Academy Report WK 4

Game: DDL FC U12 Girls vs. Kingdom Red

Date: January 26, 2013

Result: W 2-1

Player of the Game: Alyse



This was an excellent game for the Dutch Lions. They came out strong and played to possess the ball, not just kick it. Executing the possession style at both ends of the field, the girls managed to build up and look for various options in the attacking third. On several occasions they were able to find the open player near the net, but their first touch again eluded them and they couldn’t quite get the shot off in time. However, the level of play was much improved from the week before, prompting Coach Eric to note that “this was more the style of game that we are looking to play. The girls did an excellent job of connecting with each other and finding open passing lanes. Our touch will continue getting better and we will find that we get more open looks at the goal as we get used to the playing surface.”


The Lions worked together well on the defensive side of the ball. Despite working with an ever-shuffling back line, the girls were able to move as a unit and step up to the ball well. They were often able to cut off the attack before it became threatening, and a majority of the time there was cover provided by a teammate when someone was beaten. The one defensive weakness that showed was in transition. The girls had a tough time getting back quickly if the ball was lost in the midfield and this left them vulnerable to a counterattack. However, the Lions were able to overcome the odds and hold their opponents to only one goal, coming on a double ricochet off of the wall.


This was the best offensive game the Lions have played in quite some time. The midfielders were able to check back and wide to provide passing options for the defensive backs, and the striker was often able to find free space to get the ball as well. The girls moved the ball through the midfield well, finding themselves with available options to advance the ball into the attacking third. They generated scoring chances through individual effort, by way of through balls, possession in front of the goal, and also off of a few crosses. Coach Eric was pleased with the way the game went, saying that “if we can keep creating the amount of opportunities that we have been, we’ll find our scoring touch soon enough. This was a total team effort, from all the way in the back up through the middle to the striker. I’m proud of the way everyone came together this game.”


Warren County B98 White – Dayton Dutch Lions FC U-15 Boys

Date: 01/27/2013

Time: 4.00 PM

Final Score: 0 – 5 Win

Player of the game: Micah


After a good game of last week against CUSE Galaxy (0-2 win) we played against Warren County this week.


The main task for this game was good positioning, passing and communication. We started with good passing and we switched sides very quick. Because of this we had a lot of ball posession and Warren County was not able to get the ball from us. Trough good combination soccer and passes on the right pace we were able to create chances after 4 passes. Our positioning was very good when Warren County had the ball. The spaces between the lines were very small and we were able to put pressure as a team. Because we put pressure as a team we were able to intercept the ball from Warren County very quick.


Coach W. was very happy of what he saw today. The commitment of this team is very high. We have a great group of players with a good attitude and willing to play for the team. We still have a way to go and we can improve more as a team but we’re doing very good right now after three games.



Dutch Lions FC G96 @ W2W Lady Dynamo

Date: Sunday 1/27/2012, 3.00 PM

Final score:  10-0 Dutch Lions Win

Player of the game: Carmen


Sunday afternoon the Dutch Lions FC G96 played their third game in the Wall 2 Wall Indoor league. After winning against a U18 teams and losing by 1 goal against a MRL team, today a game against a house team was scheduled. Going into the game the Dutch Lions didn’t know much about the opponent, it would be a surprise no matter how it turned out.


The game started with the Dutch Lions girls trying to find each other, and the other team pressuring the Dutch Lions. In the first 10 minutes the Dutch Lions weren’t always able to find the open player. They kept trying to use passes to find open players, which was rewarded in the 12th minute with the first goal of the game. Once this first goal was scored the Dutch Lions were on fire. Scoring 9 more goals in the remaining 40 minutes. The Dutch Lions goals were scored by Christina, Spek, Katie M (2), Lauren M, Carmen (2) and Aaliyah (3). The goals were assisted by Spek, Katie M, Aaliyah (2), Anna and Lexi (3). Player of the game was Carmen, who not only scored 2 goals as a midfielder, but as a defenders always created an option back. This allowed the Dutch Lions to keep possession when there were no option up the field.


Coach Tommy after the game: “When you win a game 10-0 it always says so much more about the opponent than about your team, but still, I was quite happy with the way we played today. Because of our good passing game we made very clear what the other teams weaknesses are. Even though we should have scored some more goals, we missed some opportunities and didn’t always make the best possible choices when going up the field. I was happy with the control and passing of our defenders and midfielders, and them being an option back almost at all times. All together I think all the girls did a nice job today.”



Dutch Lions U17 Boys vs WC Panthers

Date: Sunday, 1/27/2013, 5PM

Final score:  2-4 Loss

Player of the game: Jerel


The U17 Boys were anxious to get back out on the field this past Sunday and better their 1-1 Winter Indoor league record.

The game did not start well for the Lions as they conceded a very early goal from a quick counter attack and 1v1 with the Goalkeeper. That was followed by another counter attack goal less than 10 minutes later.

The Lions adjusted and the next 25 minutes belonged to the Orange. The U17 Boys created space for a very nice passing game and did a great job of keeping possession of the ball. They showed some great passing sequences, one of which resulted in a nice attack and goal from Max.

A quick attack forward from the Panthers again had the Lions on their heels. Continued pressure on the Lion’s defense allowed the Panthers to get a 3-1 lead with less than half of the match to play.

“The third goal was the real heartbreaker. We had conceded early but played better soccer than our opponents for most of the match. I thought we would jump back and get this one. We looked good going forward and were more dangerous this week then last week. That third goal took a bit of wind out of our sails and we played a little less consistent the rest of the game”, said Coach Eddie.

Both teams grabbed late goals, with Eric H. scoring the Lions second goal of the match.

The U17 Boys will look to bounce back next week and close out the first half of the Winter Indoor League with another win.



Dutch Lions U14/U15 Girls @ Cincinnati Soccer Alliance

Date: Sunday, 1/27/2013, 6PM

Final score:  1-1 Tie

Player of the game: Julia and Mackenzie


The U14/U15 Girls Dutch Lions went up against a Cincinnati team who currently sits in 3rd place in the Winter Indoor League. The game on Sunday provided the Lions with another positive match in terms of playing style and a positive result.

Both teams were interested in keeping possession of the ball and playing attractive soccer. The Dutch Lions Girls showed some great skill and ability with several great passes from the back to the midfield and on to the forwards. The first part of the match was well played by both teams but neither unable to finish chances.

The opponents were pressing the Lions defense but the girls did a good job to shut down attacks and play keep the ball after winning it. With the opponent pressed very high the Lions took advantage of the space they were given and Meleah finished her breakaway chance.

The opponent’s high pressure resulted in a long spurt with the ball in the Lions defensive end. Unfortunately, the Lions could not get the ball out of danger quick enough and the Panthers tied the match up with about 15 minutes to play.

Several attacks from the Lions and a few late chances did not produce any goals the remaining 15 minutes. The game finished 1-1.

Coach Eddie had this to say, “The girls played well today. Each week they show the will to play the right way and that they understand the style we as a Club want to play. It is fun to watch. We need to do better going forward and turning that into goals and good results. Our defense showed real strength today and was the catalyst to every attack. It had a lot to do with our two center backs playing well, Mackenzie and Julia. They showed great discipline today, and had the rest of the team right there with them… winning balls, playing balls to feet out of the back and finding the open players, not just kicking it.”

The Girls will not play not next week due to a bye but will be fully ready to get back out the following week as they still look for their first win this Winter.

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