Academy Weekly Report


Another great weekend of Academy Matches were held this past weekend. The weekend was highlighted by the back to back to back Home matches held that brought out the Orange family in full force. Many parents and coaches were on hand to see the home matches, making for a great environment for the Youth Academy players to play. The weekend had mixed results and good match ups as most teams are completing the halfway mark in their Fall league season. 


Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue – Southwest SC B00 Gold

Friday, October 11th at 5.45pm  Away

Result: 3-0 win (1-0)

Players of the game: Jonathon and Nikash


Friday October 11th the Dayton Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue played their game against Southwest SC B00 Gold, a team that was ranked on the first position of the league, so it would be a tough game! Last time they played against each other the U13 Boys lost the game with 3-0.

But this time it was a whole different game. The Dutch Lions really showed effort and played to win. From the beginning of the game they started to give pressure and created a couple of changes. Later on that first half it was Andrew who gave a nice through pass to Jonathon who was one on one with the goalie and did not fail: 1-0!

The second half the Dutch Lions started really good. Three minutes after the break Gage crossed the bal out of a corner kick to the first post where Jonathon finished the ball in to the goal. From then on it  were the young Lions defending the 2-0 lead. Southwest SC gave a lot of pressure, but with good defensive work from the defenders and midfielders the opponent didn’t succeed to score a goal. Then ten minutes before time it were the U13 Boys who secured the 3 points: a good corner kick from Gage, this time crossed at the far post, was headed in by Jonathon, who scored his third goal of the game!


‘This game showed we can win from every team in this league,’ said coach Marco after the game. ‘The boys really showed effort and were willing to work for each other. That combined with some good skills led to a nice win. There are definitely things to improve, but when the boys show the effort they showed this game, they will be hard to beat!’




Dayton Dutch Lions FC U-9 Boys – NWC Alliance U-9 Boys (Game 1)

Saturday, October 12th

Result: Loss

Player of the game: Braxton


Last weekend the U-9 boys played two games against NWC Alliance U-9 boys. The first game was at their homefield. Our boys started really well. They were building up, passing the ball to each other, were dribbling and made good moved so they went around defenders.


Braxton was the player of the game because he was always open, made good passes and out played a couple of strikers.



Dayton Dutch Lions FC U-10 Girls – Metro FC U-10 Girls

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Result: Loss

Players of the game: Jetta & Milan


Last saturday the U-10 girls played their game against Metro FC. First half we tried to play good soccer but we had trouble with the high pressure of Metro FC.


Second half we played much better with a lot of movement without ball, passing the ball around, good moves and good dribbles. When the other team had the ball we played high pressure and we stole the ball a lot of times and created chances.


The girls can be really proud of their work effort and the way they tried to play in the second half. Keep that up!



Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue Dutch Lions U10 Boys Red

Saturday, October 12th at 1:30pm  HOME

Result: U10 Boys Blue win

Players of the game: Zach and Simon


Saturday October 12th it was time for the game between the U10 boys Blue and Red team. And because both teams always train together, the boys know each other well!

After both teams did a warming-up and team talk together it was time to start the game. And it was a good game! The Red team started very good with some nice passes and created a couple of changes during the first minutes. But because of some good saves of goalie Zach the Red team wasn’t able to score. On the other side, it was Aaron who opened the score for the Blue team, and with also Jeremy scoring his first goal of the season, the Blue team was leading at halftime.

After the break both teams went on the way they were playing the first half. Both team created some good changes by good procession play, and the boys were really challenging each other. It was Matthew of the Blue team who opened the score in the second half, and also Ayden was able to score two nice goals! And even though the Red team played very well, the final touch was not good enough or the finish was not strong enough, they really deserved to score some goals!

We ended the game on a typical Dutch way: shooting PK’s on each other, the Blue team versus the Red team. And this time the finishes of the Red team were better, so they won this part of the game!


‘It was a very good game,’ said Coach Marco after the game. ‘Even though we always train together and the boys know each other very well, both teams really showed some great skills and team play! Both teams tried to play the style we want to play within the Dutch Lions, and I really see all players improve!’



