Dayton Dutch Lions Women’s Cup Day#2



BEAVERCREEK, OH….After tying 1-1 in regulation time, the Cincinnati Lady Saints won the consolation round of the Women’s Cup Tournament against the Ohio Lady Galaxies with two rounds of penalty kicks that proved lethal for the Galaxies.

After a highly physical game that drew a 1-1 tie, it came to penalty kicks, and two rounds were necessary to determine the winner.  The Cincinnati Lady Saints beat the Ohio Galaxy with 5-4 score.  Next up in the championship match, the Dutch Lions will face the Toronto’s Lady Lynx.



BEAVERCREEK, OH…The Dayton Dutch Lions Women’s Team suffered their first loss in the pre-season tournament they hosted, with a 2-0 win by Toronto’s Lady Lynx team, who had the help of two Dutch Lions goalkeepers on loan by Head Coach Sid van Druenen. Toronto held strong with possession for most of the match, testing the mettle of Dutch Lions’ goalkeeper Brooke McCurdy over and over again.  In addition, smart defensive traps and shields by the Lynx’s Kadiesha Buchanan thwarted much of the Dutch Lions’ effforts to score.

When asked about the goalkeepers, Coach van Druenen acknowledged their contribution.  “The coach of Toronto called me two days before with some goalkeeper issues, so, yeah, we gave them some help.” Van Druenen smiled and said, “I think it was a good opportunity for all our keepers, and maybe they did a little bit too much of a good job. I’m happy with the fact that we have three quality goalkeepers, and it’s playing time for us that helps.”

Dayton offense took an early blow when the Dutch Lions’ captain Emilie Fillion exited with a leg injury that seemingly diffused the energy on the field, even with a very capable Erika Kay substitution.


In the 18th minute, Dayton’s Juliana Libertin’s corner kick found Mika Lopes who skitted around two defenders and took a touch to Kay standing just short of the goal line but the Lynx’s loaned goalkeeper, Sierra Castillo, was there to shut the Dutch Lions down on their attempt.  Toronto switched it up with a Furtuna Velaj shot in the 10th minute that went thankfully wide of the Dutch Lions’ goal, and another dangerous shot from the 35 followed several seconds later by the Lynx’s Ashley Campbell.

Minutes later, the Lynx’s Barcelona took a vicious shot on a sprint, and with the ball blasting toward the right post, the Dutch Lions’ Keeper McCurdy made a quick decision and dove right to reject the goal attempt in a stinging save.   However, late in the first half McCurdy couldn’t prevent the goal that came from an Oni Bernard dash into the corner which she then served back on a cross to Velaj who scored with a tap in through a sliver of space during 41st minute, and Toronto moved ahead 1-0.  The score remained intact as the women exited at the half.

The Dayton Dutch Lions never recovered from the early lead and the second half found them chasing down Toronto offense most of the time.  In the 51st minute Toronto’s Amy Loughran accelerated past two Dutch Lions defenders to thread a shot that made its way through traffic and McCurdy hit the turf once again for the save.

Another terrific McCurdy save on Ashley Campbell pitching past Dutch Lions’ defense occurred in the 69th minute, but once again she found herself facing Toronto seconds later when a lone Catheryn Rogers broke from the Dutch Lions defense and spun the ball for a shot that changes direction and scuttled into the goal.  In the 70th minute, Toronto increased their lead to 2-0.

Another Dutch Lions goalkeeper loan to Toronto, Kayla Klim, managed to keep the Dutch Lions from making leeway on Sarah Gross’s efforts to crowd the line and jam in a potential Dayton goal with thirteen minutes left in the game.  Klim continued to taunt her frustrated Dutch Lions teammates with her strong presence in the Toronto goal, and the end of the game soon enough, with the score remaining 2-0 in favor of Toronto.

On Saturday, May 25th, the Dayton Dutch Lions Women’s team opens with a W-League game, the highest Women’s Professional Soccer League in the U.S., on Saturday, May 25th.  Game time is 5:30 pm, with the Dutch Lions facing the Charlotte Eagles at home in the Miami Valley Hospital Stadium in Beavercreek.

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