -Blue – Gunners FC Blue

Gamedate/time: Sept 29, 2:30pm

Score: 2 – 3(1 – 3) Loss


Game Report:

With a decisive win after the last game the Lions came out ready to take home more points.  In a tough game where we dominated possession and out shot the opponent, the end score did not favor the Lions.


In the first half the Lions dominated the possession and made good passes to the middle.  This led to 9 shots on goal with 1 of those going to the back of the net.  Our defense led by Adam George kept the shots down to a minimum with only 5 opponent shots on goal.  The goal was a great combination between Andrew and Matthew on the left side with Andrew feeding a cross into Matthew who kicked it in. Our opponents corners and free kicks were very dangerous and  this resulted in three goals for  the opponents.


The second half we didn’t slow down and pressed hard.  This intensity led to 5 shots on goal with one of them being a penalty which Matthew converted.  The opponents also didn’t slow down.  They had 7 shots on goal but our defense kept all all of those from going in for points.


Game: CJ United U12 – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 Red

Game date/time: September 30th 2012, 1.00PM

Score: 0-12 (0-7)

Player of the day: Gareth

Gareth played the entire first half without making a single mistake. The basis for every good defender. On top of that he had the right solutions on the ball, getting the ball down the line and into midfield.


Game report:

On Sunday the Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 Red played against CJ United at home at Sackett Wright Park.


Knowing that the opponent had lost every game so far, the Dutch Lions still started very concentrated. Looking to pass the ball down the line and getting it forward, it did not take long to see the Lions were the stronger of the two teams. Which showed off in the number of goals scored in the first half. Scoring 7 goals, it was a very productive Sunday afternoon. Defensively the team was not tested. Goalie Xander only got one touch on the ball, when he had to come out for a ball that gotten behind the defensive line.


“It was good to see the guys work hard to get as many goals in as possible”, coach Frank said. “I was particularly happy with the way the guys kept playing from their position. That is something we have been working on and I think is becoming more and more natural.”


The second half started with Drew on goal, who ended up with twice the amount of touches than Xander did. The first half goalie started as a striker and most of the rest of the team got mixed up, giving everyone a chance to score a goal. The game ended in a clean sheet for both the goalies and 12 goals for the Lions, 0-12.


“I think the best part was that 10 out of 12 players scored a goal; Nic and TJ scored two and Nikash, Brody, Gage, Drew, Milan, Stephen, Kyle and goalie Xander (!) scored one.”


Game: DDL FC U12 Girls vs Hot Shots


Date: September 30, 2012, 4:00pm


Result: L 7-0


Player of the Game: Keyda Feltner


Game Summary:

This was a rough game for the Lions. Playing the top team in the league, it was clear from the start that the girls were overmatched in the speed and size department. The physicality of the other team disrupted any attempt that the Lions made to possess the ball, often getting knocked off the ball or shying away from contact. There were several bright spots though, including several good attacks, a solid defense, and hearty goalkeeping ensuring that the score wasn’t worse than it was. Coach Eric thought that “they were clearly the better team. We did well to keep the score as close as it was; it took a great defensive effort from our back three and goalie.”

This was definitely a defensive game for the Lions. Due to exhaustion and injuries, the Lions used seven different players at the three defensive spots throughout the game, and each played admirably. There were noticeably moments of confusion due to the unusual lineups, but the girls were ultimately able to band together and prevent the Hot Shots from being more dangerous than the score suggests. Keyda Feltner stepped up defensively, covering girls who were much bigger than her, tackling hard, and looking to possess the ball by finding a midfielder to pass to. The girls tackled well, but the bounce rarely went their way. Most 50/50 balls were won by the other team, and the girls couldn’t quite seem to keep the ball out of their half.

Offensively, this game was a struggle for the Lions. Despite creating several attacks and pressing forward on many occasions, the girls had a tough time attacking in numbers and generating sustained attacks. Most of the offensive possessions were created through individual effort. This meant that when the ball was lost, the other team was able to quickly counter, as compared to a sustained team attack, when loss of the ball means that the other team would be covered and a quick counter would be rendered impossible. Veronica Stephens had a few chances, created through the use of turns and fakes to get her defender off balance. Kaylee York and Karah Jackson had similar attacks that were stymied due to overwhelming defense. Coach Eric said that “this was a tough game for us. We didn’t have the necessary skills or communication to make up for the lack of speed and size. This game was a lesson for us, it showed us what we can strive towards if we keep working hard in practice.”


Game: DDL FC U13 Girls vs Metro FC G99 White

Date: September 30, 2012, 1:00pm

Result: Tied 3-3

Player of the Game: Halie


Game Summary:

This was less of a game, and more of a back and forth fight. Overcoming deficits of 1-0, 2-1, and 3-2, the Lions were able to claw their way back each time and ended the game with a well-deserved 3-3 draw. With each goal that was scored by the opposition, the ladies were able to steel their resolve and do what was necessary to get it back. The Lions were able to move the ball well, unfortunately most of it was across the field without much movement forward. Coach Eric was happy with the girls’ play, saying that “the ball possession that we showed at various points of the game was outstanding. If we can continue to do that and learn to move forward at the same time, we will be a very dangerous team to face.”