Dayton Dutch Lions U11 Boys – Springfield Thunder

Saturday, October 12th at 10:30pm

Result: Dutch Lions Win 6-0

Player of the game : Robbie


The Dutch Lions played their second to last mvysa game on Saturday  versus the Springfield Thunder. The previous meeting between these two  teams ended 1-0 with the Dutch Lions taking the victory at Eagle  Soccer Complex. Coach Shane had this to say before the game, ? The U11  boys had a tough game against the #1 ranked Gunners FC last weekend  and we will have to put in a 100% effort in offensively and  defensively today if we want to get a positive result.?

The first half began with the Dutch Lions setting the tone with lots  of energy and ball possession. Springfields slow start put them under  a lot pressure from the Dutch Lions attack and gave up multiple  scoring opportunities to begin the game. The Lions found success up  the wings and were able to expose the outside defenders and would  eventually break the deadlock after a nice cross from the wing and a  tap in for Robbies first goal of the game. Another goal from Lochlan  would put the Lions up 2-0 going into the halftime break.

The Dutch Lions started the second half with no signs of the slowing  down and continued to put full pressure on the Springfield defenders  and midfielders. As soon as the Lions would win the ball, the wingers  would do a great job keeping possession and also creating dangerous  crosses into the Springfield 18 yd box. Robbie would complete his  hat-trick adding two more goals to his name while also producing an  assist. The Dutch Lions would take the victory and Coach Shane was  satisfied with his team?s performance, ?This was definitely our best  game of the season, a great all around team effort from our offense  and defense today and a very important result for us.


The Lions next game will be Friday, October 25th at 5:30pm vs. Club-X  Revolution at Sackett-Wright Park.




Dutch Lions U12 Girls – Mad River Lady Mustangs

Saturday, October 12th at 9:00 am

Result: Mad River Win

Player of the game: Paige


The Dutch Lions girls returned to Sackett-Wright Park to take on the  Mad River Lady Mustangs. Both teams suffered losses the previous  weekend so a good result would get them back on track in the mvysa U12  division. Coach Shane was confident before the the game, ?Training has  been great this week and I hope we can translate that mentality onto  the field today. Two important tasks for the girls today is to keep  possession of the ball and to be aggressive against the much stronger  Mustangs.?


The first half was a very even contest, there were good scoring  opportunities for both side but neither were able to put the ball in  the net. The Dutch Lions connected many passing through the midfield  and were able to break down the Mustang defense on numerous occasions  and the Mustangs were just as dangerous with their athletic and strong  attack. Heading into the halftime the Mustangs would take the lead 2-0  but a solid half from the Dutch Lions.


The second half began and the Lions came out with a lot of energy  looking to cut the down the lead to 1 goal. The Lions would finally  get their chance after a through ball behind the Mustang defense sent  Paige one on one with the keeper and she was able to slot it past the  keeper for her first goal of the game. It seemed as if the game would  change after the Lions goal but the Mustangs showed their experience  and scored on their next two possessions to put the game out of reach  for the Lions. Coach Shane pleased with his teams effort, ?It was a  tough result for us but I don’t think the score reflects how we played  today, I thought we played some really good soccer at times and its  great to see my girls improving every game.?


The Lions next game will be on Friday, October 18th at 5:30pm vs. Real  Bellbrook at Sackett-Wright Park.



Dutch Lions U14 Girls – TSC United

Saturday, October 12th at 4:30 pm

Result: Loss 0-3

Player of the game: Cheyenne


The Dutch Lions U14 girls made the trip to Troy to play TSC United on a hot Saturday. The match up was a competitive one and the result, although not ending in the team’s favor, was one that wasn’t as lopsided as it looks.



The girls again played the match right from the beginning in the way where they wanted to control the game, control the ball, and control the passing. The Lions made it difficult on themselves by resorting to old ways and making old mistakes, allowing for the other team to capitalize on silly mistakes. The other team was strong enough to take advantage of the lost ball possession capitalized on the few chances they had, taking a 2-0 lead into the half against the Lions.


