Academy Report W42

Metro FC Rapids @ Dutch Lions FC U9 Boys Orange

Date: Friday 10/19/2012, 5.30 PM

Score halftime: 0-1 Lions

Final score:  1-5 Lions

Player of the game: Seth


In the second last game of the season the stakes were high. The Dutch Lions U9 Boys Orange welcomed number 2 in the standing, Metro FC Rapids, on their field. The winner of the game would be in the hot seat to take the second place in the league. The loser has to hope the other team will make a mistake in the last game of the season, with Tippecanoe also able to take the second place after Northern Warren County. With a final score of 5-1 in favor of the Lions they got themselves in a good position to take the second place, but they will have to be ready for the next game against competitor Tippecanoe.


As in the last game the Dutch Lions started strong. With some good possession, rushed down the sidelines and crosses the Lions tried to open the score. Despite some minor opportunities they were not able to get a quick lead. Metro FC Rapids played though defense and showed why they were in second place. Halfway the first half the Dutch Lions were able to open the score. It was Ayden who was able to score the rebound after the goalkeeper stopped a shot from Trace. In the remainder of the first half both teams battled hard. The teams were evenly matched and both created some opportunities to score. The goalkeepers did a good job keeping the ball out of their goals.


In the second half the Dutch Lions knew what was coming. If they would be behind 1 goal at the half they would step it up, so they expected this from the opponent as well. The second half the Dutch Lions played very strong on defense, while up front the Seth Show was going on. Seth was able to score 3 goals in the second half and played a good game. Using both his left and right foot to score the goals. With his 3 goals the game was decided in favor of the Dutch Lions and Seth was chosen to be the player of the game for the Lions. Luke was able to score the other goal for the Dutch Lions. After the 4-0 Metro FC Rapids was able to score their goal.


After the game coach Tommy was very happy: “Of course I’m happy with the result of this game. A year ago we lost and barely got a tie in the second against this team. I think it is a testament to the Dutch Lions philosophy that we were able to beat Metro FC Rapids today. Everybody who saw this game and the games last will admit the development of the Dutch Lions has been spectacular. If we keep this up great things can happen in the coming years for this team”


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U10 Boys – Warrior Black U10 Boys

Sunday October 21, 2012

Halftime score: 3-1

Final score: 5-2

Player of the game: Collin


A beautiful Sunday in October, as a person I really love this weather. Sunshine and a nice breeze and a good game of soccer. A coach cannot be happier. And it got better… after an injury during practice for Collin it seems that his season was over. But to a surprise for the team and myself he showed up today not only to support his team but to get some game minutes as well. With the permission of his dad Collin was allowed to play if the game was not so physical. So with everybody ready and their game face on today the coach was expecting a good game. Last week we played very good, we know we still have to improve our game, but especially Sunday we played very good as a team with lots of pressure on the other team and trying to keep the ball in possession. Today the same task, lots of pressure on the ball and no punting from the goalie. But build up from the goalkeeper and defenders. The Lions picked it up really well starting to pass the ball to each other not allowing the Warriors to get into the game. After only four minutes it was Robbie who threw the ball over the head of the defensive line for Andrew to pick up the ball and his shot went straight into the far corner for the 1-0 lead. Good start!! The following 10 minutes we had lots of opportunities to score but the Warriors we’re having a lucky day and they had a great goalkeeper. On the other side we had Drew who played goalkeeper today and as soon as the Warriors we’re getting close to our goal, it was Drew who saved it with our defensive line. In the 15th minute a nice move from Andrew, he outplayed 2 defenders en ran into the box  with the ball, the goalkeeper stayed in goal which left Andrew with one option, shoot. His goal went right into the goal in what we call ‘the short corner’. A very deserved 2-0 lead. Not even a minute later it was  a Warrior player who lost the ball just outside our box, the ball was picked up by Andrew who had a sprint with it for 40 yards with a defender chasing him. Andrew stayed calm and his shot was a nice one in the top corner. A real hat trick by Andrew giving us a 3-0 lead. The Warriors team is not a team who will put their head down and the kept trying to play their own game, it gave them some opportunities to score their first goal. It was in the last minute of the first half when they scored on a breakaway. At half time coach Dave was very pleased with what he saw the first half, we just needed to gain more patience in ball possession and support each other with communication. The second half started the way we started the first half. Luke Weller picked up the ball in the box and his shot went straight into the goal for a 4-1 lead. After that goal the game turned a little bit into an even game with opportunities for both teams. Within 2 minutes the Warriors scored their second goal of today and they went looking for more after that. Evan played very good as a defender keeping their best player from scoring again. With the support of Luke M, John, Nicolas, Matthew and Dimi the team played very well. And then finally, Collin came in to play again for the Lions, the parents and his team mates we’re very supportive and happy for him that he was ready to go. He was looking a bit overwhelmed but as soon as he got the ball you could see the old Collin again. With his strength and speed ha was making runs on the left side of the field, yet a bit unlucky on his finishing. With only 1 minute to go it was Evan who picked up the ball and dribbled through 2 players to take a big shot on goal for the 5-2 final score. A very good game where we we’re trying to keep the ball in possession with the build up from behind, we are taking step by step to learn to play the game of soccer we would like you to play. This week, 2 good sessions at practice and lets finish this season strong with 2 games. Saturday and Sunday.


