DL Bellbrook Academy great success!

The joint effort of Bellbrook Soccer Association and the Dayton Dutch Lions FC, the DL Bellbrook Academy, is a great success. The training program for soccer players from Bellbrook attracts a lot of players and the first feedback from the parents is very positive. The program continues the following 4 weeks on Wednesday with professional soccer coaching by the Dayton Dutch Lions FC youth academy coaches.


The DL Bellbrook Academy is a training program in which bellbrook soccer players are taught by the Dutch Lions professional coaches. In the training sessions the coaches focus on technical development.  The drills are always with the ball and the intensity is very high. Dayton Dutch Lions FC Academy Manager Tommy Spijkers explains: “We believe you can only learn to play soccer by actually trying to perform the skills. That is why every player always is busy with playing with the ball, especially at this age. By creating an environment with a high intensity we don’t give the players any time or reason to lose their concentration. I think it is great to see 4, 5 and 6 year olds that are able to keep their focus for the full 60 minutes of the training session.”



In this training program, the first basic skills of soccer are taught to the soccer players. Getting more familiar with the ball and learning basic skills such as dribbling, toe taps, boxing and rolling the ball are key components in the curriculum. The training sessions are on basic skills that are the foundation to becoming a better player. Of course at the end of every practice, the players will get the opportunity to showcase what they have learned that session in a short scrimmage. DL Bellbrook Academy parent Troy Donnerberg is very happy with the training program: “I’m thrilled we have access to this level of soccer instruction locally. My 5 year old is learning proper foot work and have a blast doing it. Each session is built around fun activities that make learning easy for her. This is ideal for my daughter and I think for every young soccer player starting with soccer”.


For more information about the DL Bellbrook Academy please visit the special DL Bellbrook Academy page on the Dutch Lions website. If you like to receive more information about setting up a DL Training Academy program in cooperation with your club or program please contact Dayton Dutch Lions FC Academy Manager Tommy Spijkers ( t.spijkers@daytondutchlionsfc.com )

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