Academy Report Week 8

Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue – Blue Crew
Saturday, February 22nd, 2014
Result: 0-2 L
Player of the game: Miguel


Step by step…that’s how the U10 Boys Blue improve during the indoor league. And they showed that again in a game against the Blue Crew last Saturday. After a weak start where the opponent was able to score 2 goals in the first 5 minutes of the game, the young lions took over the play and started to control the game. With building up from the back, trying to find the combination, and giving pressure when the opponent possession, the U10 Boys played a really good game, probably the best game in the indoor league so far!  They were also able to create some really good changes, but the ‘problem’ for the young team is the finishing touch. Again they deserved to score some goals (and to win the game), but this didn’t happen.


‘I am really happy with the way the boys played today,’ said coach Marco after the game. ‘Again you see the boys improve their way of play, both individually and as a team. Unfortunately they forgot to score some goals, because they really deserved it. It would have been a nice reward for the boys, but for me as a coach it is the most important thing that I see the development of all the players!’


Dutch Lions U11 BoysDutch Lions U10 Boys Orange
Sunday February 23rd, 2014
Result: T 6-6
Players of the game: Tommy & Seth


The Dutch Lions U11 boys played their final league game of the Kingdom season against The Dutch Lions U10 Boys Orange. An exciting game from start to finish and the game would end a draw with a final scoreline of 6-6.


Both teams did a great job keeping possession of the ball with an explosive offensive attack which saw many goals throughout the game.  The U11B and U10B did an impressive job creating scoring opportunities and showing their finishing abilities which resulted in a thrilling match-up. Coach Shane was satisfied with the game, “ That was a great game to be a part of, both teams did an excellent job showcasing the Dutch Style of Soccer and Coach Marco and I were very proud of how our teams performed today.”


Coach Shane and Coach Marco both nominated a player of the game for each team. Coach Shane selected Tommy as the POTG and had this to say, “Tommy added the extra energy on offense and defense which gave our team the spark we needed to compete today.” Coach Marco selected Seth as the POTG for his team, “Seth was the difference in the game today, he played every minute in the game today and scored some important goals for us.”    


Game: DDL FC U12B vs Waynesville
Date: Sunday, February 23, 2014
Result: L 4-5
Player of the game:  The whole team


I like to start with a big compliment to the whole team, the game spirit and the will to win that ball in defensive way was just perfect!


We started good, willing to go for the ball immediately. Started with the attackers who besides attacking also did a lot of defense tasks in their ‘zone’. It looked like we were a little bit sharper and perhaps more motivated to play the game.


But as always in soccer; if you don’t score those chances, you get a goal against you! And that unfortunately happened to us. Waynesville had an outbreak and before I realized it… the ball was already in our goal.


The best thing I saw this game was what happened next, we didn’t felt back in our own habits. We kept playing as we practice and as we discussed before the game, being available for each other, pass the ball to teammates, no kicking but pass the ball with an idea.


This way of how we played and the sometimes very dangerous counter attacks of Waynesville made it to a very exciting and interesting game what was. ”I think, a lot of fun to see for the neutral fan. The tempo of the game was pretty high and it switched back and forth what is not preferable for a coach (I was so nervous on the bench!)”, said coach Nicky after the game. ”Especially the end was heartbreaking, because in the last seconds of the game Waynesville scored the winning goal for them. What made the end score 4-5 loss for us.”


Because I am still really happy with the way who everybody played this game, I cannot pick one player to name him player of the game. So that’s why this game everybody is player of the game, because we played as a real team!    


Dutch Lions U13 Boys Orange – CUSA
Saturday, February 23th, 2014
Result: 13-1 W
Player of the game: Gage


The U13 Boys Orange played their fifth indoor game against CUSA last Sunday. Without getting in trouble and dominating the whole game the Dutch Lions created a lot of changes and were able to score a lot of goals. They were leading with a 12-0 score before the opponent was able to score their first and only goal of the game. By making the right decisions, keeping the ball in the team, and making some nice combinations the U13 Boys controlled the whole game.