Gunners FC B00 Blue – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Orange
Sunday October 21, 05.30 PM
Halftime Score: 4-1
Final Score: 5-1
Player of the Game: Richard


Last Sunday the Dayton Dutch Lions U12 Boys Orange played their 7th game in the MVYSA Premier Division for the 2012 Fall Season, after a good win in the previous weekend they knew today’s game was going to be hard against a strong opponent.


The Dutch Lions started of strongly, playing confident and not giving anything away in the back. With some good combinations the team was able to find Richard op top, who finished with a great shot in the far corner, giving the young Lions the lead.


During the remaining of the first half more chances where created with Richard hitting the post and Gaven, John and Griffin taking some good shots at goal, 6 in total. Also the Gunners had some chances and where better with the finishing, scoring 4 out of 7 shots, giving them a 4-1 lead at half time “It is so important that we keep our defensive organization at all times, always expect a shot, back each other up, pressure the ball and stay focused and concentrated, if we don´t and like we’ve seen before mistakes at this level cost us goals… Just like today” was Coach Sid’s comment.


The second half was just as even with the Lions having better chances to score but not being able to, and once again a defensive mistake cost a goal, with the game ending in a 5-1 loss for the Lions “despite the result it was a even game, and I believe that if we keep growing as a team we will be able to play at all times the way we want to, and not only a few moments in the game like happens now. Those moments do give me the confidence that we can but it’s a process that takes time, but we can and have to do a lot better not only defending but also when we have the ball.”


Richard was nominated player of the game for the 3rd time this season, ”Richard is an important player for this team, with his speed and excellent shot he is a constant treat for the opponent’s defense, if he keeps developing his tactical knowledge and his technical skills he can become a really good player in the future.”


Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls @ FC42

Date: Saturday 10/21/2012, 10.45 AM

Score halftime: 0-1

Final score:  0-1

Player of the game: Maleah


After playing a very good game against the number 1 in standing last week the Dutch Lions played against FC42, a team that had the number amount of points before the game. The Lady Lions didn’t play a good game and got beat to the ball almost the whole game. With a lot of luck the Dutch Lions won the game after the opponent scored an own goal after a good rush and shot from Maleah. With this game deciding moment Maleah was the player of the game.


In the first half the Dutch Lions started, with a couple of players on the bench because they were late at the field, really slow. The opponent was able to pressure the Lady Lions back on their own half. The opponent played a lot over the wings what resulted in a lot of crosses. It was almost a miracle they didn’t score on one of the crosses that all ended up right in front of the Dutch Lions goal. On one of the few breakaways of the Lions Maleah took the ball up the field on the left side. She was able to get a shot off that got blocked by the goalkeeper. In the rebound McKenna pressured the defender of FC42 which resulted on an own goal.


In the second half the Dutch Lions played a little better, but it wasn’t even close to the level of the previous weeks. The Lions stayed on their side of the field almost all the time and weren’t able to push up. Goalkeeper Kiersten made a couple of important saves. The Dutch Lions didn’t create any opportunities to score and it looked a matter of time before the equalizer would be scored. Lucky enough for the Lions this didn’t happen and the Lions got their second win of the season.


After the game coach Tommy was clear: “I’m disappointed in our performance today. We didn’t play well and honestly didn’t deserve to win. I think Maleah play a good game as a forward and our goalkeeper both did well, but that was it. As a team we haven’t done enough, but these kind of games you’ll always in a season. This just didn’t come together, but I am happy we were able to win. I hope that tomorrow we will play a better game against a team that has done well so far in this league, FC Kentucky”.


Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls @ FC Kentucky

Date: Sunday 10/22/2012, 4.00 AM

Score halftime: 1-2

Final score:  1-2

Player of the game: Julia


On Saturday the Dutch Lions got a win against FC42 in not the best game of the season. The Sunday game against FC Kentucky ended in a 2-1 loss, which was not necessary. In the second half the Dutch Lions proved to themselves they are able to play aggressive and in a passing style. The first half they back out of too many duels and didn’t look ready to play.


The game hardly started, maybe 2 minutes in the game, when the Dutch Lions subbed 5 players. This is something that has never happened before and should have been a clear signal to the players. Coach Tommy: “I never sub this fast and especially not 5 players. But the way we started this game scared me. I wanted to give a clear signal to my team.” In the whole first half FC Kentucky was more aggressive, sometimes more than the referee should have allowed. The Lady Lions were intimidated and pulled their foot back every time it was a 50/50. The opponent tried to create their scoring opportunities with long passes to their fast forwards. The Dutch Lions didn’t defend well against this tactic today, which was the first time this season this happened. FC Kentucky was able to score 2 goals like this. In between their goals the Dutch Lions scored a great goal. Kasey was able to pass the ball up to midfield, with another pass the ball ended up with Kira, who passed the ball to center forward Maleah right in front of the goal. Maleah was able to finish this great attack.


In the second half the Dutch Lions got open quicker for each other and were able to pass the ball around more than in the first half. The moment they did this they we able to get up the field. The Lions played with more aggression and the game was very evenly matched. The Dutch Lions were able to take some shots, from which one ended up on the post. Towards the end the Dutch Lions had a couple of very promising attacks, but the final pass wasn’t good enough to get the equalizer in the back of the net. Coach Tommy was happy with the improvement in the second half: “In the second half we played a lot better. We showed up to play and at times were just as aggressive as the other team. Towards the end we could have scored another goal, but we didn’t handle the ball well enough. We need to realized there are not a lot of opportunities to score in a game, if we have one, we need to make sure we take maximal advantage of those moments. We didn’t do that, but again I’m happy with the way we played the second half”.

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