2013-14 Youth Academy Teams

The Dutch Lions FC Academy is greatly looking forward to this 2013-2014 soccer year. With teams playing in competitive Ohio South leagues such as the Buckeye Premier League or the MVYSA League, the Dutch Lions Youth Academy is ready for another great year of developing young players.

The Dayton Dutch Lions FC soccer club offers 3 academy programs. The Junior Academy Program is for the youngest players (U4-U7). In this academy the primary focus is technical development. After the Junior Academy the players will move up to the Premier Academy or the Development Academy. Both Academy programs have similar objectives, coaching curriculum, and development plans. All of which are based on the Dutch Coaching Philosophy and closely working together with our Dutch Premier League partner FC Twente. The difference is the competitive level of which the teams play and the number of soccer activities per week, which includes training sessions, video analysis sessions, player and parent evaluation meetings, and other team events or meetings. In the Premier Academy the number of activities will be higher than in the Development Academy. You can find more information about team development in our section Academy Objectives.



Boys Teams            . Coach                     . Email Coach                                     .    League
DLFC B04 Wichert de Wit w.dewit@daytondutchlionsfc.com  MVYSA U9 D1
DLFC B03 Orange Patrick Bal p.bal@daytondutchlionsfc.com  MVYSA U10 P
DLFC B03 Blue Marco Reitsma m.reitsma@daytondutchlionsfc.com  MVYSA U10 D1
DLFC B03 Red Marco Reitsma m.reitsma@daytondutchlionsfc.com  MVYSA U10 D1
DLFC B02 Shane Smith s.smith@daytondutchlionsfc.com  MVYSA U11 D2
DLFC B01 Koen Driessen k.driessen@daytondutchlionsfc.com  MVYSA U12 D2
DLFC B00 Orange Sid van Druenen s.vandruenen@daytondutchlionsfc.com  BPYSL  U13 P2
DLFC B00 Blue Marco Reitsma m.reitsma@daytondutchlionsfc.com  MVYSA U13 D1
DLFC B98 Patrick Bal p.bal@daytondutchlionsfc.com  BPYSL  U15
DLFC B97 Dave Smits d.smits@daytondutchlionsfc.com  BPYSL  U16
DLFC B95 Eric Kissinger e.kissinger@daytondutchlionsfc.com               U18
Girls Teams Coach Email Coach   League
DLFC G03 Wichert de Wit w.dewit@daytondutchlionsfc.com  MVYSA U10 D1
DLFC G02 Shane Smith s.smith@daytondutchlionsfc.com  MVYSA U12 D3
DLFC G00 Dave Smits d.smits@daytondutchlionsfc.com  MVYSA U13 D1
DLFC G99 Eddie Hertsenberg e.hertsenberg@daytondutchlionsfc.com  MVYSA U15 D1
DLFC G97/98 Eddie Hertsenberg e.hertsenberg@daytondutchlionsfc.com  BPYSL  U16
DLFC G95/96 Eric Kissinger e.kissinger@daytondutchlionsfc.com               U17
Goalkeepers Coach Email Coach
All ages Wichert de Wit w.dewit@daytondutchlionsfc.com


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