Academy Report Week 18

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U9 Boys – Warriors 04
Result: L 10-5
Player of the Game: Brendan

This game was a tale of two halves. The Dutch Lions played an excellent first half, finishing the first half up 3-2 before the game was delayed due to weather concerns. After waiting out the storm, the Lions just didn’t come back the way they finished. Playing a man down for the first 10 minutes, the other team mounted a quick comeback, amassing a lead that the Lions could not overcome. Coach Eric, while upset with the result, was pleased with the game overall, saying that “we have demonstrated that we can play with just about anyone for the first half. Unfortunately we still lack depth and eventually tire out. But this is positive for our boys, it shows that we have developed well and have comparable skills to everyone in the league.”

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U9 Boys – Southwest FC B04 Gold
Result: L 6-1
Player of the Game: Lance

Considering the circumstances, this was a decent result for the Lions. Playing a man down for the entire game against a team with a full bench, the boys did their best to run with the other team and stay competitive. Holding the opposition to a 2-0 lead at half, the Lions came close on many occasions to equalizing and finding a goal of their own in the first half, having good stints of possession in the attacking half. In the second half the Lions wore out a little, giving the other team the advantage that they needed to pull away. “The boys have been mentally tough through this entire season. To play an entire game while a man down and not give up takes guts, and I’m proud of my team for playing to the end.”

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11B – Green County Cosmos
Monday May 5th 2014
Result: W 4-3
Player of the game: Simon

The Dutch Lions U11 Boys played their 4th game of the mvysa season against the Green County Cosmos. The Lions erased an early 2 goal deficit and completed the comeback victory 4-3 with a great 2nd half effort.

The Cosmos had a fast start to the game and the Lions had to adjust to the early pressure. After the Cosmos took the lead, DDL would finally settle in and began playing better soccer by keeping possession and creating scoring opportunities. An exciting 2nd half ended with Collin getting the go ahead goal with shot from outside the box into the top corner of the goal.
Player of the game was Simon who played a huge part on defense but also helped out the offense by scoring the 3rd goal for the Lions.

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12B – Butler United
Sunday, May 4, 2014
Result: L
Player of the game:  Brody

We started pretty good, pushed Butler United back to their defense and kept them there. Had the most ball possession, but sometimes they came out for a counter attack and those we’re dangerous. We tried to disable their counter attacks by putting the attackers offside.

First two goals were unlucky, But we kept trying and pushing them back on their own half. What went pretty well, Ball possession was in our advantage and we had opportunities to score goals.
Only from the counter attack were they dangerous, what was a good sign for us that the tactic we discussed in the game talk worked! However we met one of the laws of soccer, that if we don’t score a goal, the opponent will score… and they did.

By half time was it 3-0 for them, but if you saw the first half it did not looked like a 3-0 game. Everybody was aggressive and had the will to fight for every ball, the passes were all to keep the ball in the team…

Second half we lose it up a  little bit, because the tactic we use is a tough one to keep doing of a whole game. Unfortunately they were really sharp in front of the goal, the game did not really changed. We kept pushing them back to their own half and tried playing the ball around to find a gap in their defense line.

I like to point out Brody as Player of the game, because of his work ethic and the coaching he did. He showed leadership and tried to help his teammates by telling them what to do. A big plus and a good step in the process of getting a soccer player!

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13BO – Classics Eagles Black II 00/01
Saturday, May 3, 2014
Result: 3-1

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13BO – U13 OESA ACADEMY

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Result: 4-1

The U13 Boys Orange team played their fourth and fifth game of the 2014 Buckeye spring season this past weekend and got 2 good wins, lifting the young lions into first place in the league with a 4-1-0 record and 12 points.

On Saturday the team traveled to Columbus to face the, then in first place, Classic Eagles and the Lions put together a very solid performance with some great possession soccer, creating many chances and showing some great combinations. Three of those combinations resulted in goals from Sam R., Hunter and Gaven and a 3-1 win.

The second game of the weekend, played on Sunday, showed a very strong first 15 minutes, with the Lions going up 3-0, with goals from Sam R., Gaven and Sam T., securing the lead at half. Another goal in the second half by Aidan sealed the deal and got the young Lions the 4th win in a row and the first place in the league.

Coach Sid after the weekend, “The boys are consistently playing a very good level of soccer, showing some great combination play and getting the wins. It is great to see this team play and I am very proud of them after another successful weekend.” Coach Sid continued, “When the performance level of the team is high then it becomes hard to nominate individual players for player of the game… Our keepers have been very consistent making saves but also playing with their feet, our back line has put together some solid performances and our midfield and offense have created many chances. When this happens we are a hard team to beat in this league!”

