Academy Weekly Report 10/1


Below are the match reports from the Youth Academy matches from Sept. 27-Sept. 29. A lot of Youth Academy teams were in action so take a look at how they did!


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U9 Boys – Gunners FC U9 Boys


Saturday, September 28th 

Result: Loss

Player of the game: Jackson


DDL FC U-9 Boys played their 5th game of the season. This time the Lions played against a really good Gunners FC. It was a very tough game put they played with big heart! We were building up, found good passes made some good dribbles and moves. Because of the good play once in a while we also created opportunities to score a goal. Late in the second half Brendan scored a good goal after a nice dribble.


The reason why Jackson is player of the game is because he did an amazing job in defense and while we had the ball he made amazing dribbles and outplayed some defenders. 



Dutch Lions U10 Boys Red – SC Alliance Cobras

Sunday, September 29th at 1:00pm  AWAY

Result: 1-7 win (0-2)

Player of the game: Evan


On a rainy day the Dayton Dutch Lions U10 Boys Red played their fifth game of the league against SC Alliance Cobras at Tawaka Park (Sidney). Even though it rained pretty bad, the U10 boys played one of their best games! With good possession play, creating good changes, and challenging the opponent, the Dutch Lions created a lot of changes and didn’t give anything away. Therefore the score at halftime was 0-2 by goals of Justin an Adam.

The U10 Boys started the second half even better, and were able to finish more of their changes through some good passes and combinations. And the boys saved the best for last: a nice attack on the right side of the field led to a nice cross from Justin L to Justin N, who could finish the great attack with the seventh goal for the Dutch Lions.


Coach Marco after the game: “It was a really nice game to watch, even though it rained pretty bad. You could really see the boys are improving and get to know each other better and better every day. They played as a real team, helping each other out, and trying to connect when we had the ball. I saw some really good combinations, and I’m very happy with the way we played today. Right now it is important to keep this up during the next couple of weeks!”



Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue – CUSA 03 Gold

Saturday, September 28th at 4:30pm  HOME

Result: CUSA 03 Gold win


Before the game started the Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue already knew it was going to be a tough game, playing against the still undefeated leader of the league. And unfortunately, that didn’t  change after the game.

The U10 Boys really tried to play their best soccer and were even able to score the opening goal of the game, but they had to admit that the opponent of today were some steps ahead of them. Nevertheless the Lions tried to play their own game during the whole the game, and really tried to challenge their opponent, but with some good attacks of CUSA en some easy made mistakes the U10 boys had no change to win this game today…


“It was a though game,” said Coach Marco. “We already knew that before the game started, and although we lost this game, I also saw some good things. We tried to play our own style of soccer, and also created some good changes, but we gave away some goals to easy. Right now it is important that the boys keep their heads up and try to learn from this game. Next game there will be another change!”


Dutch Lions FC U11 Boys – PC Sting 02

Sunday, September 29th at 5:30pm

Result: Win 4-3

Player of the game: Robbie


The Dutch Lions squared off against PC Sting in their 2nd game of the  weekend.  A highly anticipated match with both teams coming off  victories in their last game and each team looking to move up in the  league standing.


The first half began with high pressure from the Dutch Lions that  really set the tone by challenging for every ball in and around the  midfield area. The Lions created some great scoring opportunities by  keeping possession of the ball and slotting through balls behind the  PC Sting defense. Goals from Lochlan and Matthew would give DDL the  lead going into half 2-1.


With the second half under way, the Dutch would keep the pressure up  on the PC Sting defense. Quick passes up the wing allowed some  dangerous crosses sent into the PC Sting area and The Dutch Lions  would capitalize on another goal. A cross into the box found Tommy  around the penalty area and he was able to place it by the keeper for  the third goal. PC Sting would not go down without a fight scoring 2  goal in 5 mins and knotting the game up at 3-3 heading into the final  ten minutes of the game. The Dutch Lions would then find the game  winning goal after a brilliant cross from Matthew into the feet of  Robbie who sealed the victory for the Lion?s 4 goal of the game and  the 2nd victory of the weekend.



