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Check out how our Youth Academy teams did this past weekend and are doing so far this week!!!



Dutch Lions U10 Boys Red – BSA Celtic 03 Red

Friday, October 18th at 5:45pm  HOME

Result: BSA Celtic 03 Red win

Player of the game: Grant


Friday October 18th it was time for the next game of the Dayton Dutch Lions U10 Boys Red. This time against BSA Celtic 03 Red, a team that was literally taller, faster and stronger than the U10 Boys Red.

And that really made the difference this game. The young Lions really tried to play their own game, passing the ball around and building up from the back, but because the opponent was stronger and faster it was hard for the Lions to do. And when they finally created some good changes they missed the strength for the finishing touch.

In the final minutes of the game it was Justin who was able to score the only goal of the Dutch Lions today.


‘It was a tough game,’ said coach Marco after the game. ‘But also this is a good learning experience for the boys. Sometimes you play against a team that is bigger and faster, and then you have to play smart. Passing the ball around and moving without the ball is more important then. And in the duels you have to be strong!’




Dutch Lions U12 Girls – Real Bellbrook YNWA 01

Friday, October 18 at 5:45 pm

Result: 4-2 Real Bellbrook Win

Player of the Game: Lindsey


With 2 games left in the MVYSA season, the Dutch Lions faced off  against Real Bellbrook at Sackett-Wright Park on Friday night. Both  teams are trying to get back on the winning track after suffering  losses the previous weekend with Real Bellbrook getting edged out by  Springfield and the Dutch Lions defeated by the Mad River Mustangs.  Coach Shane was positive before the game, ?It was a tough result for  us last weekend but we are improving every game. We are playing some  good soccer at moments but if we can stay more organized, it will give  us the advantage we need.?


The First half began with the Dutch Lions setting the tone early with  a ton of energy and effort to begin the game.  The Lions attack was  dangerous at times and were rewarded with two early goals from Paige  to take the lead. Real Bellbrook would finally come alive and would  answer with two goals of their own to tie the game going into the  halftime break.


The second half continued to be a hard fought battle with both teams  creating a lot of scoring opportunities with some effective attacks.  Bellbrook would eventually get the go ahead goal that would give them  the lead after a great looping shot over the head of the Lions keeper.  The Dutch Lions continued to play their possession style of soccer  with accurate passes and movement of the ball to finish the game and  did a great job competing against a more experience Bellbrook team.   The game would finish with Bellbrook taking the victory but a very  entertaining match and an impressive all around effort by the Lions.




Dutch Lions U12 Girls – Springfield Thunder

Saturday, October 19th at 4:30 pm

Result: Tie 1-1

Player of the game: Camille


The Dutch Lions played their final game of the fall season against  Springfield Thunder at Eagle City Soccer Complex. A win from  Springfield would secure 2nd place for them and a Lions victory would  also move them up in the U12 division standings. An important game for  both teams and Coach Shane was excited for the match, ? I thought my  girls played great against Bellbrook last night, hopefully we can come  out with the same mentality and effort today against Springfield.?


The first half started with the Lions showcasing their possession  style of soccer by possessing the ball throughout the field and  passing around the Springfield defenders. Springfield had trouble  breaking down the Lions defense but had some impressive set pieces  which the ball had to be cleared out of the Dutch Lions 6 yd box  numerous times. The home team would eventually break the deadlock  after a free kick was placed high and over the Dutch Lions keeper for  the first goal of the game. A very good effort by the Lions attack but  they were held scoreless heading into the halftime break.


The second half did not slow down for either team as both teams  attacked in numbers and really pressed the issue to get the next goal.  The Lions were a lot more effective with their attack as they moved  the ball brilliantly at times but just lacked the final pass or  dribble to get to goal. Camille led the Dutch Lions defense and  defended well throughout the game which limited the Springfield attack  to only a few chances in the second half. The Dutch Lions would  finally be rewarded after some nice possession play in the midfield  then a precise through ball behind the Springfield defense to Paige  and she placed the ball low and past the keeper to tie the 1-1 in the  final minutes. The final whistle blew and the game ended a tie which  was a fair result for both teams.



