Academy Weekly Report


It was a rainy weekend for soccer but the Orange Family was out and about with several youth academy matches being played. Many of the younger Dutch Lion teams were back in action. See below to see how they did.



Dayton Dutch Lions FC U10 GirlsNWC Alliance U10 Girls


When: 10/05/2013

Where: Sackett Wright Park

Score: Loss

Player of the game: Jetta


Last weekend the U10 girls played against NWC Alliance in a really good game. The game was pretty even. The Dutch Lions had the better field posession and NWC had the better physical strength. Both teams had a lot of chances during the game and the game went back and forth.


During half time coach W. told his players that they needed to put more pressure on the ball and be better in their passing.


As soon as the second half started the girls played more aggressive and were better in their passing. This resulted in a couple of good chances and a great goal. There was a back pass on Maddie who made a one touch pass to Milan who outplayed a defender with a great move and passed the ball to Jetta. Jetta outplayed two defenders and made a great goal.


There is still a lot to work on but we’re getting better every game!




Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue – Club X Scorpions Blue

Saturday, October 5th at 3:00pm  AWAY

Result: 4-2 loss (2-0)

Player of the game: Matthew


The Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue played their game against Club X Scorpions Blue this Saturday, a team that was ranked one position higher in the league standings.



Although they were ranked only one position higher, you couldn’t really see it during the first half. The U10 Boys were not aggressive enough, did not really challenge the opponent, and got scored on twice in the first half because of that. Then, after playing for only three minutes in the second half, it started to rain and thunder, so the referee decided to have a break.

After waiting for almost 45 minutes, the Dutch Lions could restart their game. This time however, it looked like a whole new game. The U10 Boys were challenging the opponent, were more aggressive, and show some great skills and teamwork. Because of that they were able to score a goal out of a corner kick, and right after that a second goal by Matthew after giving good pressure on the defender of the other team: 2-2.


Unfortunately, the Club X Scorpions were able to score 2 more goals in the final five minutes of the game, because there was too much space in the defensive line because the Dutch Lions were really looking for the winning goal!


“It was two different games within one game,” said coach Marco after the game. “We didn’t start strong enough the first half, and that’s why we got scored on two times. Then, after the rain delay, we started the way we should always start a game: strong, energetic, and hard working. You could see that really worked out, and we started to play as a team. A good lesson for the next games!”



Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U10 Orange – Skyhawks U10
When: October 5th , 10:30AM
Result: 10-0  (6-0) Win
Player of the day: Benjamin


The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U10 Boys Orange got their biggest win of the season so far. After scoring 11 goals in a friendly (11-9!) and 9 goals in the first game of the season (9-5) they beat Skyhawks with 10-0.


The game started good for the young Lions right away with an early goal in the 3rd minute by Ben. After this the Skyhawks gave the Lions good competition for 10 minutes, but when 2nd goal was scored the goals followed each other up fast. Within 10 minutes the score went up to 6-0.

Cedar made a great give and go with Luke and Cedar finished it calmly. Only a minute later it was Luke himself who scored 3-0 and Trace scored 4-0 within 2 minutes.


Cedar scores the 2nd Goal!

Cedar scores the 2nd Goal!

Ben scored his 2nd goal after a good pass from Cedar and also Trace scored his 2nd goal before half time.

In the second 4 more goals were scored by Seth (2), Quinn and (again) Trace. The most memorable moment in the second half, were the 9 (!!) corners on a row that we got to take. Even the Skyhawks were able to have some fun in that.

Coach Patrick: “We played one of our better games today. Great passing, fakes and movement of the ball. Also defensively we did what we had to do resulting in our first shutout of the season. The boys progress weekly and it’s fun to see this back in the game. Today the difference between these two teams was the team’s ability to pass and control the entire game.”



Dutch Lions U11 Boys – Gunners FC 02

Saturday, October 5th at 10:30am

Result: Gunners FC Win

Player of the game: John


The Dutch Lions were set to face the #1 seeded Gunners FC on a rainy  morning at Hoke-Ward Park. Gunners enter the match with one loss on  the season and the Dutch Lions look to build off their impressive win  against PC Sting last weekend. Coach Shane was eager for the match to  kick-off , ? We had a big win last weekend and I hope we can get  another positive result today but I realize it will not come easy  against the top team in the division. We will need to come out with  the same intensity and energy that we had last weekend if we want to  compete against the Gunners FC.?


The first half saw the Dutch Lions under some defensive pressure as  the Gunners attack forced a couple early corner kicks to begin the  game. The Lions stayed organized and challenged the Gunners in the air  and were able to fend off a couple dangerous balls served into the  Lions 18yd box. The Dutch Lions did their best to possess the ball in  the midfield and connected passes through the midfield but were not  able to create much behind the Gunners defense as they used their size  and strength to their advantage. The Gunners would capitalize on their  scoring opportunities and would take the lead heading into the  halftime break.