Dutch Lions FC U11 Boys – Springfield Thunder 02

Saturday, September 28th at 3:00pm

Result: Win 1-0

Player of the game: Drew


The Dutch Lions returned to the pitch on Saturday for an away game  against the Springfield Thunder 02. The Lions scored 4 goals in their  last outing and will try to build off their balanced attack and high  pace to get a result versus the home team.


The first half started with the Dutch Lions showcasing their  trademark high pressure and outworking their opponent from the very  beginning. The Dutch Lions high pressure resulted in a couple early  corner kicks and some good scoring opportunities.  The Lions finally  broke the deadlock when Robbie picked the ball up in 18yd box and was  able to fire a shot home through traffic and pass the keeper. The  halftime score ended 1-0 with the DDL taking the lead into the break.


Springfield Thunder began the 2nd half with a lot of energy and it was  much more even contest. The Dutch Lions were forced to stay organized  defensively and Drew was there to make some goal scoring saves that  secured the lead. Springfield would finish the last ten min of the  game hitting the post three times but the Dutch Lions held firm for  their first shutout of the season. The game would end 1-0 with the  Lions getting a important victory on the road.


Next match: Saturday, October 5th 10:30am Ward-Hoke Rd #12



Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls – Raging Arrows

Saturday, September 28th at 5:30pm

Result: 1-1

Player of the game: Gracee


The Dutch Lions faced off against The Raging Arrows in their 4th game  of the mvysa season. An important game for both teams trying to get  back on the winning track with the hopes of moving up U12 division  with a win. Coach Shane was confident in his team , ?The girls are  improving every game as a team, becoming more organized and improving  our speed of play which is helping us compete against these teams.   I?m excited for the game today and hoping for a positive result.?


The first half started in the Dutch Lions favor, connecting passes  through the mid field and working the ball up the wings created some  early chances for the Lions. The Lions would then break the scoreless  tie with a goal from Paige after she collected the ball inside the 6yd  box and poked it in for the first goal of the game.  The Raging Arrows  would also have some good scoring opportunities but would be denied  each time by Gracee who had a great showing in goal to end the first  half.


During the second half, the game really opened up between the teams  which resulted in a couple scoring opportunities for both sides. The  Lions would keep busy with crosses from the wings but could not find  the goal scoring touch to put the ball in the back of the net. The DDL  defense would stay organized throughout the game and but would  eventually give up the game tying goal from a great shot from the  Raging Arrow. The game would finished 1-1 with solid effort from both  teams.


Next match: Saturday, October 5th 1:30pm at Sackett-Wright Park



Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue – Southwest SC B00 Gold

Friday, September 27th at 6:15pm  HOME

Result: 0-3 (0-2)

Player of the game: Xander


After winning the first two games of the league, the Dayton Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue lost their third game against Southwest SC B00 Gold, a team that also won their first two games.

The Lions were not focused enough and within 3 minutes the opponent already scored  the first 2 goals of the game: a wake-up call for the U13 Boys! But the Dutch Lions couldn’t get their selves into the game the first half and were under a lot of pressure. Therefore it was goalie Xander who kept the Lions in the game with some good saves during that first half.


The Dutch Lions started the second half way better than the first, and directly created a couple of big changes, but the good playing goalie of Southwest SC was able to make some good saves. Without playing the way the U13 Boys are able to, they tried to score the connecting goal to get back in to the game but were unlucky with the finishing touch. On the other side, it was Southwest SC who could score the third goal of the game…


“Focus, concentration and giving the full 100% are some of the basic things when playing a game,” said Coach Marco after the game. “I really missed those things, especially in the beginning of the game. Getting scored on twice in the first three minutes of the game is an example of that and then it’s difficult to get back in to the game. Hopefully this was a good lesson for the boys, and won’t it happen again!”



Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue – Gunners FC 01

Sunday, September 29th at 4:00pm  AWAY

Result: 2-2 (2-2)

Player of the game: Aaron


The second game of the weekend for the Dayton Dutch Lions was on Sunday, against Gunners FC. It was a rainy day, and the field was very slippery, which had his influence on the game.


