Academy Report W41

October 14, 2012

Game: BSA Celtic – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U-9 Girls

Score: 3-4 Win

Player of the day: Leila


After six month of injury rising star Jetta returned on the soccer fields to play her first fall season game for the U-9 girls and she dit it fantastic!


The girls played a solid first half with good defensive work and good passing, positioning game and individual skills when the girls played offense. The score in half time was 1-1.


The first 18 minutes of the second half BSA Celtic speeded up and put a lot of pressure on the defense of the U-9 girls. So after 18 minutes the score was 3-1 for BSA Celtic. After a little tactical change of Coach W. the U-9 girls where able to put more pressure on BSA Celtic and played good positioning game and passed the ball from player to player. Because the whole team played good Leila was able to score goals in the 21st, 23th and 24th minute. So after the final whistle of the good leading referee the U-9 girls won the game with 3-4 against a good team.


Be proud of yourself girls!!!





BSA Celtic U9 Boys – Dutch Lions Blue U9 Boys

Sunday October 14, 2012

Halftime score: 0-0

Final score: 2-0

Player of the game: Jackson Lester


What can coach David say about the game today? This was the best game of the season so far. The entire game the Lions we’re giving the BSA players a though game. The first half ,at some moments in the game, even the better team. With passing to each other, good skills and nice combining. This led to a few good oppertunities to score the opening goal. But the BSA players used everything to stop our players from scoring. This kept coach David very happy during half time hoping this could be a first win or tie for the Lions. But the second half the BSA players started very good scoring 2 goals in the first 5 minutes. After those moments the Lions kept working hard to create chances for themselves but the defenders of BSA played very solid not allowing any goal. Our defenders played very good as well keeping the BSA team from scoring a third goal. After the game coach David was still very pleased with what he saw on the field today: “today we played one of our best games of the season,the boys are picking up the drills and starting to pass the ball to each other more and more”. We have 2 more games till the fall season is over, if we can keep up working like this our first win is not far away.





Dayton Dutch Lions FC U10 Boys – NWC Alliance white U10 Boys

Saturday October 13, 2012

Halftime score: 3-1

Final score: 4-2

Player of the game: Andrew Nangle


The 4th game of the season was again a good challenge for the Lions, playing against a team who is still undefeated in the competition. The game we played 2 weeks ago was a  showing that we are able to play with the top teams of our group. Unfortunately we we’re missing Collin because of an injury, and Luke Weller late because of traffic. After the warm-up the Lions we’re ready to go, and ready they we’re…. after the kick off the Lions we’re on the other team all the time giving them no change to clear the ball. With Collin out and Luke being late the other players on the team needed to score the goals. It was Matthew with a nice shot on goal which surprised the goalkeeper, the ball went flying over his head bringing the Lions a 1-0 lead. Too bad the Lions we’re celebrating to long because a minute later the ball was in the net behind goalkeeper Robbie. A free kick came back from the crossbar and the Alliance boys reacted quicker to the ball kicking it in for the 1-1. The next 10 minutes was an even game with good chances for both teams, the midfielders of Matthew, Luke M, Nicholas and Andrew we’re feeding the forward players John and Drew but they we’re unlucky on their finishing. During the first half Luke Weller showed up and was ready to go, he wanted to make up for the team because he felt guilty he was late and on his first touch on the ball he made sure he got in a good position in front of the goal and took the shot, the goalkeeper was surprised by the hard shot leaving him no chance giving the Lions a 2-1 lead. After the 2-1 the Lions stayed more focused in the game with great defending by Evan and Dimi and great goalkeeping by Robbie. Right before half time it was a good break away on the left side by Luke W, sending the ball in the middle for a supporting John but the ball got deflected by an Alliance defender kicking the ball in his own goal for a 3-1 lead at half time. A very nice 3-1 lead at half time was welcome, but it did not mean we could take it easy the second half. The Alliance is a team who is undefeated and the second half they showed a good game. They put the pressure on us more than the first half leaving us nervous on defense. Witch the switch of putting Andrew back on defense we we’re hoping for some rest in the team. With great defending skills today we we’re able to keep the Alliance from scoring. Our midfielders worked very hard and showed some good transition and we’re putting more pressure on the ball the last 10 minutes of the game. He last five minutes there was a goal by the Alliance team, Robbie tried to save it but the ball went under need his arm and went over the goal line just enough for the referee to give the goal to Alliance. With an exciting last five minutes the supporters of The Lions we’re shouting to the players to go for it one more time. So right after kick off it was Nicolas who dribbled the ball through 3 players and his shot went in giving us a 4-2 lead. Right after that goal it was Matthew with another great shot on goal but his ball missed the goal by an inch.

