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Game: Dutch Lions U12 red boys vs. Red Hot Breakfast


Date: March 8th, 2013


Score: 6-3 W


Player of the Game: Gage


The Dutch Lions U12 boys played their 7th game at Kingdom Sportscenter on Friday night. A very important result was at stake cause a victory would propel either team into 5th place in a competitive kicker division standings. The Lions had a difficult task ahead of them with back to back games scheduled, they would have to endure 90 mins of indoor soccer in one night to conclude the season. Coach Shane was aware of the doubleheader but was clear with his game plan for the night “We are not going to hold back, I realize we have 2 games this evening but I want to go for the win. I know my boys are up for the challenge and will give everything they have the whole game”

The Lions started the game off fairly slow and were surprised with a couple quick goals by the visiting team. Down 2-1 in the early stages of the match, Gage was able to fire home two long range goals to regain the lead. Those goals really sparked the Lions offense and after they were able to showcase their dutch style of soccer they have strived for all season. The Dutch Lions moved the ball brilliantly at times, possessing the ball up and down the field that led to many scoring opportunities. They would maintain momentum with a three goal lead and would eventually end the game with a victory. With that win, the Lions move up to 5th place in the kicker division with 1 game remaining in the season.

Coach Shane was satisfied with his teams victory “I’m happy with the result, I thought the boys outplayed their opponent and deserved the win tonight. I think playing these tough older teams has been a great experience for them. We are a lot more physical now and our individual skills have improved tremendously, but aside for that we have developed a great team chemistry leading into our spring season.” The Dutch Lions MVYSA spring season kicks off Sunday March 24th vs. BSA Celtic green.


Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys Orange – Knuckelheads
Wednesday, March 6, 07.45 PM
Final score: 4-5
Player of the game: Ben

After a good win in their previous game the U12 Boys Orange played another indoor game at Kindgom against a opponent thy had played before.
The young Lions started of strong with some good combination soccer and got a solid 2-0 lead. But the opponent never gave up and whit the Lions losing concentration in the back and getting a little bit sloppy with their passes they got scored on 3 times… The team picked it back up but despite some dangerous crosses from John and Griffin the Lions were unable to score. With the Lions in attack and playing better soccer than the opponent, they scored from a doubtful penalty kick… The Lions never gave up and scored the 3rd and 4th goal thru Ben, who had a solid game and scored three times and even got a 4th goal but the referee said it didn’t go in… With the Lions looking for the victory they ended up conceding the 5th goal, putting the 4-5 end result on the scoreboard.
Coach Sid after the game “Like I said before, I don’t care about the results in this indoor league, I just want to see my players playing good soccer. The walls and today’s referee favor the teams that play kick ball and aggressive soccer. But I am making no excuses; I think that if we kept concentration in the back and anticipated a little more instead of just reacting we would win this game. We get to play them once more and it’s up to us to prove that we are able to win against this team and play a little better soccer than we did today.”


Game: DDL FC U12 Girls vs. Lunatics 3.0


Date: March 9, 2013


Result: L 2-1


Players of the Game: Devyn and Karah


Game Summary:

This was an outstanding game for the girls. Having previously lost to the Lunatics 9-2, the girls put on quite the performance and outplayed the other team for a majority of the game. Unfortunately the Lunatics were able to capitalize on what few chances that they had, as compared to the Lions scoring on one of their numerous opportunities. Coach Eric was extremely proud of the girls, and reminded them that “they greatly improved on a result compared to earlier in the winter season. We did a great job of using our passing and foot skills to keep the game close against an older, faster, and stronger team. It was a very good game, and a great way to close out our winter session.”

Offensively the Lions did a fantastic job of creating opportunities and shots on goal. Unfortunately most of their shots went either just wide or right at the goalie, and the girls were unable to follow up on the rebound or get any significant power behind their shots. On the defensive end the girls did well, closing down attackers quickly and keeping them to the outside. They were able to tackle and pass to the midfielders to create a counterattack on several occasions. Coach Eric was pleased with the effort the girls showed throughout the game, and said that “if we could have put away even a few of the numerous shots and rebounds that we were given, we would be looking at a much different result. But even as is, it’s a great effort and a promising sign of development for the girls.”



