Academy Report Week 13

Dutch Lions FC U15B – NKSA U15Boys Blue
Sunday March 30th, 2014
Result L 3-0


Second game of the Buckeye Premier Youth League for the U15 Boys, after the lost in the first game the boys were eager to get a result versus NKSA.


In the first 15 minutes of the game, the boys were dictating the game. With some good combinations, we were dangerous in front of the goal a couple of times. But it was NKSA who opened the score in the 18th minute. Instead of building-up from the back, the team decided to kick it long. When you are spread out as team it is hard to defend.


After the goal the U15 Boys weren´t them self anymore, lot of wrong choose so at half time the score was 3/0. At halftime the boys decided to put high pressure, because the boys had the feeling that they still could win the game.


The second the boys gave everything they had, but only 1 sub and the opponent with 6. Also physical it was hard to put high pressure all over the field. But the guys kept going, and played a better second half. But they were unable to upset the opponent.


Coach Eric: “The boys’ aren´t constant enough in their performance, so the upcoming weeks we have a lot of work to do. We knew that before, so for us it´s important that we get a lot of moments together so we can develop as team and as players.”


Dutch Lions FC U13G – Lady Warrior 00 White
Sunday March 30th, 2014
Result W 6-0
Player of the game: Eva


Finally the sun has made an appearance and just in time for our first spring season game. The game got off to a quick start with Meera scoring the first goal from Peyton and Chloe, who did a great job of winning the ball in the middle of the field and pushing it up. Shortly thereafter one of our guest players, Paige, was able to find Nica down the sideline. Nica was able to get behind the defense and bury a shot in the lower left hand corner. Peyton was constantly working in the middle and was able to break through the other team’s defensive line for a breakaway of her own. After a quick halftime talk about ways to get behind their back line we came out scoring three more goals. All of which came from Eva who was able to control the ball and her body to get around the other team. She was assisted from Nica and Peyton.


Defensively, we were able to hold them around midfield for most of the game and let little back there to challenge our guest goalies Olivia and Eva who combined for a shutout.


Coach Alex nominated Eva as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance. “After holding strong in the goal in the first half, Eva was ready to go. She made quick work of the other team’s defense by controlling the ball and keeping it close to her foot which helped her to get behind them and for her to score. If this is what she can do in half a game, I am excited to see what happens in two halves.”.

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