This game was a defensive fight for each team. With the ball in the middle of the pitch for most of the game, it was all about whose defensive line would hold strong. Both defenses proved to be formidable. The Lions held strong with the exception of two breakaways. Most of the defensive miscues for each side stemmed from not getting a body behind the ball. The biggest of the Lions’ troubles were caused by sticking a foot out and/or letting the ball bounce, creating a chance for the opposing team. The Lions’ starting back four of Grace Miller, Micayla Feltner, Jenae Sosebee, and Halie Leftwich were able to clean up any messes created. They were able to put pressure on the Metro offense, forcing them wide, and eventually causing a bad pass or tackling the ball. The defense and midfield were able to work together, often able to pass out of the back and give each other options.

Offensively this game was a struggle. Despite three goals scored for each team, there were not an awful lot of chances created beyond that. The Lions were able to advance the ball down the field with success, but often a cross went untouched through the box, or the final pass did not connect and the defense was able to clear. With two goals from Gabby Boyer and the third coming as an own goal after Emily Hinkle and Hannah Edwards continued to apply pressure and keep the ball inside the 18 yard box, the Lions found the goal when they needed to. In terms of possession, the girls had plenty of success moving the ball from the defense to the midfield. A lack of communication meant that several passes went awry, but for the most part the girls were able to move the ball around. Coach Eric thought that the game was a success, and that “both teams fought hard today. It was a really exciting game to watch with plenty of movement up and down the pitch. Our defense did a great job keeping us in the game, and our offense was able to find a way to equalize. Hopefully we can iron out our miscues and get ourselves a win next game.”



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys – KHA Blue U14 Boys

Date/time: September 29th  2012, 2.15PM

Score: 0-1 (0-0)

Player of the day: Andrew Dominic


The U14 Boys got close to at least a tie this weekend, but just weren’t able to pull it off. A goal scored in the first minute of the 2nd half turned out to be the only goal of the goal 0-1.


For once we started pretty good. Aggressive and motivated we played a good first 10 minutes. The first change of the game is also ours. Brendan is first to the ball after a corner kick of Dylan, but the keeper is in the right place. After this decent start we’re put on high pressure from KHA. We have trouble keeping the ball and to create changes. A few times we get close to a nice break away, but the end pass isn’t precise enough.

Although we were under pressure until half we do have a clean sheet at half time. We agreed on going in hard in the second half, but before we know it we are down 1-0. It looked like that this was what we were waiting for to start to play up to our level, because suddenly there is more aggressiveness in our game and we start to put KHA Blue under pressure. What follows is a great game to watch. With 2 teams playing to win and who are battling for every inch of the field. KHA is playing counter attack now and gets some small changes. We get shooting opportunities from Brendan, Alex and Jack but we can’t score the deserved equalizer.


“I was happy with the second half”, coach Patrick said after the game, “but it’s too bad that we just don’t bring this aggressiveness from the start. We can make it ourselves so much easier to get what we deserve if we play defend more aggressive all over the field and when we are more aggressive on top. The second half showed that we can and we already showed that we know how to play our style. If we can combine these we can finish the Fall season strong”.


Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls – Hilliard FC U14 Girls

Date: Saturday 9/29/2012, 4.00 PM

Score halftime: 1-1

Final score:  4-1

Player of the game: Marissa

After 3 loses and getting 1 tie in the first 4 games the U14 Girls of the Dayton Dutch Lions FC were able to get their first win of the season. In a good second half they were able to separate themselves from HFC in the score after some nice goals. After not scoring a single goal in the first 4 games the Lady Lions were able to score 4 times, resulting in a 4-1 win.

The game didn’t start well for the Dutch Lions. After 5 minutes HFC was able to score after misjudging a bouncing ball by one of the Dutch Lions defenders. Conceiving the goal worked as a wake up call for the Dutch Lions, who started to get used to the pace of the game. The Dutch Lions weren’t able to keep possession for a long time during the first half. Even though the Lady Lions were trying to create something offensively, they didn’t work really well as a team. The first half looked to end without any real opportunities for the Dutch Lions, but Kasey was able to score the first goal of the season for the Dutch Lions. She was on the right side and kicked the ball towards the goal. It went over the goalkeeper and landed in the far corner. Right before halftime the Dutch Lions tied up the game.

The second half the Dutch Lions started aggressive. Marissa pressured the center defenders of the opponent right away and was able to get a couple of shots of, without getting really dangerous. In her 4th try she was able to make a nice shot  towards the far corner, which was impossible for the goalkeeper to save. The change in her attitude, really looking for a possibility to score, resulted in the 2-1. After good work from Natalie Marissa was also to score the 3-1. The way she played in the second half and her 2 goals made Marissa the player of the game for the Dutch Lions. In the whole second half the Dutch Lions were able to possess the ball pretty good and with some good switches and dribbles down the sidelines the Dutch Lions kept attacking the goal of HFC. Towards the end of the game Ellie was able to take a shot from around 20 yards from the goal. The goalkeeper was able to block the shot, but Natalie was able to score the rebound, with a header! The final minutes of the game both teams slowed it down a little and the Dutch Lions never got into trouble in the second half.

After the game coach Tommy was relieved: “I think we played pretty decent in our first 4 games, but had an amazing hard time scoring goals. This week we worked really hard on scoring goals in practice. That we were able to score goals exactly like we practiced is something that gives great satisfaction. I realize the first half we didn’t play that well, but the goal 5 minutes before halftime was such a boost. Everybody gained more confidence from that goal, which resulted in some great offensive efforts in the second half. Being able to score 4 goal today was great, but we need to keep working hard in practice the coming weeks for our next game!”

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