Academy Game Reports March 27th-29th

Youth Academy Game Reports

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls vs Middletown Twisters
Friday, March 27th, 2015
Result: 3-0 W
Player of the game: Peyton

In the week where the majority of the players began their Spring Break our U14 Girls academy team played their 3rd game of the season at the DOC stadium. An intense match since the beginning, the young ladies showed a lot of determination to win, with moments of good soccer, defeating the opponent 3-0.

Defensively the team was well organized for the most part, with moments of high pressure, and quick transitions. It was good to see all the players involved in the process, defending compact as unit, nullifying all of the opponents efforts to score on us.

However there’s always room for improvement. Our defensive line has to be more coordinated to trap the opponents in offside positions.

Offensively it was our best game so far. The team started the game with a positive attitude, moving the ball quickly, trying to take advantage of the space on the opponents side, and of the 1 v 1 situations. In the second half, the team changed its attitude and was more dominant, controlling the game, using the short passing style, with good combination moments.

This weekend we nominated Peyton as player of the match. Beside the goal, she showed the ability and smartness to keep ball possession, even under pressure, finding most of the time an open player to play short. She was also very important with the defensive movement, helping the team with several ball recoveries.

After the game coach Bruno said, “Today was probably one of our best games, the girls showed confidence, attitude and maturity controlling the game since the beginning. It was also great have the opportunity to play here, at the DOC stadium, and have the feeling of play at home”

Concluding “It’s a great start to the season, but it is just that.. a start, we have to keep working, looking forward, trying to improve our game at every practice or game.”

DDL FC U14BB vs. Springfield Thunder
Date: Saturday, March 28st, 2015
Result: W 2-1
Player of the game: Stephen Kitze

It was a cold windy day and we were playing soccer. The previous game encouraged us and gave us the motivation to put a good game on the field.

The opponent started with full pressure and tried to surprise us, but the defense line was solid and was able to keep it closed in the beginning phase of the game. With some counter attacks they tried to come through and it became dangerous, but every ball was an easy catch for our goalkeeper. However, we were not the team that opened the score. A free kick bounced in via the cross bar in the goal.

From this point, we decided to dominate even more, pressing them on their half and keeping the ball with our team. This way we created many opportunities, but we weren’t able to create a goal out of the many chances and opportunities we had.

Coach Nicky had the following words after the game: “I don’t know if they planned and tried to make me sweat it, but scoring two goals in the very last second of the first half and again in the second half to win the game. That is a perfect timing! I am proud of the attitude and determination they all showed.”

The player of the game is Stephen Kitze. Scoring the equalizer, on the perfect moment, it was a crucial moment in the game for us. Stephen provided our attack with many passes and was a crucial link between defense and attack. Great job!
Dayton Dutch Lions FC U17 Boys vs First Capital FC

Sunday, March 29th, 2015
Result: 1-1 T
Player of the game: Drew

Last Sunday the U17 Boys team of our Academy played at Chillicothe for the 4th game of their spring season. It was a competitive game, with two teams playing with distinct styles of soccer, with both chasing victory since the initial whistle. After 90 minutes and despite all the efforts to achieve a different result, we conceded the first tie of the season.

It was good to see how the team reacted after being defeated last weekend. The opponent tried to give us moments of high pressure, but the boys played with the same confidence and attitude as usual, taking control of the game since the beginning, moving the ball quickly on the ground, and switching the field sides, with a good dynamic.

However in the last third of the field, we had a lack of creativity and accuracy in our decision-making, as we were unable to create and finish more goal situations.

Defensively, the team showed again a very consistent performance. The opponents tried take advantage of the wind, playing with two strikers at the top, and basing their game on long balls, but the boys quickly realized that, and adjusted their defensive behaviors, solving most of the problems.

However a lack of aggressiveness and speed in our defensive transition, not recovering quickly our positions on the field like we normally do, it allowed for several opportunities for the opponents counter attack.

For this game Drew was nominated as player of the game for all his efforts. Defensively very focused, and strong in 1 v 1 situations, with numerous tackles. He was also important, when the team had the ball, being a pass option to build from behind.

After the final whistle coach Lopes said: “Today I have the feeling that we could have won this game, we dominated almost all the game, with moments of good soccer. However, we have to be more accurate on finishing. We had enough chances to “kill the game” with one or more goals, and we didn’t. We have to be more effective in those moments, to not be surprised at the end.” Concluding, “Anyway I am proud of my lads, they are to be congratulated. We didn’t win today but we played good, and when the process is good, sooner or later the win will appear.”

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