Academy Weekly Report

Dutch Lions U11 boys vs Club X Revolution

Friday, September 6th at 6:45pm

Result: Club X Revolution win

Player of the game: Robbie


The Dutch Lions boys began their MVYSA fall season on friday vs Club X Revolution and were eager to take the field against a worthy opponent. With 2 weeks to prepare for the game, coach Shane was ready to have his boys take the field, “The U11 boys have trained really hard to prepare for the season and I am excited begin playing in the very competitive U11 division”

The first half was a very even contest, the Dutch Lions were able to put together a couple nice attacks but could not get the ball in the back of the net. A shot from Lochlan which hit off the crossbar, looked to give the lions an early lead but the ref ruled it did not cross the goal line. Club X would get on the board with 2 goals coming from scrambles in the 18 yard box.

When the 2nd half began, the DDL boys looked like a new team. With a ton of energy and effort they were able to look very dangerous at times hitting the post and crossbar numerous times. The Dutch Lions were finally rewarded after Matthew sent a brilliant free kick in the box and which fell to the feet of Robbie and he was able to shoot it pass the keeper. A very competitive game all around but Club X Revolution finished the game with the victory.


Dutch Lions U11 Boys vs PC Sting

Sunday, September 8th at 4:00pm

Result: PC Sting Win

Player of the game: Matthew


The Dutch Lions U11 competed in their second game of the weekend against PC Sting. With PC Sting coming off a win in their last game, Coach Shane was aware of the challenges of today’s game, “2 games in a weekend is always tough, we have to make sure we are ready physically and mentally to play and need to come out sharp against a good PC Sting team”

The 1st half was very physical from the beginning which made it difficult for both teams to possess the ball. The PC Sting were strong and fast in the attack so it put a lot of pressure on the DDL defense early. The Dutch Lions defense was led by Matthew and he gave a good effort keeping the defense organized and defending well against a dangerous PC Sting attack. The Dutch Lions would also get a couple of scoring opportunities with chances from Robbie and Lochlan but a couple nice saves from the PC sting goalie kept DDL scoreless and gave PC Sting the lead at halftime.

The 2nd half became a battle of endurance with both teams keeping up the pressure and not slowing down one bit. The Dutch Lions defense competed all half containing the fast PC Sting attack but would eventually give up couple goals late in the game. The DDL attack showed some bright moments in creating chances to score but needed  that finishing touch to get them on the board. The match concluded with PC Sting taking the victory with a rematch set between the two teams on September 29th.



Dutch Lions U12 Girls vs Urbana Girls 01

Sunday, September 8th at 2:30pm

Result: Urbana Girls 01 Win

Player of the game: Sarah


The Dutch Lions Girls returned to Sackett-Wright Park for their second game of the MVYSA season against a very solid Urbana Girls team who are coming off a victory from last weekend. Coach Shane was confident going into the match , “The progress so far with the DDL girls has been great, they are improving every game and I know its just a matter of time before we start getting positive results”

The first half was a very even contest all around by both teams.

Urbana Girls came close to scoring a couple early chances but the DDL defense were very organized having to deal with the Urbana forwards who were a lot stronger and faster. The Dutch Lions were also able to put together some nice attacks with Lindsey leading the midfield, multiple times attacking with 4 players against 2 Urbana defenders but could not find the end pass to get to goal. The Urbana girls would grab the first 2 goals of the game heading into halftime.

The 2nd half was similar but the pace of the game would eventually slow down due to the hot temperatures. The Dutch Lions had a couple good moments connecting passes from the defense through the midfield that resulted in scoring opportunities for the attackers but could not get on the scoring sheet. The game would finish with the Urbana girls taking the victory but Coach Shane was pleased with the effort given by the girls, “I thought we were a lot more organized this game with a balanced attack and defense and competed well against a solid Urbana team” 



Dutch Lions U10 Boys Red – Club X Scorpions White

Saturday, September 7th at 9:00am

Result: 2-5

Player of the game: Adam


After another good week of practice the U10 Boys Red were ready for their second game this league, this time against Club X Scorpions White. They started the game pretty good, trying to play from the positions and organization, and passing the ball to each other. Playing that way, they created some good changes which led to a 1-0 lead by a good goal of Justin. Also the defense did a great job, and with Adam having some great saves the score at halftime was 1-0.

The Lions tried to keep this up during the second half, to keep possession of the ball and to score another goal. Unfortunately, they were a little bit unlucky with some passes and the opponent could intercept the ball and scored a couple of goals. The U10 Boys Red still tried their best, kept their heads up and played their own style which made them able to score another nice goal in the second half.


“We really improved ourselves”, said coach Marco after the game. “We had a lot more possession of the ball, had a lot more passes to each other and create some good changes. It is good to see the players learning fast and trying to translate the things they learn at the practices in to the game.”


Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue – BSA Celtic 03 Red

Sunday, September 8th at 12:00pm

Result: 4-2 win

Player of the game: Zach


The Dayton Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue team played their third game this league against BSA Celtic 03 Red. It was a warm and sunny day and everyone was looking forward to the game! The U10 Boys Blue started really good with a lot of possession of the ball and pressing forward, which led to some great changes. Unfortunately the opponent was able to take the lead. The Lions didn’t give up and went on the same way they started the game. A good dribble of Ayden led to a penalty kick because he was tripped in the box. Aaron decided to take the penalty, and scored the equalizer. Halftime score: 1-1.

The Dayton Dutch Lions started the second half even better than the first. Within 5 minutes they scored their second and third goal out of a corner kick and a nice shot of Aaron. After the 3-1 lead, the opponent had a couple of opportunities to score a goal, but with good defensive work and good work of our goalie Zach they were not able to score. The U10 Boys Blue kept creating changes and even scored a fourth goal five minutes before stopping time. A nice solo from Justin put him in front of the goalie and he didn’t fail!


