Academy Report Week 12

Dutch Lions U10 Boys Blue – BSA Celtic 03 Red
Saturday, March 22nd, 2014
Result: L
Player of the game: Ayden


Playing the first game of the Spring Season at the new Dayton Dutch Lions Soccer Complex, the U10 Boys Blue had to face the BSA Celtic 03 Red team. After playing a good indoor season, it was visible this was the first outdoor game in a long time. Playing on a bigger field with other circumstances, the young lions really had to adjust. While trying to pass the ball around and finding the open players, the opponent made it harder for the U10 boys by giving a lot of pressure. This way they didn’t get a lot of time and space, and most of the game the ball was on the lion’s side of the field. Even though this was the reality, the U10 boys didn’t give up, and were able to score a well-deserved goal for their hard work!


‘It was visible this was the first game of the outdoor season’, said coach Marco after the game. ‘The circumstances were different, and I could see it was a while ago since the team trained outdoors on real grass. Even though it was a tough game the boys tried to play their own style and kept working hard. With the outdoor training sessions starting this week I’m sure they will improve in the next couple of months, and that’s what it’s all about!’


Dutch Lions U10 Boys Orange – Middletown Rogue
Thursday, March 20th, 2014
Result: 9-5 W
Player of the game: Cedar


Thursday March 20th, the day of the final of the U11 Bracket at the Kingdom Cup. Opponent for the Dayton Dutch Lions Orange was Middletown Rogue, a team they tied with a 2-2 score before.
The young lions started their game strong, and were able to score 3 goals in the first couple minutes of the game. But like in a real final, the opponent didn’t give up, and came back to a 3-2 score. From there on both teams were even and showed some great skills. At the end of the game the U10 boys started to accelerate and scored some really nice goals out of some great attacks. Therefore the final score in this final was 9-5, and the U10 boys won the championship in the U11 bracket!


‘I am really happy with the way the team developed during this indoor season’, said coach Marco after the game. ‘From the first to the last game the boys started to play better and better, both individually and as a team. They started to make better decisions, which led to more changes and goals, and less goals against. Because of that development, the boys won the championship in this U11 bracket, which is a nice reward for their hard work!’


Dutch Lions U10 Boys Orange – WC United SC B03 Blue
Sunday, March 23, 2014
Result: 5-3 L


The Dayton Dutch Lions U10 Boys Orange played their first outdoor game in the Buckeye league against WC United SC, a new experience for all the players. Where they played 6v6 in an MVYSA league during the Fall season, they will play 8v8 on a bigger field and with better opponents this Spring Season, a nice opportunity to develop even more.


From the start of the game it was visible the opponent was used to play 8v8 on the bigger field, and the young lions were looking for the right things to do. Because of this it was the opponent who was leading at half time. After some instructions at halftime the U10 boys started the second half way better, and were able to give more resistance. By possessing the ball more, and also playing more on the opponents side of the field the Dutch Lions were able to set up some good attacks and score a total of 3 times.


‘We knew it would be a tough game’, said coach Marco after the game. ‘But playing 8v8 in a better league is a good opportunity for all the players to develop. The spaces are bigger, opponents are stronger and faster, and there will be more tactics involved in the game. This are some new aspects of the game for the players of this team. It is good we can start practicing outdoors again so we van train on these things an try to show some improvement every game we will play this Spring Season.’


Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue
Friday March 21sh and Saturday March 22nd , 2014


The Dayton Dutch Lions U13 Boys Blue could have a busy schedule , knowing that winning a game would led to playing another game, with a max of 4 games total.


The first game on Friday was a really nice game to watch. The young lions got a lot of time and space to set up some really great attacks, and didn’t give away a lot of changes. Therefore the final score of the game was 16-1, which meant they had to play another game later that evening.


The second game that night was almost a copy of the first game, although the opponent could give a little more pressure. The U13 Boys did let the ball do most of the work, which led to some nice combinations and goals and a final 11-4 win!


Saturday March 22nd, time for the semi-final in the U13/U14-Bracket. Playing against a team they lost the game the week before, the boys were really motivated to win this game. And they did. They played a great game, passing the ball around, moving without the ball, and creating a lot of changes. By also helping each other out defensively, the young lions didn’t give away a lot of changes, which led to a nice 7-3 win.