The second half was a much better showing for the Dutch as they came  out with a lot more energy and did a better job creating opportunities  using the wingers. John was able to make some plays attacking the  outside defenders and was real effective when he had the ball at his  feet. A great scoring opportunity came when the Lions attack crossed a  ball in from the wings and Tommy was able to poke it passed the keeper  only to have a Gunners defender clear it off the line. Although a much  more even contest in the second half, the Gunners FC would finish the  game with the win and secure the spot at the top of the division.


The next match will be Saturday October 12th at 10:30am vs.  Springfield Thunder at Sackett-Wright Park.



Dutch Lions U12 Girls – Greene County Cosmos

Saturday October 5th at 1:30pm

Result: Greene County Win

Player of the game: Paige


The Dutch Lions were back in action on Saturday afternoon against the  Greene County Cosmos. On a rainy and gloomy day at Sackett-Wright  park, both teams enter the match with the hopes of getting another  result in the U12 division. The Cosmos look to rebound off a loss  against the Urbana Girls and Lions try to build off a 1-1 tie against  the Raging Arrows last weekend.


The Greene County Cosmos had a quick start will some aggressive play  that put the Lions on their heels. The Dutch Lions were a bit unlucky  as they saw the first two corner kicks from the Greene County Cosmos  kick resulted in goals for the away team and forced the Dutch Lions  into an early deficit. The Lions would react well and pick up their  intensity as a team trying to pass and keep possession of the ball and  would be rewarded with a goal from Paige after some good passing from  the midfielders.


The second half was a much more even contest as the Dutch Lions  matched the energy and  aggressiveness of the Greene County Cosmos.   Offensively, the Lions would break down the Cosmos defense with some  nicely threaded through balls that created some good scoring chances.  Paige would then tally her second goal of the game after dribbling  pass the last defender and placing the ball neatly into the bottom  corner of the goal. The Lions defense would work hard all game but  would eventually give up a couple late goals leading into the end of  the match.  Both teams would battle to the final whistle but it was  the Cosmos who would take the victory against the home side.


The next match will be October 12th at 9:00am vs. Mad River Lady  Mustangs at Sackett-Wright Park



Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue – FC Springs

Saturday, October 5th at 6:oopm  AWAY

Result: 3-2 (2-1) Win

Player of the game: Dagan


The Dayton Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue started their fifth game against FC Springs, a team that did not win a game so far. To keep up with the first 2 teams in the standings, the young Lions needed to win this game. And they did.


After a start where the opponent gave a lot of pressure, the U13 Boys slowly got more control of the game and tried to pass the ball around. This way they created some changes during the first half, and were able to score two goals. After a good pass of Dagan, Jonathon was one on one with the goalie and didn’t fail. The second goal was a nice distance shot from Dagan.


The second half the Dayton Dutch Lions had full control of the game, and created a lot of good chances. The only thing they forgot was to score. And when you forget to score, the other team will: 2:2. But the Dutch Lions didn’t give up, and created chance after chance. Out of a good corner kick of Gage it was Stephen who scored the winning goal by a great header. Even though it was still exciting until the final whistle and the opponent put up a great effort, it was a well deserved win for the U13 Boys.


Coach Marco after the game, “I saw some really great attacks in this game. Unfortunately we were unlucky with the final touch. We could have made it a lot easier on ourselves when we scored some more goals, because we created a lot of good chances. But I saw a hard working team and they were prepared to work for each other. If we keep this up, we can have a strong finish of this season!”



DDL FC U13B Orange – FOSC White
Date: October 5, 2013
Result: T 1-1
Player of the game:  Matthew


The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Boys Premier team played their 5th game in the Buckeye Premier Division last Saturday and despite the many chances and better play ended up with a 1-1 tie.


While trying to play the game as they know it, with lots of short passes and possession, the movement without ball and the decisions with the ball were not always the best ones. Even so this talented team was able to create a couple of 100% chances that normally would go in… Unfortunately it was one of those games where the many chances created and the good intentions were not awarded with the win. Sam R scored the 1-0 in the second half and it looked like the lions would take the win creating some big chances with Hunter, Gaven, Griffin and Richard unfortunately being unable to finalize. With a late goal from FOSC the game ended up in a tie and the lions missed their chance to climb to 2nd place in the standings.


Coach Sid after the game “Playing on a surface like this (MVS turf) and against a team that we beat 4-1 last week we should have done a lot better, not only by winning the game but also with the way we played… I think we all thought that we already had these 3 points before the game was played and that’s not how it works with soccer. I am happy we got this game on tape and we will use it in our next video analyses session and hopefully improve fast on some things that we need to do better.”


For player of the game coach Sid nominated Matthew, “Matthew is a player with high technical skills and a lot of creativity, proof of that is the assist he gave today, he is real number 10 as we like to call that in Europe, I see  a lot of potential in him as a attacking midfielder. Hope he keeps up the good work”



Many matches of the Youth Academy were postponed due to rain and storms and are rescheduled for a new date. Stay tuned to the website for more updates on the Academy season! 



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