Coach Marco was happy after the game: “I saw a lot of good things today! We played more in our positions, helped each other out, en tried to pass the bal around. That way we created a lot of changes. It is good to see the players making steps and improve every game!”


Dutch Lions FC Boys U13 Orange vs Santos FC

Game date/time: September 8th 2013, 05.45PM

Score: 1-2 (0-2)

Player of the day: Gaven


Last Sunday the young Lions got their first loss in the Fall season. After a win and a tie in their previous 2 games they were unable to take the three points against a strong and well organized opponent.

The Lions did not play a good first 20 minutes, conceding a goal in the first 30 seconds of the game and having trouble to handle the system and players of Santos FC. But during the game they showed tremendous work ethic and got better and better. Some tactical changes were made at half time and the young Lions dominated the second half, scoring a goal, playing some good possession soccer and creating a couple of very good chances.
Coach Sid about the game “This was a game with two halves, were the boys can learn a lot from. We gave away to much space in the first half and the pressure on the ball was to low in the first 30 minutes, when we corrected that it became an even game, unfortunately we were already behind by two goals. But at the end of the game everybody gave their maximum and we almost turned the result around so I am happy about that.”
Coach Sid about Gaven being nominated player of the game “Gaven is a very creative and explosive player. He scored a good goal today and showed some nice skills on the ball. Maybe there is a little bit to much dribbling in his game at the moment but we are working on that, and when he understands when the right moments to dribble or to pass are he will become even more dangerous as a player.”      


Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue – Butler United 00

Saturday, September 8th at 12:00pm

Result: 3-2

Player of the game: Jonathon


After a couple of weeks of practice, the Dayton Dutch Lions Boys Blue team was ready for their first game. Starting the game at noon, the Lions were facing Butler United 00. For a lot of players playing the first time 11 v 11, it was a nice opportunity to see what the team already is capable of!

The boys started the game strong and the midfielders and forwards created some really good changes, but they missed the final touch to score a goal. Although it where the Lions who had more possession of the ball and creating most of the changes, also the defending players were tested a couple of times by the fast forwards of Butler United. Halfway the first half it were the Dutch Lions who scored the first goal of the game. After some good passes and a little help of a defender of the opponent it was 0-1. The Lions kept playing the way before they scored the goal but one of the fast forwards of Butler United fell in the box and got a penalty kick which they scored.

After some instructions at half time the Dayton Dutch Lions started the second half very good. The organization in the defense was better so that the opponent created less changes, and the Lions had more possession of the ball. Unfortunately it was Butler United who scored the 2-1 after an very unlucky moment in the defense of the Lions. But the U13 Boys kept going, and Jonathon scored the equalizer after a good cross of Gage. With still a couple of minutes left to play, the Dayton Dutch Lions got what they deserved: after a good attack over the left wing, the lions crosses the ball to the center of the field where the striker dropped the ball to Jonathon who didn’t hesitate, and shot the ball in the upper corner of the goal: 2-3!


“It was a well deserved win”, said coach Marco after the game. “It was the first game of this team playing 11 v 11 and I saw some really good things. We already played as a team and tried to support each other. For me it was especially nice to see how the instruction given at halftime were applied in the second half!”


Dayton Dutch Lions U13 Girls vs FC Tippecanoe Elite U13 girls

Sunday September 8, 2013

Result: 1-1

Player of the game: Peyton


Today our second game in the league, playing again against FC Tippecanoe Elite our opponent from 2 weeks ago. In that game we tied 0-0 knowing we had 4 great opportunities in de second half. We hardly gave up and chances for the other team. So we knew it was going to be a tough game. Coach Dave decided to make a switch today by putting Olivia up front. With her speed now from the start we we’re hoping to surprise the other team. Like 2 weeks ago we did not start well, given the other team to much space and time to control the ball and make the right choices. In the 7th minute this led to a goal. On a throw in we left our position without other players taking over that spot, that left the offender wide open and with no one to put pressure on her she was able to score the 1-0. After that moment we finally got better in the game and we we’re winning our 50/50 balls again. Our defense stayed together and played a very solid game, with our speed and strength in the back we are very difficult to be beat. Our midfielders showed great Winning mentality and we’re able to get our forwards close to the goal of Tippecanoe. But again we we’re not creative enough to do something with all these chances. The rest of the first half saw the Lions in a lot of offense but the goalkeeper was able to keep her goal clean.

The second half a very competitive game, both teams looked very similar with a lot of soccer on midfield. The Lions we’re looking for the equalizer and chances we’re for Nica and Olivia. This time we did more with the space we created for our self and a goal was up in the air. With the final 10 minutes on the clock coach Dave decided to have Grace up front as well. With more power up front he was looking for a goal. And it worked, the final 10 minutes we had  a lot of pressure on their half of the field. In the 33th minute of the second half the team finally got the reward. A real scrimmage for the goal gave Peyton the chance to get the final touch on the ball, with a hard shot she left the good keeper chanceless. If you would think the Lions we’re done with the game and be satisfied with the tie, no they weren’t. in the final minute of the game it was Nica who put the pressure on the last defender and was able to steal the ball from her. With another defender chasing her she was getting real close to scoring another goal. But after giving it all today her shot missed the power to surprise the goalkeeper. Right after the shot the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.


Coach Dave: “I was very pleased with the team today, they really wanted to turn this game into our favor. Keeping the pressure on the other team after the 1-1 right before the end of the game pleased me. And yes we are happy with the tie, off course, but it looks like this team wants more. Our defense is very solid, our midfield very aggressive and with our speed and strength up front we can play with everybody. But we need to be more creative, something we will focus on this week to help us prepare for our next game.”

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