The win of that game meant they had to play a second game without any rest, against a team that didn’t play a game that day. Playing that final game back-to-back wasn’t an advantage for the U13 Boys. And although they tried really hard, they had to give away to many goals because they were too tired of the game before…


‘I am really proud of the way this team played during the whole indoor season het at Kingdom’, said Coach Marco after the game. ‘Playing a lot of good games where they really dominated the whole game, having a lot of possession of the ball, creating a lot of changes, and also playing good games defensively I really enjoyed coaching this young team. Unfortunately playing the final game back-to-back was too though for the boys, and in my eyes not fair, but seeing the development of the players both individually and as a team, I’m really looking forward to the Spring season.


Dutch Lions U13B – Waynesville
Date: Monday, March 23, 2014
Result: W 4-3
Player of the game: Gage


Before the game we had some confusion of the schedule, but when that was solved we had, I think, the best motivation to start this game: “The winner takes all”!!
We played them before and lost, so there were enough reasons to be motivated.


And we were motivated, the game talk was all about ball movement and simple passes. Stay out of a duel, because they were physically in the advantage.


The ball went around and everybody got a lot of touches, if we couldn’t attack from the left side. Then we dropped the ball and tried it on the right side. The opponent couldn’t get in 1on1 duels to use their qualities, what was because we passed the ball around quickly.


Of course it is tough to keep the focus and keep doing the tasks the formation asks. Also because they changed their play in to long kick balls and more physical. What was difficult for use handle.


This all changed the game in a excited and beautiful soccer fight between 2 different styles of soccer, where we kept trying to pass the ball around quickly finding the open spot to get a goal opportunity and they went for the direct approach with long kick balls and there physical advantage to win the second ball.


A big compliment to the team, that they saw that by only passing quickly around the ball there was a chance to win this game and in the last minutes even tried to calm it down the speed of the game by holding the ball in the team (simple pass back to Kyler).


Gage was hereby for me a good example to the team with his work effort, being aggressive on the right moments but always trusted on his ball skills and keeping a good overview to see teammates who are in a better position than he is.


At last I want to congrats the team by winning the Bracket! It was sometimes tough for me to keep looking, because the game went up and down and I got really nervous. But overall you guys played good and deserved it to win this game!


Dutch Lions U15 Boys – KHSC Central B98
Monday March 24, 2014
Result: L 0-3


After a good tournament last weekend, the U15 Boys started their spring season versus KHSC Central B98. The first minutes of the game the boys did a good job; they tried to reach the Kolia and Jack at the wing. But they only created one real scoring opportunity. After the first minutes, the U15B weren’t able to play the game they want to play, with a lot of possession. The opponent started to put more pressure on our defense, which resulted in more a more ‘American’ Soccer. After a cross from the right wing, the opponent took the lead. After some subs, the Boys tried to chance the game. But they weren’t able to keep the ball upfront. Close before halftime, the boys conceded another goal.


The second half the boys tried to put more pressure at the KHSC, but there was too much space between the lines. When there is too much space between the lines, it is hard to put pressure on the opponent. The second half we conceded another goal, but the boys kept fighting for a better result.


Coach Eric: ‘’This game showed us that we still have a lot of work to do. When we have possession we need to learn how to deal with the pressure from an opponent. At this moment we choose too fast to play to long ball. Also without possession we need to improve, but with 4 practices a week in spring season I am confident that we will improve quickly.’’


Dutch Lions FC U10 Girls – Lightning
Friday March 21, 2014
Result: L 3-2
Player of the Game: Morgan


In what turned out to be their final indoor game, the Lions fell just a little bit short of advancing to the finals in their tournament bracket. It was a hard fought game on both sides, with lots of opportunities generated by both teams. Offensively the Lions were on top of their game in terms of build-up, but lacked the final touch in the offensive third. On many occasions the girls were able to successfully pass their way up the field, only to shoot just wide, or take one touch too many before trying to find a teammate or shooting the ball. On the defensive end the girls did well, staying disciplined and being aggressive, helping back in numbers, and transitioning well.


Coach Eric was very proud of the girls’ effort, telling them that “we did a fantastic job to make it this far after starting slowly in the regular season. We’ve made progress in leaps and bounds in terms of using our skills, playing as a team, and learning the game of soccer. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything we have done translates to the outdoor game this spring!”


DDLFC U12G/U13G – The Grape Warriors
Saturday March 22, 2014
Result: L 4-0
Player of the game: Grace Z.


The Dutch Lions U12G/U13G played against The Grape Warriors in the championship game at Kingdom Sportscenter. A very entertaining match-up between both teams and The Grape Warriors were able to edge out the Lions 4-0.