Dutch Lions U13  Girls – FC Tippecanoe Titans U13 girls

Sunday, October 20th at 4:00 pm

Result: 3-1 (2-0)

Player of the day: Veronica “Nica”.


Sunday October 20 another beautiful day for a great game of soccer, this time against the leader in the league FC Tippecanoe Titans. The first game against them was our only loss so far in the league with 2-0 and our infamous penalty kick incident. So the Dutch Lions girls we’re ready for some revenge. And ready they we’re today. The whole game they looked great and on their edge with a lot of pressure on the Titans. Only in the first few minutes of the game the Titans played on our side of the field but after 5 minutes we took complete control and we we’re looking for our first goal. That one came after a great pass from Peyton to Nica, Olivia created space for Nica and when she controlled the ball she got a good touch on the ball. The goalkeeper stepped out of the goal to clear the ball but she kicked it against Nica, after the deflection Nica was able to shoot the ball in an empty goal for the 1-0. The rest of the first half we we’re able to keep the Titans away from Grace and it looked like we we’re going into half time with a 1-0 lead. But in the last few minutes it was again Nica who scored a goal. This time she put a lot of pressure on the last defender going into the box, she stole the ball and kicked it in by the first post for the 2-0 half time lead.


At half time coach Dave was very pleased. He had several compliments for the team. The way they we’re creating space for each other and the way we used it was great to see from the side line. But he expected a stronger Titans team with more pressure on us.

And yes the second half the Titans played better with more pressure on us, so after a few minutes they had 2 shots on goal both of them saved by Grace T. After 15 minutes coach Dave decided to made some changes on midfield to have more strength up there to clear the ball. It was Eva who picked up the ball just out of our own box, she took 2 steps and saw Nica ready to go. She passed the ball up there and after 1 touch Nica was gone. With a defender in her back she was able to go into the box and kept her control and kicked the ball low in the corner for the 3-0. Game over, thank you !!!! The last part of the game was ok, the Lions kept control and the Titans new this game was over. They had there moment when they scored the 3-1 out of a free kick, but that was it.


After the game a real happy Lions team, they now know that they are able to beat every other team if they are willing to step up for themselves and each other.

Coach Dave: ”great game to watch and probably the easiest game for me as a coach”. “I was sitting on the bench watching the game and did not get involved as I normally do”. “The girls knew what they had to do today and they did, great passing and a lot of believe in themselves”. “we still have 1 more game to play, this Thursday against FC Bellbrook”. “Let’s see if we can keep this level and bring it to the Bellbrook tournament in the weekend of 2 and 3 November”.

After the game the girls celebrated Meera’s birthday, and off course this had to be captured on camera.





Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue – FC Springs

Sunday, October 20th at 5.30pm  HOME

Result: 5-1 win (2-0)

Players of the game: Nick


Sunday October 20th, the Dutch Lion U13 Boys Blue played their final game of the fall-season against FC Springs on the turf field at the Miami Valley School. And they saved the best for last!

The young Lions showed the way they are able to play with good procession play en some good combinations. The organization was also good and they played most of the game on the half of the opponent, which led to some great changes. The first goal of the game was scored by Nick, who got the bal after a good combination between Gage and Andrew and shot the ball behind the goalie. A few minutes later is was Andrew who provided by a bad clearance and was able to score with a nice distance shot. The best attack of the game did not result in a goal, but it really showed the improvement of the boys during the season: after some good passes it was Gage who was in the box of the opponent with a change to shoot, but instead of shooting he passed the bal to Andrew who was next to him. Andrew, who also had the change to shoot, did the same and passed the bal back to Gage, who saw ending his shot against the outside of the post.

The second half the boys continued the way they played the first half, out of a good organization, where the defenders did a great job by not giving the forwards of FC Springs the opportunity to create any big changes. In the 49th minute of the game it was Dagan who scored the third goal after a nice assist of Andrew. And it was Dagan again who scored the next goal with a good distance shot. In the 64th minute it was FC Springs who finally found a gap in the defensive line of the Dutch Lions: 4-1. But only one minute later it were the U13 Boys who scored the final goal of the game: out of a good attack on the right side of the field it was Stephen with a good dribble and he crossed the ball to Nick who finished the ball with a shot against the roof of the goal!


