Academy U13 Girls Plays Friendly Tournament

The Dutch Lions U13 Girls Academy team played a one day friendly tournament last weekend to help prepare them for the Fall season.


On Saturday, August 17, the Dutch Lions u13 girls played 2 matches against teams from Bellbrook in a friendly preseason tournament. After the first week of practice this was a good chance to see where the team is standing and on what position they play the best.


The Dutch Lions first half in the first match was really great. The girls created a lot of chances and were really using the space. Unfortunately the Lions allowed a goal when trying to build up from the back. The communication between the goalkeeper and defense was forgotten and allowed the striker to steal the ball. Her shot went to the far corner for the 1-0 lead. The Lions kept attacking and playing well but ended the first half 1-0 down. The second half was not as good as the first half, some girls had trouble playing in the open space that was given to them by the other team. The opponent had a better second half and scored the 2-0 with a shot from outside the box. This woke up the Lions team and they started to play better. By using the speed and creativity on midfield the Lion girls had great chances. The 2-1 Lions goal was scored by Nica after a great run and great pass. Moments later she could have scored the 2-2 but her shot went against the far post. With a few minutes left the girls really tried but were unlucky with their finishing.


With only 90 minutes rest the girls needed a quick turnaround and prepare for the second  game, with the parents the girls had a small lunch and relaxed in the shade. After a long warm up the girls were ready for their second game of the day.


The Dutch Lions U13 Girls’ second game was a better one, again they had great passing and created a lot of opportunities. But again the Lions failed to communicate good enough on defense and let a player run through to score the first goal. But again they showed no disappointment and looked for the tie. Right before half time they got what they deserved, a good shot from Eva gave the Lions the 1-1. At half time some girls got a well-deserved rest and the Lions were able to use all subs again. The first minute the Lions came out flat, they allowed the striker on the other team to control the ball in the box and allowed her the space to turn around and shoot on goal. Her shot went in and again it wasn’t looking good for he Lions. The goal against woke the team up again and they started to look for a goal for themselves. The Lions created a lot of chances again but were still unlucky with their finishing. Until the last 10 minutes of the game, they controlled the match and decided to play with four attackers. With all that power up front we we’re able to score 2 goals turning the result into a 3-2 for the Lions. The equalizer came from Nica after a great solo effort, and the winning goal came from Cheyenne when her shot going in at the far post. It was a great team effort by all of the girls.


“This week we will continue our intense practices and have a scrimmage on Friday again. The friendly matches are great for the girls to learn our style of play and begin working together. I am already happy with how they are coming together as a team. Sunday will be our first game in the fall season and I hope the girls will be ready for this”, said Coach Dave Smits.


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