Academy Weekly Report 09/16

Dutch Lions FC U10 Boys Orange – Metro Boys U10
Friday, September 13th , 6.30PM
Score: 6-1  (3-0)
Player of the day: Luke


Tippecanoe U10 Boys – Dutch Lions FC U10 Boys Orange
Saturday, September 14th  2013, 1.30PM
Score: 2-0  (1-0)
Player of the day: Eben


After a 9-5 (against Tippecanoe) win in their first game the U10 Boys Orange had to play 2 games within 18 hours.

On Friday night the first game was played against Metro and the U10 Boys Orange played absolutely fantastic. With fast combinations, great fakes and some fantastic goals Metro, who won both their games so far, had no change to play with the Lions.


The next morning the U10 Boys Orange played in Tipp City against a team they beat a week before (9-5) and it was clear that Tippecanoe was not going to let this happen again. After a few changes for the Lions suddenly Tippecanoe got the lead. Until half time the score stayed that way.
In the 2nd half the Lions played very well, created numerous changes, but we weren’t able to put the ball into the (small) goal. In the final second we got scored on a second goal and for the first time this season the U10 Boys Orange lost a game and were unable to score where they scored 15 goals in their first 2 games.


Coach Patrick: “Even at this age playing 2 games this close to each other is difficult, but I was very happy with the way we played. Against Metro it was absolutely fantastic how these young men passed, faked and scored. Also defensively they did all the work they needed to do. We made great progress as a team when we have the ball already and this weekend we also proved that we can play defense really well. We got scored on only 3 goals in 2 games, but in the second game we just couldn’t score., but that won’t happen twice if we keep playing the way we do. It’s a pleasure working with these guys and to see how they practice and play as a team!”


Dutch Lions U10 Boys Red Club X Scorpions Blue

Saturday, September 14th at 3:00pm  AWAY

Result: Club X Scorpions Blue win

Player of the game: Justin N.


The Dayton Dutch Lions U10 Boys Red team played their third game of the league against Club X Scorpions Blue. After playing a very good match the week before, it was a total different game today. The Dutch Lions tried to play their own game, but didn’t succeed to do the same thing they did last week. The U10 Boys gave up to much space, and when they had the ball the passes were not strong enough or they were unlucky. This way they made it more difficult for themselves, and it was tough to really get in to the game. Although the Dutch Lions never reached the level they can play, there were also good moments in the game. They created some good changes, but missed the final touch and unfortunately they couldn’t score a goal today.

“Games like this can happen” said Coach Marco after the game. “The boys couldn’t really get into the game and when they had the ball they were unlucky. It’s important that they keep their heads up, because I really see the players improve!”


Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue SC Alliance Cobras

Sunday, September 15th at 5:30pm  HOME

Result: 5-2 (2-1) win

Player of the game: Justin L & Matthew


Today it was time for the fourth game of the Dayton Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue. A team that plays better and better every week, and are really improving. And that was what the boys showed on the field today!


The Dutch Lions started the game very good with a lot of pressure on the goal of the opponent, but were a little bit unlucky with the finishing touch in the beginning of the game. But finally it was Matthew who could score the deservedly first goal of the game. Although the Dutch Lions were the better team today, SC Alliance Cobras also tried to create some changes, but with very good defensive work of Owen, and Zach on goal, most of the changes were not dangerous enough. At halftime the score was 2-1 after another good goal of Matthew.


The U10 Boys played the second half even better than the first, and really tried to follow up the instructions given at halftime. There were a lot more passes, and they played even more as a team! Although they passed the bal around, it was Aaron with a good solo who scored the third goal! He also scored the fourth goal after some good passing and a nice assist of Matthew. The final goal of the Dutch Lion was scored by Ayden, after good work and an assist of Jeremy. With the 5-1 lead and only one minute to go, SC Alliance Cobras were able to score their second goal of the game, but that did not spoil the fun for the U10 Boys Blue!


“It was a very good game” said Coach Marco after the game. “They really played as a team and tried to support each other and connected the passes. It is nice to see the players improve, both individually and as a team!”



Dutch Lions U11 Boys – Gunner FC 02

Saturday, September 18th at 12:00pm

Result: Gunners FC Win

Player of the game: Lochlan


The Dutch Lions played their 3rd game of the the MVYSA season on Saturday afternoon against the Gunners FC. A high level of anticipation leading up to the game with the Gunners FC looking to stay undefeated and a Dutch Lions team trying to rebound with a win against the top team in the division. Coach Shane was confident in his team prior to kickoff , “All week I explained to boys how massive this game was going to be and that we needed to play as a team if we want to get a positive result against the Gunners.  Training has been great this week and I know the U11 boys will be up for the challenge today”


The 1st half began with a very high pace, the Dutch Lions pressuring every ball the Gunners touched and forced them into a couple early mistakes. The Lions attack would be rewarded after a through ball behind the Gunners defense was picked up by Lochlan and his low shot past the keeper would give them the early lead.  More creative play from the Dutch Lions attack with a few quick passes sent Matthew past the last defender and he was able to find the back of the net with a brilliant shot to the side netting. The Gunner FC offense would also come alive adding two goals of their own to end the half 2-2.


The Dutch Lions continued to push the pace in the 2nd half keeping a balance attack but also staying organized defensively. The Lions would add a third goal to their tally after another through ball sent Lochlan one on one with the keeper and he confidently sent his shot low past the keeper for his second goal of the game. Late in the game, the Dutch Lions would show signs of fatigue with the midfield and defenders becoming too stretched out which allowed the Gunners FC offense to have a little more time and space in the Lions defensive half.  The Gunners would seal the victory with a late goal but a overall great effort displayed by both teams during the match.  The Dutch Lions next game will the on September 28th vs. Springfield Thunder at eagle city soccer complex.



