Academy Game Reports March 13th & 20th-22nd

Game Reports March 13th & 20th-22nd

DDL FC U14BB vs. South Dayton Blast

Date: Thursday, March 13th, 2015
Result: L 4-7
Player of the game: Delos

For the last game of the Winter season, the players looked confident after our double victory last week. Even when we saw the size of the opponent, they said to each other to focus on their soccer technique to outsmart them.

From the start it was clear that with pressure on the ball and if we didn’t give them time to control the ball, we would have a chance to get the 3 points.  So we started with great pressure play, didn’t look intimidated at all and we were able to keep the ball far away from our own goal.

Our defensive strategy made it possible to create several big chances to score.  It was only that luck wasn’t on our side as we did not take a big lead.

Coach Nicky had the following words after the game: “I think it is the law of Murphy, saying that if you don’t score the goals, eventually they will be scored against you. Well that was the case for us. The opponent used their physical advantage and scored the goals we couldn’t score on the other side unfortunately”.

The player of the game is Delos. With his level of energy and dynamic play, he was uncatchable for the opponents defense.  He showed mental strength and a great work effort,  taking lead for the team.

DDLFC U11 Girls vs. CUSA Silver

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Result: W 6-0

Player of the game: Katie

The Dutch Lions U11 girls played their first game of the MVYSA spring season vs. CUSA Silver. A dominating performance from the Lions and they would prevail in the end for a perfect start to the season. The Lions would take the victory 6-0 and were lead by a fantastic offensive showing from the Dutch Lions attack.

Offensively, the lions did well moving the ball quickly and attacking up the wings. The Lions were successful getting behind the CUSA defense in their 1v1 situations and penetrating through balls created numerous goal-scoring opportunities. The Lions kept their composure in front of goal and finished their chances confidently to seal the victory.

Defensively, they were organized and defended well as a team. The Lions were strong in their tackles and an impressive performance from the GK’s secured the shutout.

Coach Shane had this to say about the game, “The U11 girls played well today and we had a lot of positive moments on the field to build off this season. We were effective in the attack and were organized defensively which proves to be all around team performance.”

Coach Shane nominated Katie as the player of the game for her energy and effort on the field and scored multiple goals in her Lions debut.

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14’s Boys Orange vs BSA Celtics Blue
Friday, March 20th, 2015
Result: 4-1 W
Player of the game: Sam Reid

After a long winter journey, where the U14 Boys orange team prepared themselves playing at wall2wall league, the young lions had their first game of the Spring, playing against BSA Celtics Blue at DOC Stadium.

It was an emotional game, where the boys showed a tremendous character, and will to win since the very first minute. At the end, all their efforts were rewarded with the first 3 points of the season.

Defensively the team presented a solid performance, showing aggressiveness, and a good anticipation sense. With quick defensive transitions, and consistent help from the wingers closing the spaces inside, the team dealt well with most of the situations.

However the set pieces are something where we have to be more effective on marking.

Offensively the team dominated the entire game with a perfect knowledge about the game, their roles and tasks. They knew how to take advantage of the space on the opponent’s back, creating several counter attack situations by through balls. However the finishing did not have a great success rate, on more than one occasion we missed the goal, alone, in front of the goalkeeper, we have to be more effective in these situations.

We nominate Sam Reid as player of the match, for his work rate, holding the ball well in the attacking half, creating chances, scoring and assisting. He led us today, with all his effort and energy,and always being involved in most of our attack situations.

After the game, Coach Bruno says: ” After those wall2wall games there was some uncertainty around this team, how they will fit in this new division, but the lads gave us on the field the correct answer with an unquestionable victory. We were better the entire game, with a tremendous competitive attitude.” Concluding “It was an emotional week for all of us, I think that victory it’s a deserved tribute to their former coach, Sid Van Druenen, who led the team during the last 3 years, teaching and guiding these young boys, inside and outside the soccer field.”

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U17 Boys vs CUSE PSV Kings 

Saturday, March 21st, 2015
Result: 1-0 W
Player of the game: Kevin

Last weekend our U17 boys team played a double-header as part of their Spring season. The first of them was at Morrow, against the USE PSV – Kings.  It was a tight game, with two teams looking for a victory until the last minute. After all the efforts the lads achieved their second win, keeping a clean sheet, for the second consecutive game.