‘It is good to see the development of the players throughout the season,’ said coach Marco after the game.’ More often the boys are making the right decision at the right moments. It is good to see that the boys recognize situations and know what to do.


Coach Marco nominated Gage as the player of the game and had the following to say about his performance: ‘Throughout the season Gage develops really good. As a midfielder it is important to make the right decisions, and to distribute play. Gage does this way more often and is involved with a lot of changes and goals.’ 


Dutch Lions U13 Boys Orange – Red Hot Breakfast Cows
Saturday, February 23th, 2014
Result: 8-2 W
Player of the game: Aaron


The U13 Boys Blue played their 3th game of the indoor league last Friday. And just like the previous time, they controlled the game from the first to the last minute. With good possession play, movement without the ball, and challenging the opponent when they had the ball, the boys were able to create a big lead, which led to a 7-0 score before the opponent was able to score their first goal of the game. With good defensive work of Cameron and the Brown-family, a midfield with Gage and Dagan, and forwards Rayan and Andrew, the young lions dominated the whole game and showed that age and size don’t matter if you let the ball do the work!


‘The team continued the way of play they showed in the previous game,‘ said coach Marco after the game. ‘It is really good to see the improvement of all the players, and they are starting to make better decisions. Sometimes it’s better to drop the ball back and create more space in front of the goal, and it is good to see that the players recognize this. I’m happy with the development of this team and I’m looking forward to the next game!’   


Dutch Lions U10 Girls – KSC Parry (Yellow)
Result: L 5-3
Player of the Game: Camlyn


This was a true David vs Goliath game. With nearly every player on there other team taller than the Lions’ tallest girl, the game quickly became a test of the Lions’ skill and mental fortitude. Undaunted by the disparity in size, the girls tackled hard and moved the ball quickly to get past the defenses of the opponent. Despite the clear difference in skill, the sheer strength and speed was enough for the other team to find more opportunities and end up putting more goals in the back of the net.


Coach Eric told the girls after the game, “I’m very proud of there way they played today. As a younger team, we are often going to be at a disadvantage in terms of size. However, soccer is played with your feet, and everyone’s feet are at the same level. We have to continue to work on our skills and get past our intimidation. We have the skills necessary to win, we just need to work on using them together as a team; that’s when we will find the success we want. “


Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls – Middletown United
Sunday February 23rd, 2014
Result: W 7-3
Player of the game: Ema


The Dutch Lions played the first round of the Kingdom Cup Tournament against Middletown United.  A balanced match up between both teams and the Lions used their experience and effective offensive play to seal the victory over Middletown 7-3.


The Lions did a great job defending as a team by getting numbers behind the ball and using their physical play to win the ball back from Middletown. They were able to keep possession of the ball with precise passing which resulted in many scoring opportunities for the lady lions and they finished their chances confidently. Coach Shane had this to say after the game, “ I am glad we were able to get the victory today over Middletown and move into the 2nd round of the tournament. We will keep looking to improve at every indoor game here at Kingdom to help prepare us for our outdoor spring season.”


Coach Shane nominated Ema as the player of the game and had this to say, “She was a big part of our defense and her physical play and energy really helped our girls to victory today.”


Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls/U13 Girls – KSC (Kohr)
Saturday February 22nd, 2014
Result: W 5-2
Player of the game: Peyton


The Dutch Lions U12/U13 girls played their final league game of the Kingdom season against KSC Kohr.  A very physical battle between both teams and it ended with the DDL girls taking the victory 5-2.


The last couple of games the Lions have really started to play well as a team and have been impressive offensively and defensively. The Lions were strong and organized in the back which limited the scoring opportunities for KSC. Offensively, DDL created many scoring chances quick passing and creative through balls behind the KSC defense.


Coach Shane and Coach Alex were proud of the girls, “ The girls keep improving every game and they are playing a lot better as a team. I am looking forward to the tournament games next weekend and I think our girls are ready to compete for a trophy!”


Coach Shane and Alex nominated Peyton as the player of the game , “She was excellent in the attacking half today. Creating many chances for her teammates and scoring some impressive goals for herself.”  


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