Game Reports and TOW – Oct 7

Congratulations to all Dutch Lions players selected for our 4th team of the week! In week 5, Brooke (U12 Girls), has been nominated as the player of the week for a tremendous game as goalkeeper and led her team to victory with a couple great saves, excellent communication, and also saved a penalty kick.


Team of the Week 5



Dayton Dutch Lions U11 Girls vs. PC United G04
Sunday, October 4th, 2015
Result: 1-0 (0-0)
Player of the game: Laura

The Dutch Lions U11 Girls played this weekend in their 5th game of the Fall Season 2015 against PC United G04 with 0-1 lost as an end result. A good performance for the Dutch Lions girls as the opponents scored a goal in the final 3 minutes of the game.

Offensively, the Lions tried collectively to find the best solutions to overcome the opponent defense and reach the goal but it was through the flanks where the girls created more chances through changes of speed on 1v1 situations.

Defensively, the Lions stayed organized, and well coordinated with good cover and defensive runs after losing possession. In a physical game, the girls showed aggressiveness and determination trying to prevent the opposing team attacks.

Coach Paulo said after the game, “It was another competitive game were the girls played well, with great effort and attitude. For the way we played, I think we were unlucky and deserved a different result.”

Coach Paulo nominated Laura as the player of the game for her good positioning on the field, determination on the individual duels, good recovery runs, and also for her anticipation of plays were she would intercept the ball when the opponent was preparing to shoot.


Dutch Lions FC U11B vs. Piqua Rampage
Saturday, October 3rd, 2015
Result: W 2-0
Player of the game: Justus

The U11 boys traveled up north to face off against Piqua Rampage on a cold and rainy day at the Pitsenbarger Park. An exciting game from the first whistle that came down to the wire as the Lions sealed the victory with goals coming from Anthony and Aaron. The Lions extend their undefeated winning streak and are currently 1st place in the U11 boys division.

Offensively, the Lions played simple and did an excellent job keeping possession of the ball. They were much more effective up the wings and the Lions created multiple opportunities with crosses into the box.

Defensively, the Lions were strong in their defensive tackles and defended well as team. DDL GK Braxton had another solid game in goal as the team completed their 3rd shutout of the season.

Coach Shane was quoted, “I am proud of the boys effort today. It was a tough game

Due to cold temperatures but the boys battled through it and earned the victory as a team. As close as this game was today, it just goes to show we cannot take any teams lightly in our division and every game will be tough for us. We will continue preparing for our next game vs. Greene County.”


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls vs BSA Celtic
Sunday, October 4th, 2015
Result: 2-1 Win (2-0)
Player of the game: Brooke

The Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls played their fifth game of the 2015 fall season. In a game where the teamwork and the attitude was the main key, the young ladies have achieved an important and convincing victory defeating the BSA Celtic team by 2-1.

Defensively, and despite a couple of individual mistakes, the team showed a good organization, especially in the last third of the field, playing compact and reducing the spaces near to our goal. That combined with great attitude and determination within the individual duels, allowed the team to hold the result, even when the opponent tried to press high and play more direct.

However, we need to understand the moments better where it is possible to press high and recover the ball quick or when the best decision is dropping on the field, reorganizing the defensive line quickly, and avoiding the through balls.

Offensively, the girls had a solid and effective performance, especially in the first period of the game, were they had a couple of chances to increase the score. It was good to see how the young girls have moved the ball on the field, always looking to the wings as their main option to unbalance the opposite defense and create danger. During the second half, the team had difficulties to keep their passing game, and the ball possession, largely because of a more aggressive pressure of the opposite team.

However, the team never lost the control of the game, showing maturity to hold the score until the final whistle the victory.

After the game, coach Bruno has the following to say: “Today we won because we played as a team and everyone was committed each other. The girls showed a terrific attitude, very focused since the first minute and was actually good play against a team that we have faced before and on first game we struggled to score and eventually scored a late goal, today we were the best team on the pitch.” concluding “I think the game today showed that with work everything is possible, we can see already some improvement compared to the beginning of the season and I believe this is just the beginning, there’s still a lot of room to get better individually and as a team.”

This weekend, we nominated Brooke as player of the match. Very focused and determined during entire match, she was determinant for the end score, with a couple of great saves in crucial moments of the game, including a penalty kick.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys
 – Fall Ball Classic
Tournament record: 1-1-1
Player of the tournament: Connor

The Dutch Lions U12 Boys played this weekend at the Fall Ball Classic, and started the tournament with a win against FOSC U12 Black.

The boys dominated the whole game and had some moments of good soccer, with some good combinations, creating many chances to score, and with a lot of good shots on goal.

At the second game of the day, the boys faced off against Crew SC East Gold II, in a tough game as the aggressiveness from the Crew players created some pressure on the DDL players especially on the 1st half.

On the 2nd half, the boys were more determined, and tried to put some speed at the game, but was not enough and the game finished with a lost for the Dutch Lions.