Without the ball the team had a consistent performance, anticipating and tackling well with their 1 v 1 duels throughout most of the game. With quick reactions after losing possession, and aggressiveness responding, we controlled all their attempts to score a goal on us.

The defensive coordination has been better at each game, playing as a compact block, shifting over, and closing all the spaces around our goal.

Offensively it was not our best performance, our passing game was slow, and very predictable, sometimes with risky decisions, forcing the same side of the field, even when the space was crowded and nasty, which resulted in counter attack situations against us. Even so, we created enough chances to score / increase the score, especially from through balls for the wingers. It was good to see our full backs involved in the process, with good overlaps, creating 2 v 1 situations.

For this first game we distinguish Kevin as player of the match. With a solid defensive performance, he was very focused, anticipating all the plays, and was always available to move forward on the field helping the team also on the offensive moment.

About the game, coach Bruno said: “Today the result was better than the exhibition.  Our passing game was very slow without creativity. However without being brilliant, we dominated all  game, and the win it’s totally deserved. This was one of those games where we have to be more objectives and pragmatic, solving the game as soon as possible, because one single mistake could have been fatal.”

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls vs CUSE Impact
Saturday, March 21st, 2015
Result: 3-1 W
Player of the game: Veronica

This weekend our U14 girls team played their second game of the Buckeye premier 2 league at Little Miami High School. It was a good challenge, where the young girls have showed us, their will to win since the initial whistle. At the end, they achieved 3 more important points defeating the CUSA girls 3-1.

Without the ball, the team solved all the situations near to our goal. All the players knew exactly what to do with their defensive moment, playing compact, with the wingers tightening the field, and with a quick reactions after losing the ball. The girls were very cooperative, helping each other with several covers and moments of high pressure.

However we keep struggling on defensive corner kicks, where our players have to be more effective staying on their marks.

On the ball, the team was extremely active, with a good collective dynamic, dominating the match. The girls tried to combine and were able to show us flashes of good soccer, playing the ball on the ground, with ‘give and go’ situations. However our best opportunities emerged from counter attacks. The short pass and the possession game is something where we can improve.

Veronica was nominated as player of the match for her offensive effort, keeping the defense busy with constants runs of the ball. She is a natural goal scorer, with an awesome ability to finish.

After the game, we found a proud coach, who said, “The girls are to be congratulated. It has been a great experience, play at this level. Today our defensive game was very consistent, the way that the girls are pressing, being aggressive, closing all the spaces it’s something very positive. Offensively I think that we are taking some benefits of those wall2wall games especially in terms of speed, moving the ball quickly. However it was only the second game, and there’s still a lot of room for improvement ”

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U17 Boys vs Gunners FC 

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015
Result: 1-0 L
Player of the game: Micah

Continuing on in our spring season we played the second game of the weekend at Northmont High School, this time against the Gunners.  It was an extremely close and competitive game, with two teams chasing the victory with all their efforts. Unfortunately a goal in the 88th minute resulted on our first defeat of the season.

 With the ball the boys played very well, dominating the game most of the time. They showed confidence with ball possession, moving it up  the field based on a consistent passing game, involving all the players, with constant movement, while giving the guy with the ball possession, multiple pass options. Unfortunately we didn’t have the calm nerves and the accuracy necessary to finish with success with the good amount of chances that we created.

However, It was a pleasure to see how they moved the ball on the field, using the entire field, without being afraid to drop the ball, and restart the play again from behind.

 Defensively, the team adjusted well for most of the situations, neutralizing their interior game with good pressure and quick transitions. Our opponent only created danger through long balls, and counter attack situations taking advantage of the speed from their strikers.

Besides that, we also had a couple of mistakes, with bad first touches;  when we tried to turn under pressure, or even when we would leave the full backs in a 1 v 2 situation because of lack of defensive work from our wingers.

 For this game Micah was nominated as player of the game for all his efforts during the match. Defensively recovering numerous balls, anticipating plays, with a good space occupation, and when the team had the ball, being always a solution, to connect the game, and switch the field sides.

After the final whistle coach Lopes said: “It was a really good challenge, where the boys definitely deserved other results for all their efforts. It’s tough to lose a game in the last breath, especially when we were the team who played better, with a very good passing game, dynamic and full of chances to score. I’m very proud about what we did here today, proud of my lads, proud of our game. Playing like that we will definitely win most of the times.”

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