Game Reports & Team of the Week 1

Every week the Dayton Dutch Lions FC Youth Academy will announce it’s team and player of the week.

This past weekend 4 of our youth teams had games, to read about the games of our U9 Girls, U11 Girls, U11 Boys and U12 Girls you can find the game reports below.

Congratulations to all players selected in our first team of the week. In week 1 Connor from the U11 Boys was selected as player of the week after a strong defensive performance and also scoring two goals securing the victory for his team.

Academy Team of the week 1




Dayton Dutch Lions FC U9G vs. Butler Fury Girls 06
Sunday, August 23, 2015
Result: 1-7 L
Player of the Game: Shiloh

The Dutch Lions U9 Girls played this weekend their 1st game in the 2015 Fall Season, against Butler Fury Girls 06 with a 1-7 loss as an end result.

Offensively, the team showed some difficulty in the offensive process, which is normal, considering that its a new team , and the girls are now beginning to compete; but it was interesting to see that when they tried to create opportunities to score they did it collectively.

Defensively it was a complicated game, especially in the 1st half, with fatigue installing quickly. However, they showed a great attitude and never gave up.

Coach Paulo said after the game “Was a tough game in all aspects, especially physically. We have a new team, with young players having their first experience in competition, and we have a lot of work to do, but these girls are very committed and I’m sure they we will learn a lot and it will be a very positive season”.

Player of the game was Shiloh. “Shiloh played well. She started the game as a defender and was agressive, trying to recover the ball and started playing quickly to build our attack. In the 2nd half, she continued with the same attitude, and for several times, had good opportunities to score and did score a great goal”.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11G vs. Grand Lake United
Sunday, August 23, 2015
Result: 3-4 L
Player of the Game: Laura

The Dutch Lions U11 Girls played this weekend their 1st game in the 2015 Fall Season, against Grand Lake with a 3-4 loss as an end result, in a very balanced game with several scoring opportunities for both teams.

Offensively, the girls showed some confidence, willingness to control the game and good initiatives. It was possible to see some good combination plays, but it was the 1v1 situations on the flank channels, mainly in the 2nd half, that we unbalance the opposing team and created dangerous situations. However, at times, the girls have shown some hesitation in the moment to shoot at the goal.

Defensively, the girls worked well as a team, agressive on the ball, with good defensive runs, and immediate chase after loosing possession, which allowed us some ball recoveries near the opposite goal.

Coach Paulo said after the game “It was a good game. The team showed a great attitude during the game, after being down for 2-0, and tied the game before the half time. During the 2nd half, the girls showed some fatigue but never gave up and continued to fight until the end of the game”.

Player of the game was Laura. “Laura played a good game. She was very assertive and always well positioned. Actively participated in the defensive team process with some good decision making after recovery of the ball, winning some good individual duels.”


Dutch Lions U11B vs. Miami West
04 Friday, August 21st, 2015
Result: W 4-2
Player of the Game: Connor

The Dutch Lions U11 boys played their first game of the MVYSA season vs. Miami West at Pleasant Hill Complex. An entertaining game that finished with a 6 goal thriller to kickoff the season. The Lions held a 3-2 lead late in the game and were able to seal the victory after goal from Connor in the final minutes.

Offensively, the Lions did well in their 1v1 situations and were able to beat defenders that created multiple scoring opportunities throughout the game. The Lions counter-attack was also a great offensive weapon but just missed out on the final pass to get to goal.

Defensively, the team was strong in the backline and did a great job covering each other. The defense stayed organized and worked hard to complete the first victory for the Lions.

Coach Shane had this to say about the game, “For the first game of the season, I thought the U11 boys played excellent! We started the game with a ton of energy and that set the tone for entire game. I am glad the U11 boys earned a hard fought victory and we will begin preparing for the next game.”

Coach Shane nominated Connor as the Player of the Game for his defensive effort and also added 2 goals offensively.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls vs BSA Celtic
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015
Result: 1-1 Tie
Player of the game: Kira

After the summer break, our U12 girls team, played their first league game of the Fall season at Ankeney. Despite the heat, the girls showed a great attitude and desire to start well the new soccer season. After 60 minutes of an intense and balanced match, the young ladies, achieved their first point with a 1-1 tie.

Defensively the team had a good performance, with a good field occupation reducing the space to the opponents team to build up their game. We could also see moments of good pressure with all the players involved, and cooperating with each other.

However we need to increase our aggressiveness level, to be able to win more often the individual challenges. Our defensive transition it’s also something that we can improve on, recovering faster our defensive positions.

Offensively the team had good moments, especially during the first half, when the girls connected a good amount of passes, dominating the ball possession. Within that period of time the young ladies had a handful of chances to score. Unfortunately we didn’t have the calm and accuracy necessary to finish properly the amount of opportunities that we have created. However we need to keep the ball possession longer, with a consistent passing game and constant movement to be an option when one of the teammates has the ball.

At the end coach Bruno said: “It was a good start, we know that the first game after the summer break is always tough, but the girls had a good performance. We had a couple of good moments of soccer, where we moved the ball well on the field. Scoring a late goal just shows a awesome attitude from the girls, they never give up.” To conclude, “I think that for all what the girls did we deserved a little more than one point, but like I said, was just the first game, with the time, I think our game will be better and more consistent”

For this first game we distinguished Kira as player of the match. Besides the goal scored, she was always a “headache” for the opposite defenders, very confident and assertive with the ball on her feet, and aggressive helping the team defensively.

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