The Lions did a great job defending as a team and staying organized in the defensive half which kept a close scoreline throughout the match. Offensively, the lady lions possessed the ball well at times and created many scoring opportunities but just could not find the back of the net.


Coach Shane was satisfied after the game, “The girls improved tremendously this indoor season and they deserved to be in the championship game. Kingdom Sportscenter has prepared us well for the outdoor spring season!”


Coach Shane and Alex nominated Grace Z. as the player of the game and had this to say about her,” She played a ton a minutes tonight and defended well all game. She kept us organized and did an excellent job leading our defense!”


Dutch Lions FC U13GDutch Lions FC U14G
Date: Sunday March 22nd, 2014
Result W 2-0
Player of the game: Grace T.


The much anticipated and talked about contest between the u13 girls team and the u14 girls team finally happened. The u13s came out quite aggressively and we on the attack early. Tallying a goal rather quickly. The combination of Nica and Micayla was tough for the u14s to contain but sensing a need to pick up the intensity the u14s gathered momentum of the game around the 20 minute mark. Cheyenne and the rest of the forwards were firing shots from all the over the field but Grace T was there to stop them and the rest of the u13 defense did a good job of limiting second chances. Ultimately, the push by the u14s came a little too late in the game and the u13s walked away with a 2-0 win. The way the tournament works out though the u14s have another chance to avenge their loss but must beat another team standing in their way.


Coach Alex nominated Grace T as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance. ”Grace was stopping all the shots that came her way and there were quite many on this day. The u14s were not giving up easily nor was Grace, which she ended up being the deciding factor in this game as the u13s won meeting number one.”


Dutch Lions FC U14G – Metro FC
Date: Sunday March 22nd, 2014
Result: W 4-2
Player of the Game: Julia


After a tough loss to the U13?s these girls had a quick turnaround with another game right after. Win and we get another shot at u13s.
After a quick discussion about what we could change moving forward we were on our way. It took a little while for us to get on the board, but once we did we kept rolling. The game was very back and forth in the beginning but we started to settle down and take more chances.
Emily, was being more confident on the ball and taking people on and finishing with a shot. Bekah and Hannah were following all the shots and eventually got a goal. Defensively we tried to stay more compact which ultimately slowed down the other team and let our midfielders pick up the loose balls. Overall it was a better effort than in the first game.


Coach Alex nominated Julia as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance. ”Julia who usually plays defense, filled a different role today by playing outside forward and she showed she could benefit the team all over the field by tallying an assist in the game.”


Dutch Lions FC U13GDutch Lions FC U14G
Date: Sunday March 22nd, 2014
Result W 6-2
Player of the game: Eva

After an exciting first matchup and win by the u14s the showdown has a sequel. This time both teams came out quite strong and pick up right where they left off. The 13s got on the board first with a goal.


Strong forward play from Meera, and Eva put pressure on the u14 defense but JeNae and Paige were able to match the physicality of the game nicely to keep it even. Building on what didn?t work out from the first game, the u14s were able to find through balls to create one on one chances, yet again Grace T. and the u13 defense were able to recover and clear the ball from harm’s way. But with tired legs from this being their third game in a short time and a little bad luck the u14s couldn?t over take the u13s this time around, I look forward to any matchups between these teams in the future.


Coach Alex nominated Eva as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance. ”Eva was a strong presence up front for the u13s today. She was putting pressure on the other teams defense and had a few nice shots that resulted in a goal.”


Dutch Lions FC U16 Girls – Santos FC
Sunday March 23, 2014
Result: L 7-1
Player of the Game: Jesse


This was a very rough game for the girls. The Lions seemed out of sorts from the start, leaving too many gaps and passing lanes open throughout the field. They did well in one-on-one defensive situations, but too often the opposition was able to find an open player with space to attack. The midfield and defensive lines were too spread out, making life difficult in transition for everyone. Offensively they weren’t able to find feet as often as they could have, and possession often turned into 50-50 balls that didn’t always bounce the Lions’ way.


Coach Eric was overall disappointed in the play, saying that “we just weren’t organized today. We didn’t defend as a team, and when you fail to do that it makes stopping the opposition next to impossible. I think that we did well in our individual battles in terms of doing what we were supposed to do, but that ultimately doesn’t matter when they have passing options readily available. If we can make it more compact and come together as a team instead of defending as 11 individuals, I think we cut out 90% of their chances.”



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