Academy Report

Game: DDL FC U13 Girls vs. Springfield Thunder 99


Date: April 30, 2013


Result: L 1-0


Player of the Game: Micayla


Game Summary:

This was a tough game for the Lions. They played very well and outplayed their opponent overall in terms of possession. Unfortunately a majority of that possession came in the defensive half and did not amount to many opportunities in the attacking half. The Lions were able to move the ball around quite skillfully in the defense and midfield, but could not seem to get the necessary numbers up to possess amongst the midfielders and strikers. Coach Eric thought that the girls did very well, and that “except for a fluke occurrence that could have happened to anyone, we played extremely solid defense. We looked to pass out of the back and provide support throughout the field. Unfortunately we weren’t able to move up as a team as we needed to and couldn’t find the numbers in the opponents half. We didn’t generate much for ourselves in terms of shots or scoring opportunities.”

The Lions were the unlucky recipients of a missed touch that resulted in the ball being in the back of the net in the first half. A good cross by the opposition created the need for an awkward angle of clearance that took a bad hop. The girls responded well though, kept their heads in the game and didn’t stray from the game plan even though the ball was continuously being kicked back at them. The defense played an outstanding game, providing cover and support for one another and making sure the opposition didn’t get many good looks on goal. Coach Eric said that “we have continued to play great soccer despite not getting the results we want. We need to learn to play team offense as well as we play team defense. If we continue to improve in that regard, I think these close games will start swinging our way.”


Game: DDL FC U12 Girls vs. Grand Lake United


Date: May 5, 2013


Result: W 2-1


Player of the Game: Devyn


Game Summary:

This was a well fought game for the Lions. It was one of the more physical games that the girls have played thus far, with several foul calls going against each team. Despite coming out on top, the girls faced a strong opponent who kept the ball in their attacking half for most of the game. The Lions did well to weather the storm, preventing the attacks from becoming dangerous while finding ways to advance the ball up the field. Coach Eric said of the girls: “we definitely deserved this win. Overall it was an ugly win, with very little in the way of possession in the attacking half, but we passed out of the back well, we stayed with our marks, we tackled hard, and we did a good job of trying to always find a teammate to pass to.”

The Lions won this game through two breakaways; one in the first half and one in the second. In addition to the two goals, the Lions hit the post on at least one occasion, very nearly putting that away as well. The girls were always able to put pressure on the opposing defense, but it took the breakaways for them to capitalize. Coach Eric thought that “it showed a little of our youth. We have a hard time scoring through possession at this age, but we are very good at finding through passes. I think we can continue to have success with our speed up top and our tenacity in the back. We present a tough game for any opponent.”



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 Blue vs Springfield Thunder – White

Gamedate/time: 4/12 7pm

Score: 9-0 Win


Game Report:

With a decisive win in the last game played, the Lions came out ready to take home more points.  With consistent, precise, one touch (mostly) passing for both halves the Lions deservingly brought home the 3 points.


In the first half, the Lions” passes mostly all found their mark with only a few ‘just kick away’ kicks.  Most of play happened in the opponents half of the field due to our possession style combined with the great defense lead by Adam, Caden and Bobby.  This left the opposing team on their heals, they only got a very few shots on goal.  The first goal came from fallout from a foul,  The ball bounced off our wall and found its way to Sam down the left side.  With great footwork and a couple of spins near the edge of the box, Sam found the back of the net near the far post.  The second goal came from a great cross from Caden into the box and Aaron powered it in with an off-the-bounce volley.  The third goal come from a great combination of passing between Andrew and Sam with Sam drilling it in from the middle of the box.  The fourth goal came from again good combination passing from Aaron to Sam to Andrew and this time its Andrew that put it to the back of the net.   This closed out the first half.


The second half had the temptation of starting soft and due to the 4-0 lead resort to individual dribbling efforts.  The Lions held firm to their possession and pass game style, unselfish passing and aggressive defense.  The fifth goal came from combination passing between Bobby and Philo with Philo blasting it past the goalie to the near post.  The sixth goal came from a rolling cross from Andrew to Aaron with Aaron kicking it over the goalie.  The seventh goal was a nice high arch shot from Andrew on the right side of the box.  The eighth goal came after Philo made a blistering shot that the goalie couldn’t get a handle on and spilled it away.  Matthew was there to follow up and sweep it in.  The final goal came from our signature great combination passing from Andrew to Mike to Sam with Sam putting it past the goalie.  This closed out the game.  Lions, well done!



The U12-Blue team would like to thank all those that came to the game and encouraged them.



Game: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U12 Blue vs BSA Celtic – Red

Gamedate/time: 4/15 7pm

Score: 7-0(2-0) Win


Game Report:

Even after partying hard in the hours before (sandwiches, water rockets, birthday wishes) the Lions still showed their soccer abilities.  With good defensive pressure and aggressive offense for both halves the Lions brought home the 3 points.


In the first half the lions kept to their game plan of switching and 1-2 touch passing.  This led to 18 shots on goal with 2 of them going in.  The first goal was a nice high corner from Matthew that landed in the middle of the box, ping-ponged around a bit, then Sam punched it in.  The second goal was also by Sam who poked it in to the far post after a nice feed from Philo.  Our defense kept  the 4 shots on goal by the opposition out of  the net led by Matthias’ excellent goal keeping abilities.  Adam, Bobbie and Caden showed calmness under pressure by passing it among themselves and back to the goalie to spread out the opposition.


The second half was played similar to the first with good combination play and unselfish passing which resulted in 5 more goals and only 3 opposition shots on goal.  The third goal came after a throw in by Bobby to Philo who faked out the defense into thinking he was going to the right but then powered in a rocket from distance.  The forth goal was the result of good combination play from Andrew and Matthew with Matthew kicking it in amid 3 defenders.  The fifth goal came after a great feed from Philo to Mike on the left side who then powered it in under the goalie.  The sixth goal was produced after a beautiful cross from Jonathan to Andrew who kicked it in near post.  The final goal came from a great feed from Adam to Sam who powered it in to the far post.  This closed out the game.  Lions, well done!




Goals: 7(2)

SOG: 33(18)

Corners: 6(3)



Goals: 0

SOG: 7(4)

Corners 4(2)


The U12-Blue team would like to thank all those that came to the game and encouraged them.



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