Game Reports and Team of the Tourney

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11 Girls
Tournament record: 0-3-0
Player of the tournament: Aliana

The Dutch Lions U11 Girls played this weekend at the Midfest Soccer Classic. At the First game, the girls did not start the game very confident, spending most of the time in their defensive half. In the course of the game and especially in 2nd half, the girls became more confident with good passes and quick plays trying to surprise the opposing team. Despite the efforts and struggle, the physical capacity of the opposing team ended up making the difference, ending the game with a defeat for the Dutch Lions Girls.

5 hours after the 1st game, the girls played their 2nd game of the Tournament. They started the game with a very positive attitude and with a good field occupation offensively and defensively. With all the girls working hard and support each other they put in a great effort on the game. During the 2nd half, after great defensive work, they recovered the ball and began their attack and ended the play with a beautiful goal scored by Aly, assisted by Nicole.

The girls get closer to score more times, and provide some good moments of soccer through individual initiatives with changes of speed and good crosses but once again, the physical capacity of the opposing players was the worst enemy for the girls, ending again in defeated.

On the 2nd Tournament day, and after 2 tough games on Saturday, the U11 Girls played their 3rd game, and the best game of the team during this Tournament.

In a more physically balanced game the girls tried to play their game, worked hard, made good combinations with a good footwork and speed, and created some good chances to score through good crosses.

Coach Paulo said after the game “This tournament was tough for the girls. They faced teams physically much stronger than us, and at this age group, the physical ability, strength and size of players is enough to make the difference and decide games. However, there are positive aspects that we can take from our participation in this tournament.

The girls proved once again, the great attitude they have, putting a lot of effort from the beginning until the last second of the game, regardless of the scores and the opponents, and I’m very proud of them”.

Player of the Tournament was Aliana. “All the Girls did their best, and played well at the Tournament, but Aliana had a great performance in the three games we played. She worked hard, and her aggressiveness and good positioning allowed us to keep the balance between attack and defense and her speed was also key factor in some individual duels”.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11 Boys
Tournament Record: 0-2-1
Player of the Tournament: Connor

The Dutch Lions U11 boys kicked off the Midfest Soccer Classic on Saturday against ISC Zombies. A tough game for the boys as the speedy attack from the ISC created some early pressure on the DDL defense. The 2nd half proved to be much improved from the Dutch Lions as the defenders became more physical and organized. The ISC Storm sealed the victory and would eventually win the U11 Boys Division finals.

The second game for the Dutch Lions U11 Boys was against LFC Outlaws as was a much more evenly matched game. A clever run from Connor found himself in the box and he slotted the ball passed the keeper for the Lions opening goal of the tournament. The Lions continued to pressure the LFC defense and created scoring opportunities but could not finish their chances. An improved effort from the Lions but LFC would take the win to conclude the Saturday games.

The third game would be the Dutch Lions best game of the tournament. The Lions faced off against WVFC Academy and would take the early lead after a powerful shot from Connor outside the box found the back of the net. WVFC would eventually tie the game before half and would later receive a late penalty after a DDL hand ball in the box. The Lions continued to press and would be rewarded with a goal in the dying minutes from a cross by Sam (guest player) to Anthony for the late game-tying goal.

Coach Shane had this to say after the tournament, “I am satisfied with the boys effort this weekend. We played some good competition and the DDL U11 boys continued to improve each game throughout the tournament. The teams we played at the Midfest Classic are definitely much stronger than the teams we play in our league so it will benefit us moving forward in the MVYSA fall season.

Coach Shane nominated Connor as the player of the Midfest Soccer Classic for the tremendous effort defensively while also contributing offensively adding 2 goals for the Lions offense.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls
Tournament record: 1-1-1
Player of the tournament: Kira

This weekend, the U12 Girls team played at the Midfest tournament. They started the competition with an early Saturday game, against the Kings Hammer U12 girls. The first half was a little bit slow, and some mistakes were committed that cost us the 2-0 at halftime. However, the young ladies had a dominant and determined performance during the second period, especially offensively, creating a good amount of goal scoring situations, reverting the score to a 4-2 convincing victory.

At the second game of the day, the young Lions faced the Dragons FC team. A tough match from the beginning and not even with a great energy the girls brought inside the field it was possible to change the 3-0 disadvantage. However, they had several moments of good soccer, with quick combinations and through balls reaching the wingers who were able to create multiple dangerous situations close to the opponents goal. Within that period of time the girls scored 3 great goals reducing the score for 5-3 and keeping the game open until the last minute.