‘The boys ended the fall league with the way we really want to play, ‘said coach Marco after the game. ‘With some good combinations and possession play we were able to create a lot of good changes, and with a little bit more luck we would have scored a lot more goals. Also the defensive organization was good and we didn’t gave a lot of changes away. Most of the time we played on the half of the opponent. A good way to end the season, but  there is always space for improvement!’


Dutch Lions U14 Girls – Wapakoneta Select

Saturday, October 19th at 3:00 pm

Result: Loss 0-3

Player of the game: Lyrit


On an unseasonably cold Fall day, the U14 Girls Lions squared off against the strongest team in the league for one of their two matches of the weekend. The game was very competitive and both teams clearly wanted to play to their strengths and win this match.


The Lions did a good job of keeping the ball under control and found their passing game quite early into the game. The other team pressured high and forced the Lions to play quick and the girls responded well. “The style of play was great, we were passing and moving, looking to play out of trouble, and find each other’s feet. We were pressured into making some mistakes but that is going to happen when you try to play the way we want to”, said Coach Eddie Hertsenberg. Lyrit did a great job staying composed and finding her teammates with the simple passes, at both defense and midfield, which garners her Player of the game for this match.


The opposing team’s high pressure and aggressive offense was able to rattle the Lions a bit and squeeze 3 goals out of nearly as many chances. The score line does not show that the Lions played well and were simply unable to keep a strong team from scoring goals. The match finished 3-0 and the Lions were eager to get back out onto the field for their second match of the weekend the following day.



Dutch Lions U14 Girls – Lewisburg Lady Thunder 99 Gold

Sunday, October 20th at 2:30 pm

Result: Win 1-0

Player of the game: Cheyenne


The second match of the weekend was one against a team the Lady Lions had previously lost to 2-1 when they played them the first time. This time the girls were on their home turf at MVS and were more than ready to play a good soccer match in the hopes of getting a good result. That is exactly what the girls did on this day. The ball was moved around nicely by the girls and they entertained the fans and parents with combination passing and some skillful moves. The girls have also been showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness this month by wearing Pink socks (see photo below) for all of the matches in October!


U14G Celebrate


Even though having played a game the day before the team showed energy and focus during the entire match. The game demanded a lot out of the players because they were with only one sub. “The girls are getting stronger every week, physically and mentally. They came out here and dominated the game today in more ways than they know. I hope they continue with this type of attitude towards playing our way and playing hard. The score line and win isn’t what I am happy about it is the way they went about doing it that is really what makes me happy”, said coach Eddie after the game. Cheyenne showed off her great skill on the wing and played a great game moving and getting open off of the ball, which is why she was the player of the game. The team’s good play was rewarded and the game finished 1-0 as they look towards the midweek game on Wednesday.



Dutch Lions U14 Girls – Urbana Girls 97

Wednesday, October 23rd at 5:30 pm

Result: Win 3-0

Player of the game: Emily


This would be the only mid week game of the season for the U14 Girls and one in which put forth a long drive and very cold conditions. The cold weather and wet ground didn’t make for the prettiest game but the Lions were able to pull out the victory on Wednesday night.





The game started very slow, the cold weather had its effect on both teams as they each tried to warm up and get in the mood to compete. It was a very sloppy first half, as the Lions did their best to get the ball under control and pass but they didn’t seem at their best. It was sloppy on both ends of the field and the Lions were lucky not to concede a goal or two in the first half. Fortunately, they were able to get a goal from Emily at the end of the half after she intelligently followed her long range shot and tapped in the rebound.


The second half, we saw a more focused team building up from the back and taking some appropriate risks in the attack. Coach Eddie had this to say, “The team had to dig deep today and figure out if they were here to play or here to watch. They responded to the poor conditions of the weather and field and turned what could’ve been a nasty game into a nice game. It wasn’t our best, but I am very proud of the girls ‘fight’ today and their willingness to try the right things.” The 2nd half saw two more goals, one from Gabby and another from Julia after some great passing and one on one skills. This was a great win for the girls as they get set to compete in the Forest Park Invitational tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio this upcoming weekend.


U14G Jump

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