Academy Report Week 11

Dutch Lions U10 Boys Orange – Dutch Lions U11 Boys
Sunday March 16, 2014
Result: W 6-0

After a 6-6 tie in the previous game, the Dutch Lions U10 Boys Orange and the Dayton Dutch Lions U11 Boys were facing each other again in a game for the Kingdom Cup in the U11 bracket. Both teams were really motivated to play a good game and tried really hard from the moment the referee blew the whistle. Where the U11 boys took the lead in the previous game, this time it were the U10 boys who started really strong, and were able to score the first goal of the game. And they didn’t stop after that first goal. Although both teams were able to create some good scoring opportunities the U11 boys were unlucky with the finishing touch. The U10 boys worked really hard against the 1 year-older U11 Boys, and were able to often create a man-more-situation on the field which they outplayed really good. This way they were able to score more goals out of great combinations, and to win the game.
‘I am really happy with the way the boys played today’, said coach Marco after the game.’ With the first game in mind we knew it would be a tough game to play. Because of that, and because we played against another Dutch Lions team, the boys were really motivated to work hard and to play as a team. This, combined with the fact that the U11 Boys didn’t play their best game today, resulted in a well-deserved win for the U10 Boys.’

Dutch Lions FC U11B – Middletown United
Sunday March 16, 2014
Result: 4-3 L
Player of the game: Dimitar

The Dutch Lions U11 Boys played their Kingdom Sportscenter semifinal game against Middletown United. Both teams played their hearts out to make it to the finals and The Lions would just come up short as Middletown United won the game on a dramatic last second goal.
A was a high paced game throughout as both teams worked hard offensively and defensively. The Lions were organized defensively but were just fatigued playing their second game of the afternoon and Middletown secured the win with the late goal. Coach Shane was satisfied with his teams improvements during the Kingdom indoor season,” We had a successful indoor season this winter and I am certain we are prepared for the spring season now, I am very proud of the U11 boys.”
Coach Shane nominated Dimitar as the player of the game and had this to say about him, “Dimi worked hard out there today, his defending and positioning were great this game!”

Dutch Lions FC U12B – Waynesville
Date: Monday, March 17, 2014
Result: L 11-4
Player of the game: Kofi

Last Indoor game day for us, with potentially two games we could play. If we won the first game we would had a second game right away.
Unfortunately we didn’t came that far, there tactic was a solid defense where everybody tugged in and defended as a team. That made it hard for us to get through it and create scoring opportunities. When we get stuck and lost the ball they came out rapidly with 3 players and surprised us with a quick counter attack.
However we kept trying to brake there defense wall, with a possession game, we kept falling in there trap and they were very sharp in front of the goals and scored almost every chance that had.
So result wise it wasn’t a good day for us, but the mentality that the boys showed to me, keep trying to pass the ball around, again and again, that was something I was very pleased to see. The results of our philosophy, our way of playing soccer will pay off. In the end of the game you saw that, with 3 goals we scored in 7 minutes time.
As always I pick a player of the game, said Coach Nicky:  ”I pick Kofi. He was involved with all the goals and worked hard in defense but also supported the offensive. Working hard is the first step to success and Kofi was a good example this game that working hard helps.”

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Boys – Waynesville
Sunday March 16, 2014
Result: 3-4 L
Player of the game: Donnie

A very close game versus Waynesville, Dutch Lions FC had more possession a created a lot of chances but the unwritten rule is, if you don’t score the opponent will score. But the passing game and the movement of the ball was really great this game. So the team played really good. Coach Eric: ‘’As a guest coach, I was very happy the way the boys played. Sometimes you could see the triangle passing; also I was very happy with the amount of chances we created. But to be a little critical, if you create some chances you also should score goals. So we have to improve the finishing.’’

Dutch Lions FC U13 Boys – Boro United
Sunday March 16, 2014
Result: 6-3 W
Player of the game: Nikash

Because of the loss in the first game, the boys had to play a second game. The opponent in the game was Boro United. The result was an victory for the team. Coach Eric: ‘’Today I really enjoyed the team, I was very happy with the defense: Kyler, Aaron, Nikash, Bobby and Donnie did a really good job. The second game the more attacking players really made the difference for the team, a lot of good decisions, so when to play the 1V1 and when to pass the ball. They didn’t succeed all the team, but the way they wanted to play was very positive.’’

Ohio Galaxies College Showcase
Dayton Dutch Lions FC U15B
Date: Saturday & Sunday, March 15 & 16, 2014
Record: 2-1-0

The U15 Boys team, participated in the Ohio Galaxies College Showcase last weekend. The tournament the U15 Boys used a preparation tournament for the spring season. Due to the weather conditions, the boys had only a couple practices outside, but inside they worked really hard to improve as a player and as a team.

The first game versus Ohio Galaxies FC 98 resulted in a good victory, 3-0. Especially the 3th game was of great quality and exactly the way we want to play. We started at the Trent and we played possession with quality passes, this resulted in a goal! Coach Eric: ‘’Especially the last goal was from great quality; those moments are so great to see as a coach. The team really impressed me at some moments. ‘’

The second game versus Barcelona 98 Academy was a real fighting game, Barcelona played very physical and with a lot of pressure all over the field. The team couldn’t find the options on the ground with their passing game, so as a team we worked really hard a fight back from a 0-1 down at halftime to a 3-2 victory. Coach Eric: ‘’What a fighting spirit of the team, we beat the Barcelona because we played as a team. But this game also showed me that we still have to improve a lot. We should always be able to find the solution with our passing game, and we aren’t there yet.’’

