Academy Report Week 4

Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue – STAGS
Saturday, January 25th, 2014 at 7:15pm
Result: L
Player of the game: Zach


The U10 Boys Blue played their second game last Saturday. For the boys a new challenge in the indoor league at Kingdom where they play in a U10/U11 bracket. And also today they played against boys that were one year older. Nevertheless they tried to play their own game by building up from the back and passing the ball around. Unfortunately the young lions didn’t start great and got scored on a couple of times in the first minutes of the game, and it’s hard to get back in the game then. But the U10 boys started to play better, were able to keep the ball longer in the team, created a couple of changes, and also managed to keep the opponent from scoring a lot more goals.

‘It is important for the boys to keep their head up and stay positive, even when they got scored on a couple of times,’ said coach Marco after the game. ‘It’s a new experience for the boys to play 8v8 and to play at an indoor place where they are able to use the walls. It is all about the development of the players, and I do see the boys making steps forward and improve!’


Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue – Waynesville White

Sunday, January 26th, 2014 at 8:45pm @ Kingdom
Result: 5-3 W
Player of the game: Seth


Sunday January 26th was the first game of the U10 Boys Orange in the indoor league at Kingdom. The talented players will play in a U11 bracket, so it will be a nice challenge!

The young lions started the game good by building up from the back, passing the ball around, and playing out of the formation. After a few minutes is was Luke who was able to score the first goal of the game with a nice shot. Not much later it was Mick with a nice run on the right side of the field and a beautiful finish: a shot in the upper left corner of the goal! The third goal was scored by Ben after building up from the back and a nice cross of Mick. After this third goal the boys forgot that the transition is also part of the soccer game, and although Seth played a great game as a defender, the opponent was able to score 2 goals. After these goals and some instructions from the coach the young lions got back into the game and played more out of their formation and tried to play the passing game, which resulted in the second goal of the game by Luke, and the fifth goal for the Dutch Lions after a nice solo of Seth.

 ‘It was good to see the boys play their first indoor game,’ said coach Marco after the game. ‘For me it was the first real game I coached this team after a couple of practices, and a game is always different than a training. I did see a lot of good things, but also things we have to improve. I look forward to work on these things with the boys during the season, and help them improve their game, both individually and as a team!’


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11B vs Middletown Rogue

Date: Sunday, January 26th , 2014
Result: W 8-6
Player of the game: Simon


The Dutch Lions U11B played their first game at Kingdom Sportscenter against a hard working Middletown Rogue team.  It was a very entertaining matchup throughout the game and in the end, the Dutch Lions were able to get their first victory of the season 7-5.

The Lions did a great job staying organized defensively while also being effective with an explosive attack that resulted in many scoring opportunities.  Coach Shane was satisfied at the end of the game , “ The U11 boys well in their first game at kingdom, the speed of play is a lot faster with indoor soccer and the boys did a great job adjusting.  We worked hard defensively and were effective in our attacking half and scored our chances when we needed them most.”
Coach Shane chose Simon as the player of the game and has this to say about him, “ Simon was a player today who showed his defensive qualities and made a couple key stops on the Middletown Rogue attack and secured the victory for us.” 


Dayton Dutch Lions U12Boys  –NWC White

Date: Sunday, January 26th,2014
Result: L 5-4
Player of the game:  Kofi


First time that we met each other, after the short introduction we talked about the game. Tug in if we don’t  have the ball and spread out if we have the ball. You can only get the ball when you move and ask for the ball. So be active and talk to each other.

That were the coaching point for me, and where we put the focus.

The start was good, we tried to find each other and instead of dribbling to much we made the combinations. There was a lot of movement from the midfield and the attackers, so there defenders didn’t knew who had to defend who. The result was that we took the lead and had de upper hand in the game.

The only coaching I actually did was: “Good job guys, keep looking for each other!” .Because they did exactly what we discussed.

Half way the game, we lost slowly our upper hand. The young Lions were getting tired what resulted in less movement in the front and the accuracy of the passing. NWC White started playing the long kick ball (and we don’t have offside), made it hard for us the keep pressure on the ball and defend.

End result was a 5-4 lose, but that don’t bother me at all. Because they did exactly what I asked them: make me love this game! With beautiful combinations, a lot of coaching and talking to each other and a big smile on the faces.

If I have to pick a ‘Player of the Game’ I go for Kofi. He played on midfield and attack and he was a beacon of calm for the team. Controlled the ball in a way that he was able to look for the right teammate to pass it to.


