Game reports and Team Of the Week 3

Congratulations to all Dutch Lions players selected for our 3rd team of the week! In week 3, Kira (U12 Girls), has been selected as the DDL player of the week for her offensive performance scoring 3 goals while also providing an excellent defensive effort, which helped secure the first win for the U12 Girls.

Team of the Week 3


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U9G vs. Waynesville Attack 06
Saturday, September 12, 2015
Result: L 1-9 (1-4 halftime)
Player of the Game: Rachel

The Dutch Lions U9 Girls played this weekend their 3rd game in the 2015 Fall Season, against Waynesville Attack 06 with a 1-9 loss as the end result. Rachel scored the Dutch Lions goal in the 4th minute in a good individual attacking play.

Offensively, the girls put a lot of effort in the game, trying to find the best solutions to reach the opposite goal. The Lions had some good moments trying to play faster from quick distribution from the goalie, which accelerated the game.

Defensively, the girls gave great effort in the defensive half, chasing and pressuring the opposite players and worked as a team with great cooperation and support.

Coach Paulo said after the game “The girls worked so hard today. They played outnumbered the entire game, and played with a great determination”.

Player of the game was Rachel. “For her effort in defensive and offensive process, and for a beautiful goal she scores, she deserves to be nominate the player of the game”.


Oakwood United 06 Navy vs. Dayton Dutch Lions FC U9G
Sunday, September 13, 2015
Result: W 0-7 (0-4 halftime)
Player of the Game: Rachel

The Dutch Lions U9 Girls played in their 4th game of the 2015 fall season against Oakwood United 06 Navy with a 7-0 win in an entertaining game with a great team performance.

Rachel gave early lead for Lions, with 4th minute goal, followed by 3 more goals on the 1st half: Shiloh (15’), Elana (16’), and Rachel (18’).

At the 2nd half, the Dutch Lions girls scored 3 mores goal by Quiterie (35’) and Rachel (40’ and 42’).

Offensively, the DDL U9 girls played very well. They showed some good passes and intentions, trying to use the individual skills to beat the opponents and created several goal-scoring opportunities, which were highly effective.

Defensively, the Lions played outnumbered the entire game, they were cooperative with each other and worked as team in order to recover the ball and protect the goal more safely.

Coach Paulo said after the game “The girls played a great game today. They have been working hard and improving a lot and I’m proud of these girls and the way they played.”

Player of the game was Rachel. “She had a great game today. She scored 4 goals, and worked hard all game. Beside playing as a field player, she good performance as a goalkeeper and had 3 excellent saves.”


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11G vs. FC Tippecanoe Storm
Saturday, September 12, 2015
Result: 0-1 L (0-0)
Player of the Game: Ava

The Dutch Lions U11 Girls played this weekend in their 3rd game of the Fall Season 2015 at the DDL Complex, against FC Tippecanoe Storm with 0-1 lost as an end result. The game was an enthusiastic and balanced matchup between both teams with a excellent team performance from the Dutch Lions Girls.

Offensively, the DDL girls played very well, making some good passes and combinations and created several opportunities to score. Their best attacks came from good crosses from the flank channels to the penalty box area.

Defensively, the girls worked hard put in a great effort the whole the game. The defense stayed organized and was aggressive on the ball. They managed to limit the scoring opportunities for the opponent by pressing the players on the ball and stayed compact in the defensive half.

Coach Paulo said after the game “The girls had a great effort today. All of them played the entire match with no subs and were able to maintain the excellent work effort throughout the game.”

Player of the game was Ava. “Ava deserves to be player of the game for a balanced effort on offense and defense today. In the attack, she made some great passes setting her teammates up to score and also had a great effort defensively by being aggressive and always had good position.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls vs Oakwood United
Saturday, September 12th, 2015
Result: 4-1 Win
Player of the game: Kira

Another weekend of the fall soccer season and the majority of our academy teams were busy performing their league games. The U12 girls were not the exception, playing at home in their third game against the Oakwood United. It was an entertaining game with moments of good soccer and the Dutch Lions U12 girls were able to achieve their first victory of the season.

Defensively, the team had a solid performance, well organized for most of the game and good teamwork closing the spaces near our goal. It was good to see how they reacted after losing the ball possession by pressuring the ball carrier, reducing his time to play, and forcing the mistake. Besides the pressure, it was also great see the girls recovering quickly to their defensive positions, helping out the back line.

However, we need to realize that even when our team has the ball, we need to be prepared to lose it, and understand when the right moment is to press or drop on the field waiting for support.

With the ball, the girls had a good performance, especially in the second half were the young ladies utilized the entire field to create space, switching the field sides several times. The most dangerous situations came from the wingers by 1 v 1 situations and passing combinations and we were able to penetrate inside the opponent defensive zones. It was also very positive seeing the girls trying build up from the back, showing confidence and personality with the ball.

After the final whistle, coach Bruno has the following to say: “It was great to see how we played today, the beginning was not impressive, we conceded a couple of opportunities on our defense but after that the girls took control of the game. I was really pleased with the way we played, utilizing and connecting the passes more often, switching the field and especially with the space occupation, something that I’ve been insisting since the beginning of the season.” to conclude “today we were more effective than the last couple of games, scoring 4 goals, however we need to take better decisions with the ball in the attacking third of the field.”