Sunday the team played their third game of the tournament, and also the most exciting game. Facing the first place team, the young lions knew that only a win would give them the chance to move into the finals. Such as the two previous games, the team did not have the best start, giving to much space and time for the opposite team on our own half side of the pitch and resulted in a 3-0 score line at the break. However, the girl put on a tremendous performance during the second half, they showed all their talent and will to win until the very last second of the game. The team moved the ball well on the field, using the full width, and created a good amount of opportunities to win, unfortunately, on the opponent’s side was an inspired keeper who had two great saves in the very last minute to take the victory for her team.

After the last game, coach Bruno had the following to say about the tournament, “Playing in a tournament always brings a special atmosphere to the team, we spend more time together, which allows us to know each other better, we play more games in a short period of time, it is great to assimilate the team ideas, and of course the competitive side of the game is more present, with the chance to reach finals and to win trophies. About the games itself, I think that it was a positive performance, every game the girls put on a tremendous attitude on the field, especially that last game, it was amazing what the girls have done.” concluding,” I’m really proud of the girls, and everyone must be proud of them, we might have lost today, but the attitude and the way that we played was fantastic. I believe that now we are a better team than we were before this competition.”

During the weekend we had a couple of players who could be distinguished as player of the match, however, Kira with 5 goals scored and 3 assists was determinant on the team’s offensive strategy. Her enthusiasm and energy inside and outside the field was contagious.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Boys
Tournament record: 0-2-1
Player of the tournament: Dominic S.

The DDL U13 Boys started the tournament with a 2-2 result after a game were the lions game back from a 2-0 deficit. Many chances were created, especially in the second half, but at the end, a converted penalty kick from Lochlan and a good finish from Dominic S., assisted by Simon put the end result on the board.

With only one hour in between games, the lions needed a positive result in their second game to stay in the race for the final. A strong and energetic second half was not enough to eliminate the 2-0 advantage that the opponent had at half time. Big chances were created with Lochlan, Simon, Tommy, and Dimitar close to scoring but it wasn’t the day for the Dutch Lions attacking players to score goals.

The third game of the tournament was also the best game of the team. Facing a team that brought two wins from Saturday’s games and the lions knew it would be a tough game. From the first whistle, the lions showed good energy, aggression, and combinations with most of the first half being played on the opponents half. A beautiful shot, in the top corner, from outside of the box from Dominic S. set the result at 1-1 at half time.

An entertaining second half with chances back and forth and two teams playing for the win brought another 5 goals and unfortunately the young lions pulled the short straw and lost 4-3 with the goals being scored through a good dribble and well-placed left footed shot from Noah and a penalty kick from Nick.

Coach Sid had the following to say after the tournament “Three games in two days gives me a opportunity to get to know the boys better and also gives the boys a opportunity to assimilate some of my ideas quicker. It was fun and good to see the progression from game to game and some of the boys are really starting to understand what is asked from them. The level of all the teams and games was very similar and on a different weekend we could have had a little more luck and possibly be in the final. We certainly worked hard, created enough chances, and maybe deserved a little more.”

There were a few players that had good performances but Dominic S., a new player to this team, stood out as he showed good skills and decisions on the ball, worked very hard and scored two beautiful goals.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys
Tournament record: 0-3-0
Player of tournament: Elijah

In the first game versus the Dragons FC, the boys started not aggressive enough. Unfortunately because of that, they lost the game. The first half was not that good but in the second half, they did a great job. With two goals from Griffin, they won the second half.

The second game the boys played against WVFC. This game, they played a very solid first half, but the second half was not as impressive as the second half of the game before. Maybe some players were tired during the second half and unfortunately the U14 Boys lost their second game as well.

Sunday morning, 8 AM, everyone started fresh during this early morning versus Middletown Magic. A good first 20 minutes, we have had a lot of chances to open the score. Unlucky in some situations and a lack of aggressiveness resulted in the third loss of the tournament.

According to Coach Michiel,the boys learned a lot of things during the tournament: “We played in a very strong group. I think the boys learned from our opponents. They were more aggressive than we were. With that spirit, you are going to win games, and that is something we need more. Although, the boys did work hard versus some strong opponents.”

The coach was clear about the player of the tournament: “ The player who improved the most during this tournament was Elijah. As a right fullback he did a great job. It was a new position for him on the field, but he played some good games!”

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