The U13 Boys started way better than the game last Friday. The players really gave 100%, were focused, and tried to play the passing game. Most of the changes were for the Dutch Lions in the first half with some changes really close to the goal of the opponent, but the Lions weren’t able to get it in. In the 18th minute it was Andrew who scored the first goal. After intercepting a goal kick of the goalie he had an open way to the goal en finished it good: 0-1. A couple of minutes later Gunners FC was able to score the equalizer. Because of the slippery ball en field the goalie of the Lions couldn’t catch the ball, and in the rebound the Gunners could score their goal. With some other great changes for the U13 Boys after the equalizer it were the Gunners again who scored a goal. A through pass on their fast winger led him to a one versus one situation with the goalkeeper and he didn’t fail. Then one minute before halftime the Dayton Dutch Lions scored their second goal out of a corner. Gage crossed the corner kick at the first post where Andrew finished it: 2-2 at halftime.

During the second half both teams still gave 100% and were challenging each other but they were both unable to score another goal. Without very big changes the final score of the game was 2-2.




“I’m really satisfied with the attitude and the hard work the boys showed on field today,” said coach Marco. “I was a real difference with the last game we played. Unfortunately we weren’t able to finish some of the great opportunities we had, but if we keep up the hard work we showed on the field today, and will improve our possession game we will definitely have some good games ahead of us!”



Dutch Lions U13  Girls – FC Tippecanoe Titans U13 girls

Sunday, September 29th at 2:30 pm

Result: 0-2 (0-0)

Player of the day: Grace T.


A real exciting game between the number 1 and number 2 of the league, us being the number 2. Both teams have a great record and seem tough teams to beat. Today goalkeeper Grace showed her toughness by playing the game with a real sore ankle.

Today we started not so aggressive as we did other games, after the kick off we gave the ball to the other team and within a minute we gave away a corner kick. This corner kick was not cleared very well and we allowed a Titans player to take an easy shot on goal and score the 1-0. After this goal we woke up and played more aggressive. The following 30 minutes we played very well and we looked good with great passing and possession. The Titans team has some great defenders but we we’re able to challenge them all. But today we had difficulties with scoring a goal out of our opportunities. The last few minutes of the first half we gave up some space witch allowed the Titans to create a chance themselves.


At half time coach Dave was pleased with the game but he wanted to see more players be involved with the game, he noticed that we reacted to slow when we had the ball. The second half we started strong but we we’re stopped by the strong defensive line of the Titans. After a few minutes the Titans showed they are a dangerous team with their play of a corner kick, again we we’re not able to clear the ball and the ball deflected of a hip of a Titans player into the goal for the 2-0. Again we showed that a goal does not knock us of our feet and the Lions went full power to the Titans goal. After 15 minutes we changed our formation in a formation with the use of Grace as an extra striker. This gave us more power on offense. After a few minutes it paid off with a penalty kick after a handball in the box. And then the confusion started, Olivia took the PK but her shot was stopped by the goalkeeper, she took the rebound and this time the ball went in for the 2-1. But the referee cancelled the goal saying that the same player cannot take the rebound after the ball deflects of the goalkeeper. This started a short discussion between the referee, his assistant and coach Dave. But the referee stayed with his decision by cancelling the goal. The Lions girls showed great sportsmanship by looking for other chances to score a goal but today it was too difficult against the Titans defenders.


After the game the team came together and talked a bit about the game. Coach Dave: I am proud the way the players handled the decision of the referee, it is something we can all take an example off including me. We will use this in our advantage and have a great training week getting us ready for our next game.


Next Game: Sunday October 13 against Green County Cosmos at Miami Valley School.



Dutch Lions U14 Girls – Lewisburg Lady Thunder 99 Gold

Saturday, September 28th at 1:30 pm

Result: Loss 1-2 (0-1)

Player of the game:  Emily 


The U14 Girls were again excited going into a weekend where they would play two good competitive matches and teams. The first of which was Saturday when they traveled to Lewisburg to play the Lady Thunder on a warm day at a nice grass field.


