Academy Report Week 17

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U9 Boys – Miami West Fireballs O4 White
Monday April 28th, 2014
Result: L 8-4
Player of the game: Brendan


This was a tough loss for the boys. The Lions fought well and created many opportunities for themselves through their passing and individual skill. After leading on three different occasions throughout the first half, halftime ultimately saw the teams tied up at 4-4. The second half was close, until the Lions ran out of gas. Once they were tired, the cracks in the defense started to show. Using a lot of energy on the offensive end, the boys were slow to get back in transition sometimes, leaving them down a man in the back. Coach Eric was proud of the boys so, saying that “we played really well. Unfortunately, our lack of subs did us in in the second half. However, I am proud that we fought all the way to the end, generating many chances in both halves.”


Dutch Lions U10 Boys Orange – CSA B03 Elite & BSC Arsenal
Saturday, April 26th and Sunday April 27th
Result: 7-0 & 5-0 L
Player of the game: Justin N and Alex


The U10 Boys Orange had to play 2 games last weekend, both in Cincinnati. First opponent was CSA B03 Elite. The weather was perfect to play a soccer game, and so was the field. Unfortunately it looked like the boys enjoyed the sun a little too much in the beginning of the game, and before they knew it they were down with 2-0. After playing about 20 minutes, the boys started to play a little better, and were able to create a few opportunities. The second half the young lions showed more of their quality, but they were too far down to get back in to the game. Compliments go out to the CSA B03 Elite who was the best opponent to far, and played a really nice style of soccer.


Sunday’s game the U10 Boys opponent was BSC Arsenal. Again the boys didn’t start strong and got some goals against in the first half of the game, but were also able to create some good opportunities their self. After some instructions at half time the boys started the second half strong. While getting an unlucky goal against them after 2 minutes, the young lions showed improvement and were able to prevent the opponent from scoring more goals, and were really close to score some goals. The best opportunity was after a good attack at the right side of the field, a cross from Quinn to Luke, who had a hard shot on goal but the goalie of the opponent was able to make a good safe!


“Two games in two days, a good opportunity for a lot of touches on the ball”, said coach Marco after the game. “Unfortunately the boys started to play soccer the way they can too late in both of the games. After getting down with a couple of goals they are starting to wake up, but it’s hard to get back into the game then. If the team would start stronger they can challenge the opponent way more, and that will make it easier for us. With only two games left I hope we can show everyone the level we can play at, and get some good results.”


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11 Boys – Oakwood United
Thursday April 24th, 2014
Result: W 7-1
Player of the game: Lochlan


The Dutch Lions U11 boys played their 3rd game of the mvysa season against against Oakwood United. The Lions outplayed their opponent the entire game and they secured the victory 7-1.


Offensively, the Lions moved the ball quickly and were able to create many scoring opportunities by keeping possession of the ball. Oakwood offense was shut down by a organized Lion’s defense and only allowed 1 goal. “I’m very happy how the boys preformed today and I thought it was our best overall game of the season”


Coach Shane nominated Lochlan as the player of the game with his 4 goal performance.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Boys Orange – NWC Alliance B00 White
Saturday, April 26th, 2014
Result: 4-1 W
Player of the game: Terry


The U13 Boys Orange team played their second game of the 2014 Buckeye spring season at Athletes in Action this past weekend and got a good 4-1 win. Besides the 3 points the young lions showed some good possession soccer and were able to create a lot of chances with some great combination soccer and build up from the back.


Coach Sid after the game, “This was a good display of the way we want to play the game, these boys like to have the ball and are making huge progression every week. After the win in the Dutch Lions Cup we got our first win in this league and I am sure more will follow.” Coach Sid continued, “Our full backs become very important in the way we want to play by keeping the field wide and making overlapping runs down the line to be options deep as well, Terry did that very well today creating many 2v1 options in our offensive third.”


The goals were scored by Matthew (1), Sam R. (2), Griffin (1).


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Boys Orange – MSS Oxford Force
Sunday April 27th, 2014
Result 6-0 W


For the U13 Boys Orange their second game this weekend versus MSS Oxford Force. From the beginning of the game the U13BO dominated, a lot of times the through ball from the midfield to the wingers worked out really well. The first goal was scored in the 11th minute by Hunter, he scored the rebound after his first shot was blocked by the goal. After the goal the opponent was dangerous on the counterattack. Luckily Mathias was there with a great safe to prevent Oxford for scoring the equalizer.
In the last ten minutes of the first half, Sam scored twice so we went to halftime 3-0 up.


The second the boys played really well, as coach it was a pleasure to see the result of hard work at practice and the technical and tactical skills of the players. Both with ball, but also without ball pressing the opponent the boys did really well this game. At the end of the second half we were up 6-0 with goals from Aiden, Hunter and Matthew.


‘’As coach it is always hard to cover a game for another coach’’, said Coach Eric. ”Both the U13BO did a really good job in this game. In the pre-game talk I asked some questions, to see what this team was tactical capable of, so as coach I asked some questions, what to do when we have possession, what to do without possession, when to press. The game plan for this game worked out really well’’


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U15 Boys – Ohio Galaxies
Saturday April 26th, 2014
Result 1-0 W


The second time this season we played versus Ohio Galaxies FC, the first time was on the Galaxies Showcase. Because of a lot of players know eachother there was already a little bit of rivalry before the game. So the team was very eager to get a result this game. The team used to space on the midfield very well, so most of the times Sam was able to play the ball through, and if they covered him, Andrew or Nick was able to play the through balls to Jack, Kolya or Brendan. Which resulted in a lot of chances, but unfortunately we were unable to beat to quality goal. So at halftime the score was 0-0.


