Game reports & Team of the week 2

Congratulations to all Dutch Lions players selected for our 2nd team of the week! In week 2, Griffin(U14 Boys), has been selected as the DDL player of the week for his leadership in the midfield and propelled his team to victory with 2 goals over the weekend.

Team of the Week 2


Butler Fury Girls 06 vs. Dayton Dutch Lions FC U9G
Saturday, August 29, 2015
Result: 8-0 L
Player of the Game: Rachel

The Dutch Lions U9 Girls played this weekend their 2nd game in the 2015 Fall Season, against Butler Fury Girls 06 with a 8-0 loss as an end result.

Offensively, was another tough game for the girls. Playing against a physically strong and talented team, the girls did not have many chances to score. They tried to play as a team, make some passes but was through some individual initiatives that the team get closer to the opposing goal, and had one great opportunity to score.

Defensively, the girls worked hard trying to stop the opposing team, helping each other and trying to recover the ball after losing possession and never gave up, but the individual skills of opposing players made the difference.

Coach Paulo said after the game “The girls worked hard today, and we knew it would be a tough game against a really good and physical team, but the girls showed some progress since the last game and the fact that we have a very short team also did not help us today”.

Player of the game was Rachel. “Rachel played a good game. She is physically strong and won some individual duels in situations where we were playing outnumbered and could be dangerous for us. Even when she was tired, she kept running and helping her team mates on defense”.


Daton Dutch Lions U11G vs. Gunners FC
Sunday, August 30th, 2015
Result: L 5-4
Player of the Game: Hope

The Dutch Lions U11 girls faced off against the Gunner FC in their 2nd game of the fall MVYSA season. A 9-goal showdown proved to be an entertaining game from start to finish and the Gunners FC would survive a late comeback from the Lions to get the win.

Offensively, the Lions best attack came from the outside with through balls and 1v1 situations along the wings. The Lions kept possession of the ball with quick passes through midfield and had a few moments were they found the space by switching the field.

Defensively, the Lions covered each other well in the 2v1 situations and had to work very hard against the athletic and physical Gunners FC attack. Numerous times the Lions defenders won the ball in the defensive half and found the feet of the Lions attacking players to keep possession of the ball.

Coach Shane nominated Hope as the player of the game for her effort defensively and also scored an important goal for the Lions in the 2nd half.


Dayton Dutch Lions U11B vs. OESC South 04 Premier
Friday, August 28th, 2015
Result: W 1-0
Player of the Game: Christian

The Dutch Lions FC U11 Boys played their 2nd game of the MVYSA season against OESC South 04 Premier. A competitive game between two evenly matched teams did not disappoint as the Dutch Lions edged out OESC South 1-0. The Lions took their second win in a row and are currently 1st place in the U11 division.

Offensively, the Lions did well getting the ball to outside and attacking up the wings. High pressure from the Lions attackers also resulted in a few scoring opportunities. Defensively, the Lions were strong in their 1v1 challenges and stayed organized throughout the game. The Lions defenders also picked the right moments to step in and win the ball or to hold their position and wait for the OESC attacker.

Coach Shane had this to say, “I know it is still early in the season but I believe we have improved tremendously since the 1st game. The boys are working hard to learn their positions and tasks throughout the field and getting more confident each week! I am very proud of the U11 boys effort at today’s game.”

Coach Shane nominated Christian as the player of the game for his effort offensively and defensively in the central midfield.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls vs Butler Fury SC
Sunday, August 30th, 2015
Result: 2-1 Lost
Player of the game: Milan

This week our U12 Girls team played their first home game at West Carrollton soccer complex against the Butler Fury SC. It was an excited, balanced and well played match for the most of the time, with a lot of action near the goals, showing that both teams were looking for the victory.

Defensively the team had a positive performance, with moments of good organization, filling well the spaces, especially on our own defensive half. We also could see moments of good pressure, with the players cooperating to each other, reducing the time and space for the ball carrier.

However we need to know that, even when the team has the ball possession we need to be aware and prepared for loses it, avoiding let players free at the top, especially when the opposite team tries the long pass often.

Offensively the team had their best performance so far, the young ladies have moved the ball pretty well on the field, switching the sides often, and utilizing all the wide to create space. Our wingers were always a danger, either by 1 v 1 situations or with good combinations, keeping the defenders busy.

However, our possession game needs to become more consistent, we need to be more confident and feel more comfortable with the ball, we need to realize that sometimes the better way to move up on the field is dropping the ball back and start over the play.

After the game, coach Lopes has the following to say: “It was a great game, very excited, between two good teams, unfortunately the score was not what we wanted, but I’m very pleased for what I saw here today. The girls have put inside the field a very good performance, especially offensively, keeping the possession, switching the field sides and utilizing the entire wide. This has been our focus at practices during the last few weeks, and it’s becoming more consistent. We had several chances to score and this is something really positive, would be a problem if we didn’t create them, but it that case i know that soon or later we will be more accurate and effective in those moments.”

For this first second game we nominated Milan as player of the match. Everything she did was with quality. When the team had the possession she was always a problem for the defenders, and an option for her teammates, without the ball she was very focused and helpful on defense.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12B vs. Springfield Thunder 03 Navy
Sunday, August 30, 2015
Result: 2-5 L
Player of the Game: Aaron

The Dutch Lions U12B played this weekend their 1st game in the 2015 Fall Season, against Springfield Thunder 03 Navy with a 2-5 loss as an end result.

