Academy Report Week 7

Dutch Lions FC U9 Boys – KSC Orange
Saturday, February 15, 2014
Result: L 6-4
Player of the Game: The Whole Team!


This was unquestionbly the best game that the Lions have played to date. Taking a 2-1 lead, the Lions we’re showcasing their talent, using their dribbling  and passing skills to successfully navigate the other team’s defense. Jackson netted a hat trick within the first 20 minutes, and Lance proved to be a wall as goalie. Daymien and Brandon anchored a tough defense, and Oakley, Adam, and Grant provided a good midfield in transition.


Coach Eric was very pleased with the effort that the boys gave, saying that “this was one of the games that I was waiting for. We may not have own, but we took the lead and proved to be very effective offensively when we got numbers up the field. Our defense played well together, and this was one of the most complete games that we have played yet.”


Dutch Lions U10 Boys Orange – Waynesville White
Sunday, February 16, 2014
Result: 4-3 L
Player of the game: Mick


The U10 Boys Orange played their 3rd game of the indoor league against Waynesville White, a team the young lions defeated in the first game with a 5-3 score. With the not that good game of last week in mind, the boys showed that they can play as a team today. Where they were dribbling and going for their own success in the previous game, this game they passed the ball to each other, made some really good combinations and created a lot of changes! It was really nice to see the U10 Boys play like this. They possessed the ball most of the time and were controlling the game. Unfortunately the young lions forgot to score a couple more goals (they had the opportunities and deserved to score some more goals!).


Next week the U10 Boys Orange will play against the U11 Boys of the Dayton Dutch Lions!


 ‘I was happy with the way the team played today’, said coach Marco after the game. ‘They really played as a team, helping each other out, trying to find the open player and looking for the combination. That is the way we have to play, and it’s way more easy than to turn on 3 or 4 opponents. Hopefully the boys did see that, and will continue and improve the way we played today in the next games!’


Dutch Lions FC U11 Boys – Middletown Rogue
Sunday February 16, 2014
Result: W 8-6
Player of the game: Lochlan


The Dutch Lions played their 4th indoor game at Kingdom Sportscenter vs Middletown Rogue. An exciting offensive showing by both teams and the Lions were able to pull off the victory 8-6.


The Lions had a fast start and were able to put away some early chances to secure the lead throughout the game. Middletown Rogue’s offensive came alive towards the end and capitalized on some Dutch Lions mistakes to make the game interesting but the Lions held on for the win. Coach Shane was not satisfied with his team’s performance,” Today was not our best game and we made it difficult on ourselves because we did not play as a team. Next game we will have to keep possession of the ball a lot better and we need to stay more organized defensively.”


Coach Shane nominated Lochlan as the player of the game and had this to say about him. “He did a great job leading the offense by creating scoring opportunities for the team and finished the game with some key defensive stops for us.”


Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue – STAGS
Saturday, February 15, 2014
Result: L
Player of the game: Ayden


After playing 4 games in the U10/U11 bracket, the U10 Boys Blue had to play their fifth game in a new tournament schedule against the number 1, so it promised to be an tough game for the young lions, who played a really good game last week. The boys tried to continue the way they played and improved the games before, but it was hard for them against a team with some players in it who should play some levels higher. Even though they tried to pass the ball to each other, looking for the combinations, and helping each other out, it was not enough for them to win this game…


‘But it’s not about winning, it’s about developing the players,’ said coach Marco after the game. ‘And although we lost today’s game with pretty big numbers, I did see a lot of good things. We tried to continue our own style of play, I do see the improvement of the players and that’s important for me to see! Hopefully we will play against a team of our level next week, in which we can play a good game and continue developing the skills of the players!’


Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys – NWC White
Date: Sunday, February 16, 2014
Result: L 2-6
Player of the game:  Kyle


The first game we lost 5-4, a very close call. This time we came for revenge, because in the first game we were the better team.


The game started really good, we talked about that we have to play as a team and are aggressive when we have to defend (also the attackers) then we will dominate and have more and more goal scoring opportunities. We started aggressive and motivated, did some beautiful one touch passing where the opponent did not had a chance to get close to the ball or in a duel.


Important keys to keep playing like this is being focused and the will to do tasks that may be not yours but has to be done. These keys are really difficult for every age group, that we did it for a rough 10 minutes is something I am very proud on as a coach.