This weekend, we nominated Kira as player of the match. With a hat trick she was determined to solve the game today. Besides her importance on our offensively, she was very helpful on defense, very focused and committed with the team, and recovering to her defensive position quickly.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12B vs. FC Dynamo Maroon 03
Sunday, September 13, 2015
Result: W 3-1 (2-1 Halftime)
Player of the Game: Jake

The Dutch Lions U12 Boys played this weekend in their 2nd game in the Fall Season 2015 against Dynamo Maroon 03 with a 3-1 win in a good team performance. Jake gave early lead for the Dutch Lions with third minute goal and a 2nd goal from Romano in the 8th minute.

At the half time the Dutch Lions boys were leading the board 2-1 and in the 2nd half, Aaron scored the 3rd goal extend the lead. The game had another good moment in the second half, when the goalkeeper Julian stopped a penalty kick.

Offensively, the boys worked well as a team. They had several good combination plays, with a lot of movement of the ball to receive the ball, which allowed the team to have some good moments of possession of the ball.

Defensively, they were well organized on the field, compact, and supporting each other, which made it easier for the ball recovery. In the individual duels, we were much more aggressive and stronger in a positive defensive effort.

Coach Paulo said after the game “We had good game, with efficient ball possession, a lot of score opportunities and good combinations along the flanks. We also had good support and cooperation without ball.“.

Player of the game was Jake. “Jake’s early goal gave us confidence at the start of the game. Beside that, he had some moments with good decisions and good work rate”.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13B vs Tippecanoe Titans
Monday, September 14, 6.30pm 2015
Result: L 0-4 (0-1 halftime)
Player of the Game: Robbie

The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Boys played their second game of the 2015 fall season, which ended, with a disappointing loss. A game where it took the young lions 40 minutes to wake up and by then the damage was already done.

Defensively the team struggled with the aggressiveness of the opponents and where beat to almost every ball. The team’s defensive shape looked disorganized at times, especially during the first half and duels for the ball where many times lost.

In attack, during the first half, the young Dutch lions players, looked nervous are where unable to connect many passes. Luckily this changed during the second half. Some positional changes helped the team to find a few good combinations and the team had some big scoring opportunities through Noah, Robby and Lochlan.

Coach Sid after the games had the following to say “We knew we where facing a very aggressive team today and we didn’t step up do their level. They sprinted while we jogged, so we lost a lot of 1v1 duels. Also our decision-making during the first half was very poor, a lot of passes to nowhere or random kicks forward. Despite this I loved our final 20 minutes, we became aggressive, created chances, had our opponent locked in in their own half, I am hoping we can play the same way in our next games because if we do I have no doubt the results will come. There is some real talent here that needs to come out a lot more.”

Robbie was nominated as player of the game as he showed some great skills on the ball, good vision and his work rate was phenomenal today.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14G vs. Urbana Girls 01
Sunday, September 13, 4:00pm 2015
Result: T 0-0
Player of the game: Camille

The Dutch Lions U14 girls played against Urbana Girls 01 in their 2nd game of the MVYSA fall season. Both teams battled throughout the game in an intense and physical match-up that resulted in a scoreless tie. This result did not alter the U14/U15 Girls div 1 standings, as both teams remain in middle of the pack in an extremely competitive division.

Defensively, the Lions were sharp and remained organized from start to finish. The girls were strong in their 1v1 challenges and contested every shot in the defensive half to secure the shutout.

Offensively, the Lions had a few moments up the wings that saw their best opportunities to score. The high pressure from the Urbana Girls defense made it difficult for the Dutch Lions to keep possession in the attacking third of the field, which resulted in limited scoring opportunities for the DDL attack.

Coach Shane had this to say about the game, “ Today was a very competitive game against Urbana. We survived some dangerous moments on defense and our defenders put in a great effort to keep us in the game. We were not as effective on offense this evening but we will continue to try to improve on ball possession and speed of play to help out our attack play.”

Coach Shane nominated Camille as the player of the game for her efforts on defense and led her team in a positive way to get the shutout result.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys vs Enon Knights
Sunday, September12th, 2015
Result: L 1-9 (0-5 halftime)
Player of the game: Griffin

After a weekend without soccer because of the Labor Day Weekend, the DDL U14B played an away game at Enon Knights. With the Dutch Lions returning to action after a win in their first game, were set to face a competitive Enon Knights team who are currently 1st place in the U15 boys division.

Defensively, the Lions defense was under pressure throughout the game as they were matched up against a much stronger and faster attack from Enon. The Lions played their hearts out all game but it was a tough game for the defensive line.

Offensively, the Lions created their chances but just missed on some excellent scoring opportunities.

After the game the two coaches had the same opinion, “They played way more aggressive than we did. We had a few chances to score, but in those situations we were unlucky. It was a good opponent and they had a strong team. We are going to continue our practicing schedule and we are sure that the players going to improve themselves individually but also as a team.’’

For this game the coaches decided that Griffin was again the most valuable player for the team. ‘’He was one of a few that worked hard in every situation. He also brought us a little bit of confidence because of his goal’’. This week, the U14 boys will continue preparing themselves for their tournament upcoming weekend.

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