The girls started the game off with some very nice passing, keeping possession of the ball for the majority of the first 20 minutes of the match. The team showed discipline and maturity as they found the open space and played very attractive soccer going forward. Unfortunately, the ball stayed out of the back of the opponent’s net despite the Lions creating many opportunities and moving the ball around the field quite well.  After a close chance at the opponent’s goal, the Lions quickly found themselves up against a counter attack, unable to stop the break away, the Lions found themselves down 1-0. The Lions went to halftime, leading in possession and shots, but not in the scoreline, down 1-0.


Emily with the quick dribble.

Emily with the quick dribble.


The Lions returned in the 2nd Half determined to be rewarded for their play and their ability to move the ball around the field with precise passes and a simple build up. After some good passing and a long shot, U13 Girls player Payton followed the shot and finished off the deflection to tie the match! It remained 1-1 for 15 minutes until another counter attack resulted in a foul from the Lions and a free kick for the opponent. The Lady Thunder capitalized on the free kick and took the lead 2-1. The entire 2nd half was much the same as the first, the Lions retained the ball on defense and midfield but found themselves unable to break a tough back line and goalkeeper and score. Emily, as player of the game, was creating chances and showed great composure on the ball this game, along with many of the central midfield players.  A late chance saw Bethany put away a deflected shot and seemingly tie the match at 2-2. The center referee however made the decision that she was offside and disallowed the goal, leaving the game to finish in a 2-1 loss for the girls.


“It was some of the best soccer I have seen these girls play. I am disappointed in the scoreline, it is not the ‘reward’ I had hoped for the girls. They really deserved a better result with the way they played and I am very proud of everyone disciplined effort today. Our passing and our movement was very good this game but it wasn’t our day in front of the goal”, said Coach Eddie.



Dutch Lions U14 Girls – Wapakoneta Select 99

Sunday, September 29th at 1:00 pm

Result: Loss 0-1 (0-1)

Player of the game:  Halie


The U14 Girls returned on Sunday to play seemingly the toughest team in the league. The match was held at MVS on the turf field of the Lions but most of the match was unfortunately played as the rain fell.

The U14 Girls were eager to rebound from the day before and capitalize on strong play. They returned to their passing game and looked to control the game from the start. It was a bit more difficult with the fast, wet turf and also the high pressure of the opponent. The girls stayed focused as they were forced by a good opponent to play a lot of defense and play quick. The intensity of the match quickly raised as the teams really started to compete against each other. The Lions defense, led by Halie in the center (player of the game), stayed strong and defended well the entire first half even while being pressed heavily by the offensive threats of the opponent. Halie was every where on defense, and with the support of Kennedy and the others, was breaking up a lot of continuous attacks against the Lions. An unfortunate skipping corner kick took a deflection in the box of the Lions and bounced into the back of the net right as the first half whistle blew, making it 0-1 at half.


The Lions knew that they could play better and the second half saw a recharged Lion team. Even though having already played a tough game the day before and a tough half on this day, the girls showed tremendous intensity and effort in the second half. The energy level raised and the play of the Lions was much better in the second half. The Lions controlled the ball, found themselves on the opponent’s end much of the half, and were making great runs trying to create good chances. It was a tough match in the rain and tough to create real scoring chances. The Lions found themselves again unable to score and the game finished 0-1.


Coach Eddie said after, “This was a tough weekend for us. We played two tough teams and also played with limited subs and some U13 players. I am pleased with the girls play and thought process for both games. We need to be more dangerous and more aggressive going forward. Everything else is on track with where we want it, good passing, good technical skills during the game, and overall good disciplined soccer.  We have work to do, things can be faster and we have to play more consistent throughout the entire game. I am proud of the steps we took and look forward to the process of achieving the next level with this team.”


Next Match: Sunday, October 6th at 2:30pm Away vs Urbana.



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