After that good start from us, even when they scored a goal we kept on playing and scored also a goal, they got more control and their skill full attackers had a pretty good day and scored their goals.


It is hard to lose against a team we dominated in the first 10 minutes, but the process we are in, is one of the long term.


As Player of the Game coach Nicky picked Kyle, because the coaching points we discussed before the game. ”He did and tried to do that the whole game. He played as a team player and helped his teammates when he could.”


Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls – Middletown United
Monday February 17, 2014
Result: W 10-2
Player of the game: Paige


The Dutch Lions U12 girls played their 5th game at Kingdom Sportscenter against Middletown United. A fantastic showing by the Lady Lions offense and they would secure the victory 10-2 over Middletown United.


The Lions did a great job keeping possession of the ball and were able to break down the Middletown United defense throughout the game. Coach Shane was satisfied how his team played,” I am proud of the girls tonight, we played with a ton of energy the entire game and and that was the spark we needed. We made quick decisions on offense which created a lot of scoring chances for us and we were very organized defensively. It was a great result for us tonight and we will look to keep improving each game.”


Coach Shane nominated Paige as the player of the game and had this to say, “She was a big part of our offense tonight and really showed how talented she is in the attacking half of the field. Paige was able to find the back of the net numerous times and was also set up her teammates for scoring opportunities.”


DDLFC U12/U13 Girls – The Lunatics
Saturday, February 15, 2014
Result: W 8-1
Player of the game: Keyda


The Dutch Lions U12/U13 girls played their 3rd game at Kingdom Sportscenter vs. The Lunatics. A very physical and fast paced game throughout and the Lions were able to get their first victory of the indoor season 8-1.


The Lions did a great job keeping possession of the ball which created many scoring opportunities.  Defensively the Lady Lions were organized and only gave up a limited amount of chances which frustrated The Lunatics attack. Coach Shane was happy with his team’s performance, “I thought we played great tonight! We were effective in our attack by keeping possession of the ball and we were very organized defensively. This was definitely our best game this season and Coach Alex and I are very proud of the girls!”


The coaches nominated Keyda as the player of the game and had this to say about her, “Keyda was a big part of our offense today, she was dangerous when she had the ball on the left and right side of the field and created many scoring opportunities. Her hat-trick performance was the key in today’s victory.”


Dutch Lions FC U13 Girls – CUSA 00 Blue
Date: Sunday, Febuary 16, 2014
Result: W 4-1
Player of the game:  Meera


The game was a hard fought match for both teams as it remained scoreless for the first two minutes with both teams having chances.


Grace T. did a great job on her decisions of when to come out and attack the ball and when to control the ball. The scoring finally broke through when the high pressure from Eva and Meera resulted in a beautiful goal from Meera. The rest of the team fed off this energy and three other players were able to put some goals in the back of the net. Defensively we held strong through the rest of the game. Molly was able to win all the head balls that came her way. The girls have done a great job throughout the first part of the indoor session putting themselves in the first slot for the kingdom cup that is coming up.


Coach Alex nominated Meera as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance. ”Meera really broke the game wide open. The shot she had for the first goal was beautiful and placed hard in the corner. Her work ethic throughout the game was something that her team was able to build on”.


Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls – Boro Blast
Date: Sunday, Febuary 16, 2014
Result: W 6-4
Player of the game:  Grace M.


Looking for redemption for the only loss of the indoor season, the girls were facing the Boro Blast who beat them the first game by just a goal. We started out strong by building up a three goal lead behind strong play from our goalie Emma. She was blocking shots all over the place. Then defensively as a group we started to break down and little mistakes let the other team back in and before we knew it, it was a tie game. Determined to pull out the win the team banded together and got goals from Gabby (3), Bekah, Cheyenne, and Grace M. In the end it may not have been our best game but with this team you can never count them out because they work hard to find a way to win. Looking forward to seeing how they do in the second half of the indoor session.


Coach Alex nominated Grace M. as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance. ”It’s always amazing when you see a defender win the ball and take the initiative to dribble to the open space and hit a shot. That is exactly what Grace did and came away with a goal. Grace has been playing strong defensively the past few games so it is nice to see her reward herself with a goal. A goal that the team really needed to help them win the game”

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