The second half the U15B had again a lot of possession and where able to create some good opportunities. This game the defense and midfield look really solid; Bryce did a great job in the goalie organizing the defense. In soccer there is an expression that if you don’t score yourself, the opponent will do it. With 2 minutes to go, we got a free kick 22 yards from the goal and Kolya stepped up and scored!


‘’What game, we dominated what a had a lot of great chances, but at the end of the day the boys deserved the victory and they rewarded themselves, so I very happy for the team!” Coach Eric said, ‘’also finally we getting as a team where we want to be, so all the hard work at practice you can see during the games’’


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U15 Boys – Crew Juniors
Sunday April 27th, 2014
Result 3-1 W


After the good result on Saturday, the team really looked forward to Sunday’s game versus Crew Juniors. Because of the opponent didn’t put high pressure on our defense the team was able to build-up from the back, we create some chances, but didn’t upset the opponents goalie. Our defense looked again very solid, they controlled the game. So halftime was reached with a 0-0 score.


After ten minutes in the second half Andrew gave a great through ball to Nick, Nick finished! 1-0! After the goal, the opponent was more dangerous, the organization was away for a couple of minutes, which also resulted in the equalizer for the opponent. With only 20 minutes remaining the time was running out to get another victory this weekend. After great passing on the midfield, Kolya received the ball on the wing and he finished after the 2-1, Jack also got his goal so the finale score was 3-1.


‘’The guys did great this weekend, the team is growing and we are developing. But we’re not there yet, we still have to make some steps in our development’’ said Coach Eric.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls – Oakwood United
Tuesday April 22nd, 2014
Result: W 3-2
Player of the game: Keyda


The Dutch Lions U12 girls played their 2nd game of the mvysa season vs. Oakwood United. The Lions girls held the lead the the whole game but Oakwood made the game interesting with 2 late goals. DDL would hold strong and finished off the game with a 3-2 victory.


The Dutch Lions did a great job moving the ball on Oakwood and kept possession of the ball with some precise passing. 2 goals from the run if play from Keyda was the spark the Lions need and they played confidently the rest of the game. The Lions also worked hard defensively and defended well as a team to halt the late Oakwood comeback.


Coach Shane nominated Keyda as the player of the game for a solid offensive performance on the night.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Girls – SC Alliance Green Zombies
Sunday April 27th, 2014
Result L 0-3
Player of the game:  Eva


This game was a tale of two halves. We came out slowly and had a few defensive breakdowns that resulted in the other team grabbing a few early goals. At halftime we had a talk about how sometimes things don’t go our way but we cant let that stop us from playing. We decided to put the first half behind us and focus on the second half. We were going to win the second half. The girls kept pushing hard and had some good opportunities. The passing in the middle of the field between Meera, Eva and Peyton was excellent and they were able to find Nica or Micayla open on the other side of the field. Chloe and Olivia brought great intensity to the middle of the field winning balls. We had our chances just were unable to put any of them away. The good news is we get another chance to play this team on Wednesday.


Coach Alex nominated Eva as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance.  “Eva was coming off and injury and was able to make an impact right away. She was winning balls and getting them forward. She also had a few scoring chances.”


Her work ethic the whole game got her the player of the week nomination.”


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U17 Girls – Ohio Blitz
Friday April 25th, 2014 and Saturday April 26th, 2014
Result: Friday W 2-0, Saturday 2-2
Player of the game:  4/25 Sarah Brown 4/26 Ellie Stebbins and Gabbie Diaz


The U17G continued their marathon game run this weekend. On 4/25 they won 2-0 vs. Ohio Blitz; another solid team performance. But the player of the match here who truly shined was GK Sarah Brown. She played not only a proactive game but had some tough saves that kept us in this game.


It was a good match by both teams. After the game the other coach came up and said that the girls were “warriors”. I think that shows our strength of character and  how this team keeps fighting for every opportunity. The back line was solid as ever and Abbie and Jessie in the middle kept us connected to our front line. Michaela continued to put  pressure up top as well as coming back to help on defense.


On 4/26 we had a tough game against reign United FC. We had 2 young guest players that really helped us out, Hannah and Grace proved to be real assets with good positioning and smart play. We were down 0-2 for most the game but did not give up. Ellie Stebbins got us started by a nice left footed shot to get us back in the game at 1-2. In the final moments Ellie and Gabbie combined for a goal; a well timed run by Gabbie Diaz when Ellie sent in a nice cross through the box right on to Gabbies foot for a touch into the net, giving us the tie. Rachel Reed is finding her niche as a right back, she is  tough to beat. She made great decisions in this game of when to go forward and when to use the keeper to get out of pressure. Payton and Kaitlin solid as well in the back with Emma dropping switching in from midfield to help out as a center back.


We also had the support of our walking wounded Stephanie and Rebecca who came to the game and supported their teammates. Thanks!


Again, a solid team performance by all!

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