Academy Report U12 girls

Game: DDL FC U12 Girls vs. Southwest SC 00 Black


Date: May 9, 2013


Result: W 3-0


Player of the Game: Elana


Game Summary:

The Lions played outstanding this game. They looked to pass the ball frequently and were quite efficient at moving the ball around. They passed out of the back very well, finding midfielders or the striker on many occasions. They were even able to build up from the goalie several times, opening up the field and causing the other team to over-reach on defense, creating gaps that allowed the midfielders to check into space. Coach Eric thought that “this was one of our better overall games from start to finish. We didn’t give up many chances, we created opportunities for ourselves both as a team and individually, and we played some very solid defense all over the field.”

When they were on the attack, the girls did an excellent job of picking their heads up and looking to find an open teammate. The Lions did not wait for the pass to be made this game, they did a good job anticipating what was going to happen and find the space or spot where they needed to be. Defensively they covered for each other, they tracked their marks through the midfield, and did a good job of communicating to each other. The transition from offense to defense and vice versa was smooth on most occasions, with little hesitation between losing the ball and getting back, or winning the ball and pushing forward. The combination of good transition and good passing meant that the Lions were able to make the other team run a lot and become a little disorganized defensively. Coach Eric said “we played a really good game. If we can continue to produce this quality of play for the rest of the season I think we’ll see more results like this one.”


Game: DDL FC U12 Girls vs. Tecumseh Arrows Red


Date: May 10, 2013


Result: W 5-4


Player of the Game: Kaylee


Game Summary:

This was a very back and forth game played in inclement weather that created some tough conditions for both sides to deal with. The skies opened up in the second half, causing the already wet field to become soaked and the playing surface to become a lot slicker. The Lions went up 2-0 early, then went down 3-2, took back the lead 5-3, and gave up one final goal to win 5-4. Avenging their only defeat of the season thus far, the girls used five different players to score all five of their goals, a first for the season. Coach Eric was extremely proud of the girls, and said that “we really persevered. After the thrill of going up 2-0 was washed away by conceding three straight goals, we could have just folded and given up. Instead we chose to fight back and did a fantastic job of continuing to press forward until we scored and took back the lead.”

The Lions were able to score in a myriad of different ways this game including a free kick, directly off a corner kick, and a one-time finish off of a cross. The girls were able to move as a unit consistently throughout the game, giving each other options off the ball on offense and providing cover on defense. The wet conditions meant that several balls skipped past the girls at the beginning of the game, but they made the necessary adjustments to correct for it. Defensively the girls applies constant pressure for the duration of the game, never giving the other team time to rest and relax on the ball. Coach Eric thought that “although we gave up a few goals that could have been avoided, we got the win in the end, and that’s what counts. We played a complete game, playing hard for the full 60 minutes to get the result that we wanted. I’m glad that we kept the lead; the girls deserved this one.”

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