In the 3rd game of the tournament, against Thunder United Metro FC White, the boys dominated the game from the beginning until the end, with many chances to score. At the 2nd half, the lions had a clear chance to score that could have decided the game, with the ball hitting the post. Despite the determination, good initiative, and chances to score for the lions, the game ended with a goalless draw.

Coach Paulo said after the tournament “This was a good weekend of soccer for our team. The boys showed a lot of confidence with the ball during the 3 games, with several moments of good soccer. I think three games, with a good team performance, in a short period of time will be beneficial for the team in the following games”.

Coach Paulo nominated Connor as the player of the tournament. “Overall the whole team played very well this tournament but Connor stood out for his good field occupation and field vision, switching the field several times, which allowed us to switch the point of the attack quickly and efficiently”.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13B vs Wapakoneta Select 02
Saturday, October 3, 3.00pm 2015
Result: 9-1 (4-1) W
Player of the Game: Tommy

In their fourth game of the 2015 Fall season the Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Boys got a huge 9-1 win in a game where they dominated possession from the beginning to the end.

The defense had an easy game today and dealt well with the few times the opponent broke through in the run of play. Goalkeepers Luke and Collin played well on their line and had some good clearances and saves.

Offensively, many chances were created and 9 of those chances ended up going in with goals from Simon, Lochlan, Dominic M., Robbie, Evan and Nicholas. Great combination play from the whole team and some of the best passing we have seen of this team so far were key for today’s dominant performance.

Coach Sid after the games had the following to say, “It was a fun game for the boys to play in with many chances and goals scored. It was good to see the boys solving the tactical situations we worked on this week, especially with the build up. On a downside, we have to make sure we mark up our opponents when defending corners and free kicks and be a little more clinical in our finishing. We created many chances and at the moment of shooting on goal we do not look at where the GK is positioned and end up shooting it straight at him.”

Tommy was nominated as player of the game for his hard work in the midfield, good passes and involvement in many of the chances created and goals scored.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14G vs. Valley View Blackhawks
Friday, October 2nd, 2015
Result: W 2-0
Player of the game: Anna

The Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls played 5th game of the fall MVYSA season against Springfield Thunder. A battle of two evenly matched teams as the Lions escaped with a narrow 2-0 victory and notched their first win of the season.

Offensively, the Lions were much more productive in the attack and provided constant pressure on the Springfield defense. The Lions connected passes in the midfield and added penetrating through ball that led to multiple scoring opportunities.

Defensively, the Lions maintained their defensive organization throughout the game and were aggressive middle third of the field. The Lions gave up limited scoring chances for Springfield and continued their dominant defensive presence,

Coach Shane had this to say about the game, “I thought the girls worked hard to earned their first victory! We were focused beginning with the warm-up and I knew it was going to be a positive game for us. We will continue to try and be more effective in the attacking half and I believe this game was a step in the right direction for us.”

Coach Shane nominated Anna as the player of the game for her work ethic in the midfield and also added 2 goals for the Lions.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14G vs. Urbana Girls 0-1
Sunday, October 4th, 2015
Result: L 0-3
Player of the game: Meera

The Dutch Lions U14 girls played in their 2nd game of the weekend against the Urbana Girls in a home fixture at DOC Stadium. A physical and high paced match-up between both teams which conclude with the Urbana Girls powering their way to victory and remain as one of the top teams in the U14 girls division.

Offensively, it was tough for the Lions to create any chances in the 1st half due to the constant pressure and physical play of the Urbana Girls. The Lions had a big improvement in the 2nd half as they increased their speed of play and the utilized their wingers much more.

Defensively, the Lions were aggressive and put in a tremendous effort against the experience Urbana Girls attack. The Lions defended well as a team and kept a compact and organized shape in the defensive half.

Coach Shane was quoted, “Another competitive game for us against a tough team but I am very satisfied with result as I continue to see the girls improve each game. If I compare this game to the first time we played them, our ball possession was much better in the attack and we continue to make strides defensively. Looking forward to another week of training and we need to begin preparing ourselves for another competitive game next weekend!”

Coach Shane nominated Meera as the player of the game for an excellent game defensively and used her experience to take control of the midfield.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys vs TSC Red
Sunday, October 4th, 2015
Result: W 6-3
Player of the game: Josh

Offensively this was probably the best game of the U14 Boys so far. Out of 8 chances they scored 6 goals. What a nice performance! Good passes, good possession of the ball, and great shots lead the boys to their victory. Griffin and Josh both scored a hat trick. Gareth almost scored as well but he was unlucky.

The defense did a great job as well. In the first half, the defenders were not marking the strikers, so it was easy for TSC to score a few times. In the second half, they marked their opponents way better.

Coach Michiel was a happy coach after the game, ‘We almost scored all the chances we have had. A high efficiency is the key to results! Big applause to all of our players, well done!”

It was the hard choice for the coach to mention a player of the week. ‘A few players played probably their best game of the season. But because I liked his hard work this game and because he scored 3 goals, Josh is my man of the match.”

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