After the final whistle a very relieved Lions team who gave it all today. With the support of Collin the Lions showed everybody that working hard is something we need to put in every game. Yes we know we have a lot to learn about soccer, and we will. But today you showed improvement.




BSA Celtic – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U10 Boys

Sunday October 14, 2012

Halftime score: 0-1

Final score: 0-2

Player of the game: the whole team



Our second game of this weekend was one against the BSA Celtics, a team which we can compare with our own team just by looking at the games they played. Both teams has won and lost a few games. So it was an interesting day for the players and their coach to see where we are today. If we win we will be with the top teams, if we lose we will be with the bottom teams. Knowing we have 3 more games who all are below us the coach was hoping that we could match up with the top teams. Yesterday was an awesome game winning against an undefeated team, today coach David wanted to see more soccer by keeping the ball in possession and full pressure on the other team. Sitting home coach David can only say one thing: this was the best game of the season so far!

The whole game we only gave away 2shots on goal and creating like 20 good opportunities to score ourselves. Was it the slippery field, the center referee who had no idea what she was doing, bad luck or our carelessness? I don’t know but it seems that we had trouble putting the ball in the net. But the coach was very pleased with what he saw back on the field, a lot of pressure on the BSA players and good passing skills. I think all the players had an opportunity to score a goal, offenders, midfielders and defenders… all played very well.

It took a  penalty kick for the opening goal, the referee called a very obvious handball. Luke W took the PK and shot the ball low in the corner for a well-deserved 1-0 lead at half time.

The second half a copy of the first one with good pressure on the other team, but again a little bit unlucky on our finishing.

It was another handball in the box that gave us the chance to score a second goal. Matthew took the shot but missed the goal by an inch. A few minutes later he did score a goal for the Lions, but for whatever reason the referee gave a free kick to the defender of the BSA team. I think it was a 50/50 duel between Matthew and the defender where Matthew was the player who got pushed on. But keeping his balance and before he felt down shooting the ball in the far corner.

Ok so the score stayed very tight until Andrew left his position and stealing the ball from the defender of BSA, his shot got in the far corner giving the Lions a 2-0 victory. A though game but I really liked what I saw today, a lot of pressure on the other team and good combining. We still have 3 more games before our winter program will start, 3 more games where I would like to see the same game attitude like today. We will keep working hard during our practices where we will focus more on our technical skills and keeping the ball in our possession.



Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Red – FC Springs U12 Boys

Saturday October 13, 2012

Halftime score: 3-0

Final score: 3-1

Player of the game: the whole team


With coach Frank leaving the USA to go back home to stay with his family and his new job there was only one thing the boys wanted to do, WIN for coach Frank. Coach Patrick took over the practices during the week but was unable to coach the game today because of his obligations with his U14 boys team. So coach David took over the ‘job’ of coaching. Playing the FC Spring the boys knew it was going to be a tough game, the first game against this team the Lions lost 2-1. Their first assignment was to keep the pressure high on the other team, keep the field as big as possible and look for an opportunity to take a shot on goal. The Lions started very well today following the instructions, the Springfield players we’re not given an opportunity to clear the ball leaving their 3 big players out of the game. The first 7 minutes we had 2 great chances to score our opening goal. Stephen made some great runs on the left side of the field being fed by Gage. But it was a corner kick who gave us the 1-0 lead. Gage took the corner and aimed for the second post,  all the Springfield defenders we’re just standing and watching the ball hitting the second post to give the ball the right direction, into the goal. Instead of relaxing and taking it easy the Lions kept the pressure high, with defenders pushing up the midfielders the other team had to focus on break a ways. The defenders Aaron, Brody, Gareth, Nick and goalkeeper Xander stayed very focused the first half not giving away any chance. In the 13th minute of the game a nice combination on the midfield, the Lions passed the ball to each other with speed and precision with the last pass to Milan, he outplayed the last defender scoring the 2-0 for the Lions. Again the Lions kept the pressure on Springfield but they we’re unlucky with their finishing hitting the post and good saves by the goalkeeper. In the 25th minute a nice combination on the right side of the field, the pass to the middle was good  and it was Nic who had the final answer, his shot went into the far corner for a comfortable 3-0 half time lead. At half time coach David was very pleased with the way we played so far, for the second half of the game we needed to keep the pressure on Springfield but the coach wanted to see more passing instead of just kicking the ball. The second half was also a good game by the Lions, we we’re able to keep Springfield away from our goal the first 10 minutes, but since they played with the big guys as defenders our offensive line had trouble breaking through. Springfield focused on break a ways but they we’re stopped by good defending. Xander had some good saves and kept the ball in our possession by passing the ball to his team mates instead of just punting the ball away all the time. The last five minutes the Springfield team scored a goal on us, but that was the only chance in the final minutes of the game. A well-deserved 3-1 victory against a team who was undefeated so far. Great game and I know coach Frank would have been proud on you today.



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 Blue – Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 – Orange

Gamedate/time: 10/13, noon

Score: 1-2 (0 – 0) Loss


Game Report:

The Blue team felt ready and fought hard for most of the game, hoping to take home a victory.  The Orange team also fought hard and were the victors to take home the points.


In the first half the Blue team had good passing and the defense did a good job of keeping the ball out of the middle.  The offense also made some good runs but couldn’t get the ball to the back of the net.  We had 5 shots on goal while Orange had 6.  We were evenly matched.


The second half we were evenly matched again.  We increased our SOGs to 9 (to Oranges 4) for the half and 1 of them went in.  The goal came when Andrew received a throw from Sam which he took down the left side and shot.  The ball bounced off an Orange defender and went in near post.  Orange had already scored a good goal at this point so we were glad for the tying score.  In the last 30 seconds of the game Orange made a run down the right side and shot from the edge of the box.  It went in and whistle blew shortly after.  It was a well fought game.


The U12-Blue team would like to thank all those that came to the game and encouraged them.


Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Orange – Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Blue
Saturday October 13, 12.00 PM
Halftime Score: 0-0
Final Score: 2-1
Player of the Game: Kyler and Richard

For the 6th game of the fall season the Dayton Dutch Lions Orange had to face the Dayton Dutch Lions Blue team for the second time this season. After a god practice week the Orange Lions knew they were ready for the challenge and started the game with a lot of confidence, trying to play the Dutch style of soccer with a lot of combination soccer creating some very big chances for Griffin, Richard, John and Ben. The DDL blue GK had some good saves and was lucky for two times with one shot hitting the crossbar and another going just over when he was out of his goal. Stand in GK for the Orange Lions, Kyler played a good game in goal, being at the right place at the right time and playing well of his line.

Despite the control the Orange Lions had over the game and the good chances they created during the first half, the half time result was 0-0. The message from the coach was simple “keep up the intention of playing the game as we know how and keep defensive organization, the goal will come eventually”, and it did, with 5 minutes to go and in a period of the second half where the blue team was pressuring the orange team Richard scored the 1-0 with a inside foot finish after some great combination and a excellent cross from the left. The blue team didn’t give up and fought for the equalizer. With 3 minutes to go, a cross from the left ended up with an unlucky own goal from the orange defense. With everyone expecting the game to end in a tie Aiden was able to send Richard on the right side and with an amazing shot in the far high corner the orange lions ended up winning the game with a last minute goal.

