Academy Report Week 10

Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue – Green Kings
Saturday, March 8th, 2014
Result: 2-1 W
Player of the game: Jeremy

Saturday March 8th, time for the final indoor game of the U10 Boys Blue. And they ended the indoor season in a good way! Showing off their skills like they did in the previous games, passing the ball around and creating a lot of changes, the young lions we able to control the whole game. And while they forgot to finish their changes in the games before, they did score twice today! After a nice combination followed by a good shot, it was Ayden who paid attention and scored the first goal of the game out of the rebound. Not much later it was again Ayden with a nice aimed shot in the lower corner of the goal, which extended the lead. And although the opponent was able to score one goal a few minutes before stoppage time, the U10 Boys Blue ended the season with a well deserved win!

‘The team finally got what they deserved’, said coach Marco after the game. ‘After playing some good indoor games in the past few weeks and creating a lot of changes, the boys finally rewarded their self by scoring two goals. I do really see the improvement of all the players, both individually and as a team, and I’m looking forward to see the boys train and play in the upcoming Spring season!’

Dutch Lions U10 Boys Orange – Waynesville White
Sunday, March 9th, 2014
Result: 6-3 W
Player of the game: Jack

After playing the previous games in the U11-bracket (and ended in 3th place), today it was time for the cup-schedule, where the young lions had to play against Waynesville, who were ranked as the number 2 of the bracket. After playing twice against this opponent already (1 win, 1 lose), the U10 Boys were fully focused on playing a good game today. And they did! Right from the start they played as a real team, helping each other out defensively, building up from the back, and making some good combinations. It was Quinn who opened the score for the Dutch Lions with a nice shot, followed by a shot of Waynesville who scored the equalizer. A few minutes later exactly the same happened: 2-2. From that moment on it were the Dutch Lions who took control of the game and build out the lead to a 5-2 score by goals of Seth. After that period the opponent was able to score one more goal, but the hardworking Jack scored his well deserved goal which led to a final 6-3 score for the Dutch Lions.

‘The team played a good game in my eyes’, said coach Marco after the game. ‘Although there are improvement points we have to work on, I do see the boys improve every game so far, and that’s good to see. I hope the boys keep developing this way, and are prepared for the upcoming Spring season. Next week we will play a game against the Dutch Lions U11 Boys, a nice opportunity to show off their skills again!’

Dayton Dtuch Lions FC U11 Boys – Middletown Rogue
Sunday March 9th, 2014
Result: W 10-1
Player of the game: Simon

The Dutch Lions U11 boys played the 1st round of the Kingdom Tournament against Middletown Rogue. A very competitive game by both teams and the Dutch Lions boys were able to use their experience which propelled them to victory, advancing them into the 2nd round of the tournament.

Both teams began with a ton of energy but the Dutch Lions we able to dominate most of the game by defending as a team and keeping possession of the ball which led to many scoring opportunities. The Lions defended in numbers and had good cover which limited Middletown Rogue scoring chances. In the attacking half, the Dutch Lions created many chances with through balls behind the defense and crosses from the wing as the Lions finished the game with numerous goalscorers.

Coach Shane was satisfied with the victory, “ I thought the boys played well today, we were organized defensively and offensively we showed how how effective we can be in the attacking half.”

Coach Shane nominated Simon as the player of the game and had this to say, “Simon was a big part of our defense today and did a great job keeping us organized back there.

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys – NWC Alliance
Date: Sunday, March 9, 2014
Result: L 11-3
Player of the game: Gareth

Today wasn’t our day, that was the conclusion we had to make after the game. Playing against the best team of the league means you need that bit of luck with the ball going inside post instead of outside post…. We did not had that luck.

The start was, as always, good. Try to keep formation and play as a team, doing exactly as we discussed before the game. But our way of playing demands focus and great amount of willpower during the whole game, what is hard to do. And we were playing against a good oiled machine.

They countered to 3 goals really quick before we could something back out of a nice attack. What was there way of playing: Long ball to the striker and on the wings they were running to get the second ball.

In the end I was happy that the spirit in the team was still high and good, I saw that because in the end we still went for scoring opportunities and scored two more times. And I like to point out the work Gareth did, because he had a busy evening and saved us many times.

Hereby is Gareth also the Player of the Game, because the amount of great saves he had and his good throw outs.

Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue – South Dayton Blast
Friday, March 7th, 2014
Result: 4-3 W
Player of the game: Rayan

The U13 Boys Blue played their first cup-game against South Dayton Blast, a team they defeated last week. But this time the boys didn’t play the way they are used to. Where they are normally controlling the game by passing the ball around, creating a lot a changes and helping each other out defensively, it was unable for the spectators to recognize that team today. Nobody reached their own level of play and they also missed the team spirit. Luckily for the boys they were able to show some of their skills in the dying seconds of the game, in which they had a good counter attack and after a good combination it was Rayan who scored the winning goal: 4-3.