The 2nd half showed improvement, the energy was higher and the focus from the Lions was changed. Coach Eddie had this to say, “It was a frustrating first half because we made lazy mistakes that we do not normally make. I let the girls know at halftime that they were much better than what they were showing and the intensity and discipline just wasn’t there.” The game went back and forth the second half. The girls showcased some new things they have been working on in training and were able to create a few chances in front of goal. The possession was there, there was some great passing, and an attractive style of soccer was played but the girls could not find the back of the net. A lot of creative passing and movements were executed by the outside defenders, and outside forwards. “Cheyenne played a good game, she was open for her teammates when they needed it and played several great give and go passes to get by the defenders. Today she was the player of the game.” The match finished in a disappointing 3-0 Loss.


The U14 Girls are really looking forward to a two-match weekend coming up, Saturday Away and Sunday Home at MVS.



Dayton Dutch Lions FC U-9 Boys – NWC Alliance U-9 Boys (Game 2)

Sunday, October 13th

Result: Loss

Player of the game: Braxton & Lance


Last Sunday the U-9 Boys played our second game of this weekend against the same opponent. Like the day before the boys played really good! We were building up, giving trough balls and were good in the passing. We created a lot of chances but didn’t have the finishing touch.


This weekend the boys played their best games of the season. It is really good to see that the boys make big steps in their improvement! Technical, tactical, physical and mentally we are getting better and better! Keep that up!



Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue – Enon Knights

Sunday, October 13th at 4:00pm  HOME

Result: 5-2 loss (4-0)

Player of the game: Owen


After playing a game the day before, the Dayton Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue played their second game this weekend against the Enon Knights, a team that was ranked on the same position as the Dutch Lions.

And even though the Lions continued playing the good way they played the game the day before, it were the Enon Knights who played way more aggressive, and because of that they were able to score 4 goals in the first half of the game.

After the halftime break, where was told that if the U10 Boys played the way they did the first half, but only a little bit more aggressive, they were the better team. And they showed it! With some really good possession play, creating a lot of changes, and not giving the opponent the time and space to dribble or pass the ball around, the Dutch lions didn’t gave much changes away and where able to score 2 goals during that second half: Aaron out of a beautiful free kick (and later on he also hit the crossbar), and Matthew with a good goal. With also good defensive work of Owen en connecting play of Ayden, Jeremy and Justin, the U10 Boys Blue played a really good second half!


It was good to see how the boys followed the instruction given at halftime, and playing the way we want to play,’ said coach Marco. ‘The boys really tried to connect the passes, and also did both the attacking and defending tasks on their positions! It’s great to see the improvement of all the individual players and as a team, if you compare it with the first game we played!’




Dutch Lions U10 Boys Red – BSA Celtic 03 Blue

Sunday, October 13th at 5:30pm  HOME

Result: BSA Celtic 03 Blue win

Player of the game: Miguel


After playing a game the day before, the Dayton Dutch Lions U10 Boys Red played their second game this weekend against BSA Celtic 03 Blue. A team that was ranked on the first position of the league, so it would be a tough game!

And it was a tough game. Even though the young Lions played a really good game, and two minutes before halftime the score was only 1-2 after a nice assist of Justin to Aaron, it was the opponent who was able to score more goals during the rest of the game.

The Dutch Lions deserved more then they got this game. They really tried to pass the ball around, connecting the passes, and doing their tasks both attacking and defending. Because of that they created some good changes and they were able to score 2 more goals in the second half: Some nice dribbling skills of Justin on the left side of the field led to a goal of Evan, and Aaron was able to score out of a PK after Justin was tripped in the box. Also the defensive part with Miguel and Simon did a great job by really challenging the opponents forwards, and giving some good passes to the midfielders. Although the U10 Boys lost this game against the number one of the league, they can be really proud about the way they played!


Even though we lost this game, I’m really happy about the way we played,’ said coach Marco after the game.’ I really see the improvement of all the players and if we continue the way we play right now, we will definitely win some more games in the future!’



Dayton Dutch Lions FC Boys U10 Orange Metro FC U10B
Sunday, October 13th , 1:30PM
Result: 3-3  (2-2)
Player of the game: Cedar
For the second time this season the Dutch Lions FC U10 Orange weren’t able to sweep their opponent. After a 6-1 win in the first confrontation between these 2 teams the game was much more even today finishing in a 2-2 draw.