Offensively, the boys didn’t start well. The team was a little rushed building the attack and for several times made wrong decisions. In some moments of the game, we tried to force a lot of 1v1 situations, rather we play collectively, keep possession and try to control the game.

However, in the first half the team had more chances to score than the opposing team, and was leading at the half time.

At the second-half, the boys were more confident and less precipitated, but continued not keeping possession in order to control the game, which was determinant for the end result.

Defensively, the boys were aggressive on the ball, making a lot of pressure on the opposing player with ball, but they need to be more aggressive and give less space close to our defensive box, especially when we play against teams where the player have good individual skills.

Coach Paulo said after the game “The boys work hard today, and the end result does not reflect what happened in the game. We create, and have great opportunities to score more goals, which could allow us win the game. We conceded a early goal at the second half, and in my point of view, that goal changed the course of the game. The lesson we can learn for the next games is we have to be able to keep the ball and try to control the game when and be more patient in some moments of the game”.

Player of the game was Aaron. “Aaron played well. He is a strong player, decided at the time to attack the ball. Made good tackles and important ball recoveries when the team was unbalanced. Was well positioned during all game and was an important player on the team defensive process”.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13B vs Springfield Thunder
Saturday, August 29, 10.30am 2015
Result: 0-2 L
Player of the Game: Simon

The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Boys started their 2015 Fall season with a 2-0 loss after a well fought battle this past Saturday. A well played game with a lot of back and forth action with some good chances for both sides.

The Lions defense started a little shaky with resulted in some dangerous crosses from the opponent’s whit visible improvements happening as the game went on. Generally the team was showed some good defensive organization and was able to stop most of the opponent’s attacks.

When in possession of the ball the young lions showed some nervousness, playing the long ball to quickly and making some bad decisions. During the second half the decision making was a lot better what resulted in some dangerous shots from Dominic S. and Lochlan forcing the opponent’s goalkeeper to some good saves.

Coach Sid after the games had the following to say “This was our first real game and we have only been working together for 3 weeks. I am new to this group, we have some new players but I think the boys did well today. I am sure we will see improvement from week to week and honestly I don’t look at the score at this time. Today we lost against a team that was a tinny more aggressive and better at times and deserved the win.”

Simon was nominated as player of the game because of his great work rate, tackling and recovering of the ball, having a strong performance as one of the two center backs.


Dutch Lions U14G vs. Valley View Blackhawks 01 Navy
Saturday, August 29th, 2015
Result: L 1-0
Player of the Game: Marissa

This past weekend, the Dutch Lions U14 girls took on the Valley View Blackhawks at the DDL complex in their first game of the fall MVYSA season. A fast paced and physical game came down to the wire as Valley View sealed the victory with a late goal.

Offensively, the Lions counter attack up the wings was very effective this game and the offense did well getting numbers into the attacking half. Through ball behind the Valley View defense also sprung the wingers, which resulted in crosses into the box and a few 1v1 opportunities with the Blackhawks goalie.

Defensively, the Lions kept the organization throughout the game and were physical in their 1v1 situations. The Lions stayed compact in the defensive half and limited the scoring opportunities for Valley View.

Coach Shane was satisfied after the game and had this to say, “I am happy with the U14 girls effort for the first game of the season. It was a tough game playing in hot weather conditions versus on of the top teams in our division but the U14 girls proved they can compete with the best. We will continue to improve each game and will begin preparing for our next game vs. Urbana.”

Coach Shane nominated Marissa as the player of the game as she made numerous goal saving efforts to keep her team in the game.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys vs WSC Fury
Sunday, August 30th, 2015
Result: 3-2 Win
Player of the game: Griffin

After three weeks of practices our U14 boys team, played their first MVYSA league game of the Fall season at the DOC Stadium. It was a good challenge, where the boys showed us their will and attitude to win since the initial whistle. At the end all the efforts resulted in your first victory, thus beginning the season in a good manner.

Defensively the boys presented a positive performance, well organized for the most of the time, and with a good teamwork, the boys have solved most of the problems. The midfielders were crucial today, keeping the team balanced and closing the spaces, preventing that the opponent build their game on the inside space.

Most of the defensive problems were created by ourselves, with some risk decisions or because a lack of aggressiveness in the individual duels. We need to read better the game, to avoid these situations.

With the ball the team had moments of good soccer, keeping the ball on the ground, and trying to build up from the back. Was good to see these boys switching the field sides, and looking for the short pass combinations to move up on the field.

However that’s something that needs to become more consistent, but for that happens the dynamic, the movement of the players without the ball needs to be more effective, to create lines of pass.

After the game we found a happy coach who has the following to say: “It was a good start. If we look three weeks back it’s impressive how they have changed already some habits, especially in terms of intensity and field occupation.” continuing “These boys have been working really hard, we need keep our feet on the ground, there’s is still a lot to improve, we need to be more aggressive, pressing the opponent more often, and be more confident with the ball, keeping the possession. But it was definitely a good start”

For this first game we decided nominate Griffin as player of the match. With two goals he was the key to unlock the game. Besides his offensive work rate, he was also helpful on defense, either pressing the opponent defensive line or keeping the balance of the team.


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