Coach Sid “we won, so it’s easy to say we did great and of course I am happy with the win and the play level that the team showed today, but if we want to be more competitive in the two remaining games and show everyone that we belong at this level we have to do even better. More movement and better passing when we have the ball and transition to defense a lot faster, always keeping our organization, closing the gaps in the back, from now on I expect this to be our level and we will keep working hard to keep improving as a team and developing as individual players.”

As player of the day the coach nominated Kyler and Richard “both were very important today, Kyler with some good saves and coming strongly out of his goal and Richard ended up being the match winner with 2 goals. But a lot of other players played good today, Griffin and James played their best game so far and it’s good to know they are developing to important players for this team”

A special remark to Kevin and Sam, both not feeling 100%, one coming from injury and another feeling sick, and still they gave a big contribution to this win.


Game: DDL FC U12 Girls vs. Springfield Thunder 00 White


Date: October 13, 2012, 10:30 am


Result: L 5-3


Player of the Game: Veronica Stephens


Game Summary:

The Lions played very well for 80% of this game. They were able to defend well, attack in numbers, and create opportunities by way of passing instead of individual effort. Unfortunately they couldn’t find that last puzzle piece, and the opposition made the most of it. Offensively the girls worked together to create their best goal of the season while also missing a few opportunities that they ought to have finished. Defensively they worked together and played some fantastic team defense, but also had a few mental breakdowns that left them vulnerable. Coach Eric said that “we are getting so close to the team that we want to be. We show flashes of it, with stellar attacks and hard-nosed defense, but we have yet to be able to do it for a full game. We’re missing that last little bit of something, whether that’s effort, focus, luck, or something else, and when we find it we’re going to surprise ourselves with what we can do.”

In terms of offense this was one of the Lions’ better games. They were able to move the ball around, find feet with their passes, attack in numbers, and take shots. They created the best goal of the season, culminating in a finish by Veronica Stephens after five passes in a row. Unfortunately that goal was countered by the fact that at times the Lions were able to do all the work to get the ball up to the opposition’s box, but weren’t able to get off the final shot or weren’t able to get that one last touch. The midfielders did a better job this game of working together and trying to link up, actually becoming more of a unit. This was a rare game where the defense was able to successfully start attacks from passes as well. The defenders often were given options to pass out of pressure and find someone instead of playing kick ball.

Defensively the Lions were a tale of two teams. The first team was when they worked together, when the midfield got back, and when the girls shifted well. They closed down fast, tackled hard, and cut off passing lanes. The second team came out when the midfield didn’t drop, when the back three didn’t shift together, and stabbed at the ball. Coach Eric was glad to see that “we played proper defense for most of the game. Unfortunately we had several let-downs that led to goals that were generated from simple mistakes, whether that was a stabbing tackle or the midfield not getting back and leaving our defense outnumbered.” As previously stated though, the Lions were able to have some success passing out of the back, which is a great stepping stone towards the next level of possession that they hope to achieve.


Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys – Schelotto & Padula

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys – Gunners


Date/time: October 13th 2012, 2.15PM

October 14th 2012, 12.30PM


Score: 1-1 (0-1)

1-2 (0-2)


Player of the day: 1st game: Andrew

2nd game:Tracey


Game report:


The U14 Boys played with a big heart this weekend. Much more as a team and much more organized and with passion. Maybe not always good, but much better than the last few weeks.
We could see it during the game, but also in the results even though we didn’t get what we deserved in both games. We should have had at least 4 points, but we only got 1 out of the last 2 games of the season.

Scoring is still, for a good result, the most important in the game. Both games we created enough scoring opportunities, but we weren’t able to put them away.
Against Schelotto & Padula we start good and  within 5 minutes Alex hits the crossbar and Jack gets a change not much later. The first half we create more changes, but we don’t score. Defense looks solid, but 2 mistakes lead to 2 changes of S&P. The first one ends op on the post, but the second puts us behind 0-1.