The third game versus Hilliard FC Blue resulted in 0-3 lose, the first day of the tournament asked a lot from the players, so we couldn’t play our own game at all. Coach Nicky: ‘’The first day of the tournament and the cold weather didn’t help to boys. But at some moments, you can see that the players understand where want to go.’’

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U16 Boys – Gunners FC B98
Sunday, March 16
Result: L 0-3
Player of the game: Cody

The start of spring season versus Gunners FC B98 wasn’t the start where the U16 Boys hoped for. The team had 75% over the entire game. But only a few real chances were created. The opponent was waiting for our team to make mistakes and when they stole the ball, the tried to beat us at the counterattack. The score after the first half was 0-3, the boys tried even harder in the second half, but weren’t able to beat the defense over Gunners FC.

Coach Eric: ‘’We made mistakes in the build-up from the back, and when you’re spread out as a team any small mistake is an opportunity for the opponent to score. They opponent scored 3 times in the first half, the mistakes we made are key moments for the development of the team and players individual. We need to learn from the mistakes we make, and hopefully our players will grow from those mistakes. The second half we did an better job, but we almost did create a chance to score. So we need to improve our game on the final third of the field. As player of the game in my eyes is Cody, currently he developing really quick, he is a player who understands the game and is a key player in the way we want to play.’’

Dutch Lions U10 Girls – Duffy Blue, DDL FC U10 Girls vs. Parry Yellow
Friday March 14, 2014
Results: L 4-0, W 2-0
Players of the Game: Nina (Game 1), Megan and Milen (Game 2)

Playing two games in a night, the Lions faced a tough task. Their first game was against a team that had beaten them before, and the opponent prevailed again. However, the score was closer this time around, demonstrating the improvement throughout the course of the indoor season. The girls moved the ball well, but ultimately could not find the back of the net. Several shots rang right off the post, and the Lions could not get the momentum that comes with a goal.

The second game was completely different. Playing a bigger opponent yet again, the Lions continued to dominate for most of the game in terms of possession, yet ended up behind in terms of total shots. However, their shots were on target and found their way past the opposing goalie. With the back line providing a staunch defensive effort, the girls were able to pass out of pressure and attack with numbers on many occasions. Coach Eric was happy with both games, saying that “although we lost the first game, I was pleased with the way that we played. To come into the second game, tired and sore from playing a game only 45 minutes earlier, and perform the way that we did against a fresh team, is impressive. It showed the mental strength and attitude of our girls; and just how strong they really are. What we lack in size, we make up for with heart and determination. Each and every game I have seen the girls play all the way to the end, regardless of the score. That is impossible to teach, and fantastic to see at such a young age.”

Dutch Lions FC U12G/U13G – KSC Blue
Saturday March 15th at 8:00pm
Result: W 5-3
Player of the game: Mikayla

The Dutch Lions U12G/U13G played their 3rd game of the Kingdom Sportscenter Tournament against KSC Blue. A very competitive match by both teams and the Dutch Lions were able to overcome a 2 goals deficit with a comeback victory to reach the semifinals.
The Lions started the game with low energy which led to the early goals by KSC blue. After giving up the lead, the Lions turned the game around by keeping possession of the ball and staying organized on the defensive half of the field. The Lions confidently regained the lead by goals from Mikayla and secured the victory. Coach Shane was happy with the victory, “ I thought the girls showed great mentality out there today, its always tough giving up goals early but the girls kept competing and won the game as a team.”
Coach Shane and Alex nominated Mikayla as the player of the game, “She was our key player out there today, she played well defensively and scored some important goals for us in our victory today.”

Dutch Lions U12G/U13G – The Lunatics
Saturday March 15, 2014
Result: W 3-0
Player of the game: Chloe

The Dutch Lions played the semifinal game against The Lunatics to determine who would reach the Kingdom Sportscenter Cup final. An exciting match throughout and the Lions were able seal the victory with a solid defense and effective offensive attack.
Both teams came out with physical play and high energy to begin the game. The Lions kept their composure and did an excellent job controlling the game by moving the ball quickly and defending in numbers. The Lions took the early lead and never looked back, their offensive effort was effective in the attack and they created many scoring opportunities throughout the game. Defensively, the Lions worked together and limited the Lunatics attack to only a few chances and the Dutch Lions would take the victory to reach the finals.
Coach Shane and Alex nominated Chloe as the player of the game and had this to say, “She did a great job defensively and kept us organized in the back, she had a big role in our victory tonight.”

Dutch Lions FC U16 Girls – Lady Warrior 97 Black
Sunday March 16, 2014
Result: L 1-0
Player of the Game: Abbie

This was a tough loss for the Lions. In a cold and windy contest that was deadlocked for the first 73 minutes, the Lions conceded a goal that proved to be the difference. However, for not playing in a winter league, Coach Eric was pleased with the way that the girls performed. “We moved the ball around very well in the defensive and middle thirds, but lacked that creative punch in the attacking third. Considering that we didn’t get a chance to test ourselves this winter, I’m okay with the rust that we showed; it gives us an idea of what we need to work on.” The Lions defense played very well, only giving up a few chances, and most of those only came in transition when not everyone was set or back yet. Overall, it was a good first game for the Lions, showing many opportunities for growth in the coming season.

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