From the start it’s clear that Metro isn’t going to give us as much space to play and make fakes like the first game. Everywhere a Lion tries to control the ball there are 2 Metro players right on him. At times we pass very nicely and we make great fakes to get by the opponent, but it’s difficult for us to create a lot of changes.

Already in the 3rd minute we get a very clear warning who really wants to win today. With a great rush thru a few Lions the first gets scored and we’re down 1-0. Not much later it’s Luke, despite not feeling well, who takes a great shot (see picture) to score the equalizer: 1-1

Just before half time the scenario is the other way around. Both teams got changes, but it’s Seth who makes a great dribble, fakes out multiple opponents and scores 1-2 in the 23rd minute. In the very last second it’s Metro who ties the game at 2-2 at half

In the second half the game gets even more intense. The pace goes up, the duels get stronger and the battle continues, but we have to do this from being down 3-2. A rebound from a free kick gets headed into the net in the 31st minute.

The Lions won’t give up and accept the loss. With everything he’s got Quinn takes a fantastic shot. Hitting the bottom of the crossbar in the upper 90 he ties the game with only 2 minutes to go.
Cedar rescues a point for the Lions with a fantastic save, right on the line, from a header of a corner. Ben gets the last shooting change, but is unable to put it away.

Coach Patrick had mixed feeling after the game. “The other team was more aggressive and really wanted to win. We always want to play nice soccer, pass, make fakes, give and goes, build up etc. That’s perfectly fine, but we also have to know that there is a part without ball. And if the other team works harder than us it’s very difficult to keep the ball and do the things we want to do. I’m very happy with the way the boys fought back in the 2nd half and that they kept their head up at all time. Next week we will play a tournament followed by 2 league games during the week and another tournament. I’m looking forward to all these games!”



Dutch Lions U13 GirlsGreen County Cosmos U13 girls

Sunday, October 13th at 5:30 pm

Result: 1-0 (1-0)

Player of the day: Peyton and Macayla


A beautiful mid-October Sunday and a great field to play on, so what else do we need for a great soccer game? 2 teams who are willing to give it a 100%. And today we had those teams in the Dutch Lions and the Green Cosmos. With the sun shining over the turf field both teams looked ready to play. The first half was for the Dutch Lions, good pressure on the ball allowed the Cosmos not to go on offense and gave us some opportunities. In the 5th minute it was Peyton who made a great move in the box but her shot was saved by the goalkeeper. And a few minutes later it was Nica who had some good moments in front of the goal. The first half was a boring one for Grace as a goalkeeper, our defense was great today. The Cosmos team has a solid defense too, so it was very difficult to get through and create 1 on 1-es with the goalkeeper. So we had to score our first goal with a shot from outside  the box. Olivia received the ball and her rocket went over the keeper in de far corner for the 1-0. Great goal and at this moment well-deserved. The rest of the first half we controlled the game.


At half time coach Dave was pleased with the way we played but he wanted to see that the team did more when we had ball possession, we lost the ball to quickly when we stole it.


The second half was in some moments more even, the Cosmos was looking for the equalizer and the Lions for the 2-0 lead. It wasn’t a real good game the second half but the Lions team worked very hard to keep the Cosmos team from scoring. Today we had Paige from the u12 girls team as a guest player and she showed that she is capable of playing with the older girls, she herself had some opportunities to score a goal but she was stopped by the strong defenders of the Cosmos team. With a few minutes left in the game the Cosmos team had a free kick just outside the box, but Grace had her defense well organized and this opportunity got lost in the Lions wall of defenders. After 70 exciting minutes the good referee blew the whistle for the last time given the Lions a 1-0 win.

U13 girls teamfoto 2


Coach Dave: I am happy with the end result and I am very happy for the girls, they worked very hard today to get this victory. But the second half was not our best soccer I know we can play. The first half was better and this week I will try to find out why we couldn’t keep that level in the second half. Maybe we we’re tired, maybe it’s the time of the day? Who knows. But like I said I am happy with the result and this will help us with a good training week getting us ready for next week’s game against the Tippecanoe Titans.



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