In the second half the boys go hard. With everything we got we are looking for a deserved tie or win. Once again we get the changes, but aren’t able to put them away. Austin gets the biggest change, but his shot is too soft to concern the goalkeeper.
When everybody thinks the game is over Alex pulls the tricker. From 25 yards out he fires the shot on the crossbar and in this time. Not much later the referee ends this intense game and thanks to last second goal we have a good feeling for tomorrow

The next, windy, day we play on turf against the Gunners. The Gunners scored a lot of goals this season, but playing on turf gives us an advantage with our playing style. The Gunners are a more physic on almost every position, but the turf should help us to play around the physical part of the game.


We don’t start well. Within 5 minutes we let the ball bounce twice in the box without clearing it and the Gunners take the opportunity. With a nice bycicle we are down once again.
This time we don’t put our head down, but we start to play harder and better. A nice thru ball by Brendan gives Jack an opportunity, but he hits the goalie from close range. Next Brendan creates his own change with a nice cut, but his shot is without power.
Just before half time another change for Jack, but we can’t bring the score back to 1. In between our changes the Gunners scored another goal.

In the second it’s one way for a long time. Supported with the wind in our back we are in search of 3 goals. We create enough changes, but we can’t find the net until Jack is on time with a slide tackle at a corner and scores a great goal.

We try everything with passing, even long balls and 4 strikers, but we can’t get what we deserve.

Coach Patrick: “We finish the season with a loss, but this weekend showed our improvement which I didn’t see for a while. The boys worked hard, defense gave up very little changes and up front we create more than ever.
Hopefully we take this to our tournament and our training mentality over the winter in combination with Wall2Wall should get us ready for a great Spring season!”


Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls @ BSA Celtic

Date: Sunday 10/14/2012, 5.45 PM

Score halftime: 0-0

Final score:  0-1

Player of the game: Kayla


After winning the previous game the U14 Girls of the Dutch Lions encountered the same problem as they have had in the first couple of games of the season. They played a pretty decent game, but were offensively not able to create enough to get a good result. What can almost be described as the U14G Signature, a mistake in the back, lead to the game losing goal scored on the Dutch Lions.

BSA Celtic is leading the division, but was not able to get through the Dutch Lions defense in the first half. The Dutch Lions, at their turn, were also not able to get close to the BSA Celtic goal. This was a half without scoring opportunities after field play for both teams. BSA Celtic got closest to scoring a goal after corner kick that resulted a scrimmage in front of the Dutch Lions goal. This was the only exciting moment in front of the goal of the first half. The Lady Lions tried to build up from the back and were able to find some nice passes to get passed the BSA Celtic players. Unfortunately for the Lions this all happened on their own half.


The second half started with BSA pushing up a little more. The Dutch Lions looked in control in their defensive zone, not giving away any scoring opportunities. Another set play, a free kick this time, was the closest the Lady Lions let BSA come to a goal. Out of the blue a shot from midfield from BSA was misjudged by the Dutch Lions goalkeeper, letting the ball slowly role into the corner of the goal. Without giving up a scoring opportunity the Dutch Lions were 1-0 behind, a score that starts to feel familiar for the Lions. After the goal the Lions pushed up more and more and created some shots from Maleah, but never got close to the equalizer.

After the game coach Tommy was clear: “We absolutely didn’t deserve to lose this game, but more than a 0-0 tie would have been impossible. We did not get close enough to their goal to expect to score. We are building up nice, but as soon as we pass the midline we lose the ball.” Despite the loss the Dutch Lions are making progression in their play. “We are playing better and better. If I see how we are looking up more to actually look for somebody to pass to I think we will be able to keep more possession. I think Kayla did a great job in that today. Receive and look for somebody that is open to pass to. It sounds easy, looking up, but a lot of players at all levels have problems with that. If we are able to do that more we will be able to find the open players. It’s only important that we try to get these open players up the field, so we can get close enough to actually score a goal” according to coach Tommy.


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