‘The boys had a total off-day today’, said coach Marco after the game. ‘That can happen sometimes, and luckily they were able to recover in the last minutes of the game. Next week there is a new change to show everybody what this team is capable of, and that this week’s performance was just one-off!’

Adidas Turf Classic 2014
Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Boys Orange
Saturday & Sunday, March 8th & 9th, 2014
Record: 2-1-0

The U13 Boys Orange team, participated in the Adidas Turf Classic last weekend as a preparation tournament for the spring season. After a long winter with a lot of snow, cold weather and indoor training sessions the boys were eager to go outside and get some 11v11 games in.

With 2 wins (2-0 and 3-0) and a 0-3 loss against the number 2 team from Kentucky coach Sid had the following to say “This is a great opportunity for the boys to get some full sided games in, and all the games are on turf fields so that is always a plus for teams like us that try to play a possession style of soccer.”

Coach Sid continued “The boys did very well. Unfortunately I was unable to attend 2 out of the 3 games, due to pro team activities, but Coach Marco and Coach Eric said that they were positively impressed with the style of play and the work ethic of the team. We have been working hard and well during the winter and I believe that all that hard work and these 3 games will result in a strong spring season. Keeping the individual development process going by challenging this talented group of players is the main goal of everything we do so I am looking forward to see how the boys will do during the Buckeye league.”

Adidas Turf Classic 2014
Dayton Dutch Lions FC U16 Boys
Saturday & Sunday, March 8th & 9th, 2014
Record: 0-1-2

This weekend the U16 Boys were in the Adidas Turf Classic. The tournament is a good preparation for spring season. Due to the weather conditions, the boys haven’t been out for a while. Nevertheless they had a good winter season, what a lot of good practice indoor.

The first game, the boys lost although they did well without possession, when the boys had possession they couldn’t play our own game because of the pressure of the opponent.

The second game Nolan scored in the second minute of the game, and the first 25 minutes where good with a lot of passing and the boys dominated the game. The second half the boys didn’t play the possession game, so the opponent was able to score a goal. The final score was 1-1

The last game of the tournament was a game versus Barcelona Academy. The boys started again really impressive with a lot of possession. Caleb and Makay, who played as wingers, crossed the ball a couple of times in the box. This unfortunately didn’t result in a goal. The opponent was especially in the second half very dangerous in the counter attack. Barcelona waited for us to make mistakes in the build-up, and then tried to score through the breakaway with fast players upfront.

‘’For us the tournament was a very nice opportunity to prepare for spring season.’’ Said Coach Eric ‘’the circumstances where ideal the play and try to improve as a team during the tournament. I saw some really good moments on the field, but also some improvement points for individual players and the team. Especially we the opponent puts pressure on us. But I’ll believe that if the team keeps on working like this, every single player will improve and we will play a very good spring season in the Buckeye league.’’

Dayton Dutch Lions U13 Girls – Metro FC
Sunday March 9th, 2014
Result W 3-1
Player of the game: Olivia

After having a hiatus from playing due to the snow, the girls were back in full swing. They came out fighting hard, shooting left and right but none of the shots could find the back of the net. During this time the defense was playing very smart and thwarting every attack. We will able to hold the other team scoreless for 36 minutes.

Mollie was solid in the back line, stopping every player from turning and winning had balls. The combination of our goalie Grace and the defense has come a long way and it’s exciting to watch. Offensively, we were trying some new things. Each player was trying to get more comfortable with the ball. Peyton pulled off a few moves and it resulted in a goal. We are looking forward to our next game against the u14.

Coach Alex nominated Olivia as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance. ”Olivia has been settling more in to her defensive role with the team where she helped to keep the other team off the score sheet for most of the game. To add to her great game, she scored a much needed goal from half field.”

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls – Boro Blast
Sunday March 9th, 2014
Result: W 11-5
Player of the Game: Lyrit

The girls are starting to hit their stride at the right time as we are moving along in this tournament. They are starting to figure out who they click with which has erupted into 11 goals for this game. In the beginning the game was very back and forth with us going up a goal and then the other team tying it and so forth but we never showed that we were worried. This ultimately played to our advantage as we just kept going on with our style which paid off considerably. Emily has gathered quite a few assist over the past few games but this game she took a touch to create space and fired one in the back of the net on a beautiful shot. Defensively, Paige logged many minutes but consistently made it difficult for the other team to score. There were many players taking chances and trying new things today. Hannah took more players on and beat a few of them with one of the times resulting in a goal. Finding herself more involved in the attack was Grace, who made smooth transitions with the ball from defense to offense. They will have an interesting match up next time when they play the u13s.

Coach Alex nominated Lyrit as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance. ”Lyrit was just playing out of her mind today. She was involved in the attack every time she was in, she was taking players on, and making it rough for the other team to get past her on the right sideline. I’m glad she was able to reward herself with a goal.”


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