Dutch Lions U12 Girls – Picua Vipers

Saturday, September 18th at 6:00pm

Result: Picua Vipers Win

Player of the game: Camille


The Dutch Lions girls and the Picua Vipers met for the first time on Saturday night at the Pitsenbarger Complex. The Dutch Lions are coming off a very positive start after their game last weekend and even though they did get a victory, they impressed many with their potential to compete with any team in the U12 division. The Piqua Vipers are off to a great start picking up victories in their first two matches and remain undefeated.


The Piqua Vipers began the match with a fast pace which put the Dutch Lions under pressure and were forced to make some defensive stops early. The Dutch Lions were finally able to settle into the game after they started stringing together a couple passes through the midfield and began to possess the ball a lot better. The Vipers direct style of soccer did make it difficult for DDL at times but the Dutch Lions were still able to get some good scoring opportunities throughout the first half.  Piqua finally broke the deadlock and were able to finish off two goals and took the lead going into the halftime break.


The 2nd half began with DDL setting the tone early with a lot of energy and were much more physical. The Dutch Lions defense did a great job staying organized with Camille playing center defense and that kept the scoreline close for most of the half. The Lions would create some scoring chances but with the Vipers solid defense, they were able to tame the DDL attack and secure the Piqua victory. The Dutch Lions next game will be played on September 28th vs. The Raging Arrows at Sackett-Wright Park.


Dutch Lions U13  Girls  – Green County Cosmos U13 girls

Sunday, September 15th at 1:00 pm

Result: 2-0 (0-0)

Player of the day: Olivia


After our first 2 games ending the game with a tie the Lions we’re looking for their first win. Today it would be a tough game against the Cosmos who had a 2-0 victory against the Elite, the team we tied 2 times. After a great training week coach Dave believed that today could be the day the Lions could pick up the win. The players showed great team spirit at the practice field and great work ethic.



This game we started very aggressive, creating a good opportunity in the first 5 minutes what resulted in a corner kick. During the game we had a lot of corner kicks, (side note) we need do to more with those so it’s on the agenda for this week, that resulted in some crazy moments in front of the goal. Both teams looked very solid on defense today not giving away many chances, on offense side the Lions were a little bit more aggressive the first half but not enough to score a goal. At half time coach Dave instructed the players to put more pressure on their last defender, she was the one who cleared all through balls, but with the right pressure on her we should be able to get her a little bit out of her comfort zone. Coach Dave also wanted to see more runs from his left and right back. The second half the Lions were the better team, with the pressure on the Cosmos we kept the ball on their side of the field. Little chances were created by Olivia, Nica and Eva. It was in the 12th minute we got our first goal, and yes it was via a corner kick. Eva received the ball and in  her turn she was able to shoot the ball in the goal. After the first goal we had a good opportunity to score a second one but this time we were unlucky on our shot by Olivia. After the 20th minute in the second half the Lions were pushed back by the Cosmos team who were looking for a goal. In that phase of the game the Lions need to learn to play smarter, sometimes when you are under pressure you need to put the ball behind the defensive line of the other team so you can push up and play away from your own goal. But because we dribbled too  much and losing the ball too much on our own half the Cosmos came very close to our goal. With 5 corner kicks in a row it looked very nervous for the Dutch Lions fans, but with Olivia helping out on defense we did not allow a goal. In the last 5 minutes the Lions controlled the game again and it was right before full time we scored a second goal. Nica dribbled into the box but was stopped with a tackle from behind, everybody expected a PK but the good referee decided to play on since it was only 10 seconds left in the game, out of the deflection the ball ended at the other side of the goal and it was Autumn who headed the ball over the surprised goalkeeper for the 2-0.


Coach Dave:” I was very happy with the way we played today, I feel like the girls now know how to set up their defense. Allowing only 1 goal in 3 games is very impressive, and we don’t give away many chances to the other team either. Now it’s time to learn how to play a little bit more away from our own goal, so we are able to put more and  faster pressure on the other team. I am also very pleased with the way we play as a team. Every player has her individual skills but putting them together and find the right task for each player makes us a tough team to beat. A great thank you for all our Dutch lions fans for their great support each game and practice.”


Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue – Butler United 00

Sunday, September 15th at 2:30pm

Result: 1-0 (0-0) win

Player of the game: Kevin


The second game of the league for the Dayton Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue was against the same team as the first one: Butler United 00. After winning the first game with a 3-2 score after scoring the winning goal in the dying minutes of the game, today’s game was a copy of the first one. The only difference was that both teams created a lot more changes, but scored less goals.


The Dutch Lions started strong with a lot of pressure on the goal of the opponent. With some good combinations they were able to create good changes, but were unlucky with the finishing touch, or the balls were saved by the good playing goalie of Butler United. With playing the first half almost only on the side of the opponent, the halftime score was 0-0.


The second half it became an more open game, with some great changes for both teams. But both teams didn’t succeed and just like the first game the winning goal was scored just 2 minutes before time. Gage was tripped just outside the box and got a free kick which he took himself. After a good save of the goalie it was Aaron J who was attentively and could score the rebound: 1-0.


“It was a game with ups and downs,” said Coach Marco after the game. “We should have scored a couple of goals in the first half, which would have made it more easier for us to finish the game. Because we were unlucky with the finishing touch, the second half was more challenging, and both teams could have gone home with the three points. Nevertheless I’m very happy with the three points and the way we played.” 

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