Game: DDL FC U13 Girls vs. Metro FC


Date: March 6, 2013


Result: L 5-2


Player of the Game: Halie


Game Summary:

This was a rough game for the girls. They played fairly well overall, but it was definitely a tale of two ends. There was a disconnect between the defense and the offense this game that caused many transition attacks for both teams. The defense worked exceptionally hard to keep the pressure off, but the sustained pressure of the other team caused a few break downs. Offensively the girls generated multiple opportunities, but failed to do a whole lot with them. They passed the ball well, but unfortunately they were a little stagnant with off the ball movement, causing the passes to never be dangerous. Coach Eric was pleased with the overall effort, but was understandably frustrated with the lack of offense created, saying that “we did well to get numbers up on several occasions, but our runs and movement were predictable enough that the opposition did not have to do a whole lot to stop us.”

The defensive effort was very strong, but given the number of attacks that they faced, they inevitably had a few let downs that caused open opportunities for the other team. The defense did an excellent job of putting a stop to most attacks and finding outlets instead of just blindly clearing it. The defense was the focal point for most of the attacks, and started the attacks by finding the outlet pass to create a numbers-up transition chance. Coach Eric was very happy with the defensive effort and thought that “the girls did a great job of keeping the score close. Given the number of opportunities that other team had, they could have folded under the pressure, but they definitely stepped their game up and rose to the challenge.”



Dayton Dutch Lions FC U-15 Boys – FC42 U-15 Royal Barry


Date : 03-10-2013

Where : Westerville South

Time : 10.45 AM

Score : 1-0 win (0-0 half time)

Player of the day : Maxwell


On a early beautiful Sunday morning the Dayton Dutch Lions FC U-15 boys played their first Buckeye game of this season.


From the beginning the Dutch Lions dominated the game with good posession and with a fast ball circulation. Because we kept posession and we switch sides very fast FC42 U15 Royal Barry didn’t have any chance to get the ball. But because we were putting so much pressure and the other team only played defense we were not able to create a lot of scoring opportunities.


In half time coach W told the players to be patience and that we have to keep looking for options.


Because of some changes in half time FC42 Royal Barry put us under pressure for 10 minutes. They couldn’t get close to the goal because Dayton Dutch Lions U-15 always were in a good organization and every body did what the coach asked them to do. After those 10 minutes the Dayton Dutch Lions FC played their game again and put FC42 Royal Barry under pressure. Because Dutch Lions kept patience and was looking for options we finally scored a goal 5 minutes before time. Ater that goal we kept playing on posession.


Overall a deserved win. The team showed their coach and parents that they work as a team and that they put a lot of effort in a game. Those are very important fundamentals to have if you want to play soccer. Especially if you can make it a combination with good soccer.



Dutch Lions FC U18 Girls – W2W Lady Dinamo
Sunday, March 10, 08.00 PM
Final Score: 0-1
Player of the Game:

The U18 girls played their last indoor game before the start of the outdoor spring season. A game where the expectations were high, with the lady lions hoping to get their first win ended in a big disappointment for everyone.
Despite the hard work, good intention, some good combinations and at least 3 100% goal opportunities the Lions lost the game by one goal.
Coach Sid’s reaction, at the end of the game, “we are all disappointed with the result, but we have to stay positive. Sometimes you need a little bit of luck to win a soccer game, when we compare the chances, they had one and scored, we had 3 huge ones and didn’t… That’s where the biggest difference was today. If Morgan, Kaitlyn or Micaela score we would never have lost this game. The girls worked hard and tried to do what I ask them to do, that’s all I can expect from them as a coach. The best team lost today and sometimes that’s the way it is!”

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