Dutch Lions U13 Boys Orange – CUSA

Sunday, January 26th, 2014 at 1:15pm @ Kingdom

Result: 13-1 W

Player of the game: Caden


The Dutch Lions U13 Boys Orange played their second game of the indoor league Sunday January 26th. After a nice win in the first game, they wanted to follow up this game. And they did! The boys started their game really good, showed some good combination plays, and were able to create a lot of changes during the whole game. This, combined with playing out of their formation and the tasks that belong to their positions, resulted in a lot of nice goals: Gage (5), Matthew (5), Matthias (2) and Nikash (1).

‘The boys played a good game,’ said coach Marco after the game. ‘By creating space for their self and each other they were able to pass the ball around and created 1v1 and 2v1 situations.

Caden was nominated as player of the game. ‘Caden played a really good game in the defensive line. By making the right decisions defensively, and feeding the midfielders with good passes he was an important player in this game.’


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12G/U13G vs. Grape Warriors

Date: Saturday, January 25th , 2014

Result: L 6-2

Player of the game: Grace


A combination of U12 and U13 Dutch Lions girls fielded a team in the kicker division on Saturday night against the undefeated Grape Warriors. A very exciting matchup between the two teams with end to end action throughout the game. The Dutch Lions had a solid showing but came up short in the end losing 6-2.

The Dutch Lions girls had a fast start to the game scoring the first goal and had their opponents under some early pressure. Eventually the Grape Warriors would show their experience and would put the game away with some late goals to seal victory. Coach Shane was positive about the result , “ I thought the girls put up a good fight against an experienced team, we had a lot of girls so it will take some time for our girls to adjust to the limited minutes on the field. We will work on being more organized next game and I am sure we will get a better result. “

Coach Shane nominated Grace as the player of the game, “ She had a great game today in goal, I was amazed at some of the shots she was able to save! Grace is great goalie always looking to improve and really showed her qualities in goal today.”


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12G vs. Middletown United

Date: Sunday, January 26th , 2014

Result: W 2-1

Player of the game: Caroline


The Dutch Lions girls played their first game at the Kingdom Sportscenter against Middletown United.  A low scoring defensive battle between both teams and the Dutch Lions girls were able to get their first win of the season 2-1.

The Lions defended well as a team and made it difficult for the Middletown attack to break down. It was a tie game until the last 20 seconds of the match when the Lions were rewarded with a late goal to secure the victory. Coach Shane excited about the first game for the U12 girls , “ I thought the girls played great in their first game at Kingdom. We did a great job defensively keeping the game close and we really tried to keep possession of the ball with passing and 1v1 dribbling.”

Coach Shane nominated Caroline as the player of the game, “Caroline’s passing was  impressive today as she connected many passes through the midfield and set up numerous scoring opportunities for her teammates.  She was also able to get a decisive goal in the match that really lifted our girls. 


Dayton Dutch Lions U13 Girls vs Metro FC

Date: Sunday, January 26th,2014

Result: W 7-2

Player of the game:  Micayla


With one game under their belts the girls were ready to play and felt a little more comfortable on the field. Playing a different formation than last week, the girls adapted quickly and put up a few goals early on. They passed the ball around amongst everyone on the field. This was evident in the scoreboard where we had 6 different players find the back of the net. Chloe did a great job this week of being everywhere on the field while still controlling the middle. The defense was solid once again, even when the other team started to get a little chippy. Grace T. was a beast in goal, even coming out to control loose balls with her feet to quickly transition the other way.

“The girls played very well today, and it was a joy to watch them. They were patient and tried to find the open man in front of the net, which ultimately led to 6 different players scoring.”

Coach Alex nominated Micayla as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance. “I have noticed that Micayla is more relaxed on the ball and willing to take players on, so I wanted to move her up to give her more freedom to do so. The results speak for themselves, she ended the game with two goals”


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls vs Metro U12 Rapids

Date: Sunday, January 26th,2014

Result: W 5-2

Player of the game:  Gabby


After getting back in the grove last week, the girls were ready to play. They quickly took control of the game with high pressure all over the field. The other team responded by having their goalie kick it long. The defense backed by Paige, JeNae, Julia, and Grace responded by dropping back a little further and winning multiple balls in the air. The team played a little more controlled when we had the ball and were able to find multiple people in front of the net for shots. Hannah gave herself a great birthday present by scoring two goals, including one in the last minute where Lyrit forced a loose ball in front of the goal.

Coach Alex nominated Gabby as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance, “Gabby is a very strong player and was able to gather the ball and use her body to control the ball on one side while holding off the defense on the other. This along with her constant pressure on the other team?s defense allowed her to put two balls in the back of the net”

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