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U15B – Classic Eagles Gold
Sunday, May 4, 2014
Result: 3-0 L

The U15 Boys after the great result from last weekend and the good week of practice, the boys we eager and confident to put a good performance versus Classic Eagles Gold. The team played dominated the first half, with both Kolya and Nick as attacking midfielders the opponent didn’t know how to defend our style of play. With a lot of ball through the our wingers, we create a lot of chances in the first half. Both Jack and Kolya put an effort at the crossbar, and also two great opportunities from Kolya and Jacob were stopped by the Classic goalie.

During the second half, we weren’t able to dominate and keep possession like in the first half. Which resulted in a goal from the opponent, and during this phase of the game the team couldn’t keep the ball. Which resulted in another goal, so the unwritten rule if you don’t score, they opponent will hit the team. The team ended playing with 9, because of an injury of Nick and a red card from Kolya after a reckless play. Even with 9 players the U15B were able to play possession versus 11 players of the opponent. Unfortunately the team conceded another goal.

“Overall I was disappointed with the result, because we are the better team”, coach Eric said. “But the way the team played in the first half, and at the end of the game really showed me that we’re on the right way with the development of the team.”

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U16B – Ohio Extreme U16 Boys
Saturday, May 3, 2014
Result: 2-0 L

After no games last weekends, and a couple of good practice the Dayton Dutch Lions FC U16 Boys had to be ready for their game versus Ohio Extreme. The first 20 minutes of the game, it looked like the team consisted of 11 individuals instead of being a team. After 20 minutes the guys started playing as a team, and the team did well. The build-up from the back was good until the final third of the field; nevertheless the team was able to create some chances. After 40 minutes the referee blowed for halftime with 2-0 down.

During halftime, the team was eager to get a result versus Ohio Extreme. Everybody was confident that a good performance in the second half possibly lead to a good result.

The second half was dominated entirely by the Dayton Dutch Lions FC, the last 20 minutes the team tried to push with an extra midfielder to put pressure and 1v1 over the entire field. Unfortunately the U16B weren’t able to beat the goalie.

“The first 20 minutes somehow we weren’t able to play we usually do, which resulted in 2 goals against’’, said Coach Eric. “The rest of the game was okay, although we still have a lot of problems in the final third of the field when attacking. So with Video Analysis and more specific practice we will work on the development of the team in the final third of the field. I’m confident that this will result in some good games.”

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Girls – SC Alliance Green Zombies
Wednesday April 30th, 2014
Result T 1-1
Player of the game: Olivia

Having only three days since we last played this team and the memory of the when they beat us still fresh the team was ready to play.

Knowing a little bit more about this team and how they play we changed up the formation a little bit and had more attack going on. We were getting plenty of shots but couldn’t follow up with them and put them away. The other team had four free kicks close to the goal area and twice hit the post and the other managed to find the back of the net.

We did not get discouraged but rather we kept pushing and finally Nica was able to break through and finish a shot. Going into halftime tied let us start the second half with a clean slate. Also after discussing no more free kicks for the other team we we back out there and battled hard to keep this tie. We had a few more chances without any goals but the girls played very strong and were not being pushed around by the other team. Coming out of the game with a tie was credit to how hard the girls worked.

Coach Alex nominated Olivia as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance. “Olivia usually plays a position that doesn’t get a lot of thanks but today she moved up into the midfield because we needed a ball winner and someone to take control of the middle. She was that presence and had a few good opportunities on net while holding down the middle and defense.”

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Girls – FC Tippecanoe Titans
Monday May 6th, 2014
Result W 3-0
Player of the game: Micayla

It was a great night to play some soccer, and the girls were ready to go. They came out strong in the first half. Grace Z. was solid in her backline for the first five minutes while the other team tried to attack from the left side. The team kept pushing up the sideline and eventually earned a corner. In this corner, the bumpy field worked to our advantage. Nica took the corner and off a funny bounce from the field Eva was able to volley it in the back of the net. The game settled down a bit and the girls continued to play strong. The back line was solid as they can be. They did an amazing job this entire game of being there for each other, if one individual got beat there was someone on orange right there and then another until the attack was stopped. Towards the end of the first half Chloe took a free kick which Peyton played on to Nica who was able to beat a few defenders and score another goal. Halftime came and once back on the pitch we were at it again. Micayla is one of our players who can play every position but sadly is leaving us in a few games so after playing minutes at striker, midfield, and center back she shifted to wing forward for the last five minutes and was able to dribble past her marker and score a game securing goal in the bottom left-hand corner to add a great memory before she leaves.

Coach Alex nominated Micayla as the player of the game and had the following to say about her performance. “Micayla is a great player to have on our team, and she is our team captain. She is willing to play every position the best she can. It was very exciting